[A9.10] Increasing CF of an existing class

These changes are per CF. (If you go from CF=2 to CF=4, do these twice).
Increase requirements everywhere by the CF you're going to.
Hit Dice: CF=2 or CF=3: Add +0d+2.
CF=4: Add +1d+0 instead.
CF=5: Add &.
Weapon prof: Increase rate by 1 (e.g. level/3 -> level/2; level -> level*2). Increase bonus by 1.
TH: Multiply the TH column by (CF of revised class)/(CF of original class).
Saves: +4 all saves.
Weapon specialization: +9 levels for the purposes of number of attacks when using the weapon specialization table.
Increase SL's of progression by +1. If the progression is psionic or doesn't use a normal progression: ++2 ML.
CF=3: If your spell/psi progression doesn't have a stat bonus, add one.
CF=3: If you cannot material component your spell/psi, you can now.
CF=2: Add a Exceptional stat.
CF=3: Add a Barbarian stat.
CF=4+: Add a level of Exceptionalness to a stat.
In Rogue charts, -2 in all levels in the "Level" column. +2 to the "Penalty" column (i.e. reduce the penalty by -2).
If you have rogue points, add +20*LVL more rogue points.
**1.25 PSP calculation
"Level:"'s everywhere reduce by 2. Classes that get picks per level get 2 more levels of picks.