[C12] Specialty Priests "Great God List" (GGL)

Specialty Priests "Great God List" (GGL)

Mythos Deity God of Mult Req AL Turn Specialty Priest Abilities
Amer. Indian Coyote Crafts, Thievery x4 Dex +9 C No 1) Rogue Abilities as per Thief2, max of 10th level abilities
Amer. Indian Earth Nature, Food x5 Str +5, Wis +6 T Yes 1) Immune wooden and stone weapons; 4) Summon and Control 6 DL II Animals
Amer. Indian Great Spirit Life, Creation x9 Wis +9, Str +9 LG No 5) Shape Change animal; 7) Control Weather; 10) Raise Dead 1/w
Amer. Indian Moon Protection, Women x5 Dex +5, Int +5 G No 1) x2 CL (max bonus CL from this effect = +12); 1) 0: Moonlight (doesn't blind)
Amer. Indian Snake Reptiles, Aging x4 Wis +9 NG No 10) Summon Snakes; 15) Immune Aging; 15) Control Age
Amer. Indian Sun Light, Heat x5 Str +7, Dex +7 non-E Yes+2 1) 1M: Summon DL N Animal (N=LVL, beyond 10 uses Monster Templates); 1) Eye's P, gaze: Blindness (save)
Aztec Huitzilopochtli War, Light x5 Str +6, Con +5 any No 1) +LVL dmg with Javelins; 1) WReflection LVL*10%
Aztec Mictlantecuhtil Death x5 Con +7, Wis +5 any Yes x2 1) 1M: Animate Dead; 1) Eye's M, gaze: Stun 1d10 r (save)
Aztec Ometeotl Creation x9 Wis +9, Int +9 any Yes 1) Turn Undead as 2 levels higher; 10) Invisibility
Aztec Quetzalcoatl Air, Wisdom x5 Int +7, Wis +7 G Yes x2 1) 0: Message; 1) +1 school of immunity for having high Wis (and another +1 for high Int)
Aztec Xochipilli Beauty, Luck x5 Chr +9 any No 1) +1 saves; 5) +2 saves; 10) second attempt on any failed save
Aztec Metzli Night, AnimalGrow x5 Str +9 NG Yes 1) Infravision; 10) can cast from wizard Illusion school
Celtic Daghdha Crops, Weather x6 Dex +5, Wis +5 G No 1) Overwrite spell progression with Druid1; 1) 1 attack with a club: Coup-de-grace
Celtic Diancecht Medicine, Healing x5 Wis +9 G No 1) All Healing sphere spells are -1 SL for you
Celtic Goibhniu Smiths, Weapons/Armor x5 Str +5, Con +5 T or N No 1) ++1 TH; 1) Heroes' Feast; 3) 1P, LVL/d: Enchant weapon/armor with LVL*2/5 half-plusses
Celtic Lugh Art, Commerce x6 Wis +9 N No 1) Darkness/Light 100'r 1/d; 3) x3 move rate; 9) Enchant Item 1/w
Celtic Math Mathonwy Magic x5 Int +9 N No 6) Gain Mage2 progression and spells as if 5 levels lower
Celtic Oghma [2] Speech, Writing x5 Int +5, Wis +5 G No 3) 1M: Charm Person; 5) 1M: Charm Monster; 8) 1M: Mass Charm
Chinese Chung Kuel Truth, Testing x5 Int +7, Wis +7 non-E No 1) 1F: Dispel x1 effect; 5) Detect Lie (cont.); 10) Detect Lie (cont., know real truth)
Chinese Fu Hsing Happiness x5 Chr +9 G Yes 1) Immune Fear; 5) Bard2 progression; 10) Spells require only 1M
Chinese Kuan-Ti War, Fortune Telling x5 Str +7, Wis +6 G No 2) Free Wild Talent in Psi10; 9) Mix in a Warrior group class with a Wis requirement
Chinese Lei Kung Thunder, Revenge x5 Wis +9 any No 1) 3rd level Thief2 abilites; 12) 12th level Thief2 abilities
Chinese Shang-Ti Creation, Order x7 Int +9, Chr +9 L Yes 5) Charisma becomes 19; 5) Detect Lie
Chinese Yen-Wang-Yeh Death x5 Str +5, Con +5 L Yes+1 1) Move Silently 100%; 1) V: Invisibility; 3) 1N, talking: Speak with Dead
DM Cypho Love, Rejuvenation x3 Cml +9 G Yes+2 1) CharmPerson; +1 Chr,+2 Cml; 4) CharmMonster; 8) MassCharm
DM Originator (pick a color) x22 HNCL 18 any Yes! You are Grand in Cosmos (all Spheres except exotic spheres unique to certain classes)
DM Smiley ArchLich Liches, Munchkins x9 Int +9, HNCL 9 any No! 9) Become a Lich; 9) Determine what's right; 9) +1 MF even if MF=0
DM Supreme Being Creation, Time, Bandits x9 Chr +14 any Yes 1) 1M: Find the Path; 1) Any Rogue 1 with 40+LVL*10 points; 9) 1M: Between to Time of Legends
DM Thanatos Incantatrix, Theft x3 Wis +9 E Yes+3 1) Can use spells from Wiz Incantatrix school; 1) lvl*2% GR
DM Velonya Fertility, Death x6 Wis +13 E (non-J) Yes x3 1) Free Wraith Racial Adjective, Those you energy drain away become Wraiths in 1d4 segments
DM/Maldev Caer Sidi Evil Elves, Slavery x3 Chr +10 E Yes 1/reset: Gain LVL slaves (subordinates) of DL=SN
DM/Maldev The Snowstorm Winter x3 Con +10 N Yes Immune Cold, Frost, Ice; Mouth's P, 3/d: Breathe Ice at 1/10 max (not current) hp, no save
DM/Maldev The Deep Ocean x3 Dex +10 C Yes Immune Water; Water Breathing; Underwater Action
DM/Maldev Black Fen Swamp, Rot x3 Wis +10 T Yes aNR 25*LVL%; 1N, LVL/t: Energy drain 1 level with an attack
DM/Maldev Labyrinth Mazes x3 Int +10 C Yes Immune Maze; Level 5: 1M: Maze; Level 8: 1M: Fire Maze
DM/Maldev Vlad Tolenkov Vampires x3 Str +10 E Yes SN=3: +1 class slot for the Vampire5 class (must still qualify for the class)
DM/Maldev Trinax Prison x3 Chr +10 L Yes Immune Imprisonment; Detect Lie; Level 9: 1M, 1/t: Imprisonment
DMGR4 Solonar Thelandira [Elf] Archery, Hunt x5 Dex +9, Con +9 CG No 1) +1 TH bow; 3) Speak w/animal; 7) +2 TH bow; 9) +1 Dex or Con
DMGR4 Dumathoin [Dwarf] Mining x5 Con +9 T No 1) Stoneskin; 5) Stone Shape; 9) Detect Gems
DMGR4 Nebelun [Gnome] Inventions x3 Int +9 CG No 1) Reroll 1 roll 1/d; 5) Free Action; 9) Can use Alteration school
Egyptian Ra Sun, Kings x8 Wis +9, Int +9 LG Yes 1) Light; 5) Cont. Light; 10) Shape Change Hawk; 15) Sunray
Eqyptian Isis Marriage, Magic x5 Int +9 non-E No 1) MR 5*level%; 10) Make all saves vs. magical effects
Egyptian Thoth Knowledge x4 Int +9 any No 1) Detect Lie; 5) +1 Int, +1 Wis; 10) Commune; 15) +1 Int, +1 Wis
Greek Zeus Heavens, Law x8 Str +9, Con +9 any No 1) Lightning Bolt CLd4; 15) Polymorph Self
Greek Hermes Travel, Trade x5 Con +9 non-E No 1) -level AC up to level=10; 5) Detect Lie; 10) Haste cont.
Greek Hades Death, Wealth x5 Wis +9 E Yes 3) See in dark; 5) Darkness; 10) Death Touch; 20) Regen 5 hp/r
Greyhawk Beory Nature, Rain x6 Wis +9 NN No 1) Druid "Level:" abilities (if you are a Druid, get them twice as fast)
Greyhawk Boccob Magic, Planes x6 Int +9 N No 1) +2 CL Divin. sphere; 7) Commune; 10) Considered Wiz group
Greyhawk Celestian Wanderers x5 Int +9 G,T No 1)F.Fall; 3)Jump; 5)Levitate; 7)S.Climb; 9)Fly; 11)DDoor; 16)TWE
Greyhawk/DM Circle of Eight Magic, Heroics x2 Int +9 G No 4) Limited Wish 1/d; 9) Cast a Hero Spell 1/d; 16) Avoid Fate 1/d
Greyhawk Ehlonna Woodlands x5 Chr +9 G Yes-3 1) Tracking prof.; 5) Move Silently lvl*10%; 7) Hide in Woodlands
Greyhawk Erythnul Malice, Envy x4 Str +9 E Yes-4 4) Fear; 7) Strength; 9) Enchant an Item incl. Wounding effect
Greyhawk Fharlanghn Travel, Distance x5 Con +9 T No 1) +25% move rate; 3) +3 Running prof.; 5) DimDoor; 9) WindWalk
Greyhawk Heironeous Rightful Combat x5 Str +9 LG Yes-2 1) +2 fear saves; 4) Cloak Bravery; 6) Hold Strength; 11) PW Stun
Greyhawk Hextor Scourge of Battle x5 Dex +9 E No 1) +1 Str; 3) Ambidexterity; 5) Ray Enfeeble.; 9) x2 dmg for 1t 1/d
Greyhawk Incabulous Plague, Famine x6 Wis +9 E Yes 1) Imm. disease; 5) Hypnosis; 6) Contagion; 7) Enervate; 8) Sleep
Greyhawk Istus Future Destinies x6 Int +9 N No 1) +2 CL Divin. sphere; 3) Augury; 6) Divination; 7) Hold Monster
Greyhawk Iuz Cruelty x3 Wis +9 E Yes+1 3) Change Self; 5) +2 save vs. Good; 7) Fear; 9) Enervation
Greyhawk Kord Combat, Strength x4 Str +9 C Yes 1) +2 vs. fear; 4) Strength; 7) +2 save vs. Law; 9) May use Wiz Ele
Greyhawk Lendor Time x4 Int +9 LN No 3) Slow; 7) Immune Time; 12) Time Stop
Greyhawk Mayaheine Protection,Survival x3 Str +9 LG Yes 3) Pro.Evil; 5) Cloak Bravery; 9) Use a Pro./Wards SL 1-6 spell 1/r
Greyhawk Nerull Death, Suffering x6 Wis +9 E Yes 1) Lowered surprise; 6) Evard's Black Tentacles; 12) Destruction
Greyhawk Obad-Hai Nature, Wild x5 Wis +9 N No 1) Use Druid spell progression table & minor/major/grand spheres
Greyhawk Olidammara Thieves, Pranks x5 Dex +9 CN No 1) Hide in Shadows; 5) Alter Self; 7) Tasha Laughter 10) Confusion
Greyhawk Pelor Sun, Strength x6 Str +9 G Yes+1 1) +1/die with Cure spells; 5) Immune Blindness/Darkness; 9) Fly
Greyhawk Pholtus Law, Order x5 Chr +9 L Yes 1) Dispel Darkness; 5) Glow; 9) Reflect; 12) Holy Word
Greyhawk Procan Sea, Weather x4 Con +9 CN No 1) Swim prof.; 3) Water Walk; 6) Water Breathing; 8) Airy Water
Greyhawk Ralishaz Chance, Ill-Luck x5 Dex +9 C No 3) Sleep; 5) x dmg from 1 att 1/r; 7) Fumble; 9) Save of 18
Greyhawk Rao Mediators x6 Chr +9 LG Yes-4 1) Friends; 4) +2 mental saves; 7) Emotion; 9) True Seeing
Greyhawk St. Cuthbert Dedication, Law x5 Wis +9 L Yes-4 2) Friends; 3) Shillelagh; 4) ESP; 9) True Seeing
Greyhawk Tharizdun Insanity, Illusion x5 Wis +9 E Yes 1) Can use cold Wiz spells; 5) Suggestion; 9) Otilukes Freezing Sph
Greyhawk Ulaa Miners, Hillsmen x4 Str +9 L No 1)Enemy[Ran2]; 4)Dig; 7)Passwall; 10)Stone/Flesh; 12)Imm. Earth
Greyhawk/DM Vecna Fallen Gods x0 Wis +18 E Yes+6 1) Become Undead; 3) Speak w/ Dead God; 9) Imprisonment
Greyhawk Wee Jas Magic, Death x5 Int +9 L Yes 1) +1 save vs. magic; 6) Ench school; 9) Alt, Ill, Invo schools
Greyhawk/DM Zagyg Humor, Occult x3 Int +9 C No 1) Imm Chaos/Punomancy; 3) Contact Plane; 5) Random Gate
Greyhawk Zilchus Money, Business x4 Chr +9 LN No 1) +2 mental save; 3) Appraisal [no fail]; 7) +1 Chr; 9) True Seeing
Indian Brahman Everything x9 Wis +9, Int +9 any Yes 1) Major access to all spheres; 18) Grand access to all spheres
Indian Siva Destruction x5 Wis +9 NE Yes 1) Immune to Fire
Indian Kali Life, Death x5 Dex +9 CE Yes 1) Move Silently lvl*10%, Hide in Shadows lvl*10%; 10) Invisibility
Japanese Tsuki-Yomi Time, Moon x5 Wis +9 G Yes 1) Infravision; 15) Time Stop
Japanese Hachiman War x5 Str +9 any No 1) THAC0 and Saves as Warrior; 10) +3/+3 enchant on 1 weapon
Japanese O-Kuni-Nushi Medicine, Sorcery x5 Int +9 G Yes 5) Charm Animal; 12) Can cast from a wizard school (your choice)
Nehwon Issek of the Jug Tortured Souls x5 Wis +9 G Yes 1) Escape Bonds; 2) Create 1 gallon of any liquid 1/d
Nehwon Gods of Trouble Chaotic Actions x5 Dex +9 C Yes 1) Gaze of Failure: Save or fail at current action; 8) Shadow Walk
Nehwon Tyaa Avians x5 Dex +9 E No 1) On death Reincarnate to a bird; 5) Shape Change Bird
Norse Odin War, Wisdom x8 Str +9, Wis +9 any Yes 1) +level hp; 10) THAC0 as per Warrior
Norse Sif Excellence, Skill x5 Int +9 any No 5) +1 to any ability score; 10) Advance directly to 11th level
Norse Hel Death, Disease x5 Wis +9 any No 5) Imm. disease/poison; 10) Speak w/ Dead; 15) Physical dmg
Oerld/DM Albrecht Magic, Technology x5 Int +9 G Yes 1) Can use Wiz schools; 2) Techn of level; 9) Int Bonus spells
Oerld/DM Delusha Foresight, Sun x3 Con +9 L Yes x2 1) Get two saves, Wpn is Sun Blade; 2) Any Rog 2; 9)Any Rog 9
Oerld/DM Lishori Love, Peace x3 Chr +9 N Yes-5 1) No Wis vs.your effects; 1) +lvl AC 30'r; 9)Must save to attack you
Oerld/DM Nethlar Knowledge, Psi x3 Int +9 any Yes 1) +lvl NonWeapon, Legend Lore lvl*10%, Div school; 18) Use 2M/s
Oerld/DM Setesh Destruction, Desert x4 Str +9 C Yes+1 1) +1 HD/lvl, +lvl TH or dmg, Imm Fire/Sand; 2) 1M: Cast Inv 1 spell
Oerld/DM Treaton Nature, Woodlands x4 Chr +9 T Yes-3 1) 0, 1/r: Cure lvl hp; 2) Find the Path; 7) Raise Dead Fully
Toril Ao Creation x9 HNCL 6 any Yes Creation spells are 1 SL lower
Toril Auril Cold x3 Wis +6, Con +9 NE No 1) Immune Cold; 8) Ice Storm; 12) Summon Ice Elemental
Toril Azath Mages, Energy x3 Wis +6, Int +9 LN No 1) Spellcraft prof.; 2) May cast one Wiz school at CL
Toril Bane Strife, Hatred x6 Str +9 LE No 1) Immune Fear; 5) Aura of Fear 10*CL'
Toril Beshaba Mischief, Bad Luck x4 Wis +6 CE Yes 1) -CL to one enemy roll /d
Toril Bhaal Death x4 Wis +6, Con +9 LE Yes 9) Aerial Servant; 10) Plane Skipping
Toril Chauntea Agriculture x6 Wis +6, Chr +9 NG No 1) Druid2 abilities
Toril Cyric Death, Murder x6 Wis +6, Int +9 NE Yes+2 1) Immune Fear/Emotion; 5) Aerial Servant; 9) Convert to Cyric
Toril Deneir Literature, Art x3 Wis +6, Int +15 NG Yes 1) Resist Books; 1) Speak all known languages; 1) ID Rune/Symbol
Toril Eldath Peace, Pools x3 Wis +6, Chr +9 NN Yes 1) Remove Fear; 3) Sleep; 5) Silence; 10) Breathe Water
Toril Elemental Cult Elementals x4 Con +6 any Yes 5) Summon Elemental
Toril Gond Artifice, Craft x4 Wis +6, Int +9, Dex +9 NN No 1) +2 w/ craft profs.; 1) Open Locks CL*20%
Toril Helm Endurance, Suffer x4 Wis +6, Con +9 LG No 1) Resist Pain; 1) +2 Con checks; 1) Remove Fear/Emotion
Toril Lathander Spring, Dawn x6 Wis +6, Chr +9 NG Yes+4 1) +2 w/ art profs.; 3) Faerie Fire
Toril Leira Deception, Illusion x3 Wis +6, Int +9, Dex +9 CN Yes 1) Can read Wiz scrolls; 5) Misdirection; 13) Mislead
Toril Lliira Joy, Happiness x3 Wis +6, Chr +9 CG Yes 1) Dancing prof.; 1) Mass Remove Fear; 1) +2 TH natural
Toril Loviatar Pain, Hurt x3 Wis +6, Con +9 LE No 1) Pain Touch; 9) White Wand [absorbs 10 SLs]
Toril Malar Hunters, Beasts x3 Wis +6, Str +9 CE No 1) Hunting prof.; 1) Cestus 1d+2 natural; 3) ID plants/animals
Toril Mask Thieves, Intrigue x4 Wis +6, Dex +9 NE No 1) Thief2 abilties at 20 pts/lvl; 1) Thieves' Cant
Toril Mielikki Forests, Rangers x4 Wis +6, Str +9, Dex +9, Con +9 NG Yes 1) Ranger2 abilities (but not Warrior abilities)
Toril Milil Poetry, Song x3 Wis +6, Int +9, Chr +9 NG Yes 1) Singing/Music prof.; 1) Entrall; 10) Suggestion
Toril Myrkul Dead, Decay x6 Wis +6, Int +9, Str +9 NE Yes 1) Turn=3d12; 1) Imm.Disease; 1) Feign Death; 10) Summon Death
Toril Mystra Magic x6 Wis +6, Int +9 NG Yes 1) +2 magic saves; 1) Function in dead/wild magic; 1) Detect Magic
Toril Oghma Knowledge, Bards x6 Wis +6, Int +9 NN Yes 1) +4 turn vs. outer; 1) +2 TH natural; 3) Identify; 10) Legend Lore
Toril Selune Moon, Stars x4 Wis +6, Con +9 CG Yes 1) Infravision; 1) Navigation prof.; 1) Can control Lycanthropy
Toril Shar Dark, Night x6 Wis +6, Str +9 NE Yes 1) Darkness; 1) Immune Darkness; 5) Cont. Darkness; 7) Forget
Toril Silvanus Nature, Druids x6 Wis +6, Chr +9 NN No 1) Druid1 spell progression
Toril Sune Beauty, Love x6 Wis +6, Chr +9 CG Yes 1) Charm Opposite Sex; 9) +2d4 Chr
Toril Talona Disease, Poison x3 Wis +6, Con +9 CE No 1) Resist Poison; 3) ID Poison; 10) Cause Disease
Toril Talos Storms, Destruction x6 Wis +6, Str +9 CE Yes 7) Lightning Bolt; 10) Control Weather
Toril Tempus War x6 Wis +6, Str +9 CN Yes 1) Berserk; 1) +1/+1 w/ one weapon; 1) ID magic weapons
Toril Torm Duty, Loyalty x3 Wis +6, Con +9 LG Yes 1) x2 duration w/ Divination/Protection spells; 1) Command
Toril Tymora Adventurers, Skill x5 Wis +6, Dex +9 CG Yes 1) +CL to one die roll /d
Toril Tyr Justice x6 Wis -6 LG Yes Note the requirement is a negative shift to the normal class requirement
Toril Umberlee Oceans, Waves x4 Wis +6, Con +9 CE No 1) Swimming prof.; 5) Breathe Water; 10) Underwater Action
Toril Waukeen Trade, Money x4 Wis +6, Int +9, Chr +9 NN Yes 1) Appraising & Gem Cutting prof.; 1) ID Metal
Beholder Great Mother Fertility, Tyranny x5 Int +5; Chr +10 L any Yes L1: 1M, LVL/d: Create a DL=(LVL+1)/2 Beholder, acts as a summon but not a summon slot
Beholder, Ang. Omarax the Eye Tyrant Atrocities x4 Con +7 L any Yes +2 L1: +LVL eyes, Wild Talent in Psi29; L9: Once: Shapechange Self to a Beholder type, no XP divisor
Beholder, DM Sporacle of Absolute Absoluteness x3 All Six +3 A any Yes +1 L1: Eye's M, LVL/d: Fork; L1: Eye's M, LVL/d: Twist; L5: +LVL-4 QEye'sM; L9: +LVL-8 IEye'sM
Bugbear Grankhul Hunting, Senses x5 Dex +7; Int +5 CE/CN/NE No L1: Ranger tracking; L4: Infravision/Ultravision; L7: x(LVL-5) movement rate, +(LVL-6)V actions
Bugbear Hruggek Violence, Combat x6 Str +8 CE/CN/NE No L1: 1M, LVL/d: Command (IR; no save); L4: +1 size; L7: 1M, LVL/d: Hold Person (IR; no save)
Bugbear Skiggaret Fear x3 Wis +2 CE/CN/NE No L1: Cold damaging shield; L3: 1M, 1/d: Slay Living; L5: Immune Fear, Cold, Paralysis, Darkness
DM, Bear Invisible Polar Bears Martial Arts, Bears x8 Str +6; Con +3 C any Yes L1: Immune Cold; L1: Free Martial Arts style, +LVL maneuvers; L1: +LVL^2 pp /d (1 pp = 5 gp)
DM, Sigil Lady of Pain Sigil, Dread, Blades x9 Str +9 L any Yes L1: 1M: Dimension Door; L4: 1M: Find the Path; L9: Immune Insanity, Hold M actions
DM, Time B. Master of Evil Technology, Time x8 Int +6; Chr +6 any E Yes x2 L1: Know and can cast Chronomancy spells (x2 spell slots each); L9: Plane Shift to Time of Legends
Dwarf Berronar Truesilver Safety, Truth, Home x6 Wis +3 LG/LN/NG Yes -4 L1: +4 CL; L3: Ring of Truth cont.; L5: 1M: Wall of Force/Iron/Stone; L9: +1 Healing spell per SL
Dwarf Clandeggin Silverbeard Battle x5 Str +8 LG/LN/NG No L1: 1M: Command (2 words); L5: +LVL-4 Str; L9: 1M, 1/d: x3 dmg with axes for 1 turn
Dwarf Moradin Creation, Smithing x7 Str +7 LG/LN/NG Yes L1: +2 Chr; L5: Wpn. Spec. Warhammer (Non-War); L9: Luckstone allies in your group
Elf Aerdrie Faenya Air, Weather, Avians x5 Dex +3 C any No L1: Fly; L3: Double Resist Air; L5: Wind Walk; L9: 1M: Summon 4 DL VII Avians
Elf Corellon Larethian Magic, Arts/Crafts x7 Str +6, Int +6 CG/CN/NG Yes L1: +2 Chr; L5: Double Resist Poison; L9: Giant-class gets no saves vs. your Priest spells
Elf Sehanine Moonbow Mysticism, Dreams x6 Int +6; Wis +7 any G Yes +2 L1: Resist slain (halve hp instead); L3: True Sight; L5: 1M: Moonbeam; L9: Wild Talent in Psi10
Elf, Drow Klaransalee Undead, Vengeance x3 Wis +2 CE/CN/NE Yes +3 L1: +1 Revive slot, 1M: Animate Dead; L5: Touch causes 2d6 hp drain; L9: 1M: Cure undead status
Elf, Drow Lolth Spiders, Darkness x5 Wis +7 CE/CN/NE Yes -2 L1: Immune Poison, gain all "Elf, Drow" abilities (have them twice if already a Drow)
Elf, Drow Vhaerun Thievery, Territory x4 Dex +6 any E Yes -4 L1: Non-Detection cont.; L5: Immune to one thing you're Vulnerable/Severe Allergy to
Gnome Baervan Wildwanderer Forests, Travel x6 Con +5 any G Yes -4 L1: Leave no tracks; L3: Free Action; L7: +LVL-5 AC, +LVL-5 saves; L9: +1 Animal Companion
Gnome Baravar Cloakshadow Illusions, Protection x5 Int +8; Dex +8 any G No L1: Can use Wizard Illusion school; L3: Imm. Illusion; L5: Improved Invis.; L9: LVL Mirror Images
Gnome Garl Glittergold Protection, Humor x7 Dex +6; Int +6 any G Yes -2 L1: +5 to all Rogue abil., Two Any Rogue 1 picks; L5: 1M: Tasha's Laughter; L9: Displacement
Goblin Khurgorbaeyag Slavery, Oppression x5 Chr +3 LE/LN/NE No L1: 1M: Fear; L5: 1M: Fear (IR; no save); L8: Immune Chaos, Charm; L9: x2 followers allowed
Goblin Maglublyet War, Rulership x6 Str +7; Chr +5 LE/LN/NE Yes -2 L1: 1M: Charm Person; L5: +LVL-4 Str; L10: 1M: x2 dmg with any one weapon for 1 turn
Goblin Nomog-Geaya Authority x4 Chr +2 LE/LN/NE Yes -3 L1: Can wield 2 Size L weapons, no penalty; L4: 1M: Enfeeblement; L10: 1M: Symbol of Pain
Halfling Arvoreen Vigilance, War x6 Str +6; Con +6 LG/LN/NG No L1: Any Rogue 1 pick w/ LVL*5 points; L5: +LVL-4 /die w/ Healing; L9: +3A actions cont.
Halfling Brandobaris Stealth, Thievery x5 Dex +7 NG/TN/CN No L1: Spider Climb; L2: Silence 15'r; L3: Improved Invis.; L4: Deeppockets; L9: Imm. Clairnasience
Halfling Yondalla Protection, Fertility x7 Wis +4 LG/LN/NG Yes L1: Shield spell cont.; L3: Bless cont.; L5: 1M: Heroes' Feast; L9: Hold Life, Immune Energy Drain
Kobold, Ang. Mughash Strength, Power x3 Str +9 any E Yes ÷2 L1: Resist Poison; L3: Open Locks LVL*10%; L5: 1M: Summon LVL^2 DL I Kobolds
Kobold, DM Kurtulmak War, Mining, Tricks x5 Dex +4; Wis -4 any E Yes L1: +LVL*0.1 in Racial Adj.; L3: 1M: Treasure Finding; L9: 1M, 1/d: Escape from Hole or Mound
Kobold, MTG Rohgahh of Kher Keep Avians, Mountains x4 Str +5; Con +5 CE/CN/LE No L1: Your summons get +2 rhp; L3: Flying ("Urd" Racial Adj.); L5: 1M: Summon DL=LVL-4 Avian
Mind Flayer Elder Brain Community x4 Int +15 non-G Yes L1: +1 sV (script V, Put Brain on Plate) action; L2: +LVL/2 Tentacles; L3: +LVL/3 Int
Mind Flayer Ilsensine Psionics, Sunset x5 Int +6; Chr +6 any L Yes -2 L1: +2+LVL/2 wpn needed to hit you; Ln: Immune to SL=0 to n/2 spells
Mind Flayer, DM Rixthaxth Spelljamming, Smoke x3 Int +13; Wis +6 non-G Yes L1: +1 Familiar; L3: Immune Phlogiston; L5: +1M action; L9: 1M: Between
Orc Bahgtru Strength, Combat x6 Str +8; Int -4 LE/LN/NE No L1: +(LVL+1)/2 Str; L5: +0d+4 w/ punch/claws; L7: +1 instance of Exc. Str bonus
Orc Gruumsh War, Territory x7 Str +8 LE/LN/NE Yes -2 L1: +LVL TH; L3: +8 hp; L6: Cure self 1d8 per enemy slain; L8: 1M: x2 dmg w/ spears for 1 turn
Orc Ilneval Warfare x5 Str +7; Chr +6 LE/LN/NE No L1: +LVL dmg with swords, swords cost 1/10 normal cost; L5: Prayer cont.; L8: 1M: Domination

Specialty Priest Spheres

This chart shows how many minors (1st-4th SL only), majors (any SL), and grands (any SL, spells cost a spell) each god multiplier gives.
All specialty priests have major access to the "All" sphere. All specialty priests of x7 and x8 gods (not higher or lower) have grand access to the "All" sphere.
God # # # Divine Intervention (roll 1d100 twice)
Mult. Minors Majors Grands (all get a grand at 36th) First Roll Second Roll
x10 2 6 4 100 100
x9 5 5 3; get another at 27th. 100 99+
x8 7 5 3 100 (97-level)+
x7 8 4 2; get another at 18th. 99+ (87-level)+
x6 7 4 2 99+ (77-level)+
x5 7 3 1; get another at 9th. 98+ (67-level)+
x4 6 3 1 97+ (57-level)+
x3 5 2 0; get one at 9th. 95+ (47-level)+
x2 4 1 0 90+ (37-level)+