[C8] Generic Effects

These are generic effects which occur during Collective AD&D play. Roll 1d143 for a random effect.
[C8.1] Alley Effect
Excess magic energy accumulates with time. This tends to increase the local PF (Physical Factor), generating bizarre and sometimes disastrous effects. This is especially troublesome where there are large populations (such as Greyhawk city).
This excess energy cannot be used for a useful purpose, as it usually Chaos and Wild Magic -based.
Instead, such regions have something like "Street Lamps" which channel the energy into waste areas, typically Alleys or Sewers. These Alleys and Sewers become home to a host of very unusual monsters, which are combatted by the town militia (and/or local adventurers) from time to time. On occasion the energy forms into gateways leading to alternate dimensions or realities, these gateways are very disruptive and usually force the town to close down that Alley or Sewer for some time.
[C8.2] Annihilated
In the normal Multiverse, if you are Annihilated, you appear to have Disintegrated (see below) without the normal methods of recovery. In reality, you are in the Ultraplanes, a strange realm past the funnel in Concordant Opposition.
Unless you have immunity to Annihilation (the common element there), you will be in a continuous state of Disintegration (and Unawareness of what's going on).
It is not possible to go back in time to prevent someone's Annihilation. An Unlimited Wish could bring the character back.
[C8.3] Anti-stats
There are rare creatures and effects which can cause ability scores to drop below 0, but the creature is not hindered by [P2].
Such creatures generate an "Anti-stat field", which is equal to their negative ability score within 10', then drops by -1 each 10'.
Thus, a creature with -3 Dex gives all within 10' a -3 Dex adjustment, all within 20' a -2 Dex adjustment, and all within 10' a -1
Dex adjustment. Needless to say, creatures with high negative Con or Int scores can be very dangerous.
[C8.4] As You Are
Each caster level of the "As You Are" effect increases your XP divisor by 1. This XP divisor is retroactive.
Generally, As You Are is cast at very high level, effectively reducing the target to level 1.
[C8.5] Avoid Fate
This high-level effect allows you to avoid (counter) another effect. The entire effect is countered, and affects no one.
Avoid Fate cannot itself be countered except by Insist (see below).
[C8.6] Barney'd
A god who has lost all of his worshipers becomes Barney'd. He is a x0 being in a state of semi-consciousness.
It is possible to get a Barney'd god to perform incredibly powerful effects over a very short time, only to rest again for centuries.
Many of these gods have even lost their outer-planar homes; they now live in the "Lost Gods" demiplane of the Astral, an incredibly dangerous place to visit.
[C8.7] Berserk
A berserk creature gains +4 to hit and damage, but suffers -4 on AC and saves. A berserk creature will attack until there are no remaining enemies within 60'. They will not take hostages or accept surrender, and will not allow enemies to escape if at all possible. Berserk creatures are not required to attack friends, and can use Mental actions normally.
"Cursed Berserking": This is a berserk creature who continues to attack anyone (friends or enemies) until no one is alive within 120'. Cursed Berserking creatures have a 1% chance per combat of attacking themselves (committing suicide) at the end of combat.
[C8.8] Blind
While blind, you are at -4 to hit all targets (-2 if you have the Blindfighting proficiency). Triple the penalty with missile weapons.
You cannot read scrolls or books. You cannot distinguish between your potions unless you have worked a special system.
You have a 10% (unadjustible) chance of failure when doing anything using an M action targetted versus an enemy.
[C8.9] Burned Out
You are "Capital S Spent" (see below). You cannot regain memorizations (spell/psionic) except by a Reset.
[C8.10] Cannot Move
You lose Dex AC bonus. You can be attacked from behind by anyone. Rogues may backstab you with each attack.
[C8.11] Causeall
Current hit points is lowered to -10, plus one effect each of: disease, blindness, insanity, deafness, feeblemind, and a poison which will slay the target in 1 round (no saving throw).
[C8.12] Charm
When charming a creature, the creature gets +1 on his saving throw per point of damage he has taken this round.
The creature gets another save if he is attacked by the caster's friends.
Charm does not give the charmer and charmee any sort of special communication.
[C8.13] Class VI/Esper-Blind/Damped Restraint
Being "Class VI" means you are immune to and cannot use frequency 1 psionics.
Being "Esper-Blind" means you are immune to and cannot use frequency 2 psionics.
Being "Damped Restraint" means you are immune to and cannot use frequency 3 psionics.
If I list all three (or just the first two) for a creature, it is generally understood the creature is in fact immune to and cannot use all frequencies of psionics.
[C8.14] Clone-Insane
If you and a Clone of you are both conscious and on the same plane, you (and the Clone) suffer from "Clone Insanity".
You are aware of the Clone, you know where the Clone is, and you are completely bent on destroying the Clone at all costs.
You cannot use psionics of any frequency. If you do not destroy the Clone within 1 day, you are "Capital S Slain" (see below).
[C8.15] Coma
You are Unconscious (see below), and cannot be awakened by any method. A Heal or Cureall will fix a Coma effect.
[C8.16] Confused
Each segment, roll 1d10 for the confused creature:
1: Move away using a 1V action.
2-3: Do nothing this segment.
4-5: Attack a random foe.
6-7: Attack a random friend.
8-9: Attack the closest creature (friend or foe).
10: Act normally this segment.
[C8.17] Counter (effect)
A countered effect does not take place. It is possible to counter a counter, using Magic: the Gathering's "Last In First Out" rules.
[C8.18] Cover
You get +2 AC and +2 saves for partial cover. You get +4 AC and +4 saves for full cover.
It takes 1V action to exit cover, attack, then duck back. If you melee the enemy gets a free parting shot when you duck back.
[C8.19] Crapped
You are Spent (see below). You are at 0 current hp. You cannot use any actions except V or Z actions.
"Capital C Crapped": You cannot use actions of any kind (not even Z actions). Your maximum hit points is 0 until next reset.
You are permanently Stunned, Unaware, and Feebleminded (see below).
[C8.20] Crapulence
This is an element which is incredibly obscure (such as Anti-Matter Unnilhexium or the quasi-element formed from Wood plus Negative energy). The idea here is if you have a "choose an element" effect, you pick something so obscure the target has no special resistance to it. It is assumed that such an element can be imagined, unless the target has "Resist All Elements".
[C8.21] Cureall
Cures all hit points, plus all non-divine ailments (except level loss).
[C8.22] Cursed
The effects of a curse vary, the creature generating the curse can choose one of these effects:
1. Lowers one ability score to 3 or all ability scores by 1 (50%/50%).
2. -4 to hit and saving throws.
3. Weak Fumble effect (save vs. RSW each segment to keep from dropping what he has in his hands, Dex checks are at -2).
4. 50% MR to spells that would benefit the target (cannot be dropped), no change in MR to harmful effects.
5. Double chance of wandering monsters in a dungeon (2 in 6 instead of 1 in 6).
6. One (randomly chosen) magic/psionic item of the target's is "misplaced" (not to be found) until the curse is removed; if the item is found (by spell or other effect) and the curse still exists, another possession is lost.
7. Target randomly Dimension Doors whenever a wooden barrel is seen (or any other useless item, to be chosen by caster), but no more than once per turn.
8. Target always speaks in rhymes (verbal spells have a 25% chance of failure).
9. Acne on Target's face and/or noticeable body odor (-2 Chr,-2 Cml).
10. Target will kill any green plants and/or normal insects he touches.
11. Target triples in weight (no change in shape or size, simply heavier); -6" penalty to move rate; immune to Feather Fall.
12. Target triples in height (no change in weight or other dimensions); -4 penalty to Dex; +1 size class
13. Temperature lowers or raises by 10 in a 10' radius around target.
14. Butterflies swarm around target whenever he draws a weapon (target must save vs. BW at +4 or be confused for 1 round).
15. A 10' cubic pit is created every hour 1' behind the target (floor is allowed a save vs. spells at +4 if magically protected).
These are just examples, what exactly is possible is up to the DM.
[C8.23] Dazed/Disoriented
While Dazed, you are at -5 (-25%) on all actions. You can use only 2 main actions plus 2Z actions per segment (so 1M+1P+2Z, 1M+1V+2Z, or 1P+1V+2Z per segment). Effects requiring heavy concentration (1M/r) cannot be maintained.
[C8.24] Deaf
While Deaf, you are at -2 (-10%) on all actions. You do not benefit from Bard's "Song" effects.
[C8.25] Destructed (reverse Resurrected)
You are Disintegrated (see below). Two Resurrections (or one Wish) are needed to bring you back to life.
[C8.26] Diseased
The effects of a disease vary, the creature generating the disease can choose one of these effects:
1. Every 1d6 turns you lose 1 point of Str (30%), Dex (20%), Con (40%), or Chr (10%).
2. Every turn you lose 1 of your maximum hit points.
3. Curing spells give only 10% normal benefit; the disease is fatal in 1d6 days; -1d4 Chr and -1d4 Cml per day.
4. Base movement rate reduced by 1" per hour; suffer 1 damage (cumulative) per hour.
5. Extreme nausea causes you to have only a 50% chance of being able to use each action type per segment.
These are just examples, what exactly is possible is up to the DM.
[C8.27] Disintegrated
You are "Capital S Slain" (see below). Your physical body is gone, your items have dropped to the ground.
If the effect was an area (not the normal Disintegrate spell), you must roll item saves for all the items as well.
[C8.28] Dispel (effect)
When doing an area, your chance of dispelling is 50+((your caster level) - (effect's caster level))*5%.
You may instead dispel any effect of your multiplier or lower with 100% success.
A dispelled effect ends immediately. It is possible to reconstruct an effect that was dispelled within 1round, but it's difficult.
[C8.29] Displaced
While displaced, you get a +2 AC bonus (even if the enemy is immune to displacement).
The first physical attack (or targetted spell) against you automatically misses.
[C8.30] Disjunct (effect)
This is the same as Dispel, but the chance is always 100% and you may Disjunct any multiplier of effect.
Disjuncted effects cannot be reconstructed.
[C8.31] DNA Scrambled
Add +1d5-3 to each ability score modifier due to race, base AC, THAC0, and hit points.
Also gain 1d6-1 Psi9 minor powers.
[C8.32] Dominated (Mentally)
The Dominator chooses how the Dominatee uses his M actions.
[C8.33] Dominated (Physically)
Generic "Domination" effects are of this type.
The Dominator chooses how the Dominatee uses his P and V actions.
[C8.34] Resist (effect)
This is written as "Double Resist Fire" or whatever. You gain +8 saves vs. that effect. You suffer 1/4 damage from that effect (if the effect saves for 1/2 and you make the save, you take 1/10 damage).
See also Resist and Immune.
[C8.35] Down a Hole
There exist "holes" in the Multiverse; where you are not on ANY plane.
While there, you cannot use high-level powers, and cannot escape back to the real Multiverse (you need outside help).
There are a few abilities which allow you escape from the hole, but these are rare and cannot be learned while in the hole.
[C8.36] Down a Hole Offense
Doing an infinite or degenerate effect that rips the fabric of space around you, causing you to go Down a Hole (see above).
Examples: Using more than a couple dozen Ioun Stones at once; Borrowing XP from the future with certain Precognition effects;
Throwing a Reset during a Mental Fury and continuing; Stepping out of the effect Step out of It (see below)
[C8.37] Drained MF
Casting several 9th or higher level spells in one area in a short time could drain the local area's MF by a point or two.
The exact limit varies (up to the DM), but generally casting more than one Wish-type power in a round is a bad idea.
This would certainly attact the attention of any high-power beings in the area.
[C8.38] Drowning
Being with 1 damage and a Con+10 check. Roll a check, if you fail, you take the damage.
Each round, the damage goes up by one and the check gets worse by one.
[C8.39] Drunk
The following effects occur while drunk:
Slight Intoxication: +1 Morale, -1 Int, -1 Wis
Moderate Intoxication: +2 Morale, -3 Int, -4 Wis, -2 Dex, -1 Chr, -1 to hit, +1 hp
Great Intoxication: +3 Morale, -6 Int, -7 Wis, -5 Dex, -4 Chr, -5 to hit, +3 hp
[C8.40] Dual-Nature
Some creatures have a "dual-nature" status; meaning they exist in two planes at the same time.
Those creatures need a +1 weapon (Ethereal/Elemental) or +2 weapon (Astral/Shadow) to hit, sometimes more.
They can be perceived on either plane, and can attack or be attacked on either plane.
These creatures also frequently have the ability to pass through solid matter as if it wasn't there.
If an ability forces them to the non-Prime plane, they cannot return for 1 year. If any ability forces them onto the Prime plane, they are crapped (see above) and lose the weapon needed to hit requirement.
[C8.41] Dust of Disappearance
While under Dust of Disappearance, you gain a +8 bonus to AC. Dust of Disappearance cannot be defeated by True Sight.
Dust of Disappearance cannot be disbelieved. You cannot be immune to Disappearance due to high Intelligence [P2].
While under Dust of Disappearance, you may spend 1V to set up a Backstab.
[C8.42] Ego-Dominated
Some powerful magic items have an "Ego" score, which is related to their Int score, plusses, and abilities.
This number is compared to the user's "Personality" score, which is the following: Int+Chr+level (or) Wis+Con+level (your choice). If the item has a higher score, and it is of a different alignment (or believes the user is not following it's special purpose adequately), it may Mentally and/or Physically Dominate the user.
[C8.43] Enfeeblement
While under Enfeeblement, your Str score becomes 5. This may cause problems with the weapons you are wielding [C7.1].
[C8.44] Enlarged
Gain +1 size, which also increases your equipment size.
Weapons of +1 size do (+1)d(+2) damage over the original type; i.e. a two-handed sword 1d10/3d6 becomes 2d12/4d8.
Giant potions and the like still contain the same number of doses.
Non-magical items (such as oil) do become more effective due to their enlarged size.
[C8.45] Enough
This occurs after 5th level or so, when the PCs have enough money to have considerable basic equipment if desired.
If you buy (and can carry) 100 of an item, you are said to have "Capital E Enough" of that item, and will not run out of them.
This is good to reduce the amount of meaningless ammunication records.
[C8.46] Enraged
While enraged, you feel a strong desire to inflict physical harm on your enemies.
You may attack any enemy you wish, but you must use your P action before using your M action each segment (you may use them at the same time for 1 action, such as casting a spell).
[C8.47] Enslaved
This is a more powerful version of Charm (see above). While Enslaved, you do not get saving throws to throw off the effect, even if an ally of the enslaver (or the enslaver himself) attacks you.
[C8.48] Erased Forwards and Backwards in Time
This powerful effect makes you Rewritten out of Time (see below), without the attacker needing to travel through time to do it.
This situation is a little harder to repair, an Unlimited Wish is needed.
[C8.49] Escape
This ability allows you to leave a hostile area immediately, with no chance of being traced or followed. The Escape ability can duplicate the Gone effect (see below), if necessary, if the creature you are escaping from is very powerful.
[C8.50] Ethereal
See "dual nature" above.
[C8.51] Exhausted/Fatigued
There are no rules in the Collective indicating when exhaustion sets in, so this rule will not be used often.
If you are Physically Exhausted, any action which requires P or V actions require twice as many to complete.
If you are Mentally Exhausted, any action which requires M actions require twice as many to complete.
You get 1 less Z action per segment per type of Exhaustion (so if you have both, you get only 1Z per segment).
[C8.52] Explain
This is another concept to abbreviate and speed up game-play.
If the PCs come across an NPC, and need to explain what they are doing (or tell them a story), we can skip the actual description (since everyone in the room in real life knows the story). This is called "Capital E Explaining" to the person.
The NPC is assumed to have told everything about the subject (unless the PCs give exceptions), and play can continue.
The DM may wish to confirm whether certain sensitive pieces of information were "leaked" to the NPC.
"Capital E Explaining" of course takes time, it generally cannot be done in combat.
[C8.53] Extract
If the PCs have captured a monster, and have sufficient magical and/or psionic abilities at their disposal, they may declare to have "Extracted" information from the monster.
This means that they have used forms of mind-reading (or whatever, the exact details are not important) to gain the information they need. Remember the monster may not know the needed information, and will give whatever he knows from his standpoint (and level of understanding).
The monster will not independently offer information that is not asked, the PCs need to think of the things they want to know.
[C8.54] Falling
Damage due to falls is 1d6 per 10' fallen. There is a terminal velocity (maximum damage) of 20d6.
If you know the fall is coming, subtract 1d6 from the fall (so you take nothing from a 10' fall you are expecting).
If you have the tumbling proficiency, subtract another 1d6 from the fall, and subtract 1 damage per extra slot past the first.
The damage is reduced to 1d4's if you strike a liquid surface (such as water). A single Diving proficiency will reduce the damage to 0 if you strike a liquid surface.
[C8.55] Familiar
Familiars are immune, as long as they are not offensive. They may cure and cast spells on allies and still be immune.
If an entire side has been dropped except for familiars, the familiars have a choice: They may stay, which makes them vulnerable to attack even if all they do is healing and defensive actions, or they can withdraw, and keep their immune status.
In certain situations Familiars may attack other enemy Familiars, this will be presented in the [S] section.
[C8.56] Fascinated
You have the effects of Exhausted (both types, see above), but are not actually Exhausted. You continually face what is fascinating you, making backstabs on you easy to set up. You do not get saving throws vs. effects that Hypnotize you.
[C8.57] Fear
You feel a great need to get away from the source of the fear. You must spend your V action to move away from the fear source for the duration of the effect. You cannot use your other action types to approach or affect the fear source in any way.
You may attack creatures on the way out.
[C8.58] Feebleminded
Your Int and Wis scores are 1d4 each. You do not have and cannot use M actions.
Your spell and psionic pools are perfectly intact, but you cannot usefully access them until the Feeblemind is removed.
Note you can still use psionic defenses while feebleminded, as those use Z actions.
[C8.59] Feign Death
You cannot use actions of any kind. Everyone believes you are in fact dead, and enemies will not attempt to attack you.
If there is a psionic link in place, you can inform the rest of your group that you are Feigning Death.
You are perfectly aware of your surroundings, and can end the Feign Death effect to rejoin the battle at will.
A second Feign Death attempt in the same battle will always fail.
[C8.60] Free Action
While under Free Action, you cannot be Stunned, Summoning Sicknessed, Paralyzed, or Held (see relevant entries).
[C8.61] Fumble
While fumbling, whenever you use an item in either hand, you must roll a Dex check or drop the item. The action is still used, but it doesn't resolve. You must also check whenever you read a scroll, use a wand, or drink a potion.
Fumble effects are frequently material componented, forcing you to roll two Dex checks, or one xDex check (caster's choice).
[C8.62] Gone
If you are Gone, you are in a pocket dimension/plane remote from the normal Multiverse.
You are an infinite number of planes removed from any known plane, but your items are planar stable here, and you can recover spells (even priest) normally.
You may re-enter the plane you left, but your exact point of return is uncertain (like the Plane Shift spell).
The pocket dimension will disappear after everyone has left it, and it won't be the same pocket dimension if you become Gone again, so don't leave any stuff here. J
[C8.63] Gravity (Zero/High)
Zero Gravity: -4 Dex; move rate divided by 3; falling damage is 0; Z actions reduced to 1/s; -1 Con per week in zero gravity
High Gravity (+nG over 1G): -n*4 Str; move rate divided by (n+1); falling damage multiplied by (n+1); Z actions reduced by n/s
[C8.64] Harmed (reverse Heal)
Current hit points is lowered to 0, plus one effect each of: disease, blindness, insanity, and feeblemind.
[C8.65] Hasted
You get +1P, +1V while hasted. Haste does not stack with itself.
There is a completely different ability called 'Haste' in Psi11.
[C8.66] Head Blown Off
You are "Capital C Crapped" (see above), except you still have normal hit points (you are not set to 0).
[C8.67] Heavily Stunned
This is the same as "Capital S Stunned" (see below).
[C8.68] Healed
Cures all hit points, plus disease, blindness, insanity, and feeblemind.
[C8.69] Held
You cannot use P or V actions. You cannot use Z actions which are physical in nature. You are still standing (or in whatever position you were in before being Held).
[C8.70] Hold Life
Your XP cannot be drained. You Sustain Levels (see below). You are still vulnerable to As You Are (see above), however.
[C8.71] Hunger/Thirst
Going 2 days without water (or 4 days without food) makes you Exhausted (Physically), see above.
[C8.72] Hypnotized
You are Fascinated (see above). You can asked questions; 90% of the time you are forced to answer truthfully.
You can be given orders as per a Command spell, these are done very slowly (3 or 4 times the normal number of actions to do).
You are Unaware (see below). Any attack on you breaks the hypnosis.
A post-hypnotic suggestion can be implanted; there is a 5% cumulative chance per day it wears off. Each time the trigger goes off, there is a 5% cumulative chance the hypnotised person knows he was hypnotized (if the action is extreme, raise it to 10%).
[C8.73] Immortal
This has two meanings: The more common meaning is any creature of x3 or greater multiplier.
The less common meaning is that you are immune to aging and/or physical damage.
[C8.74] Immovable/Stopped
You cannot be moved by any means. In the case of Immovable (which is voluntary), you can still turn around and move your arms and such. Stopped allows no movement at all, you are frozen.
[C8.75] Immune (effect)
You are not affected by damage or special affects from that power type. You can still use that power type. Immunities can be lowered.
Immunities "spread", meaning you Resist all things that are related to the thing you are Immune to. For example, if you are Immune Fire, you Resist Holy Fire.
See also Resist and Double Resist.
[C8.76] Imprisoned
You are being held in some remote room somewhere (or in fact on the demi-plane of Imprisonment in the Astral).
You are Unaware, Unconscious, and can perform no actions. You do not require food, water, or air, and do not age.
You (or your equipment) cannot be located or divined at while you are in the Imprisonment room.
[C8.77] Insane
You are immune to and cannot use any psionics while insane. Roll d20 for insanity form:
1. Dipsomania (great desire to drink alcohol)
2. Kleptomania (great desire to steal)
3. Schizoid (no personality, copy the personality of another)
4. Pathological Liar (almost always make outrageous lies)
5. Monomania (obsessed towards one goal)
6. Dementia Praecox (completely uninterested in everything)
7. Melancholia (extremely depressed)
8. Megalomania (convinced you are best at everything)
9. Delusional Insanity (believe you are some famous figure)
10. Schizophrenia (1-4 separate split personalities)
11. Mania (become a complete maniac 1 in 6 per turn)
12. Lunacy (when moon full, become a complete maniac)
13. Paranoia (believe everyone is plotting against you)
14. Manic-Depressive (1 in 4 per d of wild emotion swings)
15. Hallucinatory Insanity (see things which aren't there)
16. Sado-Masochism (great desire to inflict pain on others)
17. Homicidal Mania (obsessed with desire to kill)
18. Hebephrenia (act child-like, unaware of whats going on)
19. Suicidal Mania (self-destructive in dangerous situations)
20. Catatonia (sit there and stare at the wall)
[C8.78] Insist
Certain powerful creatures can "Insist" their spell or effect go off. This makes the effect immune to countering or Objecting.
Any creature who attempted to Object to the effect has probably been quite offended, and will seek the Insisting creature.
[C8.79] Instantaneous (effect)
This is the reverse of the Permanency spell. This makes the duration of target effect Instantaneous, so it ends immediately.
This isn't really dispelling/disjoining it, so effects that make spells unable to be dispelled fail versus Instantaneous.
[C8.80] Invisible
While invisible, you gain +4 AC, even if your opponents can see through the invisibility.
Normal Invisibility ends when you attack. Improved Invisibility doesn't end when you attack, but others may see a "flash" of you the split-second you attack.
Invisibility does not cover sound or smell. Creatures with 12 HD or 22 Int can generally see through invisibility.
[C8.81] Invulnerable
You are not affected by damage from that power type. Special affects do affect you. Thus, you would take no damage from a Vorpal Sword, but could very well have your neck severed by such a weapon. You can still use that power type.
[C8.82] Lady's Smile
The normal Lady's Smile effect allows you to choose the result of any one die roll.
Continuous (not Permanent) Lady's Smile allows you choose the results of all your die rolls. This isn't "deep", so open-ended results must actually be rolled after the first die. Permanent Lady's Smile does nothing.
[C8.83] Lycanthropy
When attacked by a lycanthrope, there is a 1% chance per point of damage that you are infected by the disease.
The disease can be cured by a Remove Curse followed by a Cure Disease. There is a 50% chance the curing didn't actually work, the lycanthropy cannot be detected in this case (except by a Limited Wish), and will reappear at the next full moon.
Affected by Lycanthropy: Each full moon, you will revert to your beast form for that evening. If you do not have control, you will not remember your events from that evening. There is a 10% cumulative chance per full moon that you will suddenly be aware of what you are, and can control when you change form.
[C8.84] Magic Dead
If you are magic dead, you cannot be targetted by and cannot use magic. You can still be harmed by area affects such as a fireball, but you can't be the targetted center of it.
[C8.85] Magic Jar/Possessed
Let's say Creature A wishes to magic jar Creature B.
Creature B rolls a special saving throw, as follows: 11 + (Creature A's Int+Wis+Level) - (Creature B's Int+Wis+Level).
Creature B may substitute Chr for either of the other two stats. Creature B does get save bonuses to this roll, due to race or items (or whatever). Do not add Wis bonus, it's already figured in.
If the save succeeds, the magic jar fails and Creature A is in the receptacle until his next set of actions.
If the save fails, the spirit of Creature A is now in Creature B's body, and Creature B is in the receptable.
Creature A may use his own mentals, or may use physicals and movements using Creature B's body, starting the segment following the successful magic jar.
Creature B can do pretty much nothing, he can magic jar a third person using the above procedure with 1M action, or he can enter Creature A's body if it's visible from the receptacle.
If the receptacle is destroyed (it has 1 hull point and is generally glass), whoever is in there is slain.
If the Magic Jar is at any time ended (with an Exorcise, Disjunct, or Instantaneous; Dispel won't do it), all creatures go to their home bodies, and are Dazed for 1 round.
[C8.86] Maintained
Most maintained effects do not require deep concentration. Those that do use 1M per round to maintain.
You are allowed up to your Int score in maintained effects.
[C8.87] Mental Fury
You can throw all your spells, psionics, and effects that require 1M (or 1M+1P) to use. You must target all of them before any of them resolve (the effect isn't "deep" so you can't see the results of one before using another).
You are Set (see below) at the end of the Mental Fury, even if you didn't throw all your effects.
[C8.88] Morale
This generally applies only to monsters (not NPCs). During the monster's actions, if they have suffered 50% or more losses, their leader has been killed, or they have been ineffective vs. the party, they must make a morale check or flee/surrender.
[C8.89] Nauseated
You are Dazed (see above). Further Nauseated effects cause you to lose 1 "ability to use" action (randomly among P/M/V).
[C8.90] NPC Status
Sometimes a PC will set himself up in an undertaking which no longer allows him to participate in the party (the classic example is a character replacing Smiley in the Concordant Opposition funnel). This character becomes an NPC and is no longer ran by the player. It is possible to recover from NPC Status by giving up the undertaking.
[C8.91] Object
This is more or less the same as Avoid Fate (see above), except you do not need to be in sight of the effect in order to Object.
Objecting is used by powerful creatures (such as liches) who are aware of when certain powerful events are about to occur.
"Capital O Object": The effect is countered, and cannot be used again by you or anyone on the same plane for 1 turn. Anyone else who can sense such powerful effects remotely are informed of who the offender was (presumably so he can be dealt with).
[C8.92] Pain
You are Dazed (see above). Movement rate is halved.
[C8.93] Panic
This is a mild state of confusion. 50% of the time you will attack the source of the panic, the other 50% you will flee the source of the panic as if Feared (see above).
[C8.94] Paralyzed
You cannot use P or V actions. You cannot use Z actions which are physical in nature. You have slumped to the ground; there is a 35% chance you are in fact facing the ground. (35% facing up; 15% each side)
[C8.95] Pawned
You are a being controlled by a god. You act normally, except the god (or his intermediaries) has the option of Mentally or Physically Dominating you at will. If you change alignment or god, you will be Capital S Slain immediately.
Sometimes a god will channel an extraordinary power (such as a Quest spell from Tome of Magic) through a Pawn.
[C8.96] Permanent (effect)
A permanent effect has infinite duration. If the effect required minor concentration before, it no longer requires it.
Effects which use up a resource cannot usefully be made permanent.
Permanent effects do not recast themselves every round, they simply have permanent duration. Casting Permanency on a Heal would have no effect, as the heal is not recasting itself. What you want for that result is 'Continuous', which is a much harder effect to generate than Permanency.
If you wish to dispel a permanent effect, you must first dispel the Permanency effect first, then the spell inside.
Permanent effects usually will stay around even after the controlling creature has died (this is at DM's discretion).
Casting Permanency on an instantaneous effect is difficult. It usually requires a Contingency spell or other triggering mechanism. Permanent instantaneous effects do their effect every segment, as long as that effect makes sense. A permanent Fireball would sit there burning, doing it's damage every segment. It's unclear what a permanent Monster Summoning spell would do (it wouldn't become a gate of continuous monsters!), so it probably does nothing.
[C8.97] Petrified
You are slain, but can be recovered with a Stone to Flesh spell. Any damage done to your stone form will cause damage to you when you are recovered to flesh. You cannot be raised, but can be resurrected or reincarnated.
[C8.98] Phased/Astral
See "dual nature" above. While "Astral Projecting", you replace your Str score with your Int score, your Dex score with your Wis score, and your Con score with your Chr score.
[C8.99] Pissed
You gain +level to hit, +level damage, -level AC penalty, -level saves penalty.
[C8.100] Pixelated
You are completely removed from the multiverse. You cannot be restored by any means short of 15th or higher spell level magic. There has only been one creature restored from Pixelation, and even that wasn't completely successful.
"Pixelated" cannot be chosen for "Immune to a [C] section effect" type effects.
[C8.101] Plagued
This is the same as diseased (see above), except others can catch what you have. Each hour, everyone within 30' of you must make a save vs. PPD (with Con bonus) or catch your plague.
[C8.102] Planar Stable
Your weapons are not lowered in plusses or abilities for being on another plane. This protects you only from the effects of planar travel; low MF and Anti-Magic / Dispel Magic Zones and the like may still affect your items.
[C8.103] Prone
While prone, you gain full cover (see above), but lose any Dex bonus to AC and saves.
[C8.104] Protection (Immune but can't be offensive)
You are not affected by damage or special affects from that power type. You can still use that power type.
If you are offensive to that power type, you can be harmed as long as you're offensive. (So you are immune to Fire Elementals with either Protection from Fire or Protection from Elementals, if you attack one, they can attack and damage you.)
[C8.105] Psionic Link
You may send a message to anyone in the Psionic Link, just by thinking about it. You can also give a "feed through" of everything you see and hear, for others in the link to see.
You do not automatically transmit messages to others; you must think about doing it.
Anyone on a separate plane from the rest of the group has "split" from the link and cannot use it until he returns.
[C8.106] Quest/Geas
You are possessed to complete the given task. Every hour (except when you sleep), if you have not made some sort of effort to progress towards the intended goal, you suffer either 1 maximum hp loss (50%) or a loss of 1% of your total XP (50%) until the Quest/Geas affect ends.
[C8.107] Raised
What you get is the character at 1 hit point and with no spells/psionics memorized.
Any negative effects (poison, etc.) have been removed. He loses 1 Con permanently, which can be recovered with Restoration.
[C8.108] Raised Fully
As Raised (see above), except the character is at full hit points.
[C8.109] Reduced/Diminished (reverse Enlarge)
Gain -1 size, which also decreases your equipment size.
Weapons of -1 size do (-1)d(-2) damage over the original type, treating 0 dice as 1 die of half size; i.e. a two-handed sword 1d10/3d6 becomes 0d8/2d4, which is rewritten as 1d4/2d4.
Tiny potions and the like still contain the same number of doses.
Non-magical items (such as oil) become less effective due to their reduced size.
[C8.110] Regenerating (Troll-like)
You do not die from being below -10 hp, instead, you continue to regenerate.
Troll-like regeneration cannot cure acid or fire damage (basically any damage which disintegrates/destroys matter).
It's common practice to consider a creature with troll-like regeneration dead if he is reduced below -10-(his regen rate per round)
as the body can usually be destroyed / disposed of quicker than the regeneration can recover.
[C8.111] Reincarnate
You get the character at half level and hit points, with no spells/psionics memorized. No Con loss.
Lost levels are regained with Restoration or at 1 per day. True (natural) form becomes that of Reincarnate spell.
Roll 1d40 for form:
1. Badger
2. Bear
3. Boar
4. Bugbear
5. Centaur
6. Dryad
7. Dwarf
8. Eagle
9. Elf
10. Faun/Satyr
11. Fox
12. Gnoll
13. Gnome
14. Goblin
15. Half-elf
16. Halfling
17. Half-orc
18. Hawk
19. Hobgoblin
20. Human
21. Kobold
22. Lynx
23. Orc
24. Ogre
25. Ogre Mage
26. Owl
27. Pixie
28. Raccoon
29. Stag
30. Troll
31. Wolf
32. Wolverine
33.-38. Roll on Normal Familiars table *
39.-40. Roll on Superior Familiars table *
* You aren't actually a familiar, of course. This is just to determine your new race.
[C8.112] Reset
All hp, magic progressions, and psionic pools are restored. It is considered the "next day" for purposes of when items and abilities can be used. (The DM may indicate that "3 days have passed" which would over-ride this.)
You may use any spells or psionics left over before the reset (unless the reset is being generated as an effect during combat). For each additional day of reset you may use your entire spell and psionic pools once (for research or whatever).
XP may be spent and levels gained. If you are in a town, you may buy and sell items, and do other things in the town.
[C8.113] Resist (effect)
This is written as "Resist Fire" or whatever. You gain +4 saves vs. that effect. You suffer half damage from that effect (if the effect saves for 1/2 and you make the save, you take 1/4 damage).
Resists are cumulative; if you have Resist Fire twice, you Double Resist Fire (see Double Resist). If you have Resist Fire three times, you have Immune Fire.
See also Double Resist and Immune.
[C8.114] Resurrected
You get the character at 1 hit point, with the spells and psionics he had when killed. He loses 1 Con, can be restored with Restoration. If you material component the Resurrection spell, he comes back at full health.
[C8.115] Rewritten Out of Time
This means that someone has travelled in the past, changed history, and now you longer exist in time.
Unless you have Time/Reality stability (see below), you instantly vanish from the Multiverse.
Time could be repaired, or a Change Reality spell could bring you back without repairing.
[C8.116] Rotating Truename
Your Truename cannot be known or erased.
[C8.117] Sanctuary (Phoenix)
You take half damage from any source. This stacks with Resist (which would mean you take quarter damage from things you Resist). Sanctuary uses up a resource (namely Positive Energy), so it cannot usefully be made permanent.
[C8.118] Set
You are "Capital S Spent" (see below). You are at 0 current hp. Note that Set fails to be lethal.
[C8.119] Silenced/Mute
Any spell with verbal components (see [S]) cannot be used. If not using verbal components, all your spells have 10% failure.
Bard "Song" abilities and musical instruments cannot be used. "Word" spells cannot be cast. You cannot recite scrolls.
[C8.120] Slain/Killed/Dead
This occurs when you are beyond the point at which magical curing spells can save your life.
Any maintained effect you control has been dropped.
"Capital S Slain": You cannot be raised with Raise Dead, Raise Dead Fully, or Reincarnate. A Resurrection or Wish is needed.
[C8.121] Sleep
You are Unconscious (see below). Any amount of damage will awaken you immediately.
[C8.122] Slowed
While slowed, you lose 1P and 1V action. If you had only 1P action, you don't lose it, instead, your number of attacks halves.
If you had only 1V action, you don't lose it, instead, your movement rate halves.
You do not get to act on segment 1 of any round. You do not get to act the segment right after the Slow effect hits you.
[C8.123] Spent
All of your psionic pools and magic progressions are empty. Any item or ability which can be used at some frequency (1/d, 1/t, etc.) has been used.
"Capital S Spent": Any item or ability with charges has been completely drained. You cannot spend anything with open slots (proficiencies, rogue points, etc.) until the next reset; you may assign them right now (as you are being Spent) if desired.
[C8.124] Step Out of It
A strange effect which allows you to endlessly repeat an action and "step out of it", allowing your duplicate to do all the work.
You are free to do other things while your duplicate is stepping out of it. Care must be taken not to Go Down a Hole (see above) if the repeated action generates energy.
How often the effects resolve is up to the DM; generally about 10 of the same effect per segment is about the norm.
Temporal causality loops and certain other effects may cause an involuntary Stepping out of It, these are extremely rare.
[C8.125] Stunned
You cannot use any action type except Z actions. You cannot move (see above).
"Capital S Stunned": You cannot use Z actions either. You are Unaware (see below).
[C8.126] Summoning Sickness
You cannot use any action type except V or Z actions.
[C8.127] Sustained (attribute or power type)
A sustained ability cannot be lowered or stolen by any means. Thus, Sustain Level will make you immune to level draining.
[C8.128] Taunted
You are Enraged (see above), but must go after the source of taunt effect.
Taunt is a heavy concentration (1M per round) effect to maintain.
[C8.129] Time/Reality Stable
You are immune to the effects of the universe changing around you due to changes in the timeline.
You remember how the timeline "should be" and can see the differences.
You are also immune to being Rewritten out of Time and other similar effects.
Note you can (just like any other immunity) lower Time/Reality Stability to remerge into the new timeline.
[C8.130] Time Stop/Temporal Stasis
While Time Stopped, you are frozen in time. You cannot act in any way, and are not aware of what's going on.
You can't be affected by others directly, but "traps" (such as delayed blast fireballs) can be left behind for when the effect ends.
[C8.131] Times Blah Effects
When a xM creature fights a xN creature, damage is not modified. For purposes of this rule, treat x0 as x.
Lets assume M=N. The xM creature needs to use N/M effects to cancel or counter an effect on the xN creature. (so a x1 creature needs to dispel magic twice to get rid of one spell effect on the x2 creature).
The xN creature generates N/M effects whenever he affects the xM creature, with damaging effects again not modifed. (so the x2 creature generates two effects whenever he targets the x1 creature).
Optional Rule: Lower multiplier creatures cannot destroy effects from higher multiplier creatures at all.
[C8.132] Times Zero Being
x0 beings do not gain XP normally. They gain XP by doing their normal jobs on a day-to-day basis. x0 beings never advance beyond 8th level. If a x0 being gains combat experience, he may (at their option) become a x1 being at the next reset.
If you were a x1 being and were forced into becoming a x0 being, you cannot gain XP due to adventuring until a reversed Alter Reality ("Restore Reality") is cast upon you.
[C8.133] Trap the Soul
Your spirit is trapped in some receptacle in a remote location. Your body is empty of consciousness.
Your body can still be attacked (damage is done normally). You do not die due to hp loss while in this receptacle.
This receptacle generally cannot be found, it is handled in a similar way to the Imprisonment effect (see above).
Other spirits may inhabit your empty body, in a manner described under Magic Jar (see above).
[C8.134] Truename Dominated
If someone knows your Truename and uses the Truename spell on you, they can Mentally and/or Physically Dominate you at will at any range on the same plane. You do not know who is dominating you; it generally requires a Contact Other Plane or Commune spell to find out (which you have trouble doing while you're being dominated!)
[C8.135] Truename Erased
If your Truename gets erased, you are "Capital S Slain" (see above). You are assigned a new Truename if you are brought back to life. A nastier version of this effect is "Erased Forwards and Backwards in Time" (see above).
[C8.136] Twilight
This sometimes occurs when you try to cast a spell effect which is greater in spell level than your caster level, or if you cast a 10th Wizard or 8th Priest or higher level effect.
Calculate (SL-CL)*10%, where SL is spell level and CL is caster level. Halve CL if SL>9 (for Wizards) or SL>7 (for Priests).
This is your chance of Twilighting. You are Twilighted for a number of rounds equal to how much you made the roll by.
While Twilighting, you are Dazed, Confused, Exhausted, and Unaware.
After the Twilighting ends, you frequently gain a minor benefit (such as a proficiency, a small rating in some blahR, or even an ability score point), this is up to the DM.
Reading a scroll which is too high level for you is a different effect, covered under Head Blown Off (see above).
[C8.137] Twist (effect)
This refers to the "Remove Abjurations" rogue ability. It is a generic dispel effect, which succeeds if the rogue roll succeeded.
[C8.138] Unaging
You no longer age, and are immune to aging effects.
[C8.139] Unaware
You cannot move (see above). Anyone who attacks you multiplies his damage by his Hit Dice (if monster) or level (if PC).
[C8.140] Unconscious
You are unaware (see above). You cannot use any action type. You are most likely laying on the ground.
Any maintained effect you control has been dropped.
[C8.141] Unlive
Unlive creatures cause others to gain levels. When you have more Unlive levels than real levels, you become Unlive and and gain NPC status (see above).
[C8.142] Vulnerable
Vulnerable creatures get -4 on the saving throw and take double damage from the effect they are vulnerable to.
[C8.143] Wounded (as in the weapon effect)
You degenerate 1 hp per round, and are cured only 1 hp per die from Curing spells.