[D3] Timeline

Year Event
3000 A group of humans on Earth decide to create a new pocket universe which is dubbed the "Multiverse". This experiment is not sanctioned by the United Federation of Planets nor Starfleet. They call themselves the "Originators" of the "Multiverse Project", and plan their 1 minute use of the Great Computer in the year 3023. All of their research is copied into a hard- copy format (a hammered metal book) for Capsule Donation after completion.
3011 The Originators celebrate the mid-point of their work by creating a mini version of the planned Ethereal Plane and letting artificial time in for one-hundredth of a second. The Ethereal Plane prototype is placed into the Shelves, never to be referenced (or activated) again.
3022 The Originators create the Multiverse, with a race called Humans that resemble their own original form, and a planet called Oerth on the new Prime Material Plane which resembles their own homeworld (Earth). Other planets are created (an infinite number, in fact), some with radically different physical properties than Oerth.
An emphasis is placed on the Multiverse to follow certain patterns of development, some of which are based on old fantasy tales of Earth.
Material cohesiveness in the new pocket Universe is done by an archaic form of science called "Alchemy", using 4 basic elements to give matter a quasi-reality. These Elemental Planes are connected to the Prime, along with the Energy Planes, via the Ethereal Plane.
The new Outer Planes are arranged according to certain principles and patterns of behavior, and are similarly connected via the Astral.
Time is added to the Multiverse in the form of the Original Elemental Plane of Time near the Ethereal Plane, but Time is not started yet.
A discontinuity in the Multiverse, necessary in its creation, is dubbed the "Great Funnel", because it would have infinite volume (but finite size) under the Multiverse's set of physics. A hole is punched in the middle of the Planes, removing nine originally planned "Neutral" Planes, so the Great Funnel is not discovered by the Multiverse's inhabitants and possibly reveal the artificialness of their universe.
Magic is added in the form of an Aura for each planet, and this Aura (along with Time) is to be maintained from Oerth by a copy of the Guardian of Forever. Nine extra copies of the Guardian of Forever is randomly distributed through the Prime Plane as a safety precaution.
3023 Their work completed, the Originators activate the Elemental Plane of Time and study the results. The Great Computer observes and records the progress.
After one-tenth of a second, life on an infinite number of the infinite planets ascend to x9 Super-Gods (Rulers of their each own Pantheons and Realities) and interact with each other in such an explosive and chaotic fashion that within another one-tenth second they start to attempt to escape their Multiverse and control the Originators in the Originator's own Universe. Computer safeguards at the Lab on Earth throw all the Gods into the Great Funnel discontinuity. The Great
Funnel's containment system, under the stress, is partially disrupted and spews forth micro versions of discontinuities that pit the entire Multiverse. These discontinuities are later called the Spheres of Annihilation, and are actually gateways to the infinite volume beneath the Great Funnel where the Super-Gods lie in waiting to escape.
The Originators quickly deactivate the Original Elemental Plane of Time, rewind it back to the beginning of the Multiverse, but the damage is still done. The Great Computer's opinion is that the Multiverse will be unstable again if reactived and will Planar Disintegrate in 10^12 times the observed time period. The Originators deem the Project a failure, destroy the Original Elemental Plane of Time so the project cannot be accidentally reactivated, and Shelve it, along with their
hardcopy of their records, now that it is not worthy of the Capsule.
3024 The yearly inventory indicates that several objects in one Shelf are missing. All of the missing objects were Shelved next to the "Multiverse Project". One of the Originators, who happens to be in the Thirty-Fourth Great Lab Complex (where this Shelf is), scans the Multiverse and finds it to reactivated, but not unstable. All of the Originators stop their current projects and study the Multiverse, even though they are not scheduled to have the facilities of 1 minute of the Great Computer again until the year 3067.
Apparently, a few of the Super-Gods managed to escape the Great Funnel and create a new Elemental Plane of Time (this one in the Astral), even though no time was flowing in the Multiverse. This was intriguing to the Originators until they realized one of the missing items from the Shelf was the hard-copy of their Multiverse records.
These few Super-Gods, later called "Creators of the Universe" Gods by the Multiverse inhabitants, were so drained by their taking of objects from the Universe that they all faded into weakness. The objects from the Shelf (including the book which will be later called The Codex of the Infinite Planes) were placed into their own planes with no gates, as they were all powerful x10 Artifacts.
3036 One of the Originators, while studying the Multiverse, carelessly forgot to shield his mind during a session, and was absorbed by the Plane of Negative Energy. When brought around, he related his experiences to the other Originators. He found himself more powerful even than the x9 Super-Gods, and could roam the Planes at will. He found Oerth and
the rest of the Prime to be quite fantastic and realistic, much more than he expected. All of the Originators merge with the Multiverse, and they find themselves as x20 Gods, and explore their new universe.
4319 The Originators become bored with their exploration of the Multiverse project, and agree to shut it down in hopes that by now technology in the real Universe has advanced enough to build a better Multiverse.
They realize they will no longer be Immortal, but they really are bored. One of the x9 Super-Gods in the Ultra Planes suggests perhaps they could build a new Great Computer and a new Multiverse out here in the Ultra Planes (in the Multiverse) instead of returning. The Originators like this idea and create Multiverse inside of Multiverse continuously, each one of better design than the one before, and are not seen again for a long time.
8616 The Baklunish-Suloise Wars began.
8635 First employment of humanoid mercenaries in Baklunish-Suloise Wars.
8643 Oerid migrations east of peak point.
8654 Suloise migrations begin.
8679 Invoked Devastation of Rain of Colorless Fire from the Great Iron Flask.
8884 Kingdom of Aerdy founded.
8991 Battle of a Fortnight's Length.
9100 Tuerny enslaves (what is now) Ekbir, is killed when releasing a powerful Creature from Great Iron Flask (Iron Flask of Tuerny the Merciless)
Silver Ship arrives at Oerld and drops off the Pod.
Town of Silverport established.
9101 Overking crowned in Rauxes.
Great Kingdom's frontier reaches Greyhawk City.
The colonists explore the local area around Silverport.
Contact with Oerld native race "Chilterik" - an intelligent yet primitive avian race who live in the Highwater Peaks.
The Chilterik are friendly but distrust technology.
9104 Contact with Oerld native race "the Mists" (real name is unknown). The Mists, masters of gravity manipulation and
imprisonment effects, attack Silverport and kill about 20% of the population. The colonists modify the power systems
on the Pod and use it as a weapon to force the Mists away. Unfortunately, the Pod itself is damaged and most of the
information it carries is lost.
9105 New settlement is formed near the Gola Sea, it eventually becomes the Great City.
Contact with Oerld native race "Atlanti", an aquatic race from the Gola Sea, who appear as a bunch of thin ropes tied
together. The Atlanti appear friendly, and they offer fish and buildings constructed of sand to the colonists.
9110 Silver Ship reappears over Silverport, and many colonists come out to greet it. The Silver Ship image is actually an
Atlanti illusion meant to deliver the colonists as food once they get aboard. Several high level colonists destroy the
illusion and hunt the Atlanti, but the Atlanti disappear into the Gola Sea with about a thousand prisoners.
The high level colonists follow them but only two return, the rest were slain.
9112 New democratic government forms with a non-expansionism policy that stays in effect for thirteen centuries.
9313 Age of Great Sorrow commences.
9420 Nomads appear in North, outer dependencies of Aerdy gain sovereignty.
9456 Kingdom of Nyrond established.
Kingdom of Keoland at peak.
9537 Turmoil between Crowns.
9546 Iron League founded.
Bandit Kings sack Trigol.
Rise of the Sea Princes.
9561 Demi-human realms of Ulek and Celene are affected.
9571 Concordant Opposition created (a merging effect from the Codex of the Infinite Planes), and the Great Funnel (Discontinuity) is discovered.
9579 Might of Iuz grows, humanoid invasions become common.
9588 Red Dragon Mountain attacked by AP88 where a proto-Material Form of Tiamat the Chromatic Dragon is slain. Theradin the Lizard Man is flung far into the future by a latent Superstition effect [DM10-old]
Tiamat cannot return for 81 years, requiring a 9-year ceremony.
9598 County of Urnst becomes Palatinate under Duchy of Urnst.
Greyhawk becomes a free city.
9613 Rise of the Horned Society, humanoids take Pomarj.
9660 Snerd the Green Dragon arrives from the future with a fragment of the Stone S'serin Slab, and prepares Red Dragon Mountain. [DM1,DM10]
9661 Snerd the Green Dragon begins the ceremony to summon Tiamat.
9663 Bone March falls to humanoids.
9669 Tiamat the Chromatic Dragon's Material Form returns, in whole this time.
Snerd the Green Dragon, now free to do as he wills, goes to the Heat Rocks of Savoy, where he is infected by radiation and develops mutant psionics. [DM1]
Battle of Emridy Meadows, Horde of Elemental Evil scattered.
9671 Hershan allies many mages into the Great Wizard Psionic Enchantment ("Grid") to prepare for the construction of the Island of Good [DM1]
Snerd the Radiation Dragon uses a fragment of the Stone S'serin Slab to control Hershan, Snerd uses Hershan's Tempromancy to discover he is to be slain by AP89, Snerd uses Somniomancy to misdirect them [DM1]
Snerd slain by AP89 in the Heat Rocks of Savoy, Copper Key recovered, Hershan the Greyhawk Dragon flies AP89 away [DM1]
Thanatos (an intermediatary to a God of Death which Dragcoarn of AP89 worships) becomes interested in the now- inactive Grid, begins a theory on the Aura and how to pervert it for evil deeds [DM2]
AP89 attacked and almost slain by Grim Worgs, saved by the Celstar Elves and rest at their lair for months [DM1]
9672 Thanatos constructs the Great Priest Psionic Enchantment ("Rift"), to misdirect worship so that he can become powerful [DM2]
AP89 pretend to become evil and become intermediataries of Thanatos, use the Cloak of ? to clone Thanatos and delay him while they use several scrolls of Conduit Destruction to entrap him on his 284th level Abyss layer forever. [DM2]
AP89 return to the Prime and the Caliphate of Ekbir hold a celebration for their victory as the town of Nehro is affected by the Aboleth in the Great Underground Bubble, the townspeople move below ground and are enslaved by the Aboleth to do their duties.
9673 Scarlet Brotherhood first reported with the Prince of Furyondy/Provost of Veluna kidnapped.
9676 Guide to the World of Greyhawk Volume III completed by the Savant-Sage.
9680 The planet ?, using Imagination psionics, construct the Great Lich Psionic Enchantment ("Apex") and use it to move their planet and absorb Auras from other planets, gaining Magical Factors.
9685 Most of the enslaved townspeople of Nehro are released due to the help of a Concordant psionic Spirit Naga, who loses his material form for 14 years. AP89 are still enslaved.
9698 The Absorption Planet begins its journey towards Oerth.
9699 The Spirit Naga returns to the Great Underground Bubble and releases AP89, who slay the Aboleth. AP89 return to surface. [DM3]
A black spot in the night sky is noted from astrologers, who believe it to be a large object headed towards Oerth. [DM3]
The first Spelljamming vessel is constructed on Oerth (Elven Man-o-War class), and is christened the Silver Magocracy (S.M.) "Abraxas".
9700 The S.M. Abraxas intercepts the Absorption Planet on its maiden voyage and all power and everyone on board is absorbed. [DM3]
AP89 discover Gateway Mountain with the help of Hershan, and use the Guardian of Forever there to destroy the Apex. Gold Dragon Mountain is constructed in the process. AP89 retires. [DM3]
9702 AP90, in the vessel Abraxas, destroy Tiamat's Chromatic Dragon Form in Red Dragon Mountain. The Monacle, using the Time Gates, reconstructs her less than a month later. [DM10-first run at Widener]
9703 Snerd the Green Dragon sent to the past with a fragment of S'serin Slab.
Abraxas returns (for the second out of four times) to destroy Tiamat, and succeeds to do so, along with her 5 escorts and the devil Goap. [DM10-second run at Widener]
A bar fight in Concordant Opposition leads to the discovery of a "cloud" of Magical Factor 10 one hundred miles up the Great Funnel. Vy-Contex (the owner of the bar) starts researching a possible second plane of Concordant Opposition, and calls it "Sigil" (after the bar). [DM10]
9704 The Codex of the Infinite Planes is banished to its own plane, where there are no readers [DM11-second run at Widener].
9705 Escape Dome is rescued before destruction [DM12-second run at Widener].
9706 Maldev released by followers of Ozla [DM4-summer campaign]
9707 Tiamat returns, this time as a Prismatic Dragon (form is called Diamar).
Abraxas quickly completes its repairs at Anguinum Synod [DM9]
9708 Abraxas returns and destroys Diamar. [DM10-first run at Penn State]
9709 Abraxas discovers and destroys 3 of the 10 material forms of the Codex of the Infinite Planes. The real Codex is discovered, and two members of AP92 are absorbed. [DM11-first run at Penn State]
9722 First Tower of Enoreth constructed (Udgru Forest), over the ruins of an ancient burial ground of the Horg [DM16]
9733 Second Tower of Enoreth constructed (Udgru Forest), over the old temple to Tuerny the Merciless [DM16]
Enoreth abandons First Tower of Enoreth, moves into Second Tower
9744 Enoreth killed after attempting to use an Incantatrix/Lich effect on a material form of the Iron Flask of Tuerny the Merciless
9800 First contact with the world that has Sandwaves, Cloud Elves, etc.
9858 The last of the original colonists (a Sandwave) dies of old age.
9882 The Great War begins with the barbarian attack on the city of Calbut.
9884 The Great War ends with the meeting of the Great Counsil in Greyhawk city. Otiluke and Tenser are slain by Rary the Traitor.
9893 Sigil (2nd layer of Concordant Opposition) created by the Somniomancer Vy-Contex severing the 666th plane of the Abyss and wrapping the plane around the Great Funnel of Concordant Opposition
9894 Second Invoked Devastation caused by Wisityne the Time Elemental Grue in the plane of Sigil [DM16]
The S.M. Abraxas assists in the attack on Wisityne [DM16]
9895 Tiamat returns as the Multi-Hued Dragon called Takhisis. Her Egg, guarded by the Dracolich Snerd, is captured by AP94- 2.5 and given to a group of Druids near Greyhawk City.
9896 [DM10-second run at Penn State] and [DME1] begin.
9901 The Assassin's Guild campaign.
9902 The Wizard's Guild campaign.
9903 Dungeon of Doom and the fall of the Silver Magocracy.
9910 Creation of Astral Bubble, becomes a Wizard Guild and base for the Silver Magocracy.
9913 Correct date of Assassin's Guild campaign.
The Aboleths distribute their precognition mushrooms, then got killed for their crimes.
First encasing of good spirits into metal to create Rainbow Silver.
Carasting (Guildmaster of Assassin's Guild P23) got put down a hole.
Lord Karll raises his prized Chickens.
9914 Correct date of Wizard's Guild campaign. The Alleys overload and go haywire but are fixed.
Kurtulmak tries to spread his power to all of his Kobold followers but fails.
First appearance of the Challenger in campaign play. Rixthaxth allies with humans.
The *Potion of Treasure Finding* activated, summoning all artifacts to the Astral Bubble.
The *Potion of Treasure Finding* got put down a hole. Skarn 3 got put down a hole.
The x14 Big Gun was shot into the Ultraplanes. Genocide of Githyanki.
Lord Gith goes back in time to 2040 and ends up in an alternate timeline.
9915 Correct date of Dungeon of Doom. End of Silver Magocracy. Death of P-Son.
This is the year you want to be if you want one of Chris's mechanical Time Machines.
9916 Nerof Gasgol got put down a hole. Smiley the Lich got put down a hole multiple times.
The Stealth Masters appear and put themselves down the deeper hole.
Dungeon o' Demogorgons destroyed. Isis got put down a hole and recovered.
Writing of the Necronomicon by Hastur and sent backwards in time to the year 1300.
The Impalator got put down a hole. Genocide of Skarace. Rellim got put down a hole.
9923 Mordenkainen gives up all possessions and leaves in giant asteroid.
9924 The Time Elementals become reclusive and avoid contact whenever possible.
The Codex of the Infinite Planes rewrites itself into 10 alternate forms.
9925 The Greyhawk Council comes into power with the absence of Nerof Gasgol.
9927 Elminster ascends as a x7 being, leaves shadowy image (Crayola Elminster) behind.
9932 The Goblins, seeing the Silver Magocracy isn't being rebuilt, attack Elven outposts.
9933 Inhuman Wars between Elves and Goblins begin.
9934 The Dwarves join the Inhuman Wars on the Elves' side.
9940 Goblin ships outnumber Elven ships by more than 100 to 1. Elven gods develop technology from the previous loop; Elven ships are fitted with Romulan Cloaking Devices.
9962 High death rates cause most Elven Gods to lose 1 multiplier.
9963 The Greyhawk Council declares the Humans to be Neutral in the Inhuman Wars; many Humans disagree and join the fighting.
9966 The Lizard Men and the Kobolds join the Inhuman Wars on the Elves' side.
9975 The Daemons of the abandoned Githyanki Empire join the Inhuman Wars on the Goblins' side.
9976 The Inhuman Wars expand to the Outer Planes; the Elven gods lose another multiplier.
9991 First appearance of the Witchlight Marauders, a race created by the Goblins and the Daemons.
The Witchlight Marauders rampage Krynn, whose fleet join the Inhuman Wars on the Elves' side.
The Great Dragons of Anguinum Synod improve Krynn's spelljamming fleet, making them the most advanced ships in known space.
9993 Inhuman Wars between Elves and Goblins finally end. The Elves won.
The Greyhawk Council convinces the Elves not to put the entire Goblin race down a hole.
All Goblin gods lose 1 multiplier instead. The Elven gods regain their lost multipliers.
9999 A group of adventurers led by Dr. Van Richten dominate Ravenloft and turn it into a good-aligned demi-plane connected to the Positive Energy Plane.
Lord Strahd Von Zarovich and Baron Vlad Tolenkov got put down a hole.
10000 The Originators appear for a split-second to see if their god (Jesus Christ) has returned.
TF (Temporal Factor) becomes 11.
An expedition to the Astral Plane to locate other humanoid planets disappears without a trace.
10005 Genocide of Black Ice Bugs by Greyhawk Council.
10006 Greyhawk Council begins influencing Kara-Tur and the Valley of the Mage.
10007 Evil force at Molag (Horned Society) defeated attempting to revive Red Dragon Mountain.
A resistance to the Greyhawk Council is begun near Blackmoor.
Crayola Elminster is revived as Elminster, reduced to x2 status.
10008 Defeat of Greyhawk Council. Gateway Mountain destroyed (MF lowered to 5). Death of D-Son.
Rixthaxth, chasing The Challenger, comes into contact with Synnibarr.
The Challenger got put down a hole by his own people.
10009 Invasion of Species 8472A. Return of USS Hawthorne.
Attempt by Magius Mynotaus of Minotaur's Clearing to steal the Mirror Universe Gateway succeeds, with unpredictable results (MF raised to 7).
Rary the Traitor (follower of Greyhawk Council) got put down the deeper hole.
Elminster, Zantriss, and Rixthaxth got put down a hole but recovered.
Otiluke, Tenser, and Otto return. Gateway from Goy III put on Oerth (MF raised to 10).
Return of Silver Magocracy caused by The Rage from Synnibarr.
Rixthaxth becomes Smoked Rixthaxth after visiting Synnibarr. Synnibarr destroyed.
Return of P-Son; revives D-Son.
10010 Recovery of Memory Prime by USS Hawthorne crew. MF and PF lowered to 9.
Smoked Rixthaxth develops strange clairsentience powers, battles with Smiley the Lich.
Return of the wizard Blackmoor from the Nexus. The Rage and D-Son got put down a hole.
10011 Wizard's Guild II campaign. [DME3]
10012 MF and PF raised to 10.
10083 Return of Mordenkainen, caused by Circle of Eight worshipers.
10535 The main power cell from the Pod, inactive since the battle with The Mists, disappears suddenly. It then reappears a day later. Even the Gods do not know the cause.
10550 Around this time the evil Cult of Dahar Surevar forms under the Great City. Defensive towers are set up within the city.
10612 Lack of sufficient resources causes the end of the non-expansionism policy.
Formation of the Dungeoneer's Guild to assist the clearing of areas for new settlements.
10631 The current year [DME4]
A settlement is formed near the river entrance to the Highwater Peaks; this is the setting for the Dungeoneer's Guild campaign.
12957 A copy of the Guide to World of Greyhawk Volume III is discovered in an Illithid's lair in the Riftcanyon.
12971 The Guide finds its way to the Royal University at Rel Mord.
Pluffet Smedger the Elder at the Royal University examines the Guide.
12998 The Glossography, a game based on the Guide which duplicates "reality" (in fact it resembles AD&D first edition closer than anything else yet to this date) is written by Pluffet Smedger. An appendix is added which strongly resembles AD&D second edition.
12999 Pluffet Smedger writes a second appendix to the Glossography, where he theorizes that reality is sort of like an Imagination Psionic effect from a group of beings that call themselves "Originators". A simple Divination school spell to confirm his theory causes Pluffet Smedger to not release the second appendix and to have all of the copies of
the Glossography and the Guide destroyed.
13000 The Originators return to the Prime Material Plane.