[E9] Adventuring Equipment - Fast System

This is designed to be a very fast system to generate starting equipment.
Starting money = (Chr score) mp
Where "mp" are mithril pieces.
All items below cost 1 mp unless noted. 1 mp = 25 gp.

Adventuring Equipment list

Generic Heavy Armor [AT +10]
Generic Shield [AC +4]
Generic Helmet [AC +4]
Generic Cloak [AC +2; saves +2; can wear with armor]
Big Sword [Size L; 1d10/1d20; 18-20: x3], Lightness (can wield one-handed regardless of Str score)
Big Axe [Size L; 1d12/1d12; 19-20: x4]
Long Bow with Enough Arrows [1d8/1d8; 20: x3]
Enough Barrels of Oil
Newbie Adventuring Pack
1 half-plus on an item [TH; dmg; AC; saves]
(costs 2 mp) Ioun Stone of +1 stat point (max 10)
(costs 2 mp) Wand of Bad Fireballs [5d6; area; Spell save 1/2; 25/25 charges]