[P4] Classes

[P4.0] How to read the Class table

The class table [PC0] is divided into groups (Warrior, Wizard, Priest, Rogue, Psionicist, Concordant), then alphabetically.
Class: The class name. They are frequently abbreviated, sorry if it's not always obvious what they are. :)
If a class has a "0" at the end, it's from (non-advanced) D&D.
If it has a "1", it is considered a "1st edition class". "2" means "2nd edition" and "3" means "3rd edition".
30 means "30th edition", based on some ideas from Wizard of the Coast's April Fools 2001 page.
If there is no number at the end, it was probably made up by me. You may consider it to be any edition you like.
Requisites: (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Chr) What abilities scores you need for the class.
HD/Level: What you get in hit dice per level. There is no hit dice cap, you get them every level.
Note that some classes get more than one hit dice per level, and would be listed like "2d4" (or whatever).
Example: "2d4-1" would mean you roll two four-sided dice and subtract one from the result per level.
A preceding plus ("+d6") means you gain one extra hit die at first level.
A preceding minus ("-2d6") means you lose one hit die at first level. "-2d6" would mean 1d6 at 1st, 3d6 at 2nd, etc.
If you have no hit dice at 1st level, roll 1d6 for hit points. These 1d6 hit points are lost when you do gain a hit die.
An ampersand ("&d6") means the hit points are completely cumulative with your other classes. This means it
doesn't get divided for multi-class PCs, and it gives all of its dice (even low level ones) for dual-class PCs.
Wpn Prof: How many weapon proficiencies you get. The first number is how many base you stat with.
The second number is what you divide you level by for extra slots.
Example: "4+/3" means you start with 4 weapon proficiencies and get 1 every third level (3rd, 6th, 9th, etc.).
If the rate is "1", you do get an extra slot at first level (so "5+/1" starts with 6 slots).
If the rate is "˝", you get two extra slots at first level ("5+/˝" starts with 7, +2 more at 2nd, +2 more at 3rd, etc.)
If you have more than one class, you get the best base amount, plus the extras from all your classes.
THAC0: Which THAC0 table you read. "˝x" means halve your level (round down). "2x" means double your level.
Mon is "Monster", which is 20-level.
Saves: Which Saving Throw table you read. "˝x" means halve your level (round down). "2x" means double your level.
Mon is "Monster", which is 18-level in all categories.
If you have more than one class, write down all your saves for all your classes, then take best for each category.
Reference: Where this class came from. "PH1" is Player's Handbook (1st edition), "PH2" is Player's Handbook (2nd edition),
UA1 is Unearthed Arcana, etc. For a list of Reference codes, see [Z].
DM means "Don Miller" (I made it up).
XP: I give levels and XP amounts. XP amounts are given in thousands (sometimes referred to as "KXP").
The maximum "normal" level is 36. Beyond that, you need XP equal to the 36th level amount for each level.
Thus, you would need five times the XP amount needed for 36th in order to be 40th level.

[P4] Classes

[P4.1] Basic Class Frameworks

All characters have a limit of 4 classes, not counting Concordant classes. You may have any class combination, even the same class more than once. There are no racial limitations on classes.
You gain a +100% XP adjustment as long as you are single classed. The adjustment is not retroactive once the campaign starts.
Multi-Classing (1st & 2nd edition):
You do not have to divide XP evenly between classes. Calculate your hit points separately for each class, add them up, then divide by the number of classes.
Multi-Classing (3rd edition):
Add your levels together. Use the most expensive XP table among your classes, using that level. This system is not really used in the Collective because the other options are much more efficient.
Dual-Classing (1st & 2nd edition):
The ability score requirements for dual-classing itself (15 previous, 17 new class) are dropped.
A character may switch classes even if the current class is level 1. The level of abilities from previous classes is equal to the level of your current class; i.e. if you are Ranger 5 & Monk 3 & Wizard 2, you may use 2nd level Ranger and Monk abilities.
The "order" of the classes may be altered with a full Wish, causing hit points to be recalculated.
See also Mixed-Classing [P4.2] and Split-Classing [P4.3].

[P4] Classes

[P4.2] Mixed-Classing

The following only applies to Mixed Classes such as Cavalier-Paladin and Archer-Ranger, where two or more classes' abilities are combined into a single class. This does not apply to Multi and Dual classing (but you can put Mixed classes on a Multi or Dual class character). This is also seperate from Split-classing.
The following classes can "mix" with any other class in their group: Archer, Paladin, Acrobat, Ninja, Innate4.
Yes, you can be Archer-Paladin-Blah or Acrobat-Ninja-Blah (where Blah is a third class from that group).
The XP table is the sum of the most expensive class plus one-tenth the cheaper classes. Thus, a Cavalier-Paladin1 is
2.75 + 2.5 / 10 = 3 KXP for 2nd level.
The following classes MUST "mix" with one other class in their group: Specialty (Wizard), Specialty (Priest).
Thus a Specialty Mage is 2+2-1=3 BP's.
The XP table for the Specialty classes is an assumed 0 (i.e. use the XP table of the other classes).
For Background Points [P10], Mixed classes use the sum of the relevant classes, minus 1 per class past the first (Cavalier-Paladin would be 3+2-1=4).
The following additional cross-group combinations are allowed. In these cases, you cannot mix in any more classes.
The BP cost is in parentheses.
Barbarian-Cleric (3), Barbarian-Shaman (2), Archer-Assassin (5), Paladin-Cleric-Specialty Priest (4),
Cavalier-Cleric-Specialty Priest (5), Savant-Bard(6 or 7), Ranger-Bounty Hunter (5), Ranger-Scout (2-cheap!),
Pet Mage-Druid (10-ouch!), Preserver-Druid (8), Specialty Priest-Psi6-Psi12 (6), Sneak-Archer1 (called a “Sniper”).
Requisites is the sum of all the requisities for the sub-classes.
HD/level takes better for both number of dice and die type; so a Paladin (d10) mixed with Ranger1 (+d8) would be +d10.
If you mixed a 2d2 class with a 1d12 class, you would get a 2d12 class.
Wpn Prof takes better for both initial and rate, so Paladin (5+/2) mixed with Duelist (3+/1) would be 5+/1.
THAC0 is the better. Note the table may change at high level (e.g. "27-level" for Psi27 is better than "Priest" at high level).
Saves goes by any one table from your classes (you pick one). You cannot go category-by-category like dual-/multi-/split-classing, you use one of the two tables entirely. You may switch the entire save table a mixed-class goes by during a reset.

[P4.3] Split-Classing

You have only one level number, all your non-Concordant classes are of this level. Your XP per level is the sum of the XP requirements of all the classes put together (make yourself a little chart to make this easier).
Your hit points is the sum of all the hit points of all your classes (i.e. you have a lot of hit points).
If you read a level book, you simply have a "+1 level" flag to that class, your XP table does not change.

[P4.6] Dropping Classes

(optional / unenforced rule)
If a PC drops a class, he loses (XP required for that level - XP required for last level) XP; if you drop a 1st level class you lose all XP in that class.
The XP becomes "free XP" which can be spent on any other class (even in a different group).

[P4] Classes

[P4.8] Class Adjectives

This system allows you to tweak your class in various ways.
There is a requisite for each adjective. If you have multiple requisites in the same stat (due to already having a requisite in that stat from your class, or from picking multiple Class Adjectives), use the following formula:
New Requisite = (Highest Requisite) + (2nd Highest Requisite)/2 + (3rd Highest Requisite)/3 + …
rounded up.
These Class Adjectives also adjust your XP Divisor. Add all of your XP Divisors together from Race, Racial Adjectives, and Class Adjectives. This is what you divide your XP by when you get XP. All of these divisors are lowered by 0.5 per level starting with level 9.
Category Class Adjective Req. XP Div. Notes
HD HD/Level: Add 2 to die type Con 4 &÷0.1 Applies to all dice. This can be taken multiple times.
HD/Level: Add 1 to number of dice Con 12 &÷0.3 This can be taken multiple times.
HD/Level: 2m0 (normal Con bonus squared) Con 20 &÷2.0 Overwrites existing rating.
HD: +1 HD at first level (e.g. +d6) Con 6 &÷0.1 Gives 1 extra HD at level 1. This can be taken at most three times.
Saves Saves as Custom Any 5 &÷0.1 Overwrites existing rating.
Saves as Monster Con 3 &÷0.1 Overwrites existing rating.
Saves as (Dwarf0, Elf0, Halfling0) (Con, Int, Dex) 8 &÷0.2 Overwrites existing rating.
Saves as 1˝x(War, Wiz, Pri, Rog, or Psi) (Str, Int, Wis, Dex, Chr) 6 &÷0.2 Overwrites existing rating.
Saves as 2x(War, Wiz, Pri, Rog, or Psi) (Str, Int, Wis, Dex, Chr) 10 &÷0.4 Overwrites existing rating.
Saves: +1 category Any 3 &÷0.1+SC This gives you an extra category to pick saves from. Add the cost above for the save category (the standard categories cost 0).
To Hit To Hit as Cust (none) &÷0.1 Overwrites existing rating.
To Hit as War Str 9 &÷0.2 Overwrites existing rating.
To Hit as 1˝xWar Str 12 &÷0.3 Overwrites existing rating.
To Hit as 2xWar Str 16 &÷0.6 Overwrites existing rating.
Bar stats Barbarian Strength bonus Str 14 &÷0.4
Barbarian Dexterity bonus Dex 14 &÷0.3
Barbarian Constitution bonus Con 14 &÷0.3
Barbarian Int, Wis, or Chr bonus Int, Wis, Chr 14 &÷0.5
Spells +1 ML Int 10 &÷0.2 External bonus, so Twilighting still applies if you gain an SL early.
Specialization, School/Sphere (pick an opposite) Int/Wis 13 &÷0.1 This is in addition to what you already get.
Specialization, School/Sphere (no opposite) Int/Wis 16 &÷0.2 This is in addition to what you already get.
School/Sphere Robe Int/Wis 20 &÷0.5 This lets you cast a school/sphere as if it was 1 SL lower. External bonus, so Twilighting still applies.
Bonus spells based on an ability score (that stat) 13 &÷0.4 Cannot get double bonus from one stat, but you can get bonuses from two (or more) different stats
Use a different spell progression That class's highest Req. &÷N Pick a class in your group you want to have the progression of. N=(the class's KXP to be 2nd level)/10
Channeling (none) &÷1 Any memorized spell you have you may cast without losing it from your memorization (i.e. can repeat cast spells you have memorized).
Other Specialty Priest pick Wis 16 &÷0.2 You get an extra specialty priest pick (even if not a Priest).
+5 rogue points per level Dex 5 &÷0.1 This can be taken multiple times.
One "Any Rogue N" pick, where N is your current level Dex 10 &÷0.2 This can be taken multiple times.
"Level:" ability from another class in same group That class's highest Req. &÷0.1 Cost is per ability.
"Level:" ability from another class in different group That class's highest Req. &÷0.2 Cost is per ability.