[P5] Kits

You get 1 kit per 2nd edition class. You may purchase extra kits at 4 nonweapon proficiencies each, if you have fewer kits than your highest level number. You may have the same kit more than once, but the stat requirement increases.
Req: Requisites. S=Str, D=Dex, K=Con, I=Int, W=Wis, C=Chr, M=Cml, H=HNCL (Highest level). These have a requirement of 9, unless two of the same letter appears, then it's 18. If you have the same kit twice, the requirements double. If you have the same kit three times, they triple, etc.
Bonus Prof: All kits give one bonus proficiency, listed here. Some give more, these are listed under the "Effect" entry.

[P5.1] List of Kits

Name Req Effect Bonus Prof Source New?
Academician IW +3 NPC reactions; +level Int checks; +level Wis checks; -1 TH penalty Spellcraft PHBR4
Acrobat DS +2 AC; 3 Tumbling slots, 3 Tightrope Walking slots, 3 Jumping slots Juggling S&P2
Adventurer C +10% XP in the class associated with this kit (not retroactive) Dungeon Lore DM
Amazon S +2 TH in first round; +2 dmg in first round Riding S&P2
Amazon (2) Chr 9 +3 TH and +3 dmg with first attack on each enemy Groom PHBR1 5.0
Animal Master KW +1 normal familiar (must be a real-world animal) Animal Lore S&P2
Archer Dex 15 Bows use the "Dagger" line for number of attacks. Bowyer/Fletcher PHBR9 4.2
Artificier DIS X^3 / (your level) days: Build a Tech Level X item Engineering PHBR17
Assassin IW Detect Poison 5*level% cont.; Backstab x2; 1 Healing slot; 1 Herbalism slot Poison Use S&P2
Barbarian Str 15 Barbarian Str, Dex, or Con Endurance PHBR1 4.2
Barbarian SK -2 NPC reactions; Gain Exceptional Str and Con Endurance S&P2
Barbarian (3) Str 15 1V: Intimidate (fear) one enemy (Chr contest, you're at +3) Endurance PHBR1 5.0
Beast Rider Chr 13 +1 mount (it has LVL*10 hp) Riding PHBR1 5.0
Beastmaster Chr 15 +1 Animal Companion Animal Handling PHBR11 4.2
Beggar C +1 nonweapon prof.; Pick Pockets 10*level%; -4 NPC reactions Disguise S&P2
Berserker Str 15 1V: Berserk for 1t (+1 TH; +3 dmg; +5 hp; CR 100%; slay effects are delayed 1s) Endurance PHBR1 5.0
Bladesinger SKDI +1/+1 TH/dmg with one weapon type; -1 TH all other weapons; +lvl/2+1 AC Dancing PHBR8
Cavalier C +2 mental saves; +1 weapon prof. Heraldry S&P2
Cavalier (2) SDK 15, IW 10,
Alignment *G
+1+LVL/6 TH; immune fear; +4 mental saves; +1 horse mount (it has 10+LVL*5 hp) Etiquette PHBR1 5.0
Champion SWC 1 single weapon spec. (even non-War); +1/+1 magical Slaying (TH/dmg) Intimidation PHBR6
Collector Chr 15 x+1 Personality Score; 1M, 1/d: Locate Unique Object within 300' Artifact History PHBR8 4.2
Diplomat IWC +2 NPC reactions; x2 starting money; Charm/Influence Reaction 5*level% Debating S&P2
Druid Chr 15 Overwrite one priest progression to use the Druid1 progression Plant Lore PHBR3 4.2
Duplicator H Level 9: Duplicate one class's abilities at level = (your level)/9, round down NPC Lore DM
Explorer WI 2 Survival slots; Deeppockets cont. DirectionSense S&P2
Feat (none) Gain a feat from 3rd edition, even if your class isn't 3rd edition (none) DM
Flunky S+K 15 When charming or charmed by someone else, an action is not lost (act immediately) Villain Lore DMGR6 4.2
Geomancer IC Legend Lore (other crystal spheres) 10*level%, (alternate primes) 5*level% Planetology CGR1
Gladiator SK +1 TH; Considered 1/3 of a size class larger for weapons (e.g. M -> M/L) Blind Fighting S&P2
Gladiator (2) Str 9 +2 weapon proficiencies
CF=3: Free weapon specialization (even if non-Warrior)
CF=2: Armor Opt.
PHBR1 5.0
Golemmaster IW 1M,1V: Turn Golem; +4/+4 TH/dmg vs. Golems; Level 12: Manual/Golems Stonemasonry PHBR16
Guardian WC +1 TH/dmg/saves and opponents -2 saves in a specified 1 sq. mile area Local History PHBR11
Healer W 1P: Cure Tiny Wounds (1 hp); +1 hp per die with Cure spells; -1 wpn prof. Healing PHBR9
Hedge Wizard I 1 hour of F actions: Neutralize Poison; 1/d, Level 7: Brew random potion Brewing PHBR10
Human Computer Int 16 +1 level of Exceptional Int; Sustain Int; Hold 0, M, talking actions Mathematics DM 5.6
Investigator Int 15 Legend Lore (Int-11)*10%; +1 Research Point (once per kit, the day after taking it) Info. Gathering PHBR2 4.2
Jester IC +1 Chr; 1 Juggling slot; 1 Comedy slot; 1 Acting slot Singing S&P2
Loremaster IW Legend Lore 5*level%; Operate Item 5*level%; Persuasion 5*level% Ancient History PHBR7
Mageweaver Dex 15 You MUST material component (spending 1V) when casting spells, but get x3 effect Magic Lore CGR3 4.2
Mariner I x2 TH with nets; 1F: Friends (aquatic only) WeatherSense S&P2
Martial Arts Abil. D Ability to use Martial Arts [P7] (none) DM
Martial Arts Style D +1 Martial Arts style (none) DM
Medicine Man Wis 15 +LVL hp when Binding Wounds Herbalism PHBR15 4.2
Merchant IC +1 NPC reactions; 3 Appraisal slots; +10% gp when selling items Appraisal S&P2
Militant Wizard Con 15 Specialized in Wizard Invocation school, pick an opposite MR Evasion PHBR4 4.2
Monster Guild Con 18, SN & 1 Access to "All Monster" abilities. Access to [E48] Monster magic item store. IR Evasion DM 6.2
Montare Chr 15 +1 Mount (like a Paladin's) Animal Training CGR2 4.2
Myrmidon SK 1 single weapon spec. (even non-War); Room/Board costs 0 gp Military History PHBR1
Mystic W XM: +2 to any one subability score for X/2 rounds; 1 Meditation slot Astrology S&P2
Naturalist W+C 27 NaNR (Wis+Chr-26)*10% Nature Lore PHBR18 4.2
Noble C +2 NPC reactions; 1F: Bluff (save); 1 Language slot Etiquette S&P2
Noble Warrior Str 13, Con 13 +225 gp per reset (including before the game starts if you begin with this kit) Heraldry PHBR1 5.0
Outlaw SK You have a hidden location secret to everyone else Set Snares S&P2
Pacifist Priest W +2 Chr; halve your number of weapon proficiencies (round loss up) Meditation PHBR3
Peasant Hero W Give and receive shelter (see Knight class); 0, 1/d: +/-(5+level)% to 1 roll Agriculture S&P2
Peasant Hero (2) Wis 9 Always has shelter; local people will feed you and hide you from authorities
CF=2: Items < 1 gp cost nothing for you
Fishing PHBR1 5.0
Pest Controller Dex 15 # Attacks = LVL vs. Size T or smaller creatures Running PHBR6 4.2
Pirate KD +1 TH at sea; -2 NPC reactions; 1 weapon slot with ship-based weapon Navigation S&P2
Pirate/Outlaw Dex 9 Always have access to the store of generic items (in non-combat time)
CF=2: Always have access to the store of armor
CF=3: Always have access to the store of weapons
Seamanship PHBR1 5.0
Priest Guild Wis 18, SN & 1 Access to "All Priest" abilities. Access to [E43] Priest magic item store. MR Evasion DM 6.2
Privateer Dex 15 Any Rogue 1 pick, with 5*LVL Rogue points for it Robbing CGR1 4.2
Pro Wrestling Ability D Ability to use Professional Wrestling [P14] (none) DM 6.2
Pro Wrestling Style D +1 Professional Wrestling style (none) DM 6.2
Progression Bonus Int 10 If your progression does not have a stat bonus, add Int bonus to it. If it does, add +4 to your effective Int score for it. Dweomercraft DM 5.6
Psiologist IWK +2*level PSPs in Psi2; +1 prof. slot in a Psi2 power per 2 levels; -1 TH Harness Subc. WatW2
Psionicist Guild Chr 18, SN & 1 Access to "All Psionicist" abilities. Access to [E45] Psionicist magic item store. PR Evasion DM 6.2
Pugilist SD +4 TH unarmed; Can parry unarmed as if had a weapon NaturalFighting S&P2
Resist-Evader DW Opponents get -(your level)*2-10% blahR and -4 saves vs. your effects MR Evasion DM
Riddlemaster Int 15 Immune Tricks; Find/Remove Tricks (Int-14)*10% Storytelling PHBR7 4.2
Rider C +1 normal familiar (must be some sort of mount) AnimalTraining S&P2
Rogue Guild Dex 18, SN & 1 Access to "All Rogue" abilities. Access to [E44] Rogue magic item store. IR Evasion DM 6.2
Runner SDK +1V action; 1 Endurance slot; +3" movement rate Running DM
Samurai SKW 13, Int 14,
Alignment L*
Ki Shout: Mouth's V, LVL/d: Str becomes 18 w/ Lim.Exc. bonus (i.e. +6 Str bonus)
CF=2: +LVL/4 martial arts maneuvers
Riding PHBR1 5.0
Savage K +3 nonweapon proficiencies; -2 NPC reactions Hunting S&P2
Savage (2) Str 11, Con 15 nF, 1/reset: Construct a weapon of up to LVL*10 gp value (n=value/LVL)
1M, LVL/d: Alarm, Detect Magic, Animal Friendship, or Detect Evil
Survival PHBR1 5.0
Scavenger Wis 15 +10% money found in the dungeon (doesn't affect sold items) Looting PHBR14 4.2
Scholar I +1 Int checks; +1 Wis checks; +4 Knowledge proficiencies History S&P2
Scout W +1 all nonweapon checks when outdoors; Move Silently 10*level% Tracking S&P2
Shadow D+W 27 +1 weapon needed to hit you; Hide in Shadows (Dex+Int-26)*5% Trailing PHBR10 4.2
Sharpshooter D +1/+1 TH/dmg with missiles; x1.5 wpn slots, extra only for missile weapons Bowyer/Fletch. S&P2
Smuggler W 3 Appraisal slots; 1F: Make small object invisible; 1F: Locate Object 30' Forgery S&P2
Soldier K +1 nonweapon proficiency; 1/w: Gain a level^2 gp weapon Weaponsmith S&P2
Spy IC +2 NPC reactions; 1 Disguise slot; Spying 10*level% Trailing S&P2
Stat Requirement (none) -4 to an ability score requirement in a class (standard 7 stats only: no Luck, HNCL, etc.) (none) DM 5.6
Swashbuckler DI +2 AC; +2 NPC reactions; Ambidextrous Tumbling S&P2
The Trick II (Int18) Reduce level divisor for which spells you can cast with 1M only by 1. No Noticeable DM
Thug S +1 dmg; 0, -level TH this segment: +level dmg this segment Gaming S&P2
Troubleshooter IW 1F: Find a flaw in a house's / person's / security system's defenses Observation PHBR2
Undead Master K+W 27 Can Command Undead with CL=LVL-2 Undead Lore DMGR7 4.2
Wanderer Chr 15 Don't generate "?" in the wilderness Hiking PHBR13 4.2
Warrior Guild Str 18, SN & 1 Access to "All Warrior" abilities. Access to [E41] Warrior magic item store. WR Evasion DM 6.2
Warrior Spec. Speed Dex 13 Replace which line you specialize on to one better ( Non-Warrior / Ranger / Warrior / Barbarian / Barbarian+1 ) Blindfighting DM 5.6
Weapon Master SD +1 to #Att with one weapon in one hand (or double rate, whichever is lower) Wpn Mastery S&P2
Wild Talent I+W 27 Get a Wild Talent in Psi1 or Psi2, it doesn't cost a Mini class slot or XP Psicraft PHBR5 4.2
Wild Talent Priest Wis 9 See progression below; it is not channelling and there is no stat bonus. If you take this kit twice (Wis 18), it is channelling. Religion DM 5.6
Wild Talent Wizard Int 9 See progression below; it is not channelling and there is no stat bonus. If you take this kit twice (Int 18), it is channelling. Spellcraft DM 5.6
Wilderness Warrior Con 13 +5 Survival rolls
CF=2: Resist local terrain
CF=3: Double Resist local terrain
CF=4: Immune local terrain; Resist Natural effects
Survival PHBR1 5.0
Wizard Guild Int 18, SN & 1 Access to "All Wizard" abilities. Access to [E42] Wizard magic item store. MR Evasion DM 6.2
Wyrmslayer Str 15 +4 TH and x+1 dmg vs. Dragons and Dragon-kin Dragon Lore PHBR12 4.2