[P6] Proficiencies, Weapon

Weapon Proficiencies are given from your class. If you have multiple classes, you get the highest base amount among all of them, but you do get the rate for each class.
Weapon and Non-Weapon Proficiencies can be converted to each other, see [P8.2].
You may spend 1 Weapon Proficiency to buy a Martial Arts Manuever (see [P7]). Note that you will probably need to buy a Martial Arts Style first.
You may spend 3 Weapon Proficiencies to buy a Feat (see [P11]).
A "half-plus" is either +1 to hit or +1 damage. You must set how these plusses are distributed when you take a proficiency. You may take a proficiency twice to have two different "sets" of half-plusses (can't use both at same time).
In the Notes column below: & means you can take multiples, * means you must specify weapon/race

[P6.1] Weapon Proficiencies List

Name Notes Description
Ambidexterity Off-hand penalty is equal to On-hand penalty
Blind-fighting -2 instead of -4 when attacking blind
Charging +2 TH when attacking while running at someone
Close-quarter Fighting No penalty when fighting in a small area
Defender Can parry to protect someone else
Exceptional Constitution Exc.Con bonus (#slots: Wiz=4,Pri=2,Rog=3,Psi=4,Cust=3,Mon=3)
Exceptional Dexterity Exc.Dex bonus (#slots: War=2,Wiz=3,Pri=4,Psi=4,Cust=3,Mon=3)
Exceptional Strength Exc.Str bonus (#slots: Wiz=4,Pri=3,Rog=2,Psi=4,Cust=3,Mon=3)
Extreme Range One more range bracket (Extreme Long), -8 TH
Fast Drawing +1 Att on first round with missile weapon
Kicking Can use 1 V action to kick (1d2 dmg)
Magnetic Weapon Use +4 TH vs. armored opponents when using magnetism
Martial Arts Use (4 slots or 1 kit) Ability to use martial arts
Missile Deflection * Can use non-piercing weapon to deflect missiles
Mount's Weaponry Use * Can use a mount's hooves, bite, etc.
Movement & +1 to base movement rate
Natural Fighting +1 Att/r, +2 TH with natural weapons
Offensive Dexterity Lose AC adj., gain it as an adjustment TH
Point Blank Range Double damage at short range with bow
Poison/Acid/Oil Use Can efficiently use poisons, acid, oil
Prone Fighting -2 instead of -4 when attacking prone
Punching #Att is 2 instead of 1 with fists
Pushing Str contest, loser pushed back 5' (might fall)
Quickness Proficiency & +1 initiative
Shield Proficiency & -1 AC w/shield (max # slots: S=2,M=3,L=4)
Slay Race &* +2 half-plusses vs. one race (dragon,giant,etc.)
Speed Proficiency & +1 effective level on #Att chart
Spell to Weapon Conduction Can conduct touch effects through weaponry
Stun/Incapacitate Race & When race hit, save vs.RSW or stunned 1d4 r
Throwing No penalty when throwing non-weapon object
Thrown/Missile Assassination * Can assassinate with a missile weapon
Thrown/Missile Backstabbing * Can backstab with a missile weapon
Two-Weapon Fighting On/Off hand penalty gains +2/+2 (can't be bonus)
War/Siege Machine Proficiency Proficient with siege machines
Weapon Group Prof. (broad) * (4 slots) Proficient with a broad group
Weapon Group Prof. (tight) * (2 slots) Proficient with a tight group
Weapon Improvisation Can construct better weapons from scratch
Weapon Mastery &* +1 half-plus with a weapon (combines w/Spec.) (limit=highest level)
Weapon Proficiency * Proficient with a weapon with on-hand
Weapon Proficiency (dbl) * Acts as a buffer vs. -1 slot penalty w/off hand
Weapon Specialization (sng) * +3 half-plusses & higher #Att (need Weapon Prof)
Weapon Specialization (dbl) * +3 more half-plusses (need sng Spec.)
Weapon Specialization (trp) * Acts as a buffer vs. -1 slot penalty w/off hand
Wild Fighting * +1 AC & +1 dmg/hit penalty to get +1 TH/+1 dmg
Wrestling Proficient with wrestling maneuvers

[P6] Proficiencies, Weapon

[P6.2] Number of Attacks Table (Weapon Specialization)

Dagger Dart Small
Needle Bow Other
Wpn **
1-6 --- --- --- --- 1-11 1/1 1/1 1/2 2/1 3/1 4/1 5/1 2/1 1/1 1/1
7-12 1-5 1-6 1-7 1-8 --- 3/2 1/1 1/2 3/1 4/1 5/1 6/1 2/1 3/2 2/1
13-18 6-10 7-12 8-14 9-16 12-23 2/1 3/2 1/1 4/1 5/1 6/1 7/1 3/1 2/1 3/1
19-24 11-15 13-18 15-21 17-24 --- 5/2 2/1 3/2 5/1 6/1 7/1 8/1 4/1 2/1 4/1
25-30 16-20 19-24 22-28 25-32 24-35 3/1 2/1 3/2 6/1 7/1 8/1 9/1 4/1 5/2 5/1
31-36 21-25 25-30 29-35 33-36 --- 7/2 5/2 2/1 7/1 8/1 9/1 10/1 5/1 3/1 6/1
--- 26-30 31-36 36 --- 36 4/1 3/1 2/1 8/1 9/1 10/1 11/1 6/1 3/1 7/1
--- 31-35 --- --- --- --- 9/2 3/1 5/2 9/1 10/1 11/1 12/1 6/1 7/2 8/1
--- 36-40 --- --- --- --- 5/1 7/2 5/2 10/1 11/1 12/1 13/1 7/1 4/1 9/1
--- 41* --- --- --- --- 11/2 4/1 3/1 11/1 12/1 13/1 14/1 8/1 4/1 10/1
* This column extends to level 41 because of +5 level shift from Cavalier weapon of choice.
** This column multiplies the base rate of the weapon (e.g. if this column says 3/2 and the base number of attacks for the weapon is normally 2/1, you get 3/2 x 2/1 = 3/1).
The following classes can specialize and use the "Specialist Barb1/Cav1" line:
Anti-Paladin, Barbarian, Gladiator (melee only; otherwise use normal specialization).
The following classes can specialize and use the "Specialist Warrior" line:
All Warriors, Templar, Bounty Hunter, Psi7, Psi8, Psi11B, Psi11W, All Concordants.
The following classes can specialize and use the "Specialist Non-Warrior" line:
Death Master, Elf, Witch Doctor, HOSG, HOSN, HOSE, Shaman, certain Specialty Priests, Assassin, Dungeoneer, Halfling, certain Rogues (8th lvl ability), Scout, Psi1A, X4A, Psi6, Psi9, Psi9A.

[P6.3] Two-Weapon Fighting

For more combat options (such as fighting with very large or very small weapons), see [C7].
When fighting with two weapons, you suffer a TH penalty based on Dex, as seen below.
This penalty may be reduced or avoided by using the Two-Weapon Fighting and Ambidexterity weapon proficiencies.
To Hit Penalty
Dex Dominant ("on") hand Recessive ("off") hand
0-5 -4 -6
6-8 -3 -5
9-15 -2 -4
16-18 -1 -3
19-21 -0 -2
22-24 -0 -1
25+ -0 -0
The off hand is considered to be 1 slot less for level of specialization or proficiency (Dbl->Sng, Sng->Prof., Prof.->Non-Prof.).
In addition, your number of attacks may be different on your off hand, determined by the edition of your Warrior class:
Edition #Attacks in off hand
0 Normal
1 Normal
2 1/1 *
3 1/1 *
4 Use Non-Spec War in [P6.2] *
5 1/1 *
* Unless your normal (on-hand) rate is worse than this, of course.

[P6.4] Two-Handed Fighting

If a PC uses a melee weapon two-handed, the Str bonuses (to hit and damage) is multiplied by 1.5, round down.
For each additional hand beyond the second, add 0.5 to this multiplier (e.g. when using one weapon 4-handed you multiply your Str bonus by 2.5).
To make the rules simple here, you may use any weapon two-handed, even non-sensible ones (like a thrown dart). You cannot use anything else with these hands, not even a shield.

[P6.5] Throwing Weird Weapons

Any weapon may be thrown. Weapons that are not meant to be thrown (e.g. a Long Sword) get a To Hit penalty equal to their weight in pounds (round down).
The "fire rate" of such a weapon uses "Other Wpn" in [P6.2] with a base number of attacks equal to 1/1 if the weapon is your size class or larger, 2/1 if the weapon is smaller than you.
You can in addition be throwing the weapon two-handed using [P6.4]; this may counteract some of the To Hit penalty (and give you more damage!).
If you throw an ammo that is meant to fired using another weapon (e.g. throwing an arrow), halve the die type of the damage (e.g. a 1d6 arrow can be thrown for 1d3 damage).
If you throw a weapon that has no damage rating at all (e.g. throwing a bow), treat it as a club of 1 size smaller.

[P6.8] Odd Limbs

If you are using an odd limb (a tentacle, a branch, a foot that has opposable digits, etc.) to hold a weapon, multiply your Str score (not bonus) by 0.5 with this weapon.
If you use two such odd limbs to wield the same weapon, you get normal Str.
Beyond two limbs, add 0.5 to your Str bonus (not score) multiplier for each extra limb, just like in [P6.4]. Effectively, you lose 1 limb compared to normal arms when using many limbs (e.g. when using one weapon with 4 tentacles you multiply your Str bonus by 2).