[P7] Martial Arts

[P7.1] Martial Arts Basic Rules (CF=1)

At CF=1, Martial Arts has no styles or maneuvers. Instead, you get a simple set of bonuses, as follows:
AC +LVL (get +4 more if you wear non-bulky armor)
Unarmed number of attacks = 2/1 (doesn't stack with Punching proficiency); then +1/2 more every 6 levels
Unarmed damage +LVL
By default, these bonuses are lost at CF=2 and up in favor of styles and maneuvers. If you wish to use this system at CF=2 and up (and ignore the styles and maneuvers rules), feel free to do so.

[P7.2] Martial Arts Basic Rules (CF=2)

Each martial arts style costs 1 kit slot or 4 nonweapon proficiencies. You must also have "Ability to take Martial Arts" which is itself 1 kit slot. All powers are psionic in nature (of frequency 0), and are resisted using aWR (anti-Weapon Resistance). Normally you must have a style before you can pick maneuvers, however, some classes give maneuvers without a style.
Open-hand attacks use both hands, not just one. Exception: you may use a shield in one of the hands. If you are somehow forced to attack open-handed with only 1 hand, #Att = 1/1 and you cannot use any special maneuvers. Natural Fighting still uses one hand, so you can use a weapon in the off-hand.
Martial Arts To Hit, Damage, and # Attacks bonuses do not combine with Weapon Specialization. If you somehow have both, use only set of bonuses at a time.
How to read the [P7.1] Martial Arts Styles table:
Att: Lists the number of attacks in unarmed combat. It may be applied to weapons only if the "Increase Weapon Attack" power is gained. This is done by taking the "Att" number on the table, subtracting 1, and applying it as a bonus; e.g. a rate of "3/2" above would give +1/2 on number of attacks for weapons.
dmg: Lists the die type adjustment in unarmed combat or when using a grafted weapon. It may be applied to other weapons (including missile weapons) only if the "Increase Weapon Damage" power is gained.
AT: The character's new base AT. If the character already has another source of AT better than +0, take the best
of all sources and add 1 for each additional source; i.e. having ACs of +7, +6, and +3 yields an AT of +9.
Type: Lists "h" for "hard", "h/s" for "hard/soft", and "s" for "soft". Number of martial arts maneuver slots (weapon slots) to learn a maneuver is as follows:
Style's Type
h h/s s ALL
h 1 1
h/s 1 1
s 1 1
Requirements: How many powers of each method you must learn before being able to take additional maneuvers. You may
break this rule by 1 power per level by spending double cost on it (in terms of proficiencies).
*: This style requires 2 kit slots instead of 1 to learn.
**: This style requires 3 kit slots and "Ability to take Martial Arts" 4 times.

[P7.1] Martial Arts Styles

Style Att dmg AT Type Blunt Kick Lock M/P Move Push Slash Strike Throw Vital Wpn
Aiki-jutsu 1/1 d+4 +5 h/s 1 2 1 2
Aikido 1/1 d+5 +4 h/s 1 1 1 2
AnCh'i* 5/2 d+3 +0 h 1 2 4
Capoeira 2/1 d+0 +5 h/s 1 1 4 1 1 2 1 1
ChinNa 1/1 d+8 +1 h 1 1 4 1 1 1 3
Dancing Wind 1/1 d+3 +6 s 5 3 1
Egyptian Stick Fighting (new) 5/2 d+2 +0 h/s 3 1 2 2 1 3
Escrima 3/2 d+4 +3 h 2 2 2 2
Fists of Stone* 2/1 d+6 +2 h 2 2 3
Forked Lightning 2/1 d+5 +0 h 4 1 1 1
Hapkido 2/1 d+2 +3 h/s 3 1 1 1 1
Inner Power 1/1 d+1 +8 s 7 2 1
Jeet Kune Do* 2/1 d+6 +5 h/s 3 2 1 3 3
Judo 1/1 d+6 +3 h 1 2 1 2
Jujutsu 3/2 d+3 +4 s 3 2 4 2
Kalari 1/1 d+7 +2 h/s 1 2 1 1
Karate 2/1 d+1 +4 h/s 1 1 1 3
Kempo 3/2 d+3 +4 h/s 1 2 2 1 1 1
Kendo 2/1 d+3 +2 h 1 2 2 1 3
Ki Strike 1/1 d+6 +3 s 1 4 2 4
Kung-fu 3/2 d+4 +3 h/s 1 3 1 1 2
Ninjutsu 3/2 d+2 +5 h/s 2 2 1 1 1
Peace of Spirit 1/1 d+3 +6 s 9 1 3
Sanshou / Sanda (new) 3/2 d+2 +4 h/s 1 1 1 1 1 3 1
Serpent Strike 2/1 d+1 +4 h/s 1 5 1 2 1 4
Shoot Boxing (new) 2/1 d+5 +1 2 2 2 2 2
Sinanju** 3/1 d+9 +13 ALL 1 2 2 16 4 2 1 5 2 6 1
Soft Strike* 1/1 d+0 +9 s 1 3 2 1 1
Sumai 3/2 d+3 +4 h 5 1 1 1 1
Sumo 3/2 d+5 +2 h/s 2 1 1 2
Tae Kwon Do 1/1 d+7 +2 h 3 1 1 1
Weight of Might 1/1 d+9 +0 h 3 3 3

[P7] Martial Arts

[P7.2] Martial Arts Maneuvers

1st Tier Maneuver Type Method #Act Notes
Great Blow h Blunt 1P/1V Blow x4 dmg; unc.1d4+2r (save)
Heavy Blow h Blunt 2att Blow x3 dmg
Limb Paralysis h Blunt 2att/1M Blow x3 dmg;Limb useless(save)
Stunning Blow h Blunt 1att/1M Blow x2 dmg; stun 1d4r (save)
Backward Kick h/s Kick 1att Hits someone behind PC
Circle Kick h Kick 2att/1V Kick x3 dmg
Double Kick h/s Kick 1att 1 Kick hits 2 targets
Flying Kick h Kick 1P/1V Kick x4 dmg
Hurricane Kick h/s Kick 1P/2V Gain 1 att;All use same roll+4
Lightning Kick h/s Kick 1P/1V Gain 2 att;All use same roll+1
Rapid Kick s Kick 0 Can kick same target multiple times even with special kick types.
Scissors Kick h/s Kick 1att Kicks hit 1 target each
Whirlwind Kick h/s Kick 1P/2V All att use same roll+3; +2dmg
Choke Hold h/s Lock *P/*V Victim unc. 1d3r (save=TH-2)
Crushing Hug h Lock 1P+ 3d10 dmg/r (save=TH-4)
Immobilizing h/s Lock 1P+ Cannot attack (save=TH-6)
Incapacitator h/s Lock 1P+ Limb useless 24h (save)
Locking Block s Lock 1att+ TH+4; Arm cannot att (save=TH)
All-Around Sight s M/P Tr. 1 0 Can see 360; no back mod.,BS
Balance s M/P Tr. 1 1M Walk tightropes, walk w/hands
Blind Fighting s M/P Tr. 1 0 Only -1 TH in darkness,invis.
Contortion s M/P Tr. 2 1M Slip out of bonds;fit in 4cu.'
Controlled Breathing s M/P Tr. 2 0 Endure Cold/Heat, +2 vs.fear
Denial-Damage h M/P Tr. 3 0 1/w: Can operate and not die at negative hp for 1s
Denial-Food & Water h/s M/P Tr. 3 0 1/w: Ignore need for food & water for 1d
Denial-Rest s M/P Tr. 3 0 1/w: Can work 2d straight without any rest
Enhanced Hearing s M/P Tr. 3 1V Can hear at triple distance for 1r
Eyes of Far-Seeing h/s M/P Tr. 3 1V Can see at triple distance for 1r
Flowing Water s M/P Tr. 2 0 +2 AC
Great Shout h/s M/P Tr. 1 1P/1M Deaf 2d4r, stun 1d4r (save)
Hold Breath h/s M/P Tr. 3 1V Can hold breath for 1t
Ironskin h M/P Tr. 1 0 +2 AC
Levitation s M/P Tr. 1 1M+ Levitate 5'/r
Light Step s M/P Tr. 2 V Walk as if Pass without Trace
Meditation h/s M/P Tr. 1 0 1/2 resting time
Mental Resistance s M/P Tr. 1 0 +2 saves vs. mental attacks
Multi-Targetting s M/P Tr. 4 0 No secondary target penalties
Night Vision s M/P Tr. 3 1V Ultravision 90' for 1r
Pause and Silence h/s M/P Tr. 2 1att TH+1 vs.Victim
Quick Strike h/s M/P Tr. 2 0 +1 Initiative
Resuscitation s M/P Tr. 2 1att/1M Remove stun,para.,unc.,incap.
Slowed Aging s M/P Tr. 1 0 Age at 75% normal rate
Stillness s M/P Tr. 1 *P/1M/*V Remain utterly motionless
Summon Strength s M/P Tr. 2 1M Str 18 or Str +1 for 1d4r
Suppressed Desire s M/P Tr. 2 0 Mind Over Body for 2d/level
Camouflage s Movement 1V Meld into surroundings for 1r
Featherwalk s Movement V Move silently, -25% tracking
Feint h/s Movement 1att PC's next attack at +2 TH
Great Shield h/s Movement *P/*V Block 3+level attacks
Immovability s Movement *V Cannot be moved (gets a save)
Leap s Movement 1V Leap 4'high, 3'+1'/level long
Limb of the Snake s Movement 4V Loosens all joints; escape bonds, move through small area
Missile Deflection s Movement 1V Save to deflect missiles
Prone Fighting s Movement 0 Not subject to prone penalties
Slow Resistance h/s Movement 0 Immune to Slow effects
Speed h/s Movement 1M +1P,+1V actions for 5r
Sudden Speed h Movement 1V 1/r: move 1V of movement at triple movement rate
Tactical Movement h Movement 0 Can move from group to group without using a V action
Concentrated Push s Push 1att/1M Knocked off feet (save)
One Finger s Push 1M Knocked off feet (save)
Reflection s Push 1P Victim's next attack hits self
Striking Touch s Push 1att/1M+ AC+2,TH+2 vs.Victim
Artery h/s Slash 0 TH-8: degenerate 3hp/r
Blind h/s Slash 0 TH-4; 25%: 1-eye blindness
Vein h/s Slash 0 TH-6; degenerate 1hp/r
Buffalo Punch h Strike 0 Both hands:get 2-Handed bonus
Crushing Blow h Strike 1P/1M Hand +level dmg; shatter wood
Double-Fist Punch h/s Strike 2att TH-1;Both hit:stun 2d6r (save)
Eagle Claw h Strike 1P/1M Hand 3d10 dmg; shatter stone
Hands of Stone h Strike 0 +level/2 damage with bare hands
Iron Fist h Strike 1M Hand dmg 1d10 each
Monkey Grab Punch s Strike 1att Roll TH:if hit next att @+4 TH
Thunderclap h/s Strike 1P/1M Air:1d8 dmg, stun 1d2r (save)
Thunderpunch h Strike 1P Hand x3 dmg; stun 1d6r (save)
Crushing Drop h Throw 1P Throw x2 dmg; Unc.2d4r (save)
Fall h/s Throw 0 1/2 dmg from falls
Great Throw s Throw 1P Throw x3 dmg
Hurl h Throw 2att Throw x2 dmg
Instant Stand h/s Throw 1att Can stand up immediately
Death Touch s Vital 1att/1M -1 to Str,Dex,or Con 1d6t
Distance Death s Vital 1M Range 1'/level; Touch save@-2
Pain Touch s Vital 1att Victim TH-2,AC-2 for 1d3r
Paralyzing Touch s Vital 1att Victim paralyzed 1d6t (save)
Stunning Touch s Vital 1att Victim stunned 1d4r (save)
Shattertouch s Vital 2att PC saves to shatter wood/stone
True Target s Vital 0 1/s: 1 target's AC gets worse by 1 for 1r
Arrow Cutting s Weapon att Save to block missile
Improve THAC0 s Weapon 1V +1 TH for 1r (stacks with itself if have more than once)
Increase Weapon Attack s Weapon 0 Can use #Att adjustment on weapons
Increase Weapon Damage h Weapon 0 Can use die adjustment on weapons
Steel Cloth s Weapon 1M Can use cloth as melee spear
Strength Boost h/s Weapon 1V 2 dmg: +1 Str for 1 r (stacks w/itself if have mult. prof.)
Throwing Mastery h/s Weapon 1att Can throw non-throwing weapon
Weapon Breaker h/s Weapon 1P Weapon broken (save=Cr.Blow)
Weapon Catch h/s Weapon 1att+ TH+2;weapon useless (save=TH)
Weapon Proficiency h/s Weapon 0 Can convert Martial Arts Maneuvers -> Weapon Proficiencies

[P7] Martial Arts

[P7.3] Martial Arts Second Tier

In order to take a Second Tier Martial Arts maneuver, you must first have fulfilled all the requirements of all of your Martial Arts styles. You may then pick Second Tier Martial Arts in the following order:
1. Pick (from among your styles) maneuvers that have a "16" requirement, if any. (Note: There won't be any of these unless you have Sinanju or a large custom style). Do this until you have 1 or more 2nd tier maneuver for each requirement.
2. Repeat above for "19", "18", "17", "16", and so on all the way down to "1".
3. Now fill your requirements in any order you like.
4. You may now pick any maneuvers anywhere.
# of Martial Arts Picks (may use Weapon Proficiencies) for Second Tier maneuvers is below. Note there are new types (Extra Soft and Extra Hard).
Style's Type
h h/s s ALL
xh 6 8 10 6
h 4 6 8 4
h/s 7 4 7 4
s 8 6 4 4
xs 10 8 6 6
In the maneuvers, "*" in the actions means you use all actions of that type. "#" means ypu can borrow from future, but only 1 of each power per segment per time taken.

[P7.4] Martial Arts Second Tier Maneuvers

2nd Tier Maneuver Type Method #Act Notes
Head Paralysis h Blunt 1P/1M Blow x7 dmg; Target cannot use M/Opp/Zero act perm (no save)
Super Blow xh Blunt 1P/2V Blow x10 dmg; Stun (make 10 saves, each missed is 1s of stun)
n-ary Kick h/s Kick 2 att One kick hits up to 10 targets
Vulnerability Kick s Kick 1 att/1M One kick auto rolls a '20', affects any x1 target (ignore resist/immunity)
Lock Down h Lock * any type Up to 10 targets cannot use actions of that type (no save)
Repetitious Damage s Lock 1P Repeat physical damage of last segment (same targets)
Mental Immunity xs M/P Tr. 1 1M # Become Class VI/Esper-blind; 100% irrMPIRR; lasts until dropped
Reset xh M/P Tr. 1 * all types # Reset yourself
Elemental Immunity h M/P Tr. 2 XM # Immune to any 1 chosen Element for 1d; only 1 such immunity per day
Opposing Strike h/s M/P Tr. 2 1M/1P/1V # +1 Opp action this segment
All-Around Consolidation s M/P Tr. 3 1V All targets (friendly & non-friendly) are considered 1 "group"
Material Componenting xs M/P Tr. 3 0 May use Material Componenting for Martial Arts (1V for double effect)
Effect Reflection s Move 1V # Save to reflect a spell/psi/innate that targets you back to caster
Great Speed s Move 1V Able to use (but does not get) +1P and +1V per segment for 5r (1/d)
Chi Fireball h/s Push 1M 1 target takes 10d10 dmg and Stunned 1s (Save for & ignore stun)
Whirling Accuracy h/s Push 1att +10/+10 TH/dmg with unarmed attacks this segment
Heart xh Slash 1att TH-10: target degenerates max hp /s
Mind h Slash 1att TH-10: target psionically degenerates each freq's max PSP /s
Crushing Punch xh Strike 1P Punch x10 dmg; All dmg is perm. hp
Disastrous Punch h Strike 1P Punch x7 dmg; all items on target save vs. crushing blow or destroyed
Air Throw h/s Throw 1P/1V Throw x10 dmg; Target loses next 7V actions (no save)
Distance Throw s Throw 2att Do a throw up to 120' away and at +10 TH
Fool's Touch s Vital 3att Target Blind (save), Fumbled (save), cannot use Martial Arts (save)
Setting Touch h Vital 5att Target Set (no save)
Maximum Damage h/s Weapon 0 All of your weapons (and unarmed combat) do maximum damage
Weapon of Greatness h Weapon 0 Can use any size weapon with no Str requirements at all

[P7] Martial Arts

[P7.8] Multiple Martial Arts Styles

Multiple styles do not have cumulative To Hit / Damage / #Attacks bonuses ; you must switch between them. You can't use more than 1 style per full segment.
The requirements for all your styles add, so if you have a 2 and 3 in MP, you must take 5 before you fulfill that requirement.
You may use maneuvers from any style you have, regardless of what style you're in.

[P7.9] Custom Martial Arts Style

Choose the following:
A = Base AT. Base ATs better than +10 cost 2 per 1 point above +10; e.g. "AT +12" has A = 14.
D = Die type mod. Mods better than "d+8" cost 2 per 1 point above d+8; e.g. "d+9" has D = 12.
N = Bonus Number of Attacks (beyond the standard 1/1) times 8. For example, "3/2" has N = 4.
You cannot choose a base AT worse than AT +0, a negative die type mod, or a number of attacks worse than N=-4.
Compute A+D+N. If the total is 12 or less, the style is legal as 1 kit slot.
If A+D+N is from 13 to 20, the style counts as * (2 kit slots to learn).
If A+D+N is from 21 to 28, the style counts as ** (3 kit slots and 4x ability to learn).
If A+D+N is 29 or over, the style is invalid.
Pick a type (hard, soft, or hard/soft) for your style. ** styles can be "ALL".
Pick a total of (A+D+N+4)/2 in requirements (round down) for your style.