[P8] Proficiencies, Nonweapon

# NonWeapon Proficiencies = (Int:Kn Score) + (Highest Level) + (Age adj.)
If not using subability scores and age adjustments, your number of nonweapons is just your Int score plus your highest level. Yes, that's a lot compared to normal 1st/2nd edition AD&D.
Every proficiency costs 1 slot. Each additional slot gives either one extra d20 to roll for the proficiency check (the best of all dice rolled is used), or +1 to the check needed.

[P8.1] Free Proficiencies

The following are free (0 slots) for most characters:
The PC's Secondary Skill/Job (Farmer,Hunter,etc.) [extra @ 2 slots]
Language,Modern (native:speak)
Language,Modern (native:read/write) [if education available]
Language,Modern (Common:speak) [if frequent contact with outside world]
Language,Modern (Common:read/write) [if education and frequent contact]
Language,Modern (Alignment Tongue) [if similar alignments to PC in native land]
Law & Customs,Local (native area) [if there is any!]
Local History (native area) [if storytellers or records are kept]
Riding,Land-based or Navigation (small craft) [if _required_ for native area]
Survival (area type), Hunting, Cooking, and/or Hiding [if _required_ for area]
Swimming [if done commonly in area]

[P8.2] Switching Weapon & Non-Weapon Proficiencies

Any character may trade 2 Non-Weapon proficiencies to get 1 Weapon proficiency.
Any character may trade 2 Weapon proficiencies to get 1 Non-Weapon proficiency.
This proficiency trading may be done as much as you like.
You may spend 4 Non-Weapon proficiencies to buy a Kit (see [P5]). This Kit can in turn be used to buy a Feat (see [P11]).

[P8.3] Non-Weapon Proficiencies - Adventuring

Proficiency Check Note
Alertness Wis+1
All-Around Sight Wis-4
Ambush Wis
Animal Handling Wis-1
Appraising Int
Armor Optimization Wis+1
Balance Dex
BlahR Evasion (varies) see [P8.9]
Camouflage Int
Charioteering Dex+2
Concealment Dex-4
Danger Sense Wis+1
Deceiving Chr-1
Depth Sense Wis-5
Direction Sense Wis+1
Disease Resistance Con-1
Disguise Chr-1
Distance Sense Wis+2
Dweomercraft Int-3
Eavesdropping Int+1
Endurance Con
Escape Bonds Str-1
Evasion Dex
Fast-Talking Chr
Fire Building Wis-1
Foraging Int-2
Free-Fall Dex
Harness Subconscious Wis-1
Healing Wis-2
Heat/Cold Protection Int-2
Heavy Lifting Str
Herbalism Int-2
Hiding Int-1
Hypnosis Chr-2
Information Gathering Int
Insanity Check Int-6
Intimidation Chr
Jumping Dex
Light Sleeping Wis-3
Looting Dex
Lycanthropy Control Wis-4
Magic Item Use Int-2
MR Penetration Int
Mapping, Dungeon Wis
Mapping, Wilderness Wis
Meditation Wis
Meditative Focus Wis+1
Mental Resistance Wis-3
Navigation Int-2
No Noticeable Effect Casting Int-6
Observation Int
Pest Control Wis
Piloting, Air-based Int-4
Piloting, Water-based Int-2
Poison Resistance Con-3
Psionic Detection Wis-2
Psionic Resistance Evasion Wis see [P8.9]
Rejuvenation Wis-1
Riding, Air-based Wis-2
Riding, Water-based Wis+3
Rope Use Dex
Running Con-3
Searching Dex
Set Snares Dex-1
Shield Proficiency NA
Slow Respiration Wis
Speed Casting Wis-2
Spellcraft Int-2
Spelljamming Helm Operation Int-3
Spelunking Int-2
Stealth Dex
Subtle Casting Dex-2
Survival Int
Survival, Anti-Matter based Prime Wis-20
Tactics (small scale) Int-2
Tactics (mass combat) Int-4
Torture Resistance Con-2
Tracking Wis-4
Trail Hiding Int
Trailing Dex
Tumbling (defensive) Dex
Tumbling (offensive) Dex-2
Water Find/Sense Int
Weather Sense Wis-3
Weight Sense Wis-1

[P8] Proficiencies, Nonweapon

[P8.4] Non-Weapon Proficiencies - Knowledge

Proficiency Check Note
Agriculture Int
Alchemy Wis-3
Alternate Prime Knowledge Int-2
Amphibians Int
Ancient History Int-3
Ancient Technology Int-4
Animal Lore (generic) Int
Arachnids Int
Archeology Int-4
Art & Music Lore Int-1
Astral Planar Knowledge Int-1
Astrology & Numerology Int
Astronomy Int-2
Avians Int-1
Biology Int-2
Botany Int-1
Bushes & Shrubs Int
Calligraphy Int-2
Cephalopods & Echinoderms Int
Chemistry Int-8
Criminology Wis-1
Crustaceans & Mollusks Int
Cryptography Int-3
Demonology Wis-3
Divination (non-magical) Wis-4
Dragon Lore Int-2
Ecology Int
Economics Int
Engineering & Architecture Int-3
Ethereal Planar Knowledge Int-1
Etiquette Chr
Exorcism Wis-3
Flowers Int+1
Fungus Identification Wis+1
Genie Lore Int
Geography Int
Geology & Mineralogy Int-1
Grasses & Grains & Weeds Int+1
Guild Lore Wis
Heraldry Int
Heraldry, Space Int-1
Humanoid Lore Int
Ichthyoids Int
Immortal Lore Int-8
Inner Planar Knowledge Int-2
Insects Int
Language, Ancient (speak) Int-3 see [P8.7]
Language, Ancient (write) Int see [P8.7]
Language, Bleah (speak) 20-Int see [P8.7], yes this is a weird check
Language, Bleah (write) 1-Int see [P8.7], yes this is a weird check
Language, Modern (write) Int+1 see [P8.7]
Language Theory Int-4
Law & Customs, Local Int
Legends & Folklore Int-3
Literature Int+1
Local History Int+2
Logic Int+1
Lycanthrope Lore Int
Magical Engineering Int-3
Magical Theory Int-4
Mammals Int+1
Marsupials Int
Mathematics Int+1
Metaphysics Int-3
Meteorology & Climatology Int-1
Monster Trivia (not lore) Int-2
Mosses & Ferns Int
Nature Lore Wis-2
Oceanography Int-1
Outer Planar Knowledge Int-3
Philosophy & Ethics Wis-3
Physics Int-6
Planet Lore Int
Plant Lore (generic) Int-1
Psionic Engineering Int-6
Psionic Theory Int-4
Psychology Chr-2
Religion Wis
Reptiles Int
Runecraft Int-1
Symbol Lore Int-2
Theology Wis-3
Trees Int
Undead Lore Wis-2

[P8] Proficiencies, Nonweapon

[P8.5] Non-Weapon Proficiencies - Occupation

Proficiency Check Note
Accounting Int+1
Alley Sweeping HNCL-20
Animal Training Wis-3
Armoring Int-2
Banking Int
Barber Dex-1
Bargaining Wis+2
Barkeeping Int
Bartending Chr+1
Blacksmithing Str
Bouncer Str
Bowyer/Fletcher Dex-1
Builder Str-1
Butcher Str
Butler Chr
Bribery Chr-4
Bureaucracy Chr-2
Carpentry Str
Chanting Chr+2
Cheating Chr-2
Clockmaking Int-6
Cobbling Dex
Confectioner Wis+1
Craft Instrument Dex-2
Crowd Working Chr+2
Debate Wis-1
Diplomacy Chr-1
Dyer Int-1
Farming Wis
Fire Control Dex
Forgery Dex-1
Fortune Telling Chr+2
Gem Cutting Dex-2
Glassblowing Int-1
Goldsmithing Dex
Gunsmithing Dex-4
Interrogation Int-1
Journalism Chr+1
Leadership Chr
Leatherworking Int
Locksmithing Dex-3
Miller Int
Mining Wis-3
Minting Int-2
Painting (non-artistic) Dex-1
Paper-Making Wis-3
Perfumer Wis-1
Politics Chr+2
Public Speaking Chr-1
Rogue Abilities (varies) see [PC4]
Seamanship Dex-1
Shepherd Int+1
Shipbuilding Int-1
Slaver Wis-4
Smelting Str-1
Spacemanship Dex+1
Spicer Wis-1
Stonemasonry Str-2
Taxidermist Int-2
Teaching Wis
Torture Int
Undertaker Wis-2
Veterinary Healing Wis-1
Wagoneering Int
Weaponsmithing Int-3
Winemaking Int

[P8] Proficiencies, Nonweapon

[P8.6] Non-Weapon Proficiencies - Hobby

Proficiency Check Note
Acting Chr
Aerobics Con
Animal Noise Wis-1
Artistic Ability Wis-2
Beekeeping Int
Begging Chr+3
Boasting Chr+3
Boating Wis+1
Body Language Wis-2
Brewing Int
Carving Dex-1
Ceremony Wis
Chain Meteor Swarm DodgeBall Dex-20
Cheesemaking Int
Comedy Chr
Cooking Int
Creative Writing Int-2
Dancing Dex
Deep Diving Con-1
Diving Dex
Drinking Con
Eating Con
Family History Int
Fire Walking Con-1
Fishing Wis
Gaming Chr
Gardening Wis-2
Hiking Int+3
Hunting Wis-1
Juggling Dex-1
Kite Flying Dex
Language, Modern (speak) Int+2 see [P8.7]
Listening Wis+1
Magic Tricks Dex-2
Mime Int
Model Making Dex-1
Modeling Cml
Mountaineering Wis-1
Musical Instrument Dex-1
Origami Dex-1
Painting (artistic) Int-4
Poetry Int-2
Pottery Dex-1
Puzzle Solving Int-2
Reading Lips Int-2
Seamstress/Tailor Dex-1
Seduction Chr
Sculpting Dex
Sign Language Dex
Signaling Int-1
Singing Chr-1
Skinning Int
Sports (Str-based) Str
Sports (Dex-based) Dex
Storytelling Chr-1
Street Sense Chr-1
Swimming Con
Teasing Chr-1
Tightrope Walking Dex-1
Ventriloquism Int-2
Voice Mimicry Int-2
Weaving Int-1
Weight Training Str-1
Whistling/Humming Dex+2
Yelling Con+1

[P8] Proficiencies, Nonweapon

[P8.7] Non-Weapon Proficiencies - Languages

Language Note
Alignment (LG, LN, LE, etc.)
Ancient Common
Bleah (*) Limited Availability: Int must be 1 or less
Druid (*) Limited Availability: Must be a Druid or Ranger
Lizard Man
Mind Flayer
Morse Code (*) Limited Availability: Must have knowledge of TechL=8
Oriental Common
Sign Language
Thieves' Cant (*) Limited Availability: Must be a Rogue
True Tongue (*) Limited Availability: Must be a God?
Ultracommon (*) Limited Availability: Must be from underdark

[P8] Proficiencies, Nonweapon

[P8.8] Non-Weapon Proficiencies - Technological

These require a technology-type class (Psi8, Technologist, etc.) in order to be available.



Anti-Security Procedures 15 Str-15 Break out of the Brig or whatever
Astrogation Skill - Pilot Interstellar Jump [JUMP boxes] 4 Int-4
Astrogation Skill - Risk Jumping [JUMP boxes] 6 Wis-6
Atmosphere Craft Pilot 2 Dex-2
Beam Weapons 2 Dex-2
Communications Systems Operation 7 Chr-7
Communications Systems Technology 15 Int-15
Computer Operation 2 Int-2
Computer Skill - Bypassing Security 3 Int-3
Computer Skill - Defeating Security 4 Int-4
Computer Skill - Displaying Information 1 Int-1
Computer Skill - Interfacing Computers 1 Int-1
Computer Skill - Manipulating Programs 1 Int-1
Computer Skill - Repairing Computers 2 Int-2
Computer Skill - Writing Programs 1 Int-1
Computer Technology 4 Int-4
Damage Control Procedures 2 Con-2
Deflector Shield Operation 1 Wis-1
Deflector Shield Technology 2 Int-2
Demolitions - Defusing Charges 2 Dex-2
Demolitions - Setting Charges 2 Dex-2
Electronics Technology 1 Int-1
Environmental - Analyze Ecosystems 1 Int-1
Environmental - Analyzing Samples 1 Int-1
Environmental - Concealment 2 Dex-2
Environmental - Finding Directions 1 Int-1
Environmental - Making Tools/Weapons 1 Str-1
Environmental - Naming 1 Chr-1
Environmental - Stealth 2 Dex-2
Environmental - Survival 2 Con-2
Environmental - Tracking 2 Wis-2
Environmental Suit Operation 1 Dex-1
Generic Skill - Operation of an SSD box - Control BPV/2 Chr-BPV/2 BPV is from SFB, if not available, use (gp cost)/100000
Generic Skill - Operation of an SSD box - Generic BPV/2 Con-BPV/2 BPV is from SFB, if not available, use (gp cost)/100000
Generic Skill - Operation of an SSD box - Power/Def. BPV/2 Dex-BPV/2 BPV is from SFB, if not available, use (gp cost)/100000
Generic Skill - Operation of an SSD box - Weapons BPV/2 Str-BPV/2 BPV is from SFB, if not available, use (gp cost)/100000
Generic Skill - Repair of an SSD box - Control BPV Wis-BPV BPV is from SFB, if not available, use (gp cost)/100000
Generic Skill - Repair of an SSD box - Generic BPV Int-BPV BPV is from SFB, if not available, use (gp cost)/100000
Generic Skill - Repair of an SSD box - Power/Def. BPV Con-BPV BPV is from SFB, if not available, use (gp cost)/100000
Generic Skill - Repair of an SSD box - Weapons BPV Dex-BPV BPV is from SFB, if not available, use (gp cost)/100000
Generic Skill - Theory of an SSD box - Control BPV*2 Int-BPV*2 BPV is from SFB, if not available, use (gp cost)/100000
Generic Skill - Theory of an SSD box - Generic BPV*2 Str-BPV*2 BPV is from SFB, if not available, use (gp cost)/100000
Generic Skill - Theory of an SSD box - Power/Def. BPV*2 Wis-BPV*2 BPV is from SFB, if not available, use (gp cost)/100000
Generic Skill - Theory of an SSD box - Weapons BPV*2 Chr-BPV*2 BPV is from SFB, if not available, use (gp cost)/100000
Ground Vehicle Operation 1 Dex-1
Gyrojet Weapons 1 Str-1
Hasty Fix 15 Con-15 Hastily fix a bunch of boxes on that ship you just captured so you can get away right now
High-G Operation 10 Con-10 Can operate at very high or fluctuating gravity zones
Hit Stuff Targetted 10 Str-10 Hitting or Shooting stuff in just the right way to blow it up in spectacular fashion
Holodeck Technology 20 Int-20
Languages - Computer 2 Int-2
Life Sciences - Bionics 3 Str-3
Life Sciences - Botany 1 Wis-1
Life Sciences - Ecology 2 Int-2
Life Sciences - Exobiology 2 Int-2
Life Sciences - Genetics 3 Int-3
Life Sciences - Zoology 1 Int-1
Life Support Systems Technology 1 Int-1
Marksmanship - Archaic Weapon 1 Dex-1
Marksmanship - Modern Weapon 1 Dex-1
Martial Arts - Defensive Throwing 1 Dex-1
Martial Arts - Melee 1 Str-1
Martial Arts - Nerve Combat 2 Dex-2
Martial Arts - Tumbling 1 Dex-1
Mechanical Engineering 2 Str-2
Medical Science - General Medicine 2 Wis-2
Medical Science - Pathology 2 Wis-2
Medical Science - Psychology 3 Chr-3
Medical Science - Surgery 3 Wis-3
Medical Skill - Activating Freeze Fields 1 Wis-1
Medical Skill - Administering Drugs 1 Wis-1
Medical Skill - Controlling Infection 1 Wis-1
Medical Skill - Curing Diseases 1 Wis-1
Medical Skill - Diagnosis 1 Wis-1
Medical Skill - First Aid 1 Wis-1
Medical Skill - Major Surgery 3 Dex-3
Medical Skill - Minor Surgery 2 Dex-2
Medical Skill - Neutralizing Toxins 1 Wis-1
Melee Weapons 1 Str-1
Modify Personal Technology 10 Dex-10 Modify some piece of personal technology to do something completely different
Multiverse Science - Time/Loop Theory 10 Wis-10
Personal Weapons Technology 2 Int-2
Physical Science - Chemistry 2 Int-2
Physical Science - Computer Science 2 Int-2
Physical Science - Mathematics 2 Int-2
Physical Science - Physics 2 Int-2
Piloting Skill - Evasion 2 Dex-2
Piloting - Increase Accuracy of Weapon 3 Dex-3
Piloting - Increase Maneuver Rating 3 Dex-3
Planetary Science - Geology 1 Int-1
Planetary Science - Hydrology 1 Int-1
Planetary Science - Meteorology 1 Int-1
Planetary Survival 2 Con-2
Projectile Weapons 1 Dex-1
Psycho-Social Skill - Communication 3 Chr-3
Psycho-Social Skill - Empathy 10 Chr-10
Psycho-Social Skill - Hypnosis 8 Chr-8
Psycho-Social Skill - Persuasion 4 Chr-4
Psycho-Social Skill - Psycho-Pathology 6 Chr-6
Psycho-Social Skill - Understand 15 Chr-15 Understand reason/motive for doing a certain action
Replicator Technology 8 Int-8
Robotics - Activate / Deactivate 2 Int-2
Robotics - Adding Equipment 3 Dex-3
Robotics - Altering Mission 4 Wis-4
Robotics - Identification 2 Int-2
Robotics - Listing Functions 3 Int-3
Robotics - Removing Security Locks 8 Wis-8
Robotics - Repairing Robots 4 Con-4
Security Procedures 2 Str-2
Shuttlecraft Pilot 2 Dex-2
Shuttlecraft Systems Technology 4 Int-4
Small Equipment Systems Operation 1 Wis-1
Small Equipment Systems Technology 2 Int-2
Small Unit Tactics 1 Wis-1
Social Science - Archaeology 1 Int-1
Social Science - Economics 1 Int-1
Social Science - Law 1 Int-1
Social Science - Political Science 1 Chr-1
Social Science - Racial Culture/History 1 Int-1
Space Science - Astrogation/Navigation 2 Wis-2
Space Science - Astronautics/Engineer 2 Wis-2
Space Science - Astronomy 1 Int-1
Space Science - Astrophysics 2 Int-2
Starship Combat Strategy/Tactics 3 Wis-3
Starship Communications Procedures 5 Chr-5
Starship Engineering 2 Con-2
Starship Helm Operation 2 Dex-2
Starship Navigation 2 Wis-2
Starship Sensors 1 Int-1
Starship Weaponry Alteration 15 Dex-15 phase discriminators, hit cloaked ships, etc.
Starship Weaponry Operation 8 Dex-8
Starship Weaponry Technology 16 Int-16
Taunt 10 Chr-10 can direct at someone else for extra difficulty
Technician - Deactivate Alarms/Defense 4 Dex-4
Technician - Detect Alarms / Defenses 2 Chr-2
Technician - Opening Locks 1 Dex-1
Technician - Operating Machinery 1 Str-1
Technician - Repairing Machinery 1 Con-1
Technobabble Sense 15 Int-15 Can understand or generate a horrific Technobabble spew
Thrown Weapons 1 Dex-1
Transporter Operational Procedures 2 Wis-2
Trivia 1 Int-1
Understand Alien Technology 15 Wis-15 Understand some alien/high-tech system which you have no right to comprehend
Vehicle Operation 3 Dex-3
Warp Drive Technology 8 Int-8
Warp Field Manipulation 10 Int-10 lets you do funky warp-field manipulations
Water Vehicle Operation 2 Wis-2
Zero-G Operation 2 Con-2

[P8] Proficiencies, Nonweapon

[P8.9] Non-Weapon Proficiencies - BlahR Evasion

There is an Adventuring Proficiency for each Resistance type ("MR Evasion", "WR Evasion", etc.).
Here's which ability score each "blahR" lines up with for purposes of that blahR's "Evasion" proficiency check.
MIRef is "Magic or Innate Reflection". "PRRef" is "Psionic or Radiation Reflection".
It requires 1V action to use an Evasion proficiency. This 1V action does not count against the limit of 1P+1M+1V for the segment. Roll a check, each -1 you make by reduces the target's rating by 5% this segment for your effects.
There is currently no "GR Evasion" or Evasion for irreducible types.
blahR: WR ER aWR, MIRef aER, PRRef aRR RR MR, SR aMR PR, PowR aPR aIR IR XR
Ability Score: Str:Ef Str:Mu Dex:Co Dex:Ba Con:Fi Con:He Int:Kn Int:Re Wis:In Wis:Wi Chr:Pr Chr:Ld HNCL