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[S2.2] Level 2 Wizard Spells pg 2
[S2.3] Level 3 Wizard Spells pg 2
[S3.2] Level 2 Priest Spells pg 3
[S3.3] Level 3 Priest Spells pg 3
[P21] Jedi/Sith Fighting Styles pg 4-17
[D3.801] Timeline pg 18

[S2.2] Level 2 Wizard Spells

# Name School Effect Source New?
1 Continual Light Alt Magical light (permanent); can blind if targetted (Spell save) {1 target} RC0
2 Detect Invisible Div See all invisible creatures and objects for 6 turns RC0
3 Hurkyl's Recall Enc Unequip all items on target (save for each item) [or] target item is unequipped (no save) MTG 8.01
4 Invisibility Ill Invisibility; attacking ends spell {Touch, 1 target} RC0
5 Knock Alt Opens a normal or magically locked door RC0
6 Levitate Alt Can levitate up/down at normal movement rate {self only} RC0
7 Locate Object Div Locate one object within 60'+10*CL' RC0
8 Mirror Image Ill Creates 1d4 images of yourself {self only} RC0
9 Monster Summoning II Cnj Summons a DL II monster PH2
10 Phantasmal Force Ill Illusion; Can duplicate a SL=1 spell or DL=1 monster; disappears if hit/disbelieved RC0
11 Protection from Paralysis Abj Immune to paralysis, slow, hold {Touch, 1 creature} TM2
12 Shatter Alt Object(s) destroyed (save vs. crushing blow) {1 group} PH2
13 Snilloc's Snowball Swarm Evo CLd4 cold dmg {1 group} FRA
14 Web Evo Save & Str check: Miss 1 = Slow; Miss 2 = Held {1 group} RC0
15 Wizard Lock Alt Magically locks a door, need to be 3 levels/HD higher than CL to open it (Wizard Lock still there, though) RC0

[S2.3] Level 3 Wizard Spells

# Name School Effect Source New?
1 Anti-Magic Aura Abj You have hexproof (can't be the target of enemies' spells or effects) MTG 8.01
2 Blightning Bolt Inv CLd6 vile lightning dmg {group; save:1/2} DM 8.01
3 Colorless Fireball Inv CLd4 colorless fire dmg (no save) and Sporacle (Random Status Effect) (save) {group} DM 8.01
4 Controlled Blink Alt 0, 1/r: Controlled Blink up to 30' away DM
5 Dispel Magic Abj Dispels magic, (20+CL-enemyCL)*5% in area or auto 1 effect RC0
6 Fly Alt Fly at 12" for 1d6+CL t RC0
7 Haste Alt +1S, +1V {party} PH1
8 Monster Summoning III Cnj Summons a DL III monster PH2
9 Nondetection Abj Hides subject from divination, scrying. PH2&3
10 Protection from Elements Abj Absorb 12 damage/level from one kind of energy. PH3
11 Put Out of Misery Nec Target being at negative hp that would die if unattended is slain (no save) DM
12 Suggestion Enc Compels subject to follow stated course of action (CL Will saves) PH2&3
13 Tongues Alt;Div Speak any language. PH2&3
14 Water Breathing Alt One target can breathe underwater for 1d RC0
15 Wraithform Alt;Ill Target becomes ethereal; need +1 weapon to hit PH2

[S3.2] Level 2 Priest Spells

# Name Sphere Effect Source New?
1 Aid Hea Bless (+1 TH); +8 current hp for 1 turn (can above max) {Touch, 1 creature} UA1
2 Animal Summoning II Sum, Ani Summons a DL II animal PH2
3 Bless All Friends get +1 TH/dmg for 6t RC0
4 Cure Moderate Wounds Hea Cure 17 hp {Touch, 1 creature} DM
5 Disenchant MetaM Dispel one magic effect [or] destroy one magic item {item save} [or] turn off one magic item for 1 turn {no save} MTG 8.01
6 Goodberry Hea,Pla Creates 8 goodberries (each cures 1 dmg) PH2
7 Heat Metal Ele Metal object (or person in metal armor) takes 1 cumulative dmg /segment for CL r RC0
8 Hold Person Cha Hold (PPD save) {1-4 creatures} RC0
9 Know Alignment Div Detect alignment 10' on 1 creature, object, or effect RC0
10 Lesser Restoration Hea Restores temporary lowering of 1 ability score {Touch, 1 creature} PH3
11 Produce Fire Ele Fire from hands (CL dmg to your group, excluding yourself) RC0
12 Resist Fire/Resist Cold Pro, Ele Resist Fire or Resist Cold RC0
13 Silence 15' Radius Gua Silence. If cast upon an object and the object moves, the silence moves with it (just like a light spell). The reverse dispels silence and has no V component (only S). {1 group} RC0
14 Speak with Animal Ani Speak with one type of animal for 6t RC0
15 Warp Wood Pla Warps wood; Can affect CL size S objects (size M counts as 2, size L counts as 4) RC0

[S3.3] Level 3 Priest Spells

# Name Sphere Effect Source New?
1 Animal Summoning III Sum, Ani Summons a DL III animal PH2
2 Call Blightning Wea Vile Lightning 4d8 dmg {1 group, no save} DM 8.01
3 Choose Future Numbers Next die roll you roll twice and choose result TM2
4 Cure Blindness Nec, Hea Cure Blindness RC0
5 Cure Disease Nec, Hea Cure Disease (incl. Mummy Rot or Green Slime); at CL=11 can Cure Lycanthropy RC0
6 Cure Serious Wounds Hea Cure 27 hp {Touch, 1 creature} DM
7 Goodberry Golem III Pla; Hea Summons a DL III Goodberry Golem (300 goodberries) DM
8 Growth of Animal Ani Double an animal's size; it does x2 dmg for 12t; Animal Summons have 20 rhp RC0
9 Negative Plane Protection Nec;Pro Stops one negative energy attack PH2
10 Neutralize Poison Hea;Nec Detoxifies venom in or on subject. PH2&3
11 Pariah Pro; Sum All damage that would be dealt to you is dealt to enchanted summon instead. MTG 8.01
12 Protection From Fire Pro;Ele Immune normal fire; Absorb 12*CL dmg fire (or) Resist Fire PH2
13 Remove Curse Nec, Hea Remove Curse RC0
14 Speak with the Dead Div, Nec Corpse answers three questions truthfully. RC0
15 Striking Com Weapon gets +3/+3 DM

[P21] Jedi/Sith Fighting Styles

Each Jedi/Sith fighter style costs a number of nonweapon and weapon proficiencies (seen in table below), and 0 (zero) kit slots. You must also have access and a progression in Psi19.
Jedi/Sith To Hit, Damage, and # Attacks bonuses do combine with Weapon Specialization.
How to read the [P21.1] Jedi/Sith Fighting Styles table:
Att: Lists the number of attacks in physical combat. For weapons, subtract 1, and applying it as a bonus; e.g. a rate of "3/2" above would give +1/2 on number of attacks for weapons.
dmg: Lists the die type adjustment in unarmed combat or when using a grafted weapon. It may be applied to other weapons (including missile weapons) only if the "Increase Weapon Damage" power is gained.
AC: AC bonus; cumulative with armor.
Type: Lists "h" for "hard", "h/s" for "hard/soft", and "s" for "soft".

[P21.1] Jedi/Sith Fighting Styles

Style Nonweapon Prof Weapon Prof Att dmg AC Type M/P Move Wpn
Form I: Shii-Cho 8 0 1/1 d+20 +7 s 6 2 0
Form II: Makashi 12 0 3/2 d+8 +5 h/s 0 0 0
Form III: Soresu 8 3 1/1 d+4 +15 s 8 3 0
Form IV: Ataru 4 6 5/2 d-2 -1 h 2 3 4
Form V: Shien / Djem So 8 3 2/1 d+6 +6 h/s 5 2 2
Form VI: Niman 5 5 3/2 d+6 +10 h/s 4 3 3
Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad 0 9 2/1 d+10 -3 h 1 1 6
Sokan 16 14 3/1 d+5 +13 s 7 11 3
Jar'Kai 14 16 5/2 d+5 +11 h/s 5 7 11
Trākata 17 13 7/2 d+1 +5 s 11 9 5
Trispzest 18 13 3/1 d+3 +2 s 9 9 5

[P21.2] Jedi/Sith Maneuvers (preliminary)

Maneuver (Talent) Type Method Prerequisites Action Description SW-Saga-
Acrobatic Recovery DC 20 Acrobatics to not fall prone CR 40
Action Exchange Force Delay when you use Force Delay, grant 1 ally in 6sq & LOS to trade a move action for a stan action K 57
Adept Negotiator 1S Persuasion check v. Will Def (+5 bonus if opp higher level), moves -1 down track, if at end, cannot attack unless attacked or allies attacked CR 39
Adept Spellcaster 1Z reroll any force power as a full-round action CR 107
Advantageous Strike +5 Atk with Atk of Opp with melee K 47
Adversary Lore 1S Use the Force v. Will Def in 12 sq & LOS for target -2 Ref Def J 14
Affliction when you damage an opponent with a Force power, opponent takes +2d6 dam at start of next turn K 40
Aggressive Negotiator Adept Negotiator when you damage an opponent with lightsaber, can take 10 on Persuasion checks L 26
Akk Dog Attack Training Akk Dog Master your akk dog follower gains Powerful Charge feat C 57
Akk Dog Master gain 1 akk dog follower w/Power Attack feat, your force powers can target akk dog (one toward max) C 57
Akk Dog Trainer's Actions Akk Dog Master 1S if you atk: if akk dog adjacent to target dam = d6+Str mod & part of your atk for DR, akk dog can charge (both -5 atk & replaces charge mod), if you hit akk dog +2 next atk v. target C 57
Apprentice Boon 1bS add your Force Point result to an ally w/in 12 sq with a Use the Force modifier lower than yours J 19
Armor Mastery Ref Def bonus = HL + 1/2 armor bonus or armor bonus, counts as Armored & Improved Armored Def L 45
Armored Augmentation I AP of armor 1Z 1/encounter add armor bonus to Ref Def to thresh until end of encounter L 45
Armored Augmentation II Armored Augmentation I* also gain DR = 2 x armor's equipment bonus to Fort Def L 45
At Peace +2 all Def until end of encounter or until you attack C 53
Ataru may add Dex mod on damage or double Dex bonus if two-handed instead of Str CR 218
Attune Armor 1Z armor bonus +2, Dex bonus improves +1 CR 107
Attune Weapon 1Z +1 Atk with melee weapon CR 214
Attuned Focused Attack 1Z when you roll nat 20 on attack v. opp with Dark Side 1+ can activate any power with [light side] C 53
Aura of Freedom +5 on skill or grapple checks to all allies w/in 6 sq, can spend FP to negate an ally moved against will J 73
Aversion 1Z until end of encounter all squares within 2sq are difficult terrain for enemies C 53
Bando Gora Surge if you move up track, gain hp = 5 + HL C 55
Battle Meditation 1F allies within 6 squares get +1 Atk for encounter if within 6 squares CR 40
Battlefield Medic Steady Under Pressure first aid as stan not full F 54
Beast Trick can use mind trick on beast Int 2 or less, cannot perform or understand complex directions K 53
Believer Intuition 1bS if successfully attacked, Use the Force v. attack to add Cha mod to Ref Def C 56
Block 1bS negate melee attack with Use the Force check, DC = Atk roll, -5 every time used in round must have activated lightsaber, aware and not flat-footed, FP for adjacent character. CR 41
Body Control add Cha mod instead of Con mod to Fort Def, can spend FP to become immune to poison, radiation & disease until end of enc J 81
Bonded Mount Charm Beast 1F mount shares an empathic link, when you ride your mount has your Ref & Will Def, you gain senses J 18
Bring Them Back revivify on a target that has died a number of rounds = half heroic level F 54
Brutal Unarmed Strike Telekinetic Strike reroll any damage dice that has a "1" as a result J 89
Buried Presence 1S immune to Force detection for 1 hour, may use as a reac v. Sense Force F 92
Call Weapon call & ignite a lightsaber you built as a free action if in LOS J 19
Cause Mutation Sith Alchemy transform to Sith Abomination (J22) or Chrysalis Beast (J133), domesticated for you, days = new CL J 21
Channel Aggression Atk vs. flanked opp or one denied Dex to Def, extra dam = 1d6 per class lvl (10d6 max CR 213
Channel Anger Channel Aggression 1Z +2 melee Atk & damage for rounds equal to 5 + Con mod, then move down one on track, no patience CR 213
Channel Energy Negate energy 1bS convert energy to activate any power in your suite J 16
Channel Vitality 1Z move -1 down track to gain 1 Force Point until the end of your turn J 18
Charm Beast UseForce replaces Persuasion w/animal Int 2 or less, -5 if animal doesn't understand doesn't apply J 18
Charm Beast UseForce replaces Persuasion w/animal Int 2 or less, -5 if animal doesn't understand doesn't apply CR 107
Charm Beast UseForce replaces Persuasion w/animal Int 2 or less, -5 if animal doesn't understand doesn't apply CR 107
Cleanse Mind 1Z once per turn you can remove an ongoing mind-affecting effect from 1 ally in LOS F 24
Clear Mind may reroll Use the Force check to avoid detection CR 40
Cloak of Shadow 1Z until end of encounter when you move 3 sq from start you gain concealment from all targets L 57
Close Maneuvering 1Z 1/turn designate a target, your move does not provoke Atk of Opp from target if you move adjacent R 23
Closed Mind mind-affecting effects must be rolled twice against you taking the lower result J 18
Collective Visions Farseeing other Force-users with farseeing can aid another as a reac within 6sq K 24
Combat Trance battle strike applies to the first attack you make each round until the end of the encounter J 21
Combustion Force Training 1Z +1d6 fire dam to any force power that affects a single target & catches it on fire J 85
Command Beast Charm Beast treat animal as domesticated and can Ride CR 107
Command Beast Charm Beast treat animal as domesticated and can Ride CR 107
Conceal Another Buried Presence you can use Buried Presence or Vanish on one extra person F 92
Conceal Force Use 1Z with Use the Force to make a Deception check to conceal the effects of your Force use K 58
Consular's Vitality 1Z 1/round grant one ally in 12 sq & LOS hp = 5+Cha mod, you take -5 Use the Force until next turn C 22
Consular's Wisdom Adept Negotiator 1Z 1/encounter 1 ally in LOS, until end of encounter ally adds your Wis bonus to Will Def L 26
Consumed by Darkness 1Z take -5 to Will Def for +2 Atk C 53
Cortosis Defense +2 on opposed unarmed melee attack roll v. lightsaber L 45
Cortosis Gauntlet Block AP (light, medium) can use Block with cortosis gauntlets, deactivates lightsabers on successful Block L 27
Cortosis Retaliation Cortosis Defense when you successfully parry lightsaber atk you may make immediate atk v. attacker L 45
Cover Escape when you successfully spend FP to negate atk with Negate or Block ally can move 2 sq w/no AofO GW 18
Cover Your Tracks Gather Information checks against you are -5 L 41
Cower Enemies Force Interrogation Persuasion to intimidate 6sq cone not single target. F 42
Crippling Strike Channel Aggression on a Crit, can reduce target speed by half until fully healed CR 213
Crucial Advice 1/encounter reroll failed skill check with +2 J 17
Cycle of Harmony Tyia Adept ally in 12 sq & LOS takes dam or moves down track another ally w/in 12 & LOS gets hp = 5 + Cha mod J 87
Damage Reduction 10 1S DR 10 for one minute CR 101
Dampen Presence 1Z Use the Force v. Will Def it does not remember interacting with you (+5 if opp higher level) F 24
Dark Deception with attempts to sense you with force you can act as if Dark Side = Wis, Deception is a class skill K 39
Dark Healing 1S life from creature w/in 6 squares, ranged Atk v. target's Fort Def, deals & heals d6 dam per class level CR 223
Dark Healing Field Improved Dark Healing* life from 3 creatures w/in 12sq, 1/encounter UtF if = Fort target d6 dam per class level & you heal half if attack fails target takes half dam & you heal that amount K 40
Dark Presence Cha 13, Power of the Dark Side 1S you and allies within 6 squares +1 Def until end of encounter as long as conscious CR 101
Dark Preservation Power of the Dark Side increase Dark Side Score by one to stop moving down track L 55
Dark Retaliation Sentinel Strike once an encounter activate a force power as a reaction if targeted by dark side power K 25
Dark Scourge +1 Atk v. Jedi CR 223
Dark Side Adept reroll any Dark side skill CR 223
Dark Side Bane Dark Side Sense damage dealing Force power against creature with Dark Side Score 1+ deal dam = Cha mod (min 1) L 27
Dark Side Manipulation 1/encounter when you spend a Force Point & get a dark side point, treat the FP as if rolled the max K 59
Dark Side Master Dark Side Adept reroll any Dark side skill CR 223
Dark Side Savant 1Z 1/encounter return one dark side power to suite without Force Point J 16
Dark Side Scourge Dark Side Sense extra damage on melee attacks v. Dark Side equal to Cha mod (min +1) CR 40
Dark Side Sense may reroll Use the Force check to sense Dark Side CR 40
Dark Side Talisman 1F +2 on one Def against light-side powers J 17
Deception Awareness Will Def +5 v. Deception, UtF replaces Perception to sense deception & influence, considered trained K 61
Defense Boost 1Z DC 15 Use the Force to gain +1 Fort Def until end of encounter, or DC 20 for +1 all Def C 56
Defensive Acuity when you fight defensively you deal +1 die dam with lightsaber & +2 to Block & Deflect L 27
Defensive Circle Battle Meditation, Block or Deflect, Jedi Battle Commander 1Z you & allies affected by Battle Med +2 Ref Def, you +1 on UtF to Block/Deflect for ea adjacent ally K 39
Deflect 1bS negate ranged attack with Use the Force check, DC = Atk roll, -5 every time used in round must have activated lightsaber, aware and not flat-footed, vs. autofire = 1/2 or no damage spend a Force Point for an adjacent character. CR 41
Desperate Measures Focus Terror 1Z 1/encounter all allies w/in 12 sq & LOS may make an immediate atk at -5 L 43
Detonate Force blast Use the Force v. Ref Def in 2sq of target of Force blast, they take full or half dam F 93
Difficult to Sense reroll opposed Use the Force check to conceal presence L 41
Direct 1S return one Force power to any ally within 6 sq & LOS (one ally spent) C 41
Dirty Tricks Deception skill 2Z can use feint as 2swif against opp you threaten K 47
Discblade Arc 1F make area atk with discblade v. 3 targets if all in PB range, make 1 attack roll J 91
Disciplined Strike area effect can exclude a number of targets = to Wis mod CR 100
Distant Discblade Throw proficient discblade treat thrown discblade as pistol for range J 91
Distracting Apparition Manifest Guardian Spirit any enemy w/in 3 sq -2 Will Def & -2 atk v. you J 17
Djem So once per round if hit in melee, make an immediate attack against opponent CR 218
Drain Force Affliction 1bS once per encounter when you damage a Force-sensitive opp regain 1 force power & target loses 1 FP K 40
Drain Knowledge 1S drain knowledge by touch (DC=Will Def), gain trained skill or SF if own skill, target down track, DSP T 30
Droid Duelist 1Z opponent is flat-footed against your next attack with a lightsaber before end of your next turn J 79
Dual Weapon Flourish I Dual Weapon Mastery I, Weapon Finesse 1S with 2 light melee or lightsabers & single atk with one you get free atk with other K 47
Dual Weapon Flourish II Dual Weapon Mastery I, II, Dual Weapon Flourish I, Master of Elegance, Weapon Finesse with 2 light melee or lightsabers make full atk as stan as long as you use both weapons, 1 per turn K 47
Earth Buckle 1Z create 3x3 sq difficult terrain around you & you ignore difficult terrain you create J 85
Echani Expertise BAB +10 unarmed increase crit range by 1 GW 32
Echoes of the Force use farseeing on a location & standing in location viewed, DC 20 + 1 per day into the past J 20
Elusive Target if in a melee, ranged attacks are -10 not -5 CR 40
Embrace Dark Side Channel Anger* reroll Dark side skills/Use the Force, no longer able to use light side CR 213
Emergency Team allies automatically aid another F 54
Empower Siang Lance 1F +1 die damage R 37
Empower Weapon 1Z +1 die damage CR 214
Enhanced Danger Sense +10 Perception to avoid being surprised, spend FP to act in surprise round even if surprised J 75
Enhanced Vision Perception as swif not stan C 47
Entreat Aid 1Z 1/turn one adjacent ally to aid another as reac to assist you if they have not aided already L 26
Entreat Beast Charm Beast 1Z Use the Force v. Will Def of indifferent or better beast to perform a minor task within 30 sq, see J18 J 18
Equilibrium 1Z remove debilitating condition affecting you and return to normal, inc. up to top of track CR 101
Esoteric Technique when you spend a Force Point to activate a technique or secret you gain hp = 10 + class level J 18
Expanded Horizon with Search Your Feelings can sense consequences 1 hour in future, spend FP for 8 hours, DP 24 hrs J 75
Exposing Strike when you dam opp w/lightsaber, can spend FP to make opponent flat-footed until end of your next turn C 22
Extra First Aid you can perform first aid one additional time a day on a target F 54
Feel the Force 1S ignore all concealment for 1 minute F 88
Field Detection Use the Force skill 1Z DC15 can detect presence, general strength, & origin of energy fields within 12sq, reduce shields by 5 K 60
Flight Adept Spellcaster 1Z fly speed double land speed, ascend 1/2 speed, descend double speed, until next turn CR 107
Fluidity UtF for Acrobatics & can reroll UtF if can reroll Acrobatics, spend FP to be one size larger w/grapple J 85
Flurry of Blows multiple unarmed atk with full atk have penalty reduced by 2, can be taken multiple times GW 33
Focus Terror 1Z 1/encounter all allies w/in 12 sq & LOS move +2 up track but are -2 atk & skills for rounds = CL L 43
Focused Attack reroll an attack against opponent with Dark Side score 1+ C 53
Focused Force Talisman Force Talisman select a single Force power & if you use power spend Force Point to return all spent uses to suite C 40
Folded Space Mastery Fold space Use the Force replaces Use Computer to astrogate if you move object of sufficient size, no hyperdrive J 73
Force Cloak 1Z blocks electronic surveillance until next turn or spending standard action CR 107
Force Cloak Mastery Force Cloak expands bubble to number of creatures = to character level CR 107
Force Deception Use the Force replaces Deception, considered trained CR 223
Force Delay Persuasion skill 1bS 1/encounter Persuasion v. Will Def of Int 3 or higher & understand, target loses move, FP for stan K 57
Force Direction always add +3 to ranged attacks with a Force Point (+4 with d8s) K 58
Force Exertion Force Training 1bS designate one force power, remove one power for the designated power, you -1 down track for 1 min F 88
Force Fighter if you spend a Force Point to add to an attack roll, heal hp = Force Point result C 56
Force Flow when you roll a natural 1 on Atk or Use the Force roll gain +1 FP until end of encounter K 52
Force Focus 1F DC15 Use the Force, regain one Force Power CR 101
Force Fortification negates crit, take normal damage CR 218
Force Harmony 1/encounter activate a Force talent that requires a Force Point without spending one J 16
Force Haze Clear Mind 1S hide you and allies equal to class level, Use the Force v. Will, 1min or if attack from haze CR 40
Force Immersion Stealth, White Current Adept sneak from Stealth from electronic devices, use same roll for Perception & Use Computer J 77
Force Interrogation 1Z when you damage an opponent with a Force Power, Persuasion to intimidate F 43
Force Intuition Use the Force instead of Initiative, considered trained CR 40
Force Momentum when you spend a Force Point for a melee attack, add the roll to damage K 58
Force of Will 1Z permanent Will Def +2, give all allies 6sq +2 Will Def for rest of encounter if within 6sq F 24
Force Perception UseForce replaces Perception avoid surprise/notice enemies/sense deception or influence, trained CR 101
Force Persuasion Adept Negotiator Use the Force instead of Persuasion check, considered trained CR 40
Force Pilot Use the Force instead of Pilot, considered trained CR 101
Force Power Adept on a selected Force power, you may reroll Use the Force checks CR 214
Force Recovery Equilibrium with second wind, gain additional hp: d6 per Force Point possessed (10d6 max) CR 101
Force Reflexes Starship Tact, Force Pilot when activating starship maneuver, reroll Pilot Check S 16
Force Repair can use Force Trance & receive vital transfer & gain additional hp = Cha mod (min 1) J 79
Force Revive Battle Meditation, Jedi Battle Commander 1bS ally affected by Battle Med is reduced to 0 hp allows ally to take 2nd Wind as reac & falls uncon K 39
Force Stabilize Tyia Adept 1Z 1/turn ally within 12 sq & LOS can take 2nd Wind if they have not already J 87
Force Suppression rebuke Force power if fail to rebuke, lessen affect by one step, only works with powers with variable effects K 53
Force Talisman 1Z +1 on one Def, can not remake for 24 hours, only one at a time CR 214
Force Throw Empower Weapon 1S if within 6 squares, can pull back as a swift action w/DC20 Use the Force K 38
Force Treatment Use the Force replaces Treat Injury, can treat without a medkit or medpac, considered trained CR 214
Force Treatment Use the Force replaces Treat Injury, considered trained C 41
Force Veil Difficult to Sense the radius to which you can be detected is 10km not 100km L 41
Force Warning allies w/in 12sq can reroll Init, if allies surprised but not you, 1 ally per your Wis mod not surprise K 40
Forceful Warrior with a crit using a lightsaber gain temp Force Point to be used before the end of the encounter F 24
Foresight Force Perception reroll Initiative Check, natural 20 = regain Force Point CR 101
Fortified Body Equilibrium immune to disease, poison and radiation CR 214
Gauge Force Potential Force Perception 1S Use the Force v. Will, detect Force sensitivity, force powers number, Force Points CR 101
Gradual Resistance if take dam from Force power +2 all Def against that power until end of encounter R 23
Greater Dark Side Talisman Dark Side Talisman +2 on all Def against light-side powers J 17
Greater Focused Force Talisman Focused Force Talisman* as Focused Force Talisman but Force Point does not count toward "one per turn" C 40
Greater Force Talisman Force Talisman 1Z +1 on all Def CR 214
Greater Weapon Focus (Fira) Weapon Focus (Fira) fira attack +1 K 61
Greater Weapon Focus (lightsabers) Weapon Focus +1 Atk CR 218
Greater Weapon Specialization (lightsabers) Weapon Specialization +2 damage CR 218
Grenade Defense Use the Force v. grenade atk roll to negate attack, you take -5 penalty on Use the Force until next turn J 14
Guardian Spirit your guardian spirit can tell you the immediate consequences of your actions, gain 1 bonus FP/day after 6 hrs rest to improve Force power or activate technique or secret J 16
Guardian Strike when you dam opp w/lightsaber, target is -2 Atk against anyone but you C 22
Guiding Strikes 1Z allies adjacent to target you dealt dam +2 melee atk v. target R 23
Hardened Strike reduce target's DR by 1 for enc if hit with unarmed atk, does not stack GW 33
Hardiness reduce swif actions to move up track by 1 C 56
Heal Droid Vital transfer can heal droids with vital transfer J 79
Healing Boost Vital transfer damage healed with vital transfer increase by 1 point per class level C 41
Heightened Awareness add Cha bonus to Perception check C 53
High Impact 1Z DC 15 Use the Force to double Str bonus to next melee dam roll C 56
Hijkata Expertise creature or droid damaged by unarmed atk takes penalty on next atk = your Str mod GW 32
Hive Mind telepathy of Use the Force as swif & auto success (no roll) if target is willing recipient in same planet F 93
Hold the Line with a successful attack of opportunity, you stop the target's movement ending its action J 14
Illusion (F87 & J14) Mind Trick 1S Use the Force v. Will Def, see K52 or F87 or J14 K 52
Illusion Bond Illusion can see or hear as if you were standing in the space of your illusion if humanoid J 15
Imbue Item 1F swif to spend stored Force Point, can attune 1 item per 24 hours, only for you & one FP at a time K 58
Immerse Another Stealth, White Current Adept applies to ally also, spend Force Point to all adjacent allies J 77
Immovable 1Z anyone attempting to move you involuntarily is -5 to their check/atk R 23
Impart Knowledge Skilled Advisor 1bS aid on Knowledge checks of ally within 6 sq if you're trained C 41
Impenetrable Cover Maximize Cover if in cover, gain DR = CL provided you still have cover when they attack C 47
Improved Battle Meditation Battle Meditation 1Z react Battle Meditation as swif not full, range 12sq, enemies within radius -1 attack K 25
Improved Consular's Vitality Consular's Vitality when you damage an opponent, use Consular's Vitality as free action C 22
Improved Dark Healing Dark Healing 1S range increases to 12 squares, failure deals and heals 1/2 damage CR 224
Improved Force Sight Force sight, Use the Force skill 1Z can use Search (Perception) as swif, always succeed when using Sense Surroundings (no roll needed) K 60
Improved Healing Boost Healing Boost* damage healed with vital transfer increase by 2 points per class level C 41
Improved Lightsaber Throw Lightsaber Throw 1S make a single ranged atk & compare to Ref Def of all targets in 6sq line, half on miss, DC20 return F 43
Improved Quick Draw (lightsabers) Quick Draw, WF (lightsabers) can draw ignite & attack with lightsaber even if surprised, can draw & ignite lightsaber as free K 40
Improved Redirect Deflect, Redirect Shot once per turn when you redirect an attack do not count the initial deflect penalty K 39
Improved Riposte Block, Riposte when you make a riposte do not count the initial block penalty K 39
Improved Sentinel Strike increase damage dice to d8 not d6 K 39
Improved Sentinel's Gambit Sentinel's Gambit can use Sentinel's Gambit an additional number of times per encounter = half class level K 39
Improvised Weapon Master no penalty on improvised weapons J 21
Incite Rage 1Z 1/encounter all allies w/in 12 sq & LOS +1 rage bonus on atk but -2 Ref Def until end of encounter L 43
Indomitable Will 1S immune to all mind-affecting effects 1 minute F 88
Influence Savant 1Z 1/encounter can return 1 Force mind-affecting force power w/out FP J 15
Infuse Weapon 1F weapon's DR doubled, lightsabers do not ignore, with Force Point on attack add 2xFP result to dam F 93
Initiate of Vahl take half dam from heat or fire or no damage on a miss L 58
Inquisition +1 attack rolls & +1 die damage vs. Force Sensitives F 43
Insight of the Force Use the Force replaces Knowledge if not trained, considered trained C 41
Insightful Aim WP (pistols or rifles) 1Z substitute Use the Force mod for ranged attack bonus until next turn F 92
Instinctive Navigation Force Pilot Use the Force replaces Use Computer for astrogation J 17
Invisible Attacker Maximize Cover if target is unaware of you, +1 die dam from ranged C 47
Jar'Kai Lightsaber Def, Niman twice Lightsaber deflection bonus with two lightsabers CR 218
Jedi Battle Commander Battle Meditation your Battle Meditation grants +2 to attack not +1 K 39
Jedi Network includes Acquire Equipment or Funds, Obtain Info, Receive Medical Attention, Secure Safe House L 42
Jedi Quarry 1Z +2 speed if you end move adjacent to target J 20
Juyo BAB +10, Weapon Specialization* 1Z once per encounter, single enemy in LOS, may reroll your first Atk roll, keeping best CR 218
Knight's Morale when ally w/in 12 sq hits with lightsaber you gain +1 all Def until end of your next turn L 45
Know Weakness Adversary Lore target of Adversary Lore takes +1d6 dam from successful attacks J 14
Knowledge and Defense Enhanced Danger Sense add Wis bonus to Ref Def if denied Dex J 75
Knowledge of the Force 1bS aid an ally in 6sq on Use the Force K 58
Krath Illusions Illusion 1Z reduce penalty for large illusions by one half (min -1) K 60
Krath Intuition once per encounter treat damage from a Sith alchemical weapon as if you rolled max on Force Point K 60
Krath Surge 1Z once per encounter add 1 die dam or extend range 6sq, adds "dark side" to descriptor K 60
K'tara Expertise 1/turn creature or droid damaged by unarmed atk, disarm as swif, do not take -5 if in two hands GW 33
K'thri Expertise any enemy adjacent takes dam = your Str mod (min 1) if you can make Atk of Opp if you're in light or no armor GW 33
Liberate Aura of Freedom 1Z one ally w/in 12 sq & LOS that is grabbed etc & release them & can move half spd as reac w/no AoO J 73
Lightsaber Defense 1Z +1 to Ref Def, must have activated lightsaber, aware and not flat-footed, +3 max CR 41
Lightsaber Form Savant 1Z 1/encounter return 1 lightsaber form to suite w/out spending FP J 19
Lightsaber Specialist Masterwork Lightsaber +2 Block & Deflect with a lightsaber you built J 19
Lightsaber Throw 1S if within 6 squares, can pull back as a swift action w/DC20 Use the Force CR 41
Link 1S 1 ally w/in 12 sq & LOS & trained in UtF, as long as w/in 12 sq can aid another as a reac, -5 other UtF J 15
Linked Defense 1Z take up to -5 on Atk to give up to +5 Ref Def to ally in LOS CR 107
Luka Sene Master Field Detection, farseeing 1/encounter gain temp FP to spend w/ Luka Sene or Sense talents, to Search Feelings or Sense Force K 60
Makashi Lightsaber Defense lightsaber defense bonus increase by 2 (max of 5) CR 218
Manifest Guardian Spirit 1Z guardian spirit present for enc w/in 6 sq of you, as long as w/in 12 sq you: +1 atk, +2 UtF, +2 Will Def you can move spirit 6 sq as swif action 1/turn J 17
Many Shades of the Force Force Training one force power no longer has dark or light side descriptor J 73
Mark the Target 1Z when you damage target with non-area atk, 1 ally in LOS treats target as if flat-footed C 47
Martial Resurgence recover all Force powers on a nat 20 on an unarmed attack J 89
Mask Presence 1Z become immune to Sense Force & appear to be normal droid until you use the Force J 79
Masquerade Illusion Use the Force = Deception for creating deceptive appearance J 15
Master Advisor Skilled Advisor ally you use Skilled Advisor with gains Force Point to be spent before end of encounter C 41
Master Negotiator Adept Negotiator target moves two steps down the track CR 40
Master of Elegance Dual or Single Weapon Flourish I, Weapon Finesse add Dex to melee dam with light melee weapon, double if two-handed K 47
Master of the Great Hunt +1 atk & +1 die dam v. beast with Dark Side Score of 1+ J 14
Masterwork Lightsaber add one extra accessory, reroll one die of dam if you built, mentor another building (-5 their DC) J 19
Maximize Cover if opponent use aim to negate cover, Stealth v. attacker's Initiative to retain cover C 47
Medical Miracle 1S DC20 Treat Injury on adjacent, target uses second wind even if above half hp F 54
Mind Probe 1F touch & creature must have Int 3+, Use the Force v. Will Def if unwilling as Gather Info J 18
Mobile Attack (lightsabers) Multiattack Prof, Dual Weapon Mastery I, WF (lightsabers) immediately after making a full atk with two lightsabers you may move your speed as free action K 39
Mobile Combatant 1Z when you end movement next to opponent & they withdraw, you can move with them F 24
Mobile Whirlwind Seyugi Cyclone can move speed after Whirlwind Attack J 83
Motion of the Future Force Perception 1Z uses farseeing from your suite, before end of your next turn force attacker to reroll atk & keep second J 17
Move Massive Object Telekinetic Power, move object use move object to make area attack = L 2x2, H 3x3, G 4x4 C 6x6, compare Use the Force to Ref Def L 55
Multiattack Proficiency (advanced melee weapons) reduce Atk penalty by 2 K 47
Multiattack proficiency (lightsabers) reduces penalty by 2, can be taken multiple CR 218
Mystic Mastery when you gain a level you get bonus Force Points = number of Force Talents (6 max) J 18
Natural Healing can make Treat Injury checks without medical kit with natural substitutes F 54
Niman +1 Ref and Will Def with lightsaber CR 218
Oath of Duty when ally w/in 12 sq hits with lightsaber you gain hp = 3 x class level L 45
Out of Nowhere Deception skill, Weapon Finesse 1Z once per encounter make an attack with light melee or lightsaber after a successful feint K 47
Past Visions Visions when using farseeing to look in the past, DCs are halved, can see within 6sq without a Force Point K 58
Perfect Attunement Masterwork Lightsaber if you spend a Force Point on a lightsaber atk you built you can also add that amount to damage J 19
Perfect Telepathy you can communicate in full sentences & complete thoughts, subject no change J 18
Persistent Haze Force Haze* if someone attacks, they lose concealment but no one else does SV 13
Phantasm 1Z with a successful mind-affecting Force power you & allies in target's LOS gain concealment v. target L 57
Physical Surge when you roll an Initiative check at beginning of enc you can spend a swif immediately regardless J 81
Planetary Attunement on new planet 10 min to acclimate & on planet +2 all Def against natural hazards, spd +1 sq, sense weather for 24 hours as full-round J 75
Power of Hatred Incite Rage 1Z 1/encounter all allies in LOS with less than half hp gains hp = CL L 43
Power of the Dark Side when spending a Force Point on an Atk, reroll die, Dark Side Score +1 CR 101
Praetoria Ishu Block, Deflect may use Block & Deflect to protect adjacent ally L 45
Praetoria Vonil Weapon Focus (lightsabers) with lightsaber in two hands +1 die dam if you move at least 1 sq on your turn before your attack L 45
Precise Direct Redirect Shot whenever you successfully redirect a blaster bolt and hit, you deal +1 die dam R 24
Precision 1S against adjacent opponent with lightsaber atk if hit target's speed reduced 2 squares (end your turn) L 27
Precognitive Meditation 1/day spend 10 min & once later in day negate an attack as long as not nat 20, if don't use regain FP J 75
Prepared for Danger spend a remaining farseeing power to regain any other force power J 20
Prime Targets when you hit w/lightsaber if target has not attacked since end of your last turn, deal +1 die dam GW 18
Primitive Block Empower Weapon negate melee attack with Use the Force check, DC = Atk roll, -5 every time used in round must have empowered weapon, aware and not flat-footed, FP for adjacent character K 38
Progenitor's Call once per encounter Use the Force v. Will Def, move target down track & they lose stan K 61
Protective Reaction Akk Dog Master when you are targeted by an adjacent enemy it provokes and Atk of Opp from your akk dog C 57
Psychic Citadel Will Def bonus = your class level J 18
Psychic Defenses Psychic Citadel when targeted by mind-affecting powers they automatically take dam = 1d6 x your Wis mod (min x1) J 18
Psychometry farseeing, Force Perception can target object you hold, up to 5 years per level C 53
Punishing Strike 1/turn when you score an unarmed crit, make an immediate unarmed atk against target in reach, if you're in light or no armor GW 33
Quick Modification Masterwork Lightsaber spend 1 min removing an accessory & adding another on a lightsaber you built J 19
Quickseeing farseeing, Use the Force skill 1Z Use the Force against living creature w/in 12sq, remove farseeing, v. Will Def, for +2 Atk v. target K 60
Rapid Alchemy 1S +2 atk with melee weapon, 1/encounter lose bonus as free for +5 on single damage roll J 21
Reading the Flame Initiate of Vahl reroll Use the Force to Search Your Feelings or farseeing L 58
Reap Retribution if take dam from Force power you deal +2 dam against that creature until end of encounter R 23
Rebound Leap make Jump check as free when reduce opponent to 0 hp & can use surge J 89
Rebuke the Dark if dark side power, roll two dice for rebuke attempt & take best K 39
Recall regain 2 Force Powers when Force Point is spent to regain a power R 23
Recall Discblade proficient discblade 1Z DC 15 Use the Force to recall discblade J 91
Redirect Shot Deflect, BAB +5 once per round, not autofire or other projectiles CR 41
Regimen Aptitude Force Regimen Mastery +5 bonus on skill checks made to perform a Force Regimen J 18
Renew Vision 1Z once per encounter, can regain all expended uses of farseeing power K 25
Repel Discord 1bS when targeted by dark side power you can give penalty to their UtF = Dark Side score J 87
Repelling Whirlwind Seyugi Cyclone +2 Ref Def v. target hit by Whirlwind Attack until start of your next turn J 83
Resilience 1F move +2 steps up condition track CR 40
Resist Enervation if you would move down track, spend Force Point to negate movement C 56
Resist the Dark Side Dark Side Sense +5 Force bonus to all Def scores against Dark Side skills from dark force-user CR 41
Revelation 1S target loses concealment bonus to Ref Def if Use the Force beats Will Def L 58
Revenge Dark Presence* +2 Atk & Dam if an ally of equal or higher level dies or reduced to 0 hp in LOS CR 101
Ride the Current 1bS reaction to damage gain total concealment until end of your next turn & may take 2nd Wind if didn't J 77
Riposte Block, BAB +5 1bS once an encounter make a lightsaber attack v. opponent you Block (not v. area attacks) K 25
Scholarly Knowledge 1Z reroll Knowledge if you're trained in that Knowledge C 41
Second Chance Steady Under Pressure if you fail Treat Injury check, patient does not take any additional damage F 54
Sense Deception Use the Force replaces Will Def against Deception or Persuasion J 20
Sentinel Strike when you attack flat-footed opponent with a damage dealing Force power or lightsaber add +d6 dam K 25
Sentinel's Gambit 1Z 1/encounter enemy with Dark Side score 1+, enemy loses Dex to Def v. your atk until next turn K 25
Sentinel's Observation if have concealment v. target, can spend FP for +2 atk v. that target C 22
Severing Strike if dam over current hp & threshold, then deal half dam, move down track and sever CR 218
Seyugi Cyclone if wielding no weapons (gloves or gauntlets) can use Whirlwind Attack until start of your next turn J 83
Shadow Armor Cloak of Shadow 1Z +1 Force bonus to Ref Def until start of your next turn L 58
Shadow Vision 1Z gain low-light vision, lasts 5 min or until end of encounter whichever comes first L 58
Share Force Secret at least 1 Force Secret 1Z 1/turn grant use of Force Secret to ally w/in 12 sq & trained in Use the Force J 19
Share Force Technique at least 1 Technique 1Z 1/turn grant use of Force Technique to ally w/in 12 sq & trained in Use the Force, not FP Recovery J 20
Share Talent at least 1 from special 1S 1/day grant use of Lightsaber Combat or Forms, Duelist until end of enc if w/in 12 sq to allies = 1/2 cl J 20
Shellshock Soften the Target if you damage target with area attack, target is flat-footed v. you until next turn C 47
Sheltering Stance Block or Deflect, Vigilance may use Block or Deflect to protect adjacent without sending Force Point K 40
Shield Gauntlet Defense Siang Lance Mastery, BAB +7 1bS 1/turn +2 Ref Def v. 1 ranged atk if have activated shield gauntlet & not flat-footed R 37
Shield Gauntlet Deflect Shield Gauntlet Defense 1bS 1/rnd negate ranged attack with Use the Force check, DC = Atk roll, must have activated gauntlet, aware and not flat-footed, vs. autofire = 1/2 or no damage spend a Force Point for adjacent R 37
Shield Gauntlet Redirect Shield Gauntlet Defense, Shield Gauntlet Deflect, BAB +5 with successful Deflect make ranged atk w/in 6 sq & LOS, not autofire R 37
Shien Deflect, Redirect Shot +5 on ranged attack on deflected shot CR 218
Shift Sense gain low-light vision for 1 minute or the encounter whichever is longer C 53
Shii-Cho Block, Deflect take only -2 penalty on your Use the Force check for each block or deflect in last turn CR 219
Shoto Focus +2 atk with shoto or guard shoto if you wield a one-handed lightsaber J 14
Shoto Master one-handed lightsaber considered light with shoto, can activate Lightsaber Defense as free with shoto J 19
Shoto Pin Block when you Block w/shoto the attacker can make no melee atk until its next turn or you're not adjacent J 21
Siang Lance Mastery treat siang lance as rifle, +1 atk & counts as Weapon Focus (rifles) R 37
Sickening Blast Force blast if Use the Force of Force blast exceeds Fort Def, target moves 1 down track, you get Dark Side point F 93
Silicon Mind 1bS gain bonus to Will Def = Cha mod (min 1) against Use the Force until end of your next turn J 79
Simultaneous Strike BAB +5 1S make two unarmed attacks each against different targets J 89
Single Weapon Flourish I Double Attack, Weapon Finesse with 1 light melee or lightsaber you can move your speed as a free action K 47
Single Weapon Flourish II Double Attack, Master of Elegance, Single Weapon Flourish I, Weapon Finesse with 1 light melee or lightsaber make full atk as stan, 1 per turn K 47
Sith Alchemy Dark Side Adept & Master 1F Create Sith Talisman = +d6 dam with Force powers or lightsaber, gain Dark Side point with first use
Create Sith Weapon - imbue weapon with Sith alchemical weapon template (K79)
K 41
Sith Alchemy Create Sith Amulet, Sith Armor, Sith Talisman, or Sith Weapon, see J21-22 J 21
Sith Alchemy Specialist Sith Alchemy modify an item to gain Sith Alchemy traits, see J22 J 22
Sith Reverence +1 atk while within 20 sq & LOS of an ally with Dark Side score equal or greater than yours C 56
Skilled Advisor 1F ally gets +5 on skill check, Force Point = +10 CR 40
Slashing Charge Block, Riposte, WF & WP (lightsabers) once per encounter with charge take no penalty on UtF for Block during the charge, applies to Riposte K 39
Soft to Solid 1bS when damaged gain DR 10 until end of your next turn J 81
Soften the Target 1Z when you damage target with ranged atk, 1 ally in LOS ignores target's DR & SR C 47
Sokan Acrobatic Recovery take 10 on Acrobatics check to tumble even when distracted, each occupied square counts as 1 CR 219
Soothe Vital transfer use vital transfer to move target +1 up track not heal, you move -1 down track C 41
Soothing Presence Charm Beast shift unfriendly beast to indifferent automatically J 18
Soresu Block, Deflect reroll Use the Force CR 219
Spatial Integrity 1bS Use the Force negates damage to vehicle you are aboard, occurs after DR & SR applied J 73
Stava Expertise when you grab an enemy they must make opposed grapple to break, if you initiate you can reroll, if you're in light or no armor GW 33
Steady Under Pressure reroll Treat Injury F 54
Steel Resolve melee atk, penalty -1 to -5 for double the number to Will Def, may not exceed BAB F 24
Stifle Conflict your force powers can deal stun dam J 87
Stolen Form Any force technique, WF lightsabers choose a lightsaber form T 81
Strength of the Empire Knight's Morale when ally w/in 12 sq hits with lightsaber you deal +1 die dam with next lightsaber atk L 45
Sudden Storm Seyugi Cyclone make Whirlwind Attack at end of charge not normal melee attack if using no weapons (gloves, etc) J 83
Suppress Force Influence Savant, mind trick 1bS mind trick to convince target they can't use the Force, Int 3 & w/in 12sq, UtF v. UtF J 15
Surge of Light 1Z 1/encounter return any [light side] power without spending Force Point C 53
Surrender to the Current 1Z until end of encounter: can only use "you" Force Powers & 1/turn recover 1 spent power w/out FP J 77
Swift Power Power of the Dark Side once a day, use a swift action instead of move or standard CR 101
Sword of Vahl Initiate of Vahl +1 Force bonus to attacks with simple weapons L 58
Tae-Jitsu Expertise 1/turn when dam target with unarmed atk compare atk roll to thresh & if over target -1 down track GW 33
Taint of the Dark Side Dark Deception add one dark side force power, once per encounter use that power without increasing Dark Side score K 39
Telekinetic Power w/natural 20 to use Force disarm, grip, slam, thrust or Move Object, reuse same power immediately CR 100
Telekinetic Prodigy Telekinetic Savant with Force Training & take move object, gain extra power from disarm, slam, thrust or move object F 88
Telekinetic Savant 1Z once per encounter, return Force disarm, slam, thrust, or Move Object without Force Point CR 100
Telekinetic Stability negate movement if being force against will L 55
Telekinetic Strike add Force Point roll to damage & attack if unarmed J 89
Telekinetic Throw Throw feat with successful Throw opponent falls prone in any space you desire up to 3 sq beyond your reach J 89
Telekinetic Vigilance Intercept 1Z can return Intercept to suite without spending Force Point J 91
Telepathic Influence Telepathic Link* when you roll a natural 20 on Atk or Use the Force instead of gaining force powers can grant ally FP K 53
Telepathic Intruder if you successfully use a mind-affecting power gain +2 on mind-affecting powers v. that target J 18
Telepathic Link Use the Force 1Z link within 1km can communicate as if speaking, 1/encounter may share Force power of target or you K 53
Tempest Tossed Seyugi Cyclone can move target 1 sq if damaged by Whirlwind Attack, not if grabbed or grappled, no Atk of Opp J 83
The Will to Resist 1bS 1/turn if Will Def is targeted can replace Will with Use the Force check, you -5 UtF until end of next C 53
Thrown Lightsaber Mastery Improved & Lightsaber Throw any target struck by thrown lightsaber moves at half spd (round down) until your next turn F 43
Thunderclap Bantha Rush, Force Training if you use a Force Power that deals damage you can use Bantha Rush against target as if melee atk J 85
Trakata BAB +12, Weapon Specialization* 2Z Deception to feint, shut off and reignite lightsaber CR 219
Transfer Essence Dark Side Score = Wis when you die become a dark side spirit & can possess others or enter an object, see J16 J 16
Transfer Power Force Training feat 1S spend a power in suite & give to ally trained in UtF & w/in 12 sq & LOS, lost if not used by end of enc J 20
Triangulate Enhanced Vision 1/encounter if you and allies have LOS to same target you all can reroll one ranged attack C 47
Twin Weapon Mastery you can move 2 squares between attacks without an attack of opportunity J 21
Twin Weapon Style 1S you can make an attack with both weapons or double-sided weapon against different targets J 21
Tyia Adept 1Z ally in 12 sq & LOS takes dam you take half dam & ally takes half dam J 87
Unclouded Judgment Sense Deception 1bS spend a Force Point to automatically negate a mind-affecting Force power or talent J 20
Unseen Eyes Force Haze* allies hidden in Haze can reroll Perception, keep best, allies gain +2 dam v. unaware foes C 22
Unsettling Presence Force Interrogation 1S Use the Force v. Will Def v. any in 6sq, -2 Atk & skill checks within 6sq of you until end of encounter F 43
Vaapad BAB +12, Juyo* Cri on 19-20, 19 not an auto hit CR 219
Vahl's Brand Empower Weapon additional damage from an empowered weapon is considered fire damage L 58
Vahl's Flame Initiate of Vahl 1Z +1d6 fire damage with melee weapons until the beginning of your next turn L 58
Vanish 1Z UtF v. Will Def to vanish from sight of one target in LOS, total concealment v. target until next turn F 92
Victorious Force Mastery if an enemy you damaged in this encounter is at 0 hp, return one Force Power as free C 56
Vigilance 1Z one adjacent ally +1 Ref Def as long as they remain adjacent K 40
Visionary Attack WatchCircle Initiate* 1bS you or ally within 12sq if you miss an atk, UtF check over target's Will attacker can reroll Atk spend one farseeing, you -5 Use the Force until beginning of your next turn K 24
Visionary Defense WatchCircle Initiate* 1bS you or ally within 12sq if attacked, UtF check over target's Will defender +5 Ref Def spend one farseeing, you -5 Use the Force until beginning of your next turn K 25
Visions farseeing, Force Perception 1Z See into past or future with farseeing, max one year per your level CR 101
Vital Encouragement 1Z 1/encounter you gain hp = 10 + 1/2 your HL J 17
Wan-Shen Defense proficient Wan-shen 1Z +1 Ref Def v. melee if have wan-shen in hand & not flat-footed J 81
Wan-Shen Kata proficient Wan-shen treat wan-shen as Med weapon not Large, can Pin & Trip with wan-shen if wan-shen in hand J 81
Wan-Shen Mastery 1S make 2 atk with wan-shen each against a different target if have wan-shen in hand J 81
WatchCircle Initiate Farseeing 1bS Use the Force DC15, remove farseeing, add 1 Force Point to ally in LOS, replaces normal affects K 25
Watchman's Advance Force Warning when acting in surprise round you &allies take +1 move max K 40
Waveform 1Z add Cha mod to dam (min +1) to telekinetic Force power K 61
Weapon Specialization (discblade) Weapon Focus, proficient discblade +2 melee dam with discblade J 91
Weapon Specialization (lightsaber) Weapon Focus 1S +2 to melee damage CR 41
White Current Adept Use the Force replaces Stealth, considered trained, if can reroll Stealth can reroll Use the Force J 77
Wicked Strike Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization Crit with a lightsaber, move target 2 steps down track CR 224
Wild Sense Charm Beast 1Z 1/turn touch mind of indifferent or better beast w/in 12 sq & LOS, beast's Perception & LOS is yours J 18
Wind Vortex 1Z gain concealment & +2 Ref Def v. thrown weapons until end of encounter J 85
Wrath of the Dark Side Power of the Dark Side when you roll nat 20 with force power that deals dam, not regain powers for dam & half dam next turn F 88
Wrruushi Expertise 1/turn when dam target with unarmed atk make atk v. Fort Def for target to take only 1 swif next turn, if you're in light or no armor GW 33

[D3.801] Timeline

2989 Ascension of Federation, Humans
3000 Earth becomes Oerth
c.4000 - 9600 Era of Skarace Empire (star-faring race)
c.8200 Formation of Oeridian Empire on Oerth
8756 Tharizdun becomes Lord of the Liches
9193 Lord Argent and company leave Oerth and form Gran March to the east
c. 9200 - 9300 Other similar groups leave Oeridia (e.g. Wizard/Priest Vecna forms the Occluded Empire to the NE; also Zagyg, Iuz, Istus, Boccob)
9317 Oeridia achieves technological singulary (Type II Civilization); Creation of the Hole and the Time of Legends
9403 Shiboleth Vrianian (great-grandfather of Magnus Vrianian) becomes ruler of Gran March
9421 War between Oeridia and the Bugs
9422 Current Fall 2014 campaign
9671 Time of normal D&D campaigns in the Greyhawk/Collective setting ("DM1")
11234 End of Emergent Empire
11284 End of previous set of D&D campaigns up to early 2014