[Q--2] Efficiency Psionics (Psi. Freq. --2)

Psi--2 Devotions (Minors)

# Power Disip. Check PSPs Effect Power Score Source
1 Adrenalin Command Metab Int-8 12+6/r [Pick Str, Dex, Con] Sustain that stat Exceptional that stat DM
2 Biosaveback Metab Int-7 9+5/r -2 dmg/energy att; +CL/3 saves +CL saves instead DM
3 Blink Port Con-4 11+5/r Blink Controlled Blink DM
4 Cell Arrangement Metab Int-8 2*N cures 5*N% of max hp (max N=CL*5+35) Half cost in PSPs DM
5 Connect (Contact) Telep Chr-5 Int*3/2+2/r -2 check if resisting Need only 2 tangents DM
6 Deflection Kinet Con-5 6 [pick R,M,P,I] Deflection CL*5% pick 2, or Reflection on 1 DM
7 Double [C] Metab Int-8 11 Doubles a harmful [C] section effect Becomes capital lettered DM
8 Endurance of the Land Metab Int-7 15+3/r +5 max hp; +3 AC; +3 saves; IR 25% Lasts 5r after maint. DM
9 Enhanced Int/Dex Metab Chr-8 3N+N/r +N Int or Dex, max N=CL both stats DM
10 Ethereal Projection Port Con-5 9+3/h Ethereal Perception Ethereal Projection DM
11 Gird M-Psi Con-3 2*M/m Maintain powers w/o conc. Maintain in sleep DM
12 Graft Natural Metab Int-10 15+2/r Natural attacks can use specialization -- DM
13 Hypercelerate Metab Int-7 15+15/m -3M, +1QM lose only -2M instead DM
14 Inertial Wall Kinet Int-8 11+8/r Melee: -CL dmg/att; Missile: Delay 1s Another Melee -CL/att DM
15 Inverse Carapace Metab Con-5 8+2/r +level TH; -(11-level) Wis No Wis loss DM
16 Magnify M-Psi Chr-5 25M+M/r Mult. power (Max=level/5+1) M+1, no extra cost DM
17 Receptacle M-Psi Chr-5 1/r Item PSPs = (2*Chr+Int+Con-40)*CL Can be Magnified DM
18 Resist Disease Metab Int-8 18/d Resist disease Immune disease DM

[Q--2] Efficiency Psionics (Psi. Freq. --2)

Psi--2 Sciences (Majors)

# Power Disip. Check PSPs Effect Power Score Source
1 Death Trade Metab Int-12 60 You and target up to 10*CL^3 dmg (necro) You take half DM
2 Demolish Kinet Int-8 27 CLd6 normal ele. dmg (group, save:) (2*CL)d6 instead DM
3 Endorphin Command Metab Wis-9 24+12/r [Pick Int, Wis, Chr] Sustain that stat Exceptional that stat DM
4 Energy Command Metab Int-7 10 Pick an element, you resist it You double resist it DM
5 Ethereal Travel Port Con-5 25+12/h Go to Ethereal physically Go to Phlogiston DM
6 Immediate Healing Metab Int-5 45 Heal, can have no more Heals this day this hour instead DM
7 Put Out of Misery Kinet Chr-9 60 Put Out of Misery Really Put Out of Misery DM
8 Regen Metab Int-6 24+9/t Troll-like regen CL hp/r 2*CL instead DM
9 Split Soul M-Psi Chr-8 60+9/r +1S action +1 more S action DM

Psi--2 High Sciences (Grands)

# Power Disip. Check PSPs Effect Power Score Source
1 Alter Reality All Any-15 375 Alter Reality (any Psi major) Double CL effect DM
2 C Acceleration Metab Int-9 30/r +CL/2 C actions /r (self) +CL instead of +CL/2 DM
3 Duplicate Action M-Psi *Auto* 400 +1 of an action type you have -- DM
4 Eeelemental Composition Metab Int-9 36+5/r Can be any Normal/Para/Quasi Eeele Can be Semi Eeele DM
5 Endurance of the World Metab Int-11 15/r +9 TH; +9 dmg; IECNR +25% Lasts 5r after maint. DM
6 Grand Acidify Kinet Int-5 27 CLd20 acid damage Use d30's DM
7 Legendary Command Metab Wis-29 36+18/r [Pick Cml, Luck, CL] Sustain that stat Exceptional that stat DM
8 Nonweapon Familiarity Clair Con-13 300/d +1 slot in every nonweapon prof +CL/2 kits DM
9 UltraArmor [--X] Telep Wis-10 30 iunPaPaaPaaaPR CL*2% CL*4 instead DM

Psi--2 Supers

# Power Disip. Check PSPs Effect Power Score Source
1 Z Acceleration Metab Wis-15 45/r +CL Q0 actions /r (self) Cast Psi using 0 actions DM
2 Change Reality All Any-25 600 Change Reality (any Psi grand) Double CL effect DM
3 Psi Inertial Improver Port Str-23 105/r Psi gives no save in your group -- DM
4 Planetary Demolish Kinet Int-30 5400 1 idmg in any E=CL/6 element 2 idmg; CL/3 instead DM
5 Public Access Keyring Clair Con-25 135/r Know Truename up to CL/10 targets CL/5 x2 targets or CL/2 x1 DM
6 Spirit in the Ethereal Telep Wis-20 1/week Can't move or use V actions; can use 2S/s Can use 3S /s DM