[Q-2] Deficiency Psionics (Psi. Freq. -2)

Psi-2 Devotions (Minors)

# Power Disip. Check PSPs Effect Power Score Source
1 Adrenalin Drain Metab Con-3 8+4/r 6 Str,Dex,or Con dmg 6 to all three DM
2 Anti-Astral Projection Port Int 6+2/h Anti-Astral Projection Colorless pool nearby DM
3 Biogiveback Metab Con-2 6+3/r +2 dmg/att; +level/3 TH bonus +level TH bonus instead DM
4 Cause Disease Metab Con-3 12 Cause Disease Cause 2 diseases DM
5 Cell Adjustment Metab Con-3 1/hp max 20*level hp /r; disease=+5 PSPs Half cost in PSPs DM
6 Decelerate Metab Con-2 10+10/m Target loses next action (save) next 2 actions DM
7 Deflect Kinet Int 4 Deflect a melee attack -- DM
8 Detract Telep Wis Int+1/r -2 check if resisting Maintained 4r for free DM
9 Gird M-Psi Int-3 2*M/m Set off someone's trigger prematurely -- DM
10 Half Pain Metab Con-3 7 Take half damage from one person for 1t -- DM
11 Inertial Improver Kinet Con-3 7+5/r +1 to #Atts in your group (everyone) Missiles do +1 die of dmg DM
12 Magnify M-Psi Wis-5 25M+M/r Mult. power (Max=level/5+1) M+1, no extra cost DM
13 NoBlink Port Int+1 7+3/r Blinking does not function within 100' within 1000' DM
14 Receptacle M-Psi Wis-5 1/r Gem:1/100gp;Item:(2W+I+C-40)*L -- DM
15 Reduced Strength Metab Wis-3 2S+S/r Strength dmg, Max=level Max=2*level DM
16 Replacement Metab Con-3 6+3/r Ignore displacement Ignore mirror images DM
17 Reverse Carapace Metab Int 5+1/r -level AC; +(11-level) Dex No AC loss DM
18 Sight Less Telep Con-3 C+5/m Blindness (save) Deafness (save) DM
19 Sound Less Telep Con-2 C+4/t Deafness (save) Blindness (save) DM
20 Taste Less Telep Con-2 C+4/t Cannot taste, drink potions, eat pills (save) Target cannot smell DM
21 Time Diminish Port Int-7 54/r -3 M, -3 P, -3 V (save) -1 more each type DM
22 Time Halve Port Int-1 22/s Lose one instance of "Q" on all action types -4 AC/save; -2 TH DM
23 Ungraft Weapon Metab Con-5 10+1/r Unconnect weapon from body; -1/-1 Penalty is -4/-4 DM
24 Weakness of the Land Metab Con-2 10+2/r 25 dmg, -3 TH, -3 dmg, -25% MR Lasts 5r after maint. DM

[Q-2] Deficiency Psionics (Psi. Freq. -2)

Psi-2 Sciences (Majors)

# Power Disip. Check PSPs Effect Power Score Source
1 Acidify Kinet Con-3 18 (level)d6 acid dmg (save:) (2*level)d6 acid damage DM
2 Complete Harming Metab Con 30 Harm at end of round (not segment) Harm at end of segment DM
3 Degenerate Metab Con-4 18+6/t Degenerate (LVL /s) 2*LVL /s DM
4 Endorphin Drain Metab Chr-6 16+8/r 6 Int,Wis,or Chr dmg 6 to all three DM
5 Energy Release Metab Con-2 1/die +CL to CL on your next damaging power -- DM
6 Fate Less Telep Con-5 C+5/t You and biggest enemy in area take 0 dmg -- DM
7 Inprobability Travel Port Int 20+8/h Go to Anti-Astral physically Colorless pool nearby DM
8 Insens. to Psychic Imp. Clair Wis-4 12+2/m Resist Psionics Resist Anti-Psionics DM
9 Life Field Metab Con-8 40 All in party all healed for LVL hp 2*LVL hp instead DM
10 Reintegrate Kinet Wis-4 40 Cure a disintegrate Cure an annihilate DM
11 Split Body M-Psi Wis-5 40+6/r +1 P action +1 more P action DM

Psi-2 High Sciences (Grands)

# Power Disip. Check PSPs Effect Power Score Source
1 A/B Acceleration Metab Con-6 20/r +CL A actions /r (range sight) B instead of A DM
2 Alter Reality All Any-10 250 Alter Reality or Psi-1 major Double CL effect DM
3 Eelemental Composition Metab Con-4 24+3/r Can be any Normal/Para/Quasi Eele Can be Semi Eele DM
4 Grand Acidify Kinet Con-5 27 CLd20 acid damage Use d30's DM
5 Legendary Drain Metab Chr-24 24+12/r 6 Cml, Luck, or CL dmg 6 all three DM
6 Mass Detract Telep Wis L+1/r L=sum of targets' levels PSP cost halved DM
7 Steal Actions M-Psi *Auto* 0 Steal an action (save) -- DM
8 Ultrasword [-X] Telep Chr-5 20 Ignore non-racial immunity to psionics -- DM
9 Weakness of the World Metab Con-6 10/r -9/-9 AC/saves, -25% RR/MR/PsiR Lasts 5r after maint. DM
10 Weapon Familiarity Clair Int-8 200/d +1 slot in every weapon prof +LVL feats DM

Psi-2 Supers

# Power Disip. Check PSPs Effect Power Score Source
1 C/X Acceleration Metab Chr-10 30/r +CL C actions /r (range sight) Can convert 14C -> 1X DM
2 Change Reality All Any-20 400 Change Reality or Psi-1 grand Double CL effect DM
3 Magic Inertial Improver Port Dex-18 70/r Spells give no save in your group -- DM
4 Planetary Acidify Kinet Con-25 3600 Acidifies 1 planet or moon (!) 2 planets or moons! DM
5 Public Access Lock Clair Int-20 90/r Your truename is unknowable Thoughts unknowable too DM
6 Spirit on the Ground Telep Chr-15 1/week Cannot use M actions; can use 2P/s Can use 3P /s DM