[Q0.00] Pinpoint Martial Arts (Psi. Freq. 0.00)

Psi0.00 Minor Powers

# Power PSPs Action Effect
1 Arrow Cutting 20 1bV Immune to missiles this segment.
2 Bowyer 0 - +10 TH with bows
3 Catfall 20 1bV Immune to falling damage this segment.
4 Choke 20 1att Target takes LVL^2 dmg; makes Con check at -LVL*2 or unconscious
5 Classical Literature 0 1M Legend Lore
6 Triple Attack 20 1att Do three attacks, each rolls 1d10 to hit, these cannot be traded in to do something else
7 Disable Limb 20 1att Sharp one limb (no save)
8 Fast-draw 20 1bP Do 1 attack on segment 0
9 Focus: Skill 20 1M +1 Kit for 1r
10 Forced March 20 - +CL*3" to movement rate for the day
11 Horsemanship 20 1V +1 Mount
12 Maka Wara 0 - Each time someone hits you with an unarmed attack, he takes 10*CL% damage back.
13 Medicine I 20 1V Choose one: Cure CL*2 hp; Cure Wounding; Repair disabled limb
14 Meditation -60 1 round +CL*2 mental saves & Immune Fear for 1t; x10 normal healing/regenation rate in non-combat
15 Piercing Thrust 20 1att If you hit with next attack, automatically critical and do maximum damage
16 Reverse Cut 0 - Immune Backstab
17 Silent Kill 20 1att Your next attack is a xLVL Backstab
18 Smashing Blow 20 1att Your next attack doubles the "to hit" (1d20) roll; Natural 19-20 is automatic hit.
19 Strike 20 0 Add your Str hit and damage bonus a second time for all attacks for this segment
20 Throw 20 1att If next attack is successful, throw target level*10' in one direction, he takes falling dmg
21 Unarmed Combat 0 - +level TH and dmg with unarmed combat

Psi0.00 Major Powers

# Power PSPs Action Effect
1 Air Throw 60 2att Target takes CL*20' falling damage
2 Buffalo Punch 40 1att Next punching attack does x3 damage.
3 Concealment 40 1M Improved Invisibility
4 Death Touch 60 2att Next attack causes death (save vs. PPD)
5 Dragon Punch 40 2att Next punching attack does Hp (hull points) instead of hp; target knocked down
6 Ear Pop 40 1att Next attack causes stun and deaf (each save vs. PP)
7 Flash Kick 60 2att Next kicking attack at +CL*2 to hit, ignores stoneskins/ironskins; x10 damage; knockdown
8 Focus: Magic Resistance 60 - CL*20% MR for 1t
9 Focus: Stay Conscious X - Stay Conscious at negative hp; X = -(current hp)
10 Hundred Hand Slap 60 1P Do ten punching attacks; Each does normal punching damage; all must be vs. same target
11 Hurricane Kick 40 1P Do 1 attack on each target in your group; Normal damage plus knocked down.
12 Lightning Stroke 60 1V Each time you miss this round you may reroll (you are actually making new 2nd attacks)
13 Medicine II 40 1V Choose one: Restore 1 stat point; Cure Disease; Neutralize Poison
14 Rekka Ken 60 0 Ability to use 2P actions (but only for unarmed combat) this segment.
15 Returning Hurl 60 - Your thrown weapons have Instant Returning.
16 Shockwave 60 1M Earthquake 1 group (as spell)
17 Toughskin 0 0 +CL*2 AC
18 Wounded Knee 60 1att Next kicking attack causes target to lose 1V action per round for 1t.

[Q0.00] Pinpoint Martial Arts (Psi. Freq. 0.00)

Psi0.00 Grand Powers

# Power PSPs Action Effect
1 Acid Breath 100 MouthP Breathe Acid (as per dragon)
2 Chi Kung Healing X 1M Cure X*CL hp distributed among any number of targets in one group
3 Cobra Charm 80 EyeP Gaze, target must save vs. RSW or he cannot use any actions next segment, maintain 1M/r
4 Divination 120 1 round Ask the DM a question, answer is given as (choose one:) 1 English word or cryptic phrase
5 Energy Reflection 100 1V As Arrow Cutting (above), except vs. magical missiles (even vs. Meteor Swarms & such)
6 Fireball 80 1M CLd12 fire dmg, 1 group (no save)
7 Focus: Ability 120 - +1 to an ability score (can multiple times, each instance is 120 PSPs from max pool)
8 Ghost Form 60 1M Out-of-phase for 1r (cannot affect or be affected by solid objects), maintain 1M/r and 20 PSPs/r
9 Great Wall of China 60 1P CL kicking attacks in group; do normal damage.
10 Iceblast 100 1M CLd6 ice dmg in a group (no save)
11 Improved Fireball 120 1M CLd16 dmg in a group (Reflex save:)
12 Mind Reading 80 1M ESP; Know what the target is going to do next round
13 Musical Accomplishment 80 MouthP Allies can reroll (choose one:) missed to hit, missed saves, missed BlahR rolls (for 1m)
14 Regeneration 0 - Regenerate CL hp/s
15 Shock Treatment 0 - Immune Lightning; 20 PSPs, 1V: Deal CL*2 lightning damage to one target (no save)
16 Sonic Boom 80 1M CLd8 sound dmg, one group (no save)
17 Stunning Shout 120 MouthP Target must save vs. PP or stunned 1dCL segments
18 Telepathy 80 1M Telepathy (as spell)
19 Yoga Flame 80 MouthP Breathe Fire (as per dragon)
20 Yoga Teleport 120 1M Tesseract (as spell effect), CL*3% chance of not being stunned afterwards

Psi0.00 Super Powers

# Power PSPs Action Effect
1 Flying Fireball 160 1M CLd16 fire dmg, 2 groups (no save)
2 Focus: Resist Death X - Will not die past -10 hp (will still be unconscious unless running Focus: Stay Conscious); X = -(current hp)
3 Inferno Strike 140 1F CLd40 unholy fire dmg, caster's group (no save)
4 Repeating Fireball 60*X 1M Throw X Fireballs (see above)
5 Thunderclap 160 1M CLd24 sound dmg, one group (no save)
6 Zen No Mind 200 - CF=4: Ability to use 2M actions per segment