[Q10] Empathic (Role Aids) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 10)

Basic Psi10 Information

Psi10 (class) PSPs = (LVL+Int+Wis-20)*5
Psi10 (wild) PSPs = (LVL+Int+Wis-13)*2
1 Psi10 PSP = 2 Psi1 PSPs. Points are regained at (Int+Wis)/2 per hour, or (total multipliers of beings within 100') per hour
Disciplines: Empa = Empathy, Pyro = Pyromancy, Somn = Somniomancy, Telep = Telepathy, TK = Telekinetics
Powers marked with an asterisk ( * ) can be used as a 0 action.
Level requirement for SL's for Wild Talents:
SL1=1, SL2=4, SL3=8, SL4=12, SL5=17, SL6=22
Wild Talent Progression:
Int+Wis+level Psi10
123 456
14-18 2-- ---
19-21 4-- ---
22-24 6-- ---
25-30 71- ---
31-35 82- ---
36-40 93- ---
41-45 A31 ---
46-50 A42 ---
51-55 A53 ---
56-60 A63 1--
61-65 A64 2--
66-70 A74 3--
71-75 A84 31-
76-80 A85 32-
81-85 A85 43-
86-90 A95 431
91-95 A96 432

[Q10] Empathic (Role Aids) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 10)

Psi10 First Level Powers (minors)

# Name Disc. PSPs Effect Source
1 Affect Normal Fires Pyro 1/r Affect Normal Fires RAPsi
2 Awaken Somn 2 Wakes someone up (removes a sleep effect) RAPsi
3 Detect Evil Empa 3 Detect Evil 3r RAPsi
4 Detect Lie * Telep 2/r Detect Lie RAPsi
5 Detect Lie II * Empa 3 Detect Lie 1r, Undetectable Lie doesn't work, instead gives save (at +5 bonus) RAPsi
6 Dispel Exhaustion Telep 5 Target heals 25% of damage taken RAPsi
7 Distract Telep 5/r Target cannot cast spells (save vs. spell) RAPsi
8 Dream Interpretation Somn 2 Interprets a dream; gives some insight RAPsi
9 Extrasensory Scan Telep 2/r Detect Life, Detect Psionics RAPsi
10 Feather Fall * TK 2/r Feather Fall RAPsi
11 Heat I Pyro 1/r Target takes 1d4 dmg /r RAPsi
12 Hide Emotion * Telep 3/r Undetectable emotion; immune ESP; +3 saves vs. emotion-changing effects RAPsi
13 Ignite Pyro 4 Burns an object (item save vs. fire) RAPsi
14 Instant Sleep Somn 1 Caster goes to sleep; gets x1.5 benefit per unit time RAPsi
15 Lift TK w*S/r TK up/down only; w = ln(weight in lbs.); S = ln(speed in ") RAPsi
16 Light Pyro 3/r Light RAPsi
17 Manipulate TK D/r Fine-control TK; max weight = CL lbs.; D = Dex score desired (max = Wis) RAPsi
18 Melt Pyro 5/r Melts an object (item save vs. fire), metal armors get -2 AT RAPsi
19 Resistance to Sleep Somn 2/h Immune Sleep RAPsi
20 Sleeping Awareness Somn 1/h Aware of surroundings while sleeping RAPsi
21 Sleeping Levitation Somn 1/h Levitate while sleeping (do not need to sleep on ground) RAPsi
22 Slide TK *w*S/r TK horizontal across floor only (max incline = CL*5); same w and S as Lift RAPsi
23 Spook Telep 5 Fear (save vs. spell at -CL/3) RAPsi
24 Suggest Telep 8 Suggestion (save) RAPsi
25 Tongues * Telep 3/r Tongues RAPsi
26 Wakefulness Somn 1/d Need not sleep; doesn't gain natural resets while not sleeping RAPsi

[Q10] Empathic (Role Aids) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 10)

Psi10 Second Level Powers (minors)

# Name Disc. PSPs Effect Source
1 Active Telepathy Telep 5/r Telepathy RAPsi
2 Beam of Light Pyro 5/r Line of Blindness (all in area save vs. spell or blinded) RAPsi
3 Bend TK *S/r Bend an object; S = Str score desired (max = Int) RAPsi
4 Break TK S/r Break an object (item save); S = Str score desired (max = Int) RAPsi
5 Chameleon * Telep 7/r +4 set Chr RAPsi
6 Confuse Telep 14 Confusion (save) RAPsi
7 Contingency Awaken Somn 3 Set a contingency for conditions to wake up RAPsi
8 Cool * Pyro 8/r Keeps object at a normal temperature; Imm. to increase temperature change RAPsi
9 Darkness Pyro 7/r Darkness (can target someone to blind them, they get a save) RAPsi
10 Detect Charm * Empa 8 Detect Charm,Suggestion,Domination,Control Actions,Magic Jar,Geas,Quest RAPsi
11 Detect Motive * Telep 10 Gives motive for why someone is asking the way he is RAPsi
12 Dream Somn 3 Sleeping target has a dream (caster has no control) RAPsi
13 Emotion Read Telep 10 Read emotional state RAPsi
14 Empathy Empa 10 Sense needs, drives, emotions of target RAPsi
15 Enforced Sleep Somn 2/target Sleep 3*CL r (save vs. spell); max HD affected /target = CL RAPsi
16 Extinguish Pyro 10 Puts out a fire, or dispel a fire-based spell (Wall of Fire, Fire Shield, etc.) RAPsi
17 False Emotion * Telep 7/r Give off a false emotional state, true emotion is undetectable RAPsi
18 Fear Telep 17 Fear (save vs. spell at -CL/3); Fumble (save vs. spell) RAPsi
19 Feeblemind Telep 10 Feeblemind (save) RAPsi
20 Fire Protection * Pyro 8/r Resist Fire RAPsi
21 Floating Disc TK w/r Floating Disc; w = log(weight in lbs.) RAPsi
22 Healing Empa 15 Take X dmg, which regen at 1 hp/r: Target is cured X hp (max X = 24) RAPsi
23 Homeostasis * Pyro 1/r Resist non-magical Heat and Cold RAPsi
24 Intensify Fire * Pyro 10/r Doubles the damage of an existing fire effect RAPsi
25 Jump * TK J Jump J" (max J = CL*4) RAPsi
26 Know Alignment * Telep 12 Know Alignment RAPsi
27 Levitate TK 5/r Levitation RAPsi
28 Message Somn 4 Sends a message; same plane RAPsi
29 Mind Read * Telep 20/r Read surface thoughts of target RAPsi
30 Pain Erase Telep 8/r Target heals 25% of damage taken; Take only 75% of damage received RAPsi
31 Pillar of Fire Pyro 10/r Makes a column of fire (10' wide by 10*CL' high), 1d10 dmg RAPsi
32 Prolonged Wakefulness Somn 2/d Need not sleep; only 1 natural reset per 2 days while not sleeping RAPsi
33 Push TK *S/r Push an object; S = Str score desired (max = Int) RAPsi
34 Remove Fear Telep 8 Remove Fear RAPsi
35 Shield * TK A/r AT +10+A source (max A = CL) RAPsi
36 Talk in Sleep Somn 4 Sleeping target talks in his sleep (presumably about his dream) RAPsi
37 Troubled Sleep Somn 4/h Fear (save vs. spell); if sleeping, target has nightmares RAPsi
38 Untroubled Sleep Somn 2/h Cannot be targetted by Somniomancy effects while sleeping RAPsi
39 Warmth * Pyro 8/r Keeps object at a normal temperature; Imm. to decrease temperature change RAPsi
40 Wind TK 3/r Gust of Wind RAPsi

[Q10] Empathic (Role Aids) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 10)

Psi10 Third Level Powers (majors)

# Name Disc. PSPs Effect Source
1 Accelerated Sleep Somn 4/h While sleeping/resting, get x(CL+4)/5 benefit per unit time RAPsi
2 Alertness Somn 3/h Target has half chances of surprise RAPsi
3 Animal Communication * Telep 12/r Speak with Animals RAPsi
4 Automaton Telep 21/r Control target's V actions (save) RAPsi
5 Burn Pyro 13 Target takes (4+CL/3)d6 fire dmg (save:) RAPsi
6 Chill Metal Pyro 11 Chill Metal RAPsi
7 Clairvoyant Dreaming Somn 10 Clairvoyance (caster is sleeping while doing this) RAPsi
8 Comprehend Languages Empa 7/r Comprehend Languages RAPsi
9 Confound * Telep 15/r Telepathy/ESP/etc. on you give false set of thoughts RAPsi
10 Control Telep 30/r Control target's P actions (save); Caster cannot use M actions RAPsi
11 Crush TK 10 Crush an item (item save vs. crushing blow) RAPsi
12 Detect Invisible Creatures Telep 15/r Detect Life; Detect Invisibility; Detect Dust of Disappearance RAPsi
13 Dream Protection Somn 5/h Immune to Somniomancy effects while sleeping RAPsi
14 Emotion Write Telep 9/r Change target's emotional state (save) RAPsi
15 Enforced Wakefulness Somn 1/3t Target cannot sleep (and does not get natural resets) RAPsi
16 Fire Curtain Pyro 9/r Circular wall of fire around caster, 3d6 dmg RAPsi
17 Fire Missiles Pyro 10 Shoot (CL-2)/2 fire missiles, each does 1d4+1 fire dmg RAPsi
18 Freeze Pyro 13 Target takes (4+CL/3)d6 cold dmg (save:) RAPsi
19 Ground * Pyro 8/r Immune Lightning, must be touching the ground RAPsi
20 Heat Metal Pyro 11 Heat Metal RAPsi
21 Heat Ray Pyro 12 Line, all in area CLd6 heat dmg (save:), immunity to non-magical heat works RAPsi
22 Hold Telep 5/r Hold Monster (save) RAPsi
23 Identification Somn 15 Identify any x1 item (magic, psi, techonology, etc.) RAPsi
24 Impact TK 12 (CL+3)d8 telekinetic dmg; one target; no save RAPsi
25 Insanity Telep 16/r Target gets Int set to 3; Insanity (save for each) RAPsi
26 Know Alignment II * Empa 17 Know Alignment, Unknowable Alignment doesn't work, instead gives a save RAPsi
27 Locale Somn 12 Gives Local Area Knowledge (as per proficiency) in unknown area RAPsi
28 Masks * Telep 20/r Immune Telepathy/ESP/etc. RAPsi
29 Pain Block Telep 15/r Target heals 50% of damage taken; Take only 50% of damage received RAPsi
30 Rapport Telep 10/r Telepathy, can read target's memories RAPsi
31 Remote Sensing Telep 17/r Have access to all senses of the target RAPsi
32 Remove Fear II Empa 8 Remove Fear, target is immune to fear for 1 turn RAPsi
33 Shatter TK 6 Crush an item (item save vs. crushing blow); only vs. size S or smaller items RAPsi
34 Sleeping Automaton Somn 15 Control P and V actions on a sleeping target RAPsi
35 Static Charge Pyro 10 Target takes (2+CL/3)d4 lightning dmg, this effect can be Delayed Blasted RAPsi
36 Throw TK 8 Throw a small object to deal (CL+4)d6 dmg to a target (don't need to roll to hit) RAPsi
37 Ventriloquism * Telep 18/r Ventriloquism RAPsi
38 Wall of Fire Pyro 13 Wall of Fire, 3d6 dmg RAPsi

[Q10] Empathic (Role Aids) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 10)

Psi10 Fourth Level Powers (majors)

# Name Disc. PSPs Effect Source
1 Agony Telep 10/r -3 Int, -4 Wis, -3 saves, -3 TH, -3 dmg, can't use magic/psi, slow (save each) RAPsi
2 Chill TK w*T/r Lower temperature in object; w = ln(weight in lbs.); T = ln(change F) RAPsi
3 Dream Projection Somn 10 Can control details of a sleeping target's dream RAPsi
4 Dream Reading Somn 6/r Can view the dreams of sleeping target RAPsi
5 Dream Suggestion Somn 18 Suggestion (CL/2 saves vs.spell) RAPsi
6 Energy Armor * Pyro 7/r AT +10 source, destroy any weapon that strikes you (save vs. lightning) RAPsi
7 Fire Stream Pyro 18/r Choose 1 target within 120' per segment, it takes 6d6 fire dmg (save:) RAPsi
8 Forerunners Somn 16 Precognition (caster is sleeping this segment) RAPsi
9 Friends * Empa 15 Set Chr 19 for CL/3 turns RAPsi
10 Heat II TK w*T/r Raise temperature in object; w = ln(weight in lbs.); T = ln(change F) RAPsi
11 Kinetic Wall TK 8/r Immobile wall that blocks missile and melee weapons; must spend 1V to pass RAPsi
12 Masquerade Empa 1/h Caster has the mind-set and thought patterns of another RAPsi
13 Memory Read Telep 8/r Read memories of target RAPsi
14 Memory Protection * Telep 5/r Immune to Memory stealing, mind reading, Capital E Extract RAPsi
15 Mental Erasure Telep 30 Forget (save at -5-CL/3) RAPsi
16 Mental Guard Somn 12/h Imm. Charm,Confusion,Fear,Feeblemind,Possession,Soul Trap,Suggestion RAPsi
17 Nightmare Somn 18 Target does not gain next natural reset, takes 1d10 dmg (save vs. spell) RAPsi
18 Power Shift * Telep 1/d Your psionic powers appear to be a different form of energy (magic, innate, etc.) to Detection effects DM
19 Scare Empa 15 Fear 1d3+CL/2 r, target must save every round (even if made previous saves) RAPsi
20 Sensitivity to Psychic Imp. Empa 20 Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions RAPsi
21 Sleep of Healing Somn 21 Target sleeps this segment, cure CL/2 hp, disease, blind, feeblemind, insanity RAPsi
22 Slow TK 3/r Slow; -1P action (save for each) RAPsi
23 Stasis * Somn 18 Feign Death (can be used on willing others) RAPsi
24 Static Discharge Pyro 35 All in caster's group (except caster) take (10+CL/3)d6 lightning dmg (save:) RAPsi
25 Waking Nightmare * Somn 5/r Target is immune to emotion changes and hallucinations RAPsi
26 Walking Sleep Somn 10/h Target is fully aware and can use Z and V actions while asleep RAPsi

[Q10] Empathic (Role Aids) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 10)

Psi10 Fifth Level Powers (grands)

# Name Disc. PSPs Effect Source
1 Charm Person Empa 15 Charm Person (make CL saves) RAPsi
2 Cleave * TK N/r Mental weapon: Use 1M to get #Att=2, dmg=1dN, considered +N/5 wpn RAPsi
3 Dream of Communion Somn 30 Contact other Plane (caster is sleeping this segment) RAPsi
4 Dream Quest Somn 30 Quest/Geas (save vs. spell) RAPsi
5 Dream Travel Somn 50 Teleport (same plane) (caster is sleeping this segment) RAPsi
6 Fire Blast Pyro 26 One group takes (8+CL/5)d6 fire dmg (save:) RAPsi
7 Fire Strands Pyro 22 Web spell, everyone within takes Xd6 dmg /r, X is # sizes larger than size T RAPsi
8 Fly * TK S/r Fly at S*3" RAPsi
9 Hypnotism Empa 20 Hypnosis (make CL saves) RAPsi
10 Kinetic Dome TK 10/r Kinetic Wall (see above) but is a hemisphere RAPsi
11 Lightning Bolt Pyro 24 Lightning Bolt, CLd6 dmg (save:) RAPsi
12 Madness Somn 35 Nightmare (see above); Target gains 1 insanity (save vs. spell) RAPsi
13 Memory Write Telep 65 Change a memory in a target (save) RAPsi
14 Mind Block Telep 17/h Can't be mentally targetted; auto make Will/Mental saves; can't be scryed RAPsi
15 Mindreave Telep 70 Target gets Int set to 3; Insanity; lose all spells; lose all PSPs (save for each) RAPsi
16 Object Reading Empa 35 Object Reading RAPsi
17 Plane Shift Somn 55 Plane Shift (caster is sleeping this segment) RAPsi
18 Prescient Dream Somn 62 Precognition about a person or item, more exact information than Forerunners RAPsi
19 Resistance Shift * Empa 1/d Your psionic powers are resisted using a different resistance (MR, IR, etc., but not anti's or GR/XR) DM
20 Sleep Guard Somn 15 Contigency Awaken, wake up and do a Psi10 power (chosen ahead of time) RAPsi
21 Suggestion Empa 17 Suggestion (make CL saves) RAPsi
22 Transportation Somn 50+15P Teleport (same plane) (P=# of people) (all in the effect are sleeping this seg.) RAPsi

[Q10] Empathic (Role Aids) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 10)

Psi10 Sixth Level Powers (grands)

# Name Disc. PSPs Effect Source
1 Animate Fire Pyro 15/r Turn fire into 2^(X+1) HD fire elemental, where X is the # sizes beyond size T RAPsi
2 Astral Dreaming Somn 55+15P Astral spell (P=# of people) (all in the effect are sleeping this segment) RAPsi
3 Compress TK 10/r Target gets -1 size (max weight affected = 2^CL pounds) RAPsi
4 Disintegrate TK 15 Disintegrate (save) RAPsi
5 Dream of Death Somn 55 Death Spell 5d20 HD (save vs. Death Magic), sleeping targets get no save RAPsi
6 Energy Quench Pyro 40 Death Spell 4d20 HD (save vs. Death Magic), works on undead and golems RAPsi
7 Enlarge TK 10/r Target gets +1 size (max weight affected = 2^CL pounds) RAPsi
8 Group Mind * Telep 15/r Group has each other's proficiencies, feats, kits, memories, thoughts RAPsi
9 Mind Quench Telep 51 Death Spell 3d20 HD (save vs. Death Magic), creatures w/ Int 1-8 get no save RAPsi
10 Mindwipe Telep 65 Wipe all memories in target (save) RAPsi
11 Sleeping Wish Somn 60 Duplicate a SL 1-5 Psi10 power (caster is sleeping this segment) RAPsi
12 Summon Fire Elemental Pyro 40+5/r Summons a 12 HD Fire Elemental, or gain control of someone's Fire Ele. RAPsi
13 Telempathic Projection Empa 21 All others around you can sense your thoughts, feelings, emotions RAPsi
14 Telepathy Empa 10/r Telepathy (across planes) RAPsi
15 Trigger Telep 70 Delayed Blast Mind Quench, only 1 target, will go off on a set condition RAPsi

[Q10] Empathic (Role Aids) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 10)

Psi10 Seventh Level Powers (grands)

# Name Disc. PSPs Effect Source
1 Chain Contingency Somn 70 Chain Contingency for Psi10 powers DM
2 Improved Sleep Somn 70 Sleep a group (no save, CR to resist) DM
3 Magnify Fire * Pyro 35 xCL dmg to a fire effect being cast DM
4 Remove Charm Empa 35 Remove Charm,Suggestion,Domination,Control Actions,Magic Jar,Geas,Quest DM
5 Spirit Chameleon Telep 70 +1 permanent Int, Wis, or Chr (max=LVL*2) DM
6 Super Push TK 35 Target takes CL*20' falling damage DM

Psi10 Eighth Level Powers (supers)

# Name Disc. PSPs Effect Source
1 Automaton II Telep 40 Control all actions (save) DM
2 Falsename * Telep 80 You give off a false Truename (it's someone else's) DM
3 Fire Protection * Pyro 80 Immune any element with a fire component DM
4 Improved Rest Somn 80 Get 2 resets per reset DM
5 Mass Impact TK 40 (CL+4)d10 TK dmg to a group (no save) DM
6 Predict and Counter * Empa 40 Predict what someone is about to do, can counter it DM

Psi10 Ninth Level Powers (supers)

# Name Disc. PSPs Effect Source
1 Fire Armor * Pyro 90 AT +CL*5 source; Disintegration shield (100% dmg back) DM
2 Mass Agony Telep 45 Group takes CL Int and Wis dmg (no save) DM
3 Mass Suggestion Somn 45 Group is Suggested (CL saves to avoid) DM
4 Megaslow * TK 45 Target loses next CL P actions (save for each) DM
5 Static Blast Pyro 90 (11+CL)d8 Electricity dmg to a group (no save) DM
6 True Friends * Empa 90 Mirage Arcana that you are the monster's friends DM

Psi10 Tenth Level Powers (supers)

# Name Disc. PSPs Effect Source
1 Annihilate TK 100 Target is Annihilated (save) DM
2 Between Somn 100 Between (teleport across planes ignoring defenses) DM
3 Cleaver * TK 50 Mental weapon; #Att=CL; dmg=1dCL DM
4 Fire Prison Pyro 50 Imprisonment; Takes 1 vile dmg /s (no resistance) DM
5 Irresistable Charm Empa 100 Charm (no save, CR to resist) DM
6 Mindrape Telep 50 Capital E Extract; Set Int 2 (no save) DM