[Q14] Lycanthrope/Moon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 14)

Psi14 Minor Powers

# PSPs Description
1 -10 to max +LVL unarmed dmg.
2 2 0, when biting: Cause Lycanthropy (PPD save, if they fail, they are your slave)
3 2 0, when changing form: Cure (1d6)*10% of damage taken
4 2/r Bloodlust: +CL TH and dmg, -CL AC
5 -10 to max Can turn into one additional form; DM rolls DL=LVL/3 Lycanthrope or Animal
6 -10 to max Complete control over when you change forms
7 2 Detect Lycanthropes, Shapechangers, See True Form
8 -10 to max Hit only by +LVL or better weapons
9 -10 to max Regen CL hp/s
10 2 Speak with Animals
11 2 Summon CL Animals of the type that you are the Lycanthrope of, DL=LVL
12 2 Target gets a disease (PPD save)
13 -10 to max You can adjust (with fine resolution) the degree of your hybrid-ness in hybrid form
14 -10 to max Your clothing/armor change with you when you change form
15 -10 to max Your lycanthropy cannot be cured (unless you want it to be)

Psi14 Major Powers

# PSPs Description
1 5 [0 action to use] Change form immediately
2 5/r +CL Str; -CL Cml
3 5/r +CL Dex; -CL Cml
4 5/r +CL Con; -CL Cml
5 -N to max Add a 0.5 Lycanthrope Racial Adjective for free; N=(added divisor)*100
6 5 Force Shapechange or Wrench
7 5 Group gets a disease (PPD save)
8 -25 to max Immune disease and poison
9 -25 to max Pick LVL unusual materials to be immune to.
10 5 Trigger someone else's Lycanthropy to manifest (they change form)
11 -25 to max When you change forms, can mutate your facial features to look different
12 -25 to max Your Animal form has wings; Fly at CL*3" (C)

[Q14] Lycanthrope/Moon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 14)

Psi14 Grand Powers

# PSPs Description
1 8/r +CL/2 Int
2 8/r +CL/2 Wis
3 8/r +CL/2 Chr
4 80 Alter your Lycanthrope form, DM rolls on LVL/2 Lycanthrope or Animal table
5 -40 to max Get a Rogue chart (and 20*LVL Rogue points) up to level=LVL/2
6 -40 to max Remove a vulnerability on yourself (reduce Severe Allergy -> Vulnerable)
7 8 Summon a DL=VII Lycanthrope
8 -40 to max You have a breath weapon, half hp (pick acid, poison, skunk; pick 3/d or 1/3r)
9 -40 to max Your gaze causes Charm (no save, IR)

Psi14 Super Powers

# PSPs Description
1 -55 to max 1D: Reincarnate as an animal of your animal form
2 11 1V, while attacking: Your natural attacks Cascade Rams one group
3 11 Duplicate a Psi7 minor, major, or grand
4 11 Summon a DL=X Lycanthrope
5 -55 to max You do not go unconscious and stay offensive at any hp total (will still die)
6 -55 to max Your unarmed attacks are Permanent hp of damage