[Q16] Golem (Technology) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 16)

Psi16 powers improve your mind & body so you can interface with technology better. They also alter your body, replacing components with Golem components of various materials.
Psi16 powers are resisted using PR (Psionic Resistance), *not* TechR (Technological Resistance). TechR is used to resist Psi16 Technological Items, described on the next page.
You can have more than one Golem Form (and you get all of their effects), but you can't have the same Golem Form more than once. You can take the "Golem Form: S=" powers more than once, for different unusual materials each time.

Psi16 Minor Powers

# Name Effect
1 Construct Psi16 Item 1 Create a Psi16 item (see next page) of TechL=CL, each TechL takes 1S action
2 Create Golem I Create a DL I Golem (AC=3*CL, hp=10*CL, Str=2*CL)
3 Degrade Golem Technological item with TechL<=CL gets -1 TechL or Golem gets -1 DL (no save)
4 Detect Technology Detects Technology and gives TechL within sight
5 Identify Technology Identifies a technological item, 8% chance of failure per TechL greater than your CL
6 Improve Technology Technological item with TechL<CL gets +1 TechL (TechL% chance of destroying item)
7 Repair Golem Damage Cures 10*CL hp (CL Hull points) to a Golem
8 Speak with Golems Communicate with Golem in a way that it understands
9 Turn (Command) Golems Turn (Command) Golems (need to make a turning roll as usual)
10 Golem Form: Caryatid Column +4 saves; Weapons have 25% chance to shatter when hitting you; 1M: Feign Death
11 Golem Form: Flesh Resist fire and cold; Cured by lightning (1 hp per die of dmg)
12 Golem Form: Mud Resist blunt weapons; Both punches hit: Hug 2d6+(Str bonus)+paralyzation (PPD save)
13 Golem Form: Necrophidius 1V: Hypnosis (1 target, Will save); Bite is paralysis branded (PPD save)
14 Golem Form: S=1,2 Unusual Material of S=1,2 (cannot exceed real S number)
15 Golem Form: Scarecrow 1M, gaze: Fascinate (1 target, Will save); Punches are Fascinate branded
16 Golem Form: Skeletal +2 arms (new group of limbs), but all your arms get -10/-10 TH/dmg
17 Golem Form: Stone Guardian Double Resist edged weapons; Resist cold, fire, lightning; Halve your move rate
18 Golem Form: Wood Immune Wood; 1M: Transmute Metal to Wood (owner PP saves)

Psi16 Major Powers

# Name Effect
1 Construct Psi16 Item 2 Create a Psi16 type item (see next page) of TechL=CL, each 2 TechL takes 1S action
2 Create Golem II Create a DL IV Golem (AC=6*CL, hp=10*(CL^2), Str=4*CL)
3 Dispel Golem Dispels a Golem (it is "turned off" for 1 turn) (no save)
4 Golem Jar Magic Jar into a Golem (Magic Jar contest rules, which the golem will probably lose)
5 Golem-mind Class VI/Esper-blind to all frequencies non-divisible by 8
6 Golem Form: Amber Tracking/Trailing prof.; Clairnasience; Detect Invis. cont.
7 Golem Form: Clay Unarmed damage you deal can be cured only by a CL=17+ Heal spell (or better)
8 Golem Form: Glass Improved Invis.; 1M: Prismatic Spray your group (hole in the middle)
9 Golem Form: Juggernaut +12" move rate; 1V, charging: 10d10 dmg to one target
10 Golem Form: Maggot Immune insects, edged weapons, piercing weapons; Cannot hold weapons
11 Golem Form: Metagolem Immune lightning; 1M: Fireball; 1M: Major Missile
12 Golem Form: Rock Resist earth; Any weapon that hits you saves vs. crushing blow or destroyed
13 Golem Form: Ruby set Str 20+LVL; Immune Priest magic
14 Golem Form: S=3,4,5 Unusual Material of S=3,4,5 (cannot exceed real S number)

[Q16] Golem (Technology) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 16)

Psi16 Grand Powers

# Name Effect
1 Attune Technological Item Allow another to have & use one of the technological objects you made using Psi16
2 Construct Psi16 Item 4 Create a Psi16 item (see next page) of TechL=CL, each 4 TechL takes 1S action
3 Create Golem III Create a DL VII Golem (AC=12*CL, hp=10*(CL^3), Str=6*CL)
4 Technological Engineering Duplicate the effects of a Psi8 minor or major
5 Golem Form: Doll Resist fire; Mend spell acts as a Heal on you; Bite is Tasha's Laughter branded
6 Golem Form: Emerald Immune acid; iNR 50%; 1M: Lightning Bolt
7 Golem Form: Magic MArmoring LVL*10; Disenchant any magical effect you touch; 1M: Wild Surge
8 Golem Form: Mithral Immune innates; +1Q0 action /r
9 Golem Form: Phantom Flyer Fly 24" (C); Immune darkness; Darkvision; +2 tentacles (2d8 dmg each)
10 Golem Form: S=6,7,8 Unusual Material of S=6,7,8 (cannot exceed real S number)
11 Golem Form: Shaboath Immune water; 1P: Drown a group; 1M: Wall of Ice
12 Golem Form: Silver +1 to # attacks with each weapon; +LVL" move rate
13 Golem Form: Spiderstone Resist magic; Mouth's P: Web (1 group); FRT LVL*10%
14 Golem Form: Stone Immune earth; set Str 22+LVL; 1V: Slow

Psi16 Super Powers

# Name Effect
1 Construct Psi16 Item 8 Create a Psi16 item (see next page) of TechL=CL, each 8 TechL takes 1S action
2 Create Golem IV Create a DL X Golem (iAC=CL/12, ihp=CL/5, Str=8*CL)
3 Steal Attunement Allow another to have & use one of the technological objects *anyone* made using Psi16
4 Golem Form: Adamantite Immune magic; 1V: Trample for 8d10+(Str bonus) dmg
5 Golem Form: Bone Undead immunities; Can't be Turned; 1M: Paralyze a group
6 Golem Form: Brain +1QM action; 1M: Psi1 Psionic Blast; iPR +70%
7 Golem Form: Brass Minotaur Immune Maze (and variants); Slaying +3/+3 +wounding; 1M: Trap the Soul; 1M: Maze
8 Golem Form: Burning Man Immune fire (and variants); Eldritch Fire Shield (100% dmg back); 1M: Fear (1 group)
9 Golem Form: Diamond Immune lightning, acid; iNR 75%; 1M: Diamond wacky ball (LVLd8, no save); 1M: Sunray
10 Golem Form: Drolem [Pick an E=1 to E=3 element] Immune to that element; Mouth's P, 1/3r: Breathe that element
11 Golem Form: Gargoyle +LVL weapon needed to hit you; You punches are petrification branded
12 Golem Form: Hammer Immune magic; +4d6 dmg per physical attack
13 Golem Form: Iron set Str 24+LVL; Cured by fire dmg; Mouth's P: Breathe poison (group, half hp, BW save:1/2)
14 Golem Form: S=9,10,11 Unusual Material of S=9,10,11 (cannot exceed real S number)

[Q16] Golem (Technology) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 16)

Psi16 Technological Items

At any given moment, you may have a number of Psi16 technological items (that you created) equal to your Psi8 level. Other Psi16 items (made by someone else) that you somehow gain control of do not count against this limit.
Technological effects are resisted using TechR (Technology Resistance) or another resistance listed below.
Items with charges burn out when used up; you may make another item immediately after burning up this item. The temporary effect the burnt out item is generating doesn't count against the number of technological items you may have.
Most Psi16 items "graft" to their user and cannot be Pick Pocketed or Unequipped.
DM Note: This item list is rather incomplete; but it works as a starting point. They are all loosely based on Psionic Artifacts of Athas items, just "Collectivized" and made grosser. You may research new Psi16 items; each takes 1 Research Point. This requires the DM to have the Psionic Artifacts of Athas book at the session; meaning the item will probably be delayed in real life, unless the DM knew someone was playing Psi16 and brought the book ahead of time.

Psi16 Items

# TechL XPV Item Effect
1 1 100 Drun-dahn [10 Potion] Erase a "?" in dungeon
2 1 100 Face-eater -3 set Chr; -3 set Cml; +1 set Str; +1 set Dex; +1 set Con
3 1 100 Gloves of Decay Mummy rot and rot items by touch
4 1 100 Life Leech 1V, take 60 vile dmg, sharp yourself: Summon a Larva
5 2 200 Breathermask Immune poison; Resist water; Water breathing
6 2 200 Ghov-erad 2F: Generate 2d20 Rope Tricks to different (random) places in Astral
7 2 200 Preservation Fluid [10 Potion] Reattach a sharped/vorpaled body part
8 2 200 Vash-erat Cml 72 or +12 set Cml
9 3 300 Disposer Weapon Gemlet: Put Out of Misery brand
10 3 300 Oil, Dryness You cannot go above 70°F or below 30°.F
11 3 300 Senselink 1M: Tap psionic link; 1M: Capital E Extract from someone in psionic link
12 4 400 Fruit, Silt Breathing [10 Fruit] Immune vacuum, salt, air for 1t
13 4 400 Furnace 1F: +10^(1d10) °F 10' radius
14 4 400 Spore Pods, Sleep [10 Potion] Sleep (area, Spell save vs. 36)
15 5 500 Glowpods Continual Light 10'r; Immune darkness
16 5 500 Lens, Red Infravision; If already have Infravision, gives X-ray vision
17 5 500 Platons AT +21 armor
18 5 500 Vigrons set Con 24 or +3 set Con
19 6 600 Bag of Impressions Small bag of holding; Always roll a "7" on initiative
20 6 600 Erdlu Canteen 2V: Reverse a potion or Reverse a potion effect
21 7 750 Candle of Rejuvenation [10 Candles] xx4 Psi recovery rate for a reset (fully stacks with itself)
22 7 750 Sleekoil [10 Potion] All move rates become 0" within 100' for 1t (x1 Special)
23 10 1000 Ber-ethern Fly 75"
24 10 1000 Glider You get 2 parting shots against others; Immune falling damage; Resist TK
25 10 1000 Lyre of Silence Immune Sound, Words, Blasting
26 10 1000 Ring, Coolness Immune gravity; Immune temperature changes
27 10 1000 Ring, Mental Protection iMAC 1 (infinite Mental AC)
28 10 1000 Trackboots Immune web; +3/+3 pro.; tracking +120%; +6" movement rate
29 10 1000 Watchpack A Small bag of holding; +1QQF only for using generic (non-magical) equipment
30 10 1000 Watchpack B 10 billion ton (30 mile cubed) bag of holding; Capital E Enough of all generic equipment
31 10 1000 Water Sniffer Nose's P, 1/t: Detect liquid by type (can specify a potion type)
32 11 1111 Agafari Rod See ethereal, magic, spirit, hidden
33 11 1111 Periapt of Tierna All your items get +11 ego and fully stack ego; Planar Displacement that's immune to True Sight and Cosmic Awareness
34 11 1111 Red Crystal of Tyr [Has an E action] 1E: Precognition; 1E: Choose Future; 1E: Clairvoyance
35 12 1200 Deathspray [Spray bottle, 100 charges] 1P, 1 charge: Cone of poison (death/40)
36 15 1500 Bag of Creation Small bag of holding; 1M, 1/d: Summon a DL X Intelligent Sphere of Creation (from Plane of UltraWhite / IntraPlanes)
37 15 1500 Eyehand Immune gaze attacks, eyestalks
38 15 1500 Staff, Pain [25 charges] 1M, 1 charge: Double Pain (stacks with itself, each adds x+1)
39 20 2000 Climbdog 1V, 1/d, 1 at a time: Add a Lycanthrope Racial Adjective
40 20 2000 Darkcloak [Cloak +5/+5] Class VI/Esper-blind; -5 MF 30'r; Anti-Innate Shell SL 0-5
41 20 2000 Farspeaker Truename is unknowable
42 20 2000 Tail, Grasping +1 tail; set Str 12 or +1 set Str
43 25 2500 Cube of Energy Containment [Has an E action] 1E, 1/t: 200 point Magnetic Shield (stops physical or energy)
44 25 2500 Maul of Power [Weapon: Size H; 8d2/8d4; +25/+48; 3-20: x2] 30d8 random element Detonate brand
45 25 2500 Wand, Psionic Detection [100 charges] Detect Psi cont.; 1M, N charges: -5*N PaPR or -N iPaPR to one target
46 29 4000 Splitter +1 limb (any type, same group of limbs); Can wear 2 of one wear location
47 30 4500 Folding Cloak 1F: Dimension Door, no delay, can use in combat
48 31 5000 Healer Pod Vile Troll-like regen 10% of max hp /s
49 32 6500 Fire Flute Mouth's M: 30 eldritch fire dmg, up to 16 groups (no save, XR to resist)
50 33 10000 Centennial Brain [x2] set Int 36; +infinite minors and majors in psionics; PR +200%
51 34 10000 Heart of the Fire Drake [x2; ego 30; AL NJ] Protection from Stupid 10'r; Immune SL 0-5 magic and psi; "Third Level M-U Spells" spell cont.; Get an extra Mage2 progression (even if not a mage); x2 XP in Halfling0, Mage2, FMCTP1/2 (if the M component is 2nd edition)
52 35 20000 Belt of Kings [x2; ego 40; ego 120 on Wednesdays] x2 set Chr; Immune undead, dwarves; pro. missiles; free action; +4 Warrior levels
53 36 30000 Corundum Wormskin [use once, it's permanent but permanently eats a Psi16 item slot] Wormlord Racial Adj. (free): +20 HD; You are x2 being; AT +12; punch/kick x2 dmg; clairtactience (remote touching); passwall cont.; 1M: Summon Capital P Plenty sink worms (DL II insects); stone tell cont.; 1M: LVL curses (no save); 1V: Dust Devil