[Q27] Fate Psionics (Psi. Freq. 27)

Basic Psi27 Information

Another Synnibarr psionic frequency, based on Raven c.s. McCracken's Ultimate Adventurer's Guide (The Book of Fate).
The class has Comeliness as a prerequisite. It is also based on the Immortal Luck score (which is generally equal to your Immortal level), and your highest non-Concordant Level (hereafter called HNCL).
Psi27 Wild Talents use half their true CL for the CL in these rules.
You gain Comeliness, Luck, and HNCL tracks which function similarly to Psi9/Psi18 tracks.
You also gain tracks for the 6 standard ability scores if you don't have them already (they don't stack with Psi9/Psi18).
Psi27 regains points in the following way: Each turn, CL/4 (round up) of your tracks get restored to full.
Psi27 Wild Talents:
Calculate Combined Score = Comeliness + Luck + HNCL.
# Minors = (Combined Score) / 9, round down.
# Majors = (Combined Score) / 18, round down.
# Grands = (Combined Score) / 27, round down.
# Supers = (Combined Score) / 36, round down.

Psi27 Minor Powers

# Power Check Description
1 Cloak of Oblivion Cml/t Pick any one specific spell or psionic power. You are immune to it.
2 Dark Triangle Int/r Name 2 Wizard/Priest schools: One has double effect, the other half (30' radius)
3 Death Ritual HNCL Sacrifice a dead body: Party will gain double XP from that creature (max LVL/d)
4 Grace Cml Target stops fighting and will not attack again unless attacked (save)
5 Graver Company Luck/t Negative Plane Protection; Immune to Str/Dex/Con loss; vulnerable to Holy
6 Innocents Cml/s You cannot physically attack this segment. You are healed LVL^2 hp.
7 Lawson Company HNCL/t Haste (self only); +LVL on #Att table; +4/-4 TH/dmg; vulnerable to Magic
8 Lord Cml Command (as spell) using LVL words, up to LVL creatures within LVL*10' range
9 Metaphysical Power Str/t You may convert M ® P actions.
10 Night Company Cml/t Improved Invis.; +LVL% Rogue abilities; +4/-4 pro.; vulnerable to Light and Fire
11 Pain HNCL Target takes LVLd10 dmg and is at -LVL to hit (save for half effect)
12 People's Bless Wis One die roll within 1 round is adjusted as you wish (max of ±LVL%).
13 Pregnancy Luck Target becomes pregnant (save) [!]
14 Ritual of Aging Luck Target ages LVL years (save), if save missed you get healed LVL hp.
15 Synncon HNCL/r Fly (as spell). 1M: make an item of up to LVL gp value, it lasts for 1 segment.
16 Synnlight Cml/r Light (as spell). 1M: one target takes LVL light dmg (save:0).
17 Synnslaver Luck/r Creatures with HD < LVL must save to attack you. 1M: Sleep LVL HD (save).
18 Trader HNCL Sacrifice an object: Split either it's gp value (in gp) or XP value (in XP) for party
19 Winery Luck Create a random potion (roll 1 Artificer effect) (use within LVL r or wasted)
20 Wipeout Dex Assassination 10*LVL% (as Rogue ability), lasts for 1 attack

[Q27] Fate Psionics (Psi. Freq. 27)

Psi27 Major Powers

# Power Check Description
1 Aridius Cml Cure Disease and Restore Con in LVL*10' radius
2 Armor Ceremony Cml/t Pick Physical, Magical, Psionic, or Innate. You take 1/10 dmg from that source.
3 Bi'reel Str/r All (friendly or not) within LVL*10' radius lose LVL Str points for duration
4 Drake Cml/r You can breathe an Inner Element once this round equal to your hp in dmg.
5 Experience Level HNCL/r Your *lowest* non-Concordant level is raised by one for the duration.
6 Knight HNCL/t +LVL bonus to to hit, damage, AC, or saves (pick one)
7 Liturgy of Despair HNCL 30’ radius: Insanity (save) and all must make Morale rolls (even if save made)
8 People's Item Con/d Item can reroll the next item saving throw next time it fails.
9 Priests of Any God Wis/d You have an enslaved Priest: You gain his Priest memorization for the day.
10 Sight Int/t Detect spirits, astral forms, invisibility, alignment, magic, emotion, lies, illusions
11 Smite Wis Target is Paralyzed and cannot use any M actions next round (save)
12 The Skull HNCL Name a class or alignment. Find the Path to closest NPC with that class/AL.
13 The Walk Dex/t Teleport, Shadow Walk, or Dimension Walk
14 Time Trooper Luck Time travel: X=10^(2d4). Roll 1dX - X/2, you travel that distance in years.
15 Worshipers of Any God Chr/d You have an enslaved creature: You gain his hp in permanent hp for the day.

Psi27 Grand Powers

# Power Check Description
1 Baron Chr/t +LVL to any stat (you *can* raise your effective Cml, HNCL, or Luck with this)
2 Dark Light Cml/r 30' radius: Emotion, Darkness, Weird (as spells)
3 Death Luck Target is slain (save)
4 Diversify Luck Your next Psi27 power that has one target has LVL targets instead
5 Hydra Dex/r Choose a body part: Gain +LVL P actions with that body part this round.
6 Imprisonment/Freedom HNCL Imprisonment (as spell) or its reverse
7 People's Area Cml/d Forbiddance, Guards and Wards, Proof vs. Teleportation/Scrying LVL*10' radius
8 Ritual of Assimilation Luck Touch: Target loses all of his current hp’s, you are healed that amount (no save)
9 The Call Cml Choose a creature type: summons (LVL-DL)^2 of them. (DL is creature’s DL).
10 The Sorting HNCL Shapechange, but can merge and assume qualities of LVL creature types.

Psi27 Super Powers

# Power Check Description
1 Eternal HNCL/y You stop aging and are Immune to aging. You cannot die from having a 0 stat.
2 Liturgy of Armageddon Luck/r All creatures within 1 mile radius are slain (no save) or Slain (save) [choose]
3 Master Ritual of Summ. Cml Summons any one unique creature in the Multiverse to you (no resistance)
4 People's Army Cml Mass Charm Person up to LVL^3 people (no save)
5 Prince Luck Your "caster level" (CL) for all purposes (even non-Psi27) is raised by LVL