[Q36] Synnibarr Psionics (Psi. Freq. 36)

Psi36 Minor Powers

# Power Check Description [Permanent powers in brackets]
1 Alchemy: Alchemist Armor Con/t Armor spell of 10*CL hp; +2 Str
2 Alchemy: Ball Lightning Con Group takes CLd4 lightning dmg (no save)
3 Alchemy: Elemental Bolt Str One target takes CLd6 dmg of a normal element (no save)
4 Alchemy: Control Size Str/t Target person or object's size changes by 1 categrory (non-living is permanent)
5 Alchemy: Create Potion varies *10 Spend 10 times PSP cost of another Psi (divisible by 9) power: Make a potion of it
6 Alchemy: Ether Bolt Str Target takes CL dmg, PP save or knocked unconscious for 1dCL segments
7 Alchemy: Eye of Alchemy Int/r Wizard Eye; Detect Magic, Aura, Psionics, Radiation, Anti-Radiation
8 Alchemy: Elemental Summ. Chr Summon a DL II Elemental
9 Alchemy: Mist of Force Str/h Wall of Telekinesis (no damage, cannot pass unless make Str-20 check)
10 Alchemy: Shield Int/r Resist Spells, Magic Items, Psionics, Radiation, a Weapon class (e.g. swords), or Innates
11 Alchemy: Matter to Mist Chr/r Gaseous Form, can be used on another (PP save)
12 Alchemy: Self to Air Dex/h Turn into an air elemental; Fly 24" (A); Immune Air; Vulnerable Vaccum/Earth
13 Alchemy: Enforcement Winds Str/t Psionics in the room are at double effect (x1 Special)
14 Earthpower: Catch Con 1bM to use: Feather Fall
15 Earthpower: Circle of Pro. Con/t All in group are protected by 100*CL hp shield from those outside, this doesn't move
16 Earthpower: Cold Resist. Con/t Double Resist Cold
17 Earthpower: Conc. Break Chr Target loses CL to max number of maintains (no save)
18 Earthpower: Earth Shock Str Group is paralyzed for 1dCL segments (PP save)
19 Earthpower: Earth Shout Str Group is deaf and has 50% spell failure (no save)
20 Earthpower: Earth Sphere Con/t All in group are protected by 40*CL hp shield from those outside, moves (centered on you)
21 Earthpower: Entangle Anim. Dex Group is entangled (PP save), do not need plants for this effect
22 Earthpower: Heal Wis Target is Healed but does not get actions (except non-offensive 0 and V actions) for 1 turn
23 Earthpower: Fire Resist. Con/t Double Resist Fire
24 Earthpower: Invisibility Dex One group is invisible (individual people come out of invisibility as they attack)
25 Earthpower: Earth Resist. Con/t Double Resist Earth
26 Earthpower: Magic Resist. Con/t MR CL*15% or iMR CL*5%
27 Earthpower: Reveal Traps Dex/r Find Traps, Mechanical only
28 Earthpower: Sense Life Wis/t Know number of life forms and sizes in next room; 1M while running this: Know summon type
29 Earthpower: Sense Psi. Chr/t Detect Psionics incl. frequency numbers, Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions
30 Earthpower: Sneak Dex/s Avoid Traps (self only) CL*20%
31 Earthpower: Tunnel Str Dig
32 Earthpower: Unlock Door Dex Open Locks CL*10% (can try again if fail)
33 Earthpower: Ward of Hiding Dex Hide in Shadows 40+CL*10%

[Q36] Synnibarr Psionics (Psi. Freq. 36)

Psi36 Major Powers

# Power Check Description [Permanent powers in brackets]
1 Alchemy: Binding Dex Contingency for a Psi36 power
2 Alchemy: Ambrosia Wis Create a Potion of Heal (still need 1V to drink it), only 1 potion at a time per slot on this power
3 Alchemy: Cloud Carry Wis/h Cloud that can carry CL people, moves at 60" (B)
4 Alchemy: Create Creature Chr Monster Summoning IV, you can pick the summon type
5 Alchemy: Reflect and Amplify Wis 1bM to use: Reflect a power/spell that required 1M to use; add your CL to it's CL
6 Alchemy: Werewind Wis 1 group; Roll 1d4: 1=Banish, 2=Disintegrate, 3=Dispel an effect, 4=CL*6 Sand dmg (all have PP save)
7 Earthpower: Create Matter Con Create CL*2 gp of normal items; once per day these can be permanent
8 Earthpower: Ego Refreshment Chr Restore all Int, Wis, Chr, Log, San, Cml dmg; Throw off an Ego Domination (drop item)
9 Earthpower: Heal Insanity Chr Cures Insanity, Feeblemind, or one Psi1 Psionic Blast "letter" result (incl. K=Killed if within CL r)
10 Earthpower: Orb of Location Int/m Locate Person or Object
11 Earthpower: Poison Resist. Con/t Double Resist Poison
12 Earthpower: Innate Resist. Con/t InnR CL*12% or iInnR CL*4%
13 Earthpower: Telekinesis Str TK 1 target; CL*20' falling damage (assuming size M)
14 Earthpower: Vision Through Int X-ray Vision; Detect Illusion
15 Earthpower: Ward of Warning Dex You are alerted (if on same plane) if anyone enters area (x1 Psionic Trap)

Psi36 Grand Powers

# Power Check Description [Permanent powers in brackets]
1 Alchemy: Ele. Swarm Summ. Chr Summon CL/2 DL VII Elementals
2 Alchemy: Transmutation Chr Polymorph any Object (or) Shapechange Other
3 Earthpower: Argium Pit Str/s All in group take CL Str and Con dmg per segment (no save)
4 Earthpower: Enforcement Int/r Psi36 powers can be used in area, even in Anti-Radiation Shell, DRZ, low PsiF, etc. (x1 Special)
5 Earthpower: Remove Ench. Wis Remove Curse, *Curse*, Geas, Quest; CL% chance to remove Ancient Foul Curse (**Curse**) or Pawned
6 Earthpower: Tremor Con Two groups get their hp halved or CL*10 earth dmg (no save); may target same group twice