[Q45] Marvel Psionics (Psi. Freq. 45)

Basic Psi45 Information

This is a port of Marvel comics powers to the D&D Collective. This list of powers is not accurate to the Marvel game. If you're looking for Marvel game material, look elsewhere!
There is only one list of Psi45 powers, but these powers exist at each category (minor, major, grand, etc.). The powers have "SL" (Spell Level) built into their descriptions, so higher level powers are more effective. For purposes of SL, minor=2, major=5, grand=8, super=11, ultra=14.
Whenever SL is divided by something, you round down (so a Major of "+SL/2 Str" would give +2 Str, not +2½). If the fractional part is actually meaningful to the Collective (e.g. +2½M actions is better than +2M actions), you can retain the fraction.
All powers require 1M to use unless noted.
All powers cost it's SL in PSPs to use. If it's a maintained effect, the cost permanently lowers the max PSP pool until the effect is lowered.
1 Psi45 PSP = 10 Psi1 PSPs.
Some powers list "(SL saves)". This requires the target to make the SL saves against the effect, failing any is failure. You may instead affect SL different targets in the same group with 1 save each (other combinations of splittling the power up is not possible).
For effects that list "(SL/3 saves)" or "(SL/4 saves)", this effect does nothing as a Minor.

Psi45 Powers

# Power School Notes
1 Abnormal Sensitivity Detection Pick SL/2: See infrared, ultraviolet, radio waves, radiation, high sound pitches, low sound pitches
2 Absorption Power Energy Control bM: Absorb energy, gain 100/(12-SL)% of it in temporary hp
3 Age-Shift Self-Alteration Adjust apparent age by +/- SL*10 years
4 Alter Ego Self-Alteration Have an alter ego; people don't know the "two of you" are the same person
5 Anatomical Separation Self-Alteration Your separated body parts still function; can reattach severed body parts; Grand: Immune Vorpal
6 Animal Mimicry Self-Alteration Duplicate the abilities of a DL=SL-1 Animal (DM rolls randomly, like the Uncommoner3 class)
7 Animal Transformation Self-Alteration Polymorph Self into a DL=SL-1 Animal (you do get to choose)
8 Animate Image Illusory Minor: Phantasmal Force; Major: Advanced Illusion; Grand: Mirage Arcana
9 Armor Skin Physical Enhancement AT +SL*3
10 Artifact Creation Matter Creation 1/reset: +(SL^2)*10 item XP
11 Astral Body Travel Minor: Astral Projection (but you can't attack); Major: Astral Spell
12 Berserker Fighting +SL Str, +SL TH, +SL dmg, -SL Int, -SL Wis, cannot use M actions until dropped
13 Biophysical Control Lifeform Control Cure SL hp; Major: Cure Disease or Poison; Grand: Cure Aging
14 Bio-Vampirism Lifeform Control 1P, consume a dead body, SL/t: +1 to Str, Con, Wis, or +1 SL to another power for 1 turn
15 Blending Self-Alteration Meld into Surroundings
16 Body Adaptation Self-Alteration SL/2 instances of Resist Hostile Environments
17 Body Armor Defensive AT +SL^2
18 Body Coating Self-Alteration 5*SL hp Armor spell, self only, stacks with the (Wizard) Armor spell
19 Body Resistance Physical Enhancement Physical attacks that do less than SL*2 dmg to you do nothing
20 Body Transformation Self-Alteration Change your body to be of an E=SL/2 element
21 Body Transformation—Others Lifeform Control Polymorph Other (SL/2 saves)
22 Bonding Matter Control (12-SL)M: Merge two objects
23 Bouncing Ball Self-Alteration You can bounce.
24 Carrier Wave Travel Fly at SL*12"
25 Catalytic Control Energy Control xSL or /SL rate at which Chemical reactions occur (x1 Special)
26 Chemical Mimicry Self-Alteration Change your body to be of an TechL=SL chemical
27 Chemical Touch Physical Enhancement Chemical effect of TechL=SL*2 or less (range touch)
28 Circular Vision Detection All around sight; Immune to backstab/backstrike/etc.; -(11-SL) Chr
29 Clairaudience Mental Enhancement Clairaudience
30 Clairvoyance Mental Enhancement Clairvoyance
31 Cold Generation Energy Emission SL*CL Cold damage (1 group, no save)
32 Coldshaping Energy Control +/- SL*10 degrees temperature (x1 Special)
33 Collection Matter Control (12-SL)M, SL/d: Teleport up to SL gp value of objects (of specified type) to yourself
34 Coloration Matter Conversion Color an object/person or +/- SL/2 to the Chemical factor of a chemical (see Chemist)
35 Combustion Matter Conversion An object explodes (item save), the person carrying it takes CL*SL/2 damage (save)
36 Communicate with Animals Mental Enhancement Speak with Animals
37 Communicate with Cybernetics Mental Enhancement Speak with Golems / Technological Monsters+Devices
38 Communicate with Non-Living Mental Enhancement Speak with anything not alive or animated; Stone Tell
39 Communicate with Plants Mental Enhancement Speak with Plants
40 Control Power Control 1bM: Redirect an effect (caster makes SL/4 saves)
41 Cosmic Awareness Mental Enhancement Grand: Cosmic Awareness
42 Creation Power Control Wish for a spell level = 0 to (SL-3)/2 spell (Warrior, Wizard, Priest, or Rogue)
43 Crystallization Matter Control Object is indestructible for SL rounds
44 Danger Sense Mental Enhancement Danger Sense
45 Darkforce Manipulation Energy Control +SL dmg per unarmed attack; Darkness SL*10' r; Fly SL*3"; (12-SL)M: Dimension Door
46 Digestive Adaptation Physical Enhancement Can digest anything; +SL*2 saves vs. poison
47 Dimension Travel Travel Plane Shift up to SL/2 planes removed
48 Diminution Matter Control /SL size to a person or object (save)
49 Disintegration Matter Conversion Major: Disintegrate (save)
50 Disruption Matter Control Minor: Target takes CL*SL disruption damage (no save); Grand: The damage given plus a Disintegrate effect (save)
51 Domination Power Control Dominate all actions (SL/5 saves)
52 Dreamtravel Mental Enhancement Dream Travel
53 Duplication Power Control 1bM: Fork an effect (caster makes SL/3 saves)
54 Electrical Control Energy Control SL/2 (round down) instances of Resist lightning; +SL*10% damage with lightning effects
55 Electrical Generation Energy Emission SL*CL Lightning damage (1 group, no save)
56 Elemental Conversion Matter Conversion Alter a periodic table element effect to another (within SL elements on periodic table)
57 Elemental Creation Matter Creation Create SL^2 lbs. of an element (max E=SL/2)
58 Elongation Self-Alteration Elasticity (length only); Can do SL melee attacks on someone without actually joining their group
59 Emotion Control Lifeform Control Emotion (SL saves)
60 Empathy Mental Enhancement Empathy
61 Enchantment Magical Make a stone that holds SL^2 PSPs in Psi45
62 Energy Body Self-Alteration Major: You are made of energy; cannot use P actions; resist physical damage
63 Energy Conversion Energy Control 0, SL/t: Convert an element in an effect to another element (max E factor = SL/2, round down)
64 Energy Detection Detection Detect and identify energy
65 Energy Doppelganger Energy Emission Mirror Image (1 image), it has SL^3 hp; it flies at SL*3"; you can cast Psi45 effects through it
66 Energy Path Travel Fly at (CL*SL)^2"; you are incorporeal and cannot use P actions
67 Energy Sheath Self-Alteration SL^2 hp Armor spell, self only, stacks with the (Wizard) Armor spell
68 Energy Solidification Energy Control Minor: Web; Major: Iron Bands of Bilarro; Grand: Solid Wall of Force; Super: Forcecage
69 Energy Source Power Control +SL^2 max PSPs in Psi45 as long as you are within SL planes of the Astral plane
70 Energy Source Creation Power Control +SL*5 max PSPs in Psi45
71 Energy Sponge Energy Control bM: SL*10% chance to absorb an entire energy attack
72 Energy Vampirism Energy Control 1M: Target takes SL Str, Con, or Wis damage and you gain that amount for 1 round (save)
73 Enlargement Matter Control xSL size to a person or object (save)
74 Environmental Awareness Detection Increased sensitivity to disturbances/influences on environment
75 Evolution Self-Alteration Add the "Greater" Racial Adjective to yourself for free. Super: Add "Chosen One" for free.
76 Exorcism Lifeform Control Minor: Detect Possession; Major: Exorcism (SL/2 saves)
77 Extradimensional Detection See things existing in other dimensions nearby (Border Astral, etc.)
78 Fire Control Energy Control SL/2 (round down) instances of Resist fire; +SL*10% damage with fire effects
79 Fire Generation Energy Emission SL*CL Fire damage (1 group, no save)
80 Floating Disc Travel Floating Disc; Major: Frisky Chest
81 Focus Power Control Do SL instances of another Psi45 power you know; you are Spent and Harmed at the end of effect
82 Force Field Defensive Immune to spell level 0 to SL-2 effects; -(SL-1) per physical attack; ER 5*SL%
83 Force Field vs. Emotion Defensive Immune to spell level 0 to SL-1 enchantment/charm effects
84 Force Field vs. Energy Defensive Immune to spell level 0 to SL-1 energy attacks
85 Force Field vs. Hostiles Lifeform Control Enemies must make SL/2 saves to attack you
86 Force Field vs. Magic Defensive Immune to spell level 0 to SL-1 magic
87 Force Field vs. Mental Defensive Immune to spell level 0 to SL-1 mental attacks
88 Force Field vs. Physical Defensive -SL per physical attack
89 Force Field vs. Power Manipulation Defensive ER 10*SL%
90 Force Field vs. Vampirism Defensive aNR 10*SL% (including energy and stat drains)
91 Forced Reincarnation Lifeform Control 1M, SL/d: Reincarnation (target must have died within the last 2^SL segments)
92 Free Spirit Mental Enhancement Minor: Astral Perception; Major: Astral Projection
93 Gateway Travel Major: Dimension Door; Grand: Gate
94 Geoforce Matter Control 1bM: Stop or Create an Earthquake, Landslide, etc. Damage would be CL*SL Earth to a group (save for 0)
95 Gestalt Power Control Major: 1M: Do 2 Minor powers that you know; Grand: 1M: Do 2 Major powers that you know; etc.
96 Gliding Travel Fly at whatever the wind speed is
97 Grafting Lifeform Control 1M: Graft Weapon/Armor or Surgery (at TechL=SL*2)
98 Gravity Manipulation Energy Control SL/2 (round down) instances of Resist gravity/falling damage; +SL*10% damage with gravity/falling effects
99 Growth Self-Alteration xSL size; +SL Str
100 Hallucinations Mental Enhancement Hallucinations (SL saves)
101 Hard Radiation Energy Emission SL*CL/2 Radiation damage and SL Con damage (1 group, no save)
102 Hard Radiation Control Energy Control SL/2 (round down) instances of Resist radiation damage; +SL*10% damage with radiation (specific, not all of Psi9/18/27) effects
103 Heat Energy Emission Target takes SL*CL Fire damage per segment for 1 round (no save)
104 Hyper-Digging Travel Tunneling
105 Hyper-Hearing Detection xSL range with hearing; Hear Noise 10*SL%
106 Hyper-Intelligence Mental Enhancement +SL Int
107 Hyper-Invention Mental Enhancement (12-SL)M: Create a TechL=SL*2-3 object (see [Q8], can have at most LVL of these objects)
108 Hyper-Leaping Travel Jump SL*10'
109 Hyper-Olfactory Detection xSL range with smell; Clairnasience
110 Hyper-Running Travel +SL/2 V actions only for actual movement
111 Hyper-Speed Physical Enhancement xSL movement rate
112 Hyper-Swimming Travel Swim at full movement rate
113 Hyper-Touch Detection Detect extremely fine surface details; Fine manipulation
114 Hypnotic Control Lifeform Control Hypnosis (SL/2 saves)
115 Hypnotic Voice Physical Enhancement Hypnosis (SL/2 groups, save, must be able to hear you)
116 Illusion-Casting Illusory 1M: Demi-Shadow Magic for a spell level = SL-2 effect in Psi45
117 Illusory Duplication Illusory Mirror Image (SL images)
118 Illusory Invisibility Illusory Minor: Invis.; Major: Improved Invis.; Grand: Dust of Disappearance
119 Imitation-Face Changer Self-Alteration Alter Appearance; Disguise (face only) SL*20%
120 Imitation-Human Changeling Self-Alteration Alter Appearance; Disguise SL*15%
121 Incarnation Awareness Mental Enhancement Remember your last SL/5 previous incarnations of your life
122 Internal Limbo Magical Minor: Rope Trick; Grand: I'm Gone (to own Pocket Dimension)
123 Invisibility Self-Alteration Improved Invis.
124 Ionization Matter Conversion Lightning shield (xSL/10 damage back)
125 Iron Will Mental Enhancement 1bM: One effect that's hitting you is delayed for SL segments (it will still resolve even if the caster is dropped)
126 Kinetic Bolt Energy Emission SL*CL/2 Telekinesis dmg and knock back SL*10' (1 target, no save, Str-SL*2 check to avoid knock back)
127 Kinetic Control Energy Control SL/2 (round down) instances of Resist telekinesis; +SL*10% damage with telekinesis effects
128 Levitation Travel Levitate
129 Life Detection Detection Detect Life SL*10' (even through walls); 1M: Identify Life
130 Lifeform Creation Matter Creation Summon a DL=SL-1 monster
131 Light Control Energy Control SL/2 (round down) instances of Resist light; +SL*10% damage with light effects
132 Light Emission Energy Emission SL*CL/2 Light damage (no save) and SL/2 instances of blindness (save)
133 Linguistics Mental Enhancement +SL^2 language slots
134 Lung Adaptability Physical Enhancement Need not breathe; Water Breathing
135 Machine Animation Matter Control Control P Actions of a Psi8 object (SL saves)
136 Magic Control Magical +SL/2 (round down) to SL of next Psi45 power
137 Magic Creation Magical Wish for a spell level = 0 to SL-2 Wizard spell
138 Magic Detection Detection Detect Magic SL*10' (even through walls); 1M: Identify Magic
139 Magic Domination Magical Control M Actions (SL/2 saves)
140 Magic Transferral Magical Spend any amount of Psi45 PSPs. The target gets that PSPs in his pool.
141 Magic Vampirism Magical 1M, SL/t: Target loses SL spell levels in magic memorization (save), if fails you get +1 to Str, Con, Wis, or +1 SL to another power for 1 turn
142 Magnetic Manipulation Energy Control SL/2 (round down) instances of Resist magnetism; +SL*10% damage with magnetism effects
143 Magnetism Energy Emission Magnetism; Metal items weigh xSL normal
144 Martial Supremacy Fighting +SL Martial Arts or Professional Wrestling maneuvers (you don't need a style)
145 Mass Decrease Self-Alteration /SL weight on an object
146 Mass Increase Self-Alteration xSL weight on an object
147 Matter Animation Matter Control Animate Object up to SL^2 lbs.
148 Mechanical Creation Matter Creation Summon a DL=SL-2 Golem or Technological monster
149 Mental Duplication Mental Enhancement Capital E Extract (SL/3 saves)
150 Mental Invisibility Mental Enhancement Improved Invis.: it's +SL AC instead of +4
151 Mental Probe Mental Enhancement Probe (SL saves)
152 Micro-Environment Matter Control Create a bubble of friendly environment for up to SL people (must stay in same group)
153 Microscopic Vision Detection x10^SL Microsopic Vision
154 Mind Blast Mental Enhancement SL*CL Mental damage (1 group, no save)
155 Mind Control Lifeform Control Minor: Command (save); Major: Domination (SL/3 saves)
156 Mind Drain Mental Enhancement Forget (SL saves)
157 Mind Transferral Lifeform Control Minor: Empathy (save); Major: Magic Jar (SL/3 saves)
158 Missile Creation Matter Creation Do SL missile attacks, must roll to hit, each hit does 10 dmg (no save) and a stun (save)
159 Molding Matter Control (12-SL)M: Shape Alter Any Object (the resultant item must be of the same type of material)
160 Molecular Conversion Matter Conversion Alter a periodic table compound effect to another
161 Molecular Creation Matter Creation Create SL lbs. of an element (max E=SL)
162 Natural Weaponry Fighting +SL TH and dmg with natural attacks
163 Nemesis Power Control Wish for a spell level 0 to SL-2 effect that will most affect the target (DM will determine)
164 Neural Manipulation Lifeform Control Minor: Seizure (-2 all rolls, save); Major: Paralysis (SL/3 saves)
165 Penetration Vision Detection X-ray vision SL*2'
166 Phasing Self-Alteration Minor: Phase out (like a Blink dog); Major: Pass Wall
167 Pheromones Physical Enhancement Command (SL words, save)
168 Physical Gestalt Self-Alteration Grand: Merge bodies with someone else (must be willing), combine AC, hp, and effects
169 Plague Carrier Lifeform Control Disease (SL saves)
170 Plant Control Lifeform Control Charm Plant (SL saves)
171 Plant Growth Lifeform Control Plant Growth xSL
172 Plant Mimicry Self-Alteration Tree
173 Plasma Control Energy Control SL/2 (round down) instances of Resist plasma; +SL*10% damage with plasma effects
174 Plasma Generation Energy Emission SL*CL Plasma damage (1 group, no save)
175 Plasticity Self-Alteration Elasticity (full); Can do SL/2 melee attacks on someone without actually joining their group
176 Postcognition Mental Enhancement Postcognition
177 Power Detection Detection Detect Radiation SL*10' (even through walls); 1M: Identify Radiation
178 Power Simulation Magical The next Psi45 power you use will be resisted using MR instead of PR
179 Power Transferral Power Control Lend a Minor to someone's progression (you lose a Psi45 minor, they gain a Psi45 minor)
180 Power Vampirism Power Control 1M, SL/t: Target loses an innate ability (save), if fails you get +1 to Str, Con, Wis, or +1 SL to another power for 1 turn
181 Precognition Mental Enhancement Precognition
182 Prehensile Hair Self-Alteration Your hair has controlled movement; can do a "Hair attack" (using your hair's P action) for 1dSL dmg
183 Psionic Detection Detection Detect Psionics SL*10' (even through walls); 1M: Identify Psionics
184 Psionic Vampirism Mental Enhancement 1M, SL/t: Target loses (SL^2)*10 PSPs (Psi1 scale, save), if fails you get +1 to Str, Con, Wis, or +1 SL to another power for 1 turn
185 Radarsense Detection Emit and sense Radar waves
186 Radiowave Control Energy Control Emit and Sense Radio waves
187 Radiowave Generation Energy Emission SL*CL/2 Radiowave damage (1 group, no save, the effect can go through a SL' wall)
188 Reality Alteration Magical + or - SL to your next die roll
189 Reflection Defensive MPIWReflection 5*SL%
190 Regeneration Physical Enhancement Regenerate SL hp/s
191 Remote Sensing Mental Enhancement Increase all senses by x(1+SL/4)
192 Residual Absorption Power Control Whenever a Psi45 power is used against you, gain it's SL/2 PSPs.
193 Resist: Emotion Defensive SL/2 (round down) instances of Resist enchantment/charm
194 Resist: Energy Defensive SL/3 (round down) instances of Resist energy attacks
195 Resist: Magic Defensive SL/4 (round down) instances of Resist magic
196 Resist: Mental Defensive SL/2 (round down) instances of Resist mental attacks
197 Resist: Physical Defensive SL/4 (round down) instances of Resist physical attacks
198 Resist: Power Manipulation Defensive SL/3 (round down) instances of Resist disenchantment
199 Resist: Vampirism Defensive SL/3 (round down) instances of Resist necromancy, energy and stat drains
200 Rocket Travel Fly at SL*30" but you can turn only once per segment
201 Selection Power Control Major: You know all Psi45 Minors but can run only 1 Minor at a time; Grand: Know all Majors, etc.
202 Self-Duplication Self-Alteration Make SL/5 duplicates of yourself
203 Self-Revival Physical Enhancement 0, (SL-1)/d: Heal self
204 Self-Sustenance Physical Enhancement Need not drink or eat
205 Self-Vegetation Self-Alteration Polymorph Self into a DL=SL-1 Plant (you do get to choose)
206 Sense Alteration Lifeform Control Negate or restore 1 sense (save)
207 Sensory Link Mental Enhancement Link SL/2 senses to another person
208 Serial Immortality Mental Enhancement 0, 1/d: Resurrection, self only, there is a delay of (11-SL) rounds
209 Shadowcasting Energy Emission Darkness, reduce radiation in room by RS=SL
210 Shadowshaping Energy Control See through shadows 10*SL' (even through walls); Meld into Shadows; 1M: Summon Shadow (DL=SL)
211 Shapechange-Others Lifeform Control Minor: Alter Appearance (save); Major: Disguise (save); Grand: Shapechange Other (save)
212 Shapeshifting Self-Alteration Polymorph Self into a DL=SL-4 monster (you do get to choose)
213 Shrinking Self-Alteration /SL size; +SL Dex
214 Skywalk Travel You walk on the air as if it was the ground (i.e. Fly at your ground movement rate)
215 Sleep-Induced Lifeform Control Sleep (SL/2 saves)
216 Sonar Detection Emit and sense Sonar waves
217 Sonic Generation Energy Emission SL*CL/2 Sound damage (no save) and SL/2 instances of deafness (save)
218 Sound Manipulation Energy Control xSL or /SL amount of sound in room (x1 Special)
219 Speechthrowing Mental Enhancement Ventriloquism
220 Spiderclimb Travel Spider Climb; Climb Walls SL*20%
221 Spirit Gestalt Self-Alteration Grand: Join minds with another person (must be willing), can use each other's mental abilities
222 Spirit Storage Lifeform Control Can hold SL spirits within self as a receptacle
223 Spirit Vampirism Magical 1M, SL/t: Target loses SL Int and Wis dmg (save), if fails you get +1 to Str, Con, Wis, or +1 SL to another power for 1 turn
224 Spray Matter Creation SL choking dmg to a group per segment (can leave the area)
225 Stealth Physical Enhancement Move Silently 10*SL%
226 Summoning Lifeform Control Summon a DL=SL Outer
227 Suspended Animation Physical Enhancement Feign Death (need to make a Int-SL check to attack you, you cannot attack until this is dropped)
228 Sympathetic Magic Magical 1 Reset: Create a voodoo doll of someone (must have a real object from him); 1M, SL/h: Center an effect on that person, if on same plane
229 Telekinesis Mental Enhancement Telekinesis 10*SL^2 lbs.
230 Telelocation Mental Enhancement Locate Person (within (SL-2)/2 planes)
231 Telepathy Mental Enhancement Telepathy; Psi45 psionic link
232 Teleport Others Travel Teleport SL-2 Others
233 Teleport Self Travel Teleport Self; at Minor there is a M% chance of failure, where M is the number of miles travelled
234 Telereformation Travel Teleport Self; at Minor all your effects drop as you do this
235 Telescopic Vision Detection x2^SL Eagle Eye Vision
236 Thermal Control Energy Control SL/2 (round down) instances of Resist temperature change; +SL*10% effect with temperature change effects
237 Thermal Vision Detection Infravision; Immune Darkness
238 Time Travel Travel Time Travel 10^SL seconds; 15-SL% chance of bizarre failure (very far time travel, a loop travel, etc.)
239 Total Memory Mental Enhancement Eidetic Memory
240 Tracking Detection SL slots in Tracking
241 Troubleseeker Travel Sense Danger (to innocents, not yourself)
242 True Flight Travel Fly at (SL^2)*3"
243 True Invulnerability Physical Enhancement SL instances of Resist distributed as you like (medium categories: a school, an element, etc.)
244 True Sight Detection Minor: Detect Illusion/Invis.; Major: True Sight; Grand: Immune Dust/Disapp.; Super: Cosmic Awareness
245 Two-dimensionality Self-Alteration You are 2-dimensional.
246 Undead Control Lifeform Control Turn Undead at CL=(SL-2)*2
247 UV Vision Detection Ultravision
248 Vibration Energy Emission SL*CL Vibration damage (1 group, no save)
249 Vibration Control Energy Control SL/2 (round down) instances of Resist vibration; +SL*10% damage with vibration effects
250 Vocal Control Physical Enhancement Mimic Voices; xSL sound with voice
251 Warding Magical Create a Trap (x1 Psionic) for SL/2 Psi45 powers
252 Water Freedom Physical Enhancement Free Action in Water
253 Water Walking Travel Water Walking
254 Waterbreathing Physical Enhancement Water Breathing
255 Weakness Creation Power Control Add SL/2 instances of a Vulnerability to something (medium scale: a school, an element, etc.) on the target (no save)
256 Weakness Detection Detection Know a weakness/vulnerability of target (increase next effect by x(SL+2)/2, round down)
257 Weapons Creation Fighting 1M: Create a gp=SL^2 weapon (lasts for 1 turn; 1 weapon per day may be permanent instead)
258 Weapons Tinkering Fighting (12-SL)M: Polymorph Any Object (the resultant item must be a weapon)
259 Weather Matter Control Control Weather within SL miles
260 Webcasting Matter Creation Web (SL saves)
261 Whirlwind Travel Major: Air Walk 30" (area); Grand: Wind Walk 60" (area)
262 Zombie Animation Matter Control Animate a dead body as a Zombie with DL=SL