[Q5] Imagination Psionics (Psi. Freq. 5)

Basic Psi5 Information

PSPs (classed) = Int + Chr - 24 + 2*Level
PSPs (wild talent) = (Int+Chr)/2 - 12 + Level
Wild talents use HNCL/2 (half of highest level) for CL.
Psi5 PSPs are regained at (Int+Chr)/10 per hour.

Psi5 Minor Powers

Name PSPs Effect
Awareness of Area 3/t Gives mental map of area's terrain
Contact Other Plane 6 Contact Other Plane (as spell)
Danger Sense 3/t Alerts if danger coming
Disbelieve Other Imaginator 2 Lose 4d4 IPs; beyond 0 is Perm.Stat.pts.
Disbelieve Object/Person 1/r Disbelief (as priest spell:TOM pg.99)
Disbelieve Superstition Effect 2 Freq.4 effect loses 1d4 to Power Mult.
Genius 3 Genius (as priest spell:TOM pg.80)
Heal Self 1 Cure up to 100 hp, Regenerate (as spell)
Invisibility Realm 3/r Improved Invis., can see other Invis.
Legend Lore 6 Legend Lore (as spell)
Locate 3 Locate Object/Person (r=3*level+1 miles)
Magical Protection 1 (Z action) Spell must make Casting Level check on d20
Modify Reality (least) SL^2 Duplicate 1st-3rd level Alteration spell
Natural Protection 1 (Z action) Natural Effect damage resistance 75% for 1s
Physical Protection 1/r Caster's hit points triple for duration
Psionic Protection 1 (Z action) Power must make Casting Level check on d20
Reroll 6 (Z action) Reroll any die roll (yourself or other)
Sense Powers 3/t Detect Magic & Detect Psionics
Vision 6 Vision (as spell, always succeeds)
Withdraw 1/r Withdraw, can use non-offensive Mentals

Psi5 Major Powers

Name PSPs Effect
Alter Reality (lesser) SL^2 Duplicate 1st-5th level Alt,Ele,Hea
Concentration Break 10*M Target loses M Mentals (maintenance=+M/r)
Create Matter (lesser) 6 Minor Creation (as spell, perm. duration)
Disbelieve Death 13 (absolute 0 action, can do mult.) CL% chance: Not dead
Disjoin Magic 12 Mordenkainen's Disjunction (as spell)
Dispel Psionics 10 Destroy maintained psionics (all freq.)
Irrestible Charm 10 Charm Monster, no save
Magic Jar 10 Magic Jar (as spell), save at -level
Manipulate Matter 6 Polymorph any Object (as spell, perm.)
No Target 6/t Cannot be directly targetted with effects
Psionic Surgery 10 Mental Surgery (Psi1N):takes 1r, R=120'
Relocate Dream Frame 6 Teleport without Error (as spell)
Telekinesis 6 Telekinesis (weight limit=level+1 tons)

[Q5] Imagination Psionics (Psi. Freq. 5)

Psi5 Grand Powers

Name PSPs Effect
Aura of Great Concentration 21*M Target/self gains M Mentals (maint=+2M/r)
Alter Reality (greater) 30 Alter Reality (as spell)
Change Reality (lesser) SL^2 1st-7th level Alt,Cnj,Cre,Ele,Hea,Sum
Construction 15 Builds 1 machine up to level+1 complexity
Create Matter (greater) 15 Major Creation (as spell, perm. duration)
Destroy Matter 15 Disintegrate (save), if save made takes half max hp
Fast Forward Time 21/r All you wish to effect can use an extra action /segment
Imbue with Psionic Ability 21 Imbue target with imagination psionics
Produce 15 Brings person/object here (same plane)
Psionic Link 1/d Link with other Imaginators only
Rewind Time 21/r Rewind events of last round(s)
Time Stop 15 Time Stop (as spell, maintained 3/r)

Psi5 Super Powers

Name PSPs Effect
Change Reality (greater) 42 As the 10th level spell, non-phys.things
Enhance Attribute +1 28/56 (Phys/Ment) Need new stat or higher on d30
Godly Protection 28 (Z action) iGR = CL% for 1s, works on up to xCL beings
Psionic Permanency 28/56 (freq.5/other)Perm.psi power,no maint.cost
Shapechange 28 Shapechange (as spell,phys.innates gained)
Understand 42 Ask the DM a question

Psi5 Ultra Powers

Name PSPs Effect
Physical Independence 36/d You do not die as a result of being at negative hp
Unchangeable Reality 54 As the 12th level spell