[Q54] DC Psionics (Psi. Freq. 54)

Basic Psi54 Information

This is a port of DC comics powers to the D&D Collective. This list of powers is not accurate to the DC game. If you're looking for DC game material, look elsewhere!
There is only one list of Psi54 powers, but these powers exist at each category (minor, major, grand, etc.). The powers have "SL" (Spell Level) built into their descriptions, so higher level powers are more effective. For purposes of SL, minor=2, major=5, grand=8, super=11, ultra=14.
Whenever SL is divided by something, you round down (so a Major of "+SL/2 Str" would give +2 Str, not +2). If the fractional part is actually meaningful to the Collective (e.g. +2M actions is better than +2M actions), you can retain the fraction.
All powers require 1M to use unless noted.
All powers cost it's SL in PSPs to use. If it's a maintained effect, the cost permanently lowers the max PSP pool until the effect is lowered.
1 Psi54 PSP = 10 Psi1 PSPs.
Some powers list "(SL saves)". This requires the target to make the SL saves against the effect, failing any is failure. You may instead affect SL different targets in the same group with 1 save each (other combinations of splittling the power up is not possible).
For effects that list "(SL/3 saves)" or "(SL/4 saves)", this effect does nothing as a Minor.

Psi54 Powers

# Power School Notes
1 Absorption Field Physical Stops SL/2 mental attacks or mental-affecting powers on you
2 Acid Physical CL*(SL+2) acid dmg to one target (no save)
3 Acrobatics Skill-like Any Acrobat SL-1 pick; 5*CL Rogue points in it
4 Active Sonar Mental Sonar; can see in darkness
5 Air Animation Mental Summon a DL=SL Air Elemental
6 Air Control Mental Gust of Wind / Wall of Air
7 Air Walking Mental Can walk in air as if on ground
8 Analytical Smell Mental Identify things by smell; Tracking
9 Animal Control Mystical Charm Animal (SL saves)
10 Animal Handling Skill-like Minor: Animal Friendship; Major: +1 Animal Companion
11 Animal Mimicry Mental Polymorph Self (to Animal only)
12 Animal Summoning Mystical Summon a DL=SL-1 Animal
13 Animal Transformation Physical Polymorph Other (from Animal to Animal only) (SL saves)
14 Animate Image Mystical Summon a DL=SL creature based on an picture/painting you have (the image is consumed)
15 Animate Objects Mystical Animate Objects as if they were a DL=SL Golem summon
16 Artist Skill-like Free proficiencies in (pick SL-1 of these): Actor, Musician, Painter, Photographer, Sculptor, Writer
17 Attraction/Repulsion Mental Telekinesis all objects of one type towards you or away from you
18 Aura of Fear Mental Fear by sight (SL saves)
19 Bio-Energy Blast Physical CL*(SL+2) force dmg to one target (no save)
20 Bomb Physical CL*SL explosion dmg to your group (no save, hole in the middle)
21 Broadcast Empath Mental Empathy
22 Cell Rot Mental Cell Adjustment (reversed) CL*SL*2 dmg (no save)
23 Charisma Skill-like +SL Chr; Hold Chr
24 Cling Physical Climb Walls 20*SL%; Resist first CL*SL/2 dice of Telekinesis or Gravity damage; Grand: Immovability
25 Comprehend Languages Mental Comprehend Languages; Tongues
26 Control Mental Domination one target (SL/2 saves)
27 Damage Transference Mental Cell Adjustment CL*SL*2 hp
28 Danger Sense Mental Danger Sense
29 Darkness Physical Darkness (can blind a person, make SL saves)
30 Density Increase Mental xSL weight; +SL Str; -SL Dex
31 Detective Skill-like Tracking; ID Fake/Counterfeit items; Legal Lore
32 Digging Physical Dig
33 Directional Hearing Mental Know which direction sounds are coming from
34 Dispersal Mental Insubstantial (can move through objects, can't attack)
35 Earth Animation Mental Summon a DL=SL Earth Elemental
36 Earth Control Mental Move Earth / Wall of Earth
37 Empathy Mental Empathy
38 Energy Absorption Physical CL*SL*3 hp ablative Force Field (vs. energy attacks)
39 Extended Hearing Mental Hear Noise SL*10%
40 Eye of the Cat Mystical Can see through an animal's eyes (must be willing)
41 Flame Animation Mental Summon a DL=SL Fire Elemental
42 Flame Being Physical Fire Shield (SL*10% damage back to attacker); Deal +SL fire dmg with melee attacks
43 Flame Control Mental Pyrotechnics / Produce Fire / Quench / Wall of Fire
44 Flame Immunity Physical SL/2 instances of Resist Fire
45 Flame Project Physical CL*(SL+2) fire dmg to one target (no save)
46 Flash Physical Light (can blind a person, make SL saves)
47 Flight Physical Fly at 2^SL"
48 Fog Physical Wall of Fog, blocks X-ray vision, ultravision, infravision, sonar
49 Force Field Physical CL*SL*2 hp ablative Force Field (vs. physical or energy attacks)
50 Force Manipulation Mental Minor: Minor Creation; Major: Major Creation
51 Force Shield Mental CL*SL*3 hp ablative Force Field (vs. physical or energy attacks, only one enemy /s)
52 Full Vision Mental All-Around Sight; Grand: Immune to Backstab
53 Gadgetry Skill-like 1M, 1/d: Build a TechL=SL Psi8 item
54 Gliding Physical Fly at 3*SL"
55 Gravity Decrease Mental Increase gravity in room or object/person by SL G's (x1 Special)
56 Gravity Increase Mental Decrease gravity in room or object/person by SL G's (x1 Special)
57 Growth Physical +SL/2 Size classes
58 Heat Vision Mental 1M to start: Every segment for 1 round, as a 0 action, deal SL heat dmg to one target (no save)
59 Hypersensitive Touch Physical Fine touch; Fine manipulation
60 Hypnotism Mental Hypnosis (SL saves)
61 Ice Animation Mental Summon a DL=SL Ice Elemental
62 Ice Control Mental Wall of Ice
63 Ice Production Physical CL*(SL+2) ice dmg to one target (no save)
64 Icing Physical SL/2 instances of Resist Cold/Ice
65 Illusion Mental Illusion (SL Int checks)3
66 Invisibility Physical Minor: Invisibility; Major: Improved Invisibility; Grand: Dust of Disappearance
67 Invulnerability Physical -CL*SL/2 dmg per attack
68 Iron Will Mental SL/2 instances of Resist Hypnotism/Charm/Domination
69 Joined Mystical Immovability
70 Jumping Physical Jump
71 Life Sense Mental Detect Life
72 Lightning Mystical CL*SL lightning dmg to one group (no save)
73 Locate Animal Mystical Locate Animals
74 Magic Blast Mystical CL*SL force dmg to one group (no save)
75 Magic Shield Mystical Stops SL/2 magical attacks on you
76 Magical Sense Mystical Detect/Identify Magic
77 Magnetic Control Mental Telekinesis all metal objects towards you or away from you
78 Martial Artist Skill-like SL Martial Arts maneuvers (no style is included tho)
79 Matter Manipulation Mental CL*(SL+2) explosion dmg to one target (no save)
80 Medicine Skill-like Binding wounds is 4+SL hp
81 Mental Blast Mental Do a P action of attacks, using Int instead of Str and Wis instead of Dex
82 Microscopic Vision Mental Microscopic Vision
83 Military Science Skill-like Free proficiencies in (pick SL-1 of these): Camouflage, Cartography, Demolition, ECM, Tracking
84 Mimic Physical 1bM: Fork a spell level 0 to SL effect
85 Mind Blank Mental Immune detection, ESP
86 Mind Blast Mental SL Int dmg to one target (no save)
87 Mind Drain Mental Target loses CL*SL*10 PSPs (using Psi1 scale), you gain half of what he lost
88 Mind Over Matter Mental Stay conscious (and offensive) for up to SL segments after being reduced below -10 hp
89 Mind Probe Mental ESP
90 Molecular Chameleon Mental Polymorph your body into an unusual material that you're touching (max S factor = SL)
91 Mystic Link Mystical Major: 1M: Duplicate a Psi54 Minor; Grand: 1M: Duplicate a Psi54 Major; etc.
92 Mystic Shield Mental SR SL*CL
93 Object Awareness Mental Minor: Locate Object; Major: Clairvoyance there
94 Occultist Skill-like Any Occultist5 Level SL pick
95 Omni-Arm Physical +0d+SL*2 to open-hand attacks (e.g. as a Major your base punch goes from 1d2 to 1d12)
96 Passive Sonar Mental Sonar; can see in darkness
97 Personality Transfer Mental Magic Jar (SL/2 saves)
98 Phobia Mental Fear (SL saves)
99 Plant Control Mystical Charm Plant (SL saves) or Summon a DL=SL-1 Plant
100 Plant Growth Mystical Plant Growth
101 Poison Touch Physical Your next attack is poisonous (Death or (SL-1)*10 dmg if they make the save)
102 Postcognition Mental Object Reading
103 Power Drain Mental Target loses random powers (SL saves, each missed save is 1 lost power)
104 Precognition Mental Precognition
105 Psychic Will Mental Wall of Force
106 Radar Sense Mental Radar detection
107 Recall Mental Eidetic Memory
108 Regeneration Mental Regenerate SL/2 stat points of damage per segment
109 Running Physical +3*(SL-1)" move rate
110 Scholar Skill-like +SL Nonweapon (Knowledge) proficiencies
111 Scientist Skill-like Scientific Analysis SL*10%
112 Sealed Systems Physical Immune hostile environment; Need not breathe
113 Sensory Block Mental Target loses some senses (SL/2 saves, each missed save is 1 lost sense)
114 Shape Change Mental Minor: Polymorph Self to a particular animal type; Grand: Shapechange to a particular animal type
115 Shrinking Physical -SL/2 Size classes
116 Skin Armor Physical AT +SL*CL/2
117 Solar Sustenance Physical Need not eat or drink
118 Sonic Beam Physical CL*(SL+2) sound dmg to one target (no save)
119 Speak with Animals Mental Speak with Animals
120 Spirit Travel Mystical Minor: Astral Perception; Major: Astral Projection; Grand: Astral Spell
121 Spiritual Drain Mystical Target loses CL*SL hp (necromantic, no save), you gain CL*SL hp (not above max)
122 Split Physical You are two beings (two places at once); it costs 3 actions to have each body do 1 action
123 Spy Skill-like Any Secret Agent SL-1 pick; 5*CL Rogue points in it
124 Starbolt Physical CL*(SL+2) plasma dmg to one target (no save)
125 Stretching Physical Can melee up to SL people per round that aren't in your group
126 Super Breath Physical CL*SL air dmg to one group (no save)
127 Super Hearing Mental Can hear frequencies outside of normal human range
128 Super Ventriloquism Mental Ventriloquism
129 Superspeed Physical xSL movement rate; you can turn only once per segment
130 Suspension Mental Feign Death
131 Swimming Physical Swim at full movement rate; No combat penalties in water
132 Systematic Antidote Physical SL/2 instances of Resist Poison/Drugs
133 Telekinesis Mental Telekinesis CL*SL*10 lbs.
134 Telepathy Mental Telepathy
135 Teleportation Mental Teleport up to 2^SL miles
136 Telescopic Vision Mental Eagle Eye Vision
137 Thermal (IR) Vision Mental Infravision
138 Thief Skill-like Any Thief SL-1 pick; 5*CL Rogue points in it
139 Transfer Mystical Major: Target gains a Psi54 Minor power (this slot is spent until he doesn't have the power anymore)
140 Transmutation Mystical Major: Polymorph Any Object
141 Truesight Mental Minor: Detect Invis./Illusion; Major: True Seeing; Grand: Cosmic Awareness
142 Two-Dimensional Physical You are 2-dimensional; +SL AC
143 Ultra Vision Mental Ultravision
144 Vampirism Mystical Target gets SL/2 negative levels (energy drain, no save), you gain CL*SL hp (not above max)
145 Vehicles Skill-like Can drive vehicles
146 Voodoo Mystical 1M, SL/d: Do a Psi54 power centered on a person on your plane
147 Warp Mental Gate up to SL/3 planes removed
148 Water Animation Mental Summon a DL=SL Water Elemental
149 Water Control Mental Wall of Water / Part Water / Lower Water
150 Water Freedom Physical Free Action in water
151 Weaponry Skill-like +SL distributed among TH and dmg with one weapon type (narrow)
152 Weather Control Mystical Control Weather
153 X-Ray Vision Mental X-Ray Vision