[Q6] Deva / Balance / Demon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6 G/N/E)

[Q6G] Deva Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6G)

Psi6G uses DPPs (Deva Psionic Points).
DPPs (classed) = (Chr+Wis+Int)*level
DPPs (wild talents) = 70+(Int or Wis or Chr)*level
Wild talents use HNCL/2 (half of highest level) for CL.
Wild Talent Level 1: Deva Intervention = (level)%
Wild Talent Level 1: Gains (level*4)% CR (Charm Resistance).
Wild Talent Level 1: Gains 1 Non-Weapon Proficiency per level, which can be used only for Psi6G powers (see below).
Wild Talent Level 13: Gains (level*4-50)% NR (Necromancy Resistance).
Dominion: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th Note
Highest Int/Wis/Chr: 14 17 20 23 26 29 32 <- Highest stat must be at least this high.
Lowest Int/Wis/Chr: 9 10 12 15 19 24 30 <- Lowest stat must be at least this high.
Min Level: 1 5 9 14 18 26 34
Non-Weapon Prof.: 1 3 5 7 9 11 13

[Q6] Deva / Balance / Demon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6 G/N/E)

Psi6G Minor Powers

# Name DPPs Effect
1 Aid Charm 5 Removes Daze effect; Target cannot fail a System Shock roll for 1 day
2 Balm Formula 10 Cure 1 hp on each of 1d6+1 separate wounds on target; Neutralizes rashes, itches
3 Bodily Light 2/r Causes body to glow (-2 AC penalty); burns evil 1 dmg per segment (no save)
4 Bodily Restoration 20 Repairs broken limbs, sprains, etc. (not hp)
5 Boon 10 +1 (or +5%) on any die roll next round
6 Clear Sight 4/m Can see through fog, darkness, etc.
7 Comfort 5/d Target does not need food/water; Provides warmth/coolness; Doubles healing rate
8 Communication 2/m Allows communication with any creature
9 Comprehend 2/m Learn actual (hidden) meaning of words spoken to you; Detect Lie
10 Confidence 5+2/r Gives target feelings of confidence; +7 morale checks
11 Convey 4/m Target can actually speak in any one known language
12 Courage 20+4/r Target is given courage; Removes fear; +4 saves vs. fear
13 Curse Opponent 10 Target is cursed (-1 TH/saves/prime requisite)
14 Daylight 20/t Creates a 10' radius globe of pure daylight; moves with deva
15 Detect Sin 4/r Sins within 30' are known to deva
16 Disease Immunity 4/d Immunity to magical/nonmagical disease
17 Dispel Phantasm 40 Phantasms (non-corporeal undead of all types) are destroyed (no save)
18 Efficiency 10 Roll 1 extra d20 roll on next non-weapon prof. check (choose best)
19 Enchantment vs. Evil 2/r 20' sphere similar to "Pro.from evil" spell
20 Endurance 2/r +1 Con
21 Field of Stillness 40+4/r 70' x 70' Stun field (save vs. RSW -level); lasts for 7 rounds
22 Forgiveness 5 Weaker form of "Atonement"
23 Fortitude 20/d Target cannot lose sanity for the day; +7 mental saves for the day
24 Helping Hand 40 Target gets +5 (or +25%) on next die roll
25 Hospice Ritual 40/t 30' r: Do not generate sound or odor (reducing "Question Marks" in dungeon)
26 Imbue with Respect 4/r Target believes other target is powerful (force Morale check or change tactics)
27 Insight 4/r Deva gains +4 Wisdom (no bonus Priest spells)
28 Knight Sword of Crushing 10+2/r Sword of Force; attacks by itself, does 1d10 vs. evil /r
29 Know Evil/Good 5 Tells evil/good axis of alignment
30 Mage's Staff of Light 40+4/r Dispel Evil 1/r
31 Meditation 1/m Gives 2 DPPs (net gain +1 DPP if used on yourself); can be targetted on another
32 Patience 2/r Allows target to be patient/self-controlled; +1 on Wis checks
33 Pleasant Dreams 2/d Gives target uninterrupted and peaceful sleep
34 Poison Immunity 4/d Immunity to magical/nonmagical poison
35 Preservation 5 Prevents up to 1 cubic foot of material from spoiling / decaying
36 Preservation 4*N Restores N hp to target (range touch)
37 Purify 4 Removes mental/physical/spiritual/toxin impurities from nonliving object
38 Question Purity 5 Measure of target's "purity" is given
39 Read Surface Thoughts 10+2/r Only emotional thoughts are read (no save)
40 Realize Correct Path 10 Target has sense of "good" way to go
41 Remove Demon Influence 40 Removes possession, domination, charm, etc.; Does not have to be evil source
42 Repair 20 Repairs an object (as per Mend spell); works on devices up to TechL = CL
43 Restore Peace 5 Calms riots, outbursts, etc.; Remove rage / berserk / taunted status (save)
44 Reward 40/d Hard-working mortal has his work done for the day
45 Self-Preservation 2*N Restores N hp to Deva
46 Self-Sacrifice 0 All others can Escape but deva is left behind
47 Silence 5+2/r Makes the target unable to speak
48 Silver Spears 20 Shoot CL missiles, each auto hits and does 1d6+1 dmg holy wood (no save)
49 Single Curtain 40/hr Improved Invisibility to evil
50 Strength 4*N/r +N Str
51 Subdue Opponent 40 Opponent surrenders (instead of dies) if goes below 1 hp
52 Summon Guardian 40 Summons a Guardian from Seven Heavens
53 Telepathic Link 2/d Maximum # in link = Intelligence score
54 Trace Evil 2/t Gives exact direction to source of evil within 1 mile (vague direction within 100 miles)
55 Tutelage 20 Target can use a non-weapon proficiency you have (and with same check)

[Q6] Deva / Balance / Demon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6 G/N/E)

Psi6G Major Powers

# Name DPPs Effect
1 Aid Mortals 8/r Super bless effect (+8 saves,+40% MR/CR) on target
2 Animate Area 70+8/r Can telekinese any number of objects in sight; Max weight = CL^3 pounds
3 Assume Ethereal Form 70 Dual existance (Prime / Border Ethereal); +1 more needed to hit you
4 Awareness of Area 20 Gives mental map of area's terrain (10 mile radius outdoors, 100' r underground)
5 Barbarian's Club of Might 50+16/r Auto roll 20 to hit and double base damage with one weapon strike per segment
6 Capture Good Intent 8 Gives DPPs depending on nature of area (usually 1-100, can be more)
7 Champion Lore 40/d Paladin's abilities of level = *CL
8 Circle of Accord 16/r All within sight save or be "helpful" to deva (but will not fight for him)
9 Clear Mind 10/r Can see through any x1 illusion/disappearance/etc.
10 Clearsight 8/t Detect Radiation, Magic, Psi, Innates, Godly (and their Anti-versions) 10*CL'
11 Contingency 16/d Set up a contingency for Psi6G power
12 Crown of Obedience 70+8/r Helm of Opposite Alignment (E -> G)
13 Custodian Lore 40/d Target object cannot fail a save; has infinite encumbrance unless command spoken
14 Disk of Seven Heavens 70 Roll TH: If target hit is sent to Seven Heavens (no save)
15 Dispel Evil 70 As per Dispel Evil spell but with no saving throw
16 Escape 0 Everyone that deva wills (including self) can Escape home
17 Field of Disjunction 70+8/r Destroys evil creatures/magic items (save); 1 attempt per round
18 Field of Restraint 10+2/r Evil creatures must save or cannot cross area (wall CL*10' long)
19 First Level Priest Spells 7 Cast one 1st level Priest spell at CL = 30
20 Forbiddance 16 Set up or remove a Forbiddance zone
21 Forsake Material Form 70/d Deva can use other object as body
22 Hear Plea of Invervention 70/d Deva can hear cries of deva intervention within 1 mile
23 Holy Word 16 Holy Word (as spell), x7 HD effect, CL = 40
24 Imbue with Psi Ability 70/d Grants access to 4 First Dominion powers to another; use wild talent DPP calc.
25 Intensification 40 Doubles the duration of a magic spell or Psi6G power
26 Lesser Audience 70/r Gains the attention of a greater deva
27 Lesser Witnessing 35+8/r Deva can see through eyes of other deva on same plane
28 Mass Preservation 4*N All good creatures in sight healed N hp
29 Memory Restoration 100 Restore memories; repairs insanity / mental damage (perm. Int/Wis/Chr/PSP loss)
30 Parakinesis 8/m Can lift one single object as if it was CL^2 times lighter
31 Paralysis Immunity 8/d Immunity to paralysis, stun, and hold
32 Persistence Worm 70/r Does a 1st Dominion power over and over (1 time per segment)
33 Physical Manifestation 100 Have a spare body, 0: switch from one to the other
34 Possess Knowledge varies Duplicate one proficiency (16/d), feat (80/d), or special ability (100/d) within sight
35 Proper Environment 35/d Allows target to breathe, eat, etc. here
36 Reverse Petrification 16 Stone to Flesh (as spell)
37 Second Level Priest Spell 10 Cast one 2nd level Priest spell at CL = 40
38 Sight Teleport 70 Teleports anywhere within sight
39 Silver Wall 10+2/r Demonic innates (and Psi6E powers) cannot pass through wall
40 Skywalk 8/m Air Walk (as spell)
41 Spare Silver Cord 16/d Have an extra Silver Cord (can raise multiple times)
42 Sunbeam 40 Sunray (as spell)
43 Superstition Psi-Reflect 8/r Reflects the belief in a superstition (X4 powers do not work on you)
44 Telempathize 70 Send one powerful emotional state (see Psi13) (save)
45 Warden Lore 40/d Abilites for warnings, advice, prophecy (undefined until a Warden class is written)
46 Waters of Lunia 8/r 1 gallon per round of holy water created
47 Whispy Stuff 35+8/r White fog 20' r; evil that enters are Blinded (save /s) and Numbed (save /s)
48 White Tornado 70+8/r Telekinesis 1 evil target away (no save); Move rate = CL*100 / (weight of target)
49 Zoroaster's Noonsblaze 16 10*CL' cone: Blindness (no save); (2*CL)d6 dmg vs. creatures vulnerable to light

[Q6] Deva / Balance / Demon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6 G/N/E)

Psi6G Grand Powers

# Name DPPs Effect
1 Aid Deva 16/r You lose 1 multiplier, target gains 1 multiplier
2 Astral Eyes 13/t Can see through alterations/illusions/possession; Astral Perception
3 Auspices 130 Ask the DM the answer to any "yes/no" question
4 Beastame 65 Target must stop attacking anyone you designate (any attack ceases this effect)
5 Discontinuity Immunity 32/d Immune to Annihilation, Being Put Down a Hole
6 Disk of White Originator 160 One evil target "Capital S" Slain (no resistance, except he can use GR), x7 effect
7 Field of Peace 13/r Everyone within 30' (incl. Deva) can use only V and Z actions
8 Fourth Level Priest Spell 16 Cast one 4th level Priest spell at CL = 60
9 Greater Audience 160/r Gains the attention of any x8 or lower Good diety
10 Greater Witnessing 80+16/r Can see through eyes of any x2/x1 being (unaware); same plane
11 Heka Giving Formula N Target gains N DPPs; Can also transfer up to N of your hp to that target
12 Imagination Psi-Reflect 64/r Reflects disbelief from Imagination psionics (Psi5) effect
13 Inner Beauty ALL Requires N resets of all your DPPs, where N is current Cml: +1 Cml (permanent)
14 Lift Curse 32 Remove curse/geas/quest/ego-domination/lycanthropy
15 Lightspectrum 16/d Target gains infravision / ultravision / X-ray vision / sense phasing or time-shifting
16 Limited Wish 130 Limited Wish (as spell), CL = 25
17 Plane Shift 32 As per spell, exact location, no error / redirection
18 Positive Heka 16/r All Psi6E/6N powers within 30' cost 10 more DPPs to use per activation
19 Prophecy 16 Roll 1 die 1 round ahead of time to see result early
20 Psychokinesis N Telekinese N^2 lbs. at movement rate N/10, lasts for concentration (no DPPs)
21 Self-Control 13 Immune to next Ego / Domination / Command-like effect
22 Soaring Intellect 16*N/r +5*N Int
23 Sphere of Influence 13/m +CL Leadership; note your Chr score (but not Destiny) raises by half this amount
24 Strength of Soul 80+64/r Immune to Misguidance, Alignment or Persona change; Immune to Truename spell
25 Summon Greater Deva 65 Summons a x2 Angel or Greater Deva
26 Suneagle 64 Summons a Phoenix (see Monstrous Compendium)
27 Third Level Priest Spell 13 Cast one 3rd level Priest spell at CL = 50
28 Uniplanar Teleport 13 Teleport anywhere same plane, no error/misdirection
29 Wand of the Mind 64+32/r All your effects from one class are at double CL (for effect and BlahR adj.)
30 White Hurricane 80+64/r All Evil in sight Gated to their home (no save)

[Q6] Deva / Balance / Demon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6 G/N/E)

Psi6G Super Powers

# Name DPPs Effect
1 Angelic Lore 190/d You gain x2 multiplier; Angel's powers of level = (CL-21)/7
2 Avoid Fate 220 Avoid Fate (as spell)
3 Band of Legacy 95+64/r Any good creature within sight can use your powers
4 Celestial Chime 19/d CL' x CL' area causes pain to evil who enter, dmg is 1d6+1 per segment (no save)
5 Destroy Evil Spirit N Evil creature loses N stat points and N^2 permanent hp (no resistance, can use GR)
6 Empyreal Guards 95 Summons CL Pers or Astral Devas ("Per" is described in Monstrous Compendium)
7 Expanded Spectrum 110 You are affected by up to CL Priest or Wizard Divination spells of spell level 1-7
8 Fifth Level Priest Spell 19 Cast one 5th level Priest spell at CL = 70
9 Good Fortune I 220/d +CL Luck (the Concordant ability score)
10 Hero Lore 190/d You gain x2 multiplier; Hero's powers of level = (CL-21)/7
11 Inconvenience Immunity 128/d Immune to Set, Truename, Crapped, Slain, As You Are
12 MassTelepathicCommand 22 Suggestion (no save) up to CL targets
13 Platinum Realm 190/r All Neutral creatures considered Evil vs.your effects
14 Platinum Wall 40+19/r Psi6N (Concordant) innates cannot pass through wall
15 Reduplication 19 Duplicates one (non-magical, non-psionic) item; max TechL = CL
16 Reset 190 Resets one target in sight (max = 1 reset per real reset)
17 Sentinel Lore 190/d You gain x2 multiplier; Sentinel's powers of level = (CL-21)/7
18 Sixth Level Priest Spell 22 Cast one 6th level Priest spell at CL = 80
19 Sphereshuffle 220 Teleport to another crystal sphere / alternate prime plane / alternate timeline
20 Stasis 11/s Touch: Target is Temporal Stasised (no save); you control the duration with DPPs
21 Telepathy Charm 220 Force one target to "Capital E" Explain one topic to you (no save)
22 Temporal Distortion 190/s Target gains another half-segment of actions after the current half-segment
23 Temporal Portal 190 Can travel +/- CL years in time
24 Wish 190 Wish (as spell), CL = 35

Psi6G Ultra Powers

# Name DPPs Effect
1 Celestial Chorus 250/s CL*10' x CL*10' x CL*10' area is considered to be a different plane (your choice)
2 Planar Walk 250/d Can travel to another plane at will (no summ. sickness) by simply spending 1V action
3 Seventh Level Priest Spell 25 Cast one 7th level Priest spell at CL = 90
4 Sixth Sense 250/d You know what will happen one round in advance at all times
5 Ultimate Lore 250/s You gain x3 multiplier but are noticeable to other deities on same plane
6 Vanish 125 One target disappears from multiverse for CL segments (unwilling may roll vs. GR)
7 Vox Populi 250/d Sense all deviate/evil thoughts (no resistance); area is entire plane you're on

[Q6] Deva / Balance / Demon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6 G/N/E)

[Q6N] Balance Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6N)

Psi6N uses CPPs (Concoradant Psionic Points).
CPPs (classed) = (Wis+Dex)*level
CPPs (wild talents) = (Wis or Dex)*(highest level)/2
Wild talents use HNCL/2 (half of highest level) for CL.
For the powers that list Type="varies-L": 1-6=Minor, 7-8=Major, 9-10=Grand, 11+=Super
For the powers that list Type="varies-N": 1-4=Minor, 5-8=Major, 9-12=Grand, 13+=Super

Psi6N Powers

# Name CPPs Type
1 Banish to Home Plane 50 Major
2 Bard or Sage Abilities L*L/d varies-L *
3 Contact Other Plane 40 Minor
4 Create/Destroy Conduit 200 Super
5 Detect Non-Balance 1/t Minor
6 Dismiss Elemental 10*N Minor
7 Dispel Magic 30 Minor
8 Dispel Non-Balance 30 Minor
9 Dispel Psionic 30 Minor
10 Druid Abilities L*L/d varies-L *
11 Druid Spells L*L/d varies-L *
12 Force Shapechange 20 Minor
13 Forget/Remember 20 Minor
14 Freedom 60 Major
15 Gate 70 Major
16 Mental Ball 10*N varies-N *
17 Null Field 10*N/r varies-N *
18 Protect Mortal 40/r Minor
19 Protection from Non-Balance 10/r Minor
20 Remove Alteration 10 Minor
21 Remove Effect 50 Major
22 Reverse Magic 10*N varies-N *
23 Reverse Psionics 10*N varies-N *
24 Self-Preservation N Minor
25 Sending/Demand 10 Minor
26 Sleep Bolt 10 Minor
27 Telekinesis N/m Minor
28 Teleport without Error 50 Major
29 Thief Abilities L*L/d varies-L *
30 True Seeing 1/m Minor

[Q6] Deva / Balance / Demon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6 G/N/E)

[Q6E] Demon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6E)

Psi6E uses DPPs (Demon Psionic Points).
DPPs (classed) = (Con+Wis+Int)*level
DPPs (wild talents) = 66+(Int or Wis or Con)*level
Wild talents use HNCL/2 (half of highest level) for CL.
Wild Talent Level 1: Summon/Gate (6+level/2)%

Psi6E First Gloom Powers (Minor)

# Name DPPs Effect
Bodily Darkness/Flame 3/r Cold or Heat that damages 1 hp/r
Bodily Restoration I 3/r Regeneration 1 hp/round, repair limbs
Cast Doubt 6+3/r Gives target feelings of doubt
Cause Moderate Wounds 13 Does 2d8+1 damage by touch (no save)
Charm Person 13+3/d Similar to wizard spell "Charm Person"
Create Confusion/Riot 13+3/r Gives a feeling of disorganization/chaos
Curse Opponent 6 Target is cursed (-1 TH/saves/prime req)
Darkness 15' radius 6 Lasts 1 turn/level (or maintain 6/h)
Emotion 13 (1 target) As the 4th level Wizard spell
Enchantment vs. Good 3/r 20'sphere similar to "Pro.from good"
Fear I (Scare) 6 Target saves or loses 1 physical+mental
Heat/Chill Metal 6+3/r As the 2nd level Priest spell
Hypnotic Pattern 6+3/r As the 2nd level Wizard spell
Immunity I 13/d Immune to poison, non-silver weapons
Levitation 3/r Similar to wizard spell "Levitate"
Locate Object/Person 13+3/r Gives direction and vague distance
Meditation 1/m Gives 2 DPPs after 1 m (net gain +1 DPP)
Pass without Trace 6+3/t Must specify terrain before using
Produce Fire/Frost 13 Produces fire or frost (6 dmg, save:)
Self-Preservation 1/hp Restores 1 hp/DPP (limit = Wis*3 /round)
Sight I (Inf/Ult/Dark) 13/d Infra 90', Ultra 270', Darkness vision
Silence 15' radius 6 Lasts 1 turn/level (or maintain 6/h)
Taunt 6 Similar to wizard spell "Taunt"
Telepathic Link 3/d Maximum # in link = Intelligence score
Temptation 13 Target saves or is suggested for 1 round
Trace Good 3/t Gives direction to source of good

[Q6] Deva / Balance / Demon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6 G/N/E)

Psi6E Second Gloom Powers (Minor)

# Name DPPs Effect
Ability Drain 33 Touch to drain 1d4 from an ability score
Alter Body Feature 16/d Change (physically) one limb/feature
Animate Dead 33 Similar to priest spell "Animate Dead"
Berserk Frenzy 16+6/r +1 physical action, lose all mentals
Bodily Restoration II 6/r Regeneration 3 hp/round, replace limbs
Cause Critical Wounds 33 Does 5d8+6 damage by touch (no save)
Choke 33+6/r Similar to wizard spell "Choke"
Continual Darkness 33 As the wizard spell "Continual Darkness"
Create Illusion 33+6/r Similar to wizard spell "Spectral Force"
Crimson Scourge 16+6/r Target degenerates 2 hp/round
Fear II (Horror) 33 Target saves or loses all P/M actions
Graft Bodily Weapon/Armor 33/d Connects 1 weapon/armor to body
Immunity II 33/d Immune to fire or cold, +1 weapon to hit
Know Alignment 16 As the 2nd level Priest spell
Larva Life 0 Consume 1 larva to Cureall (incl. DPPs)
Passwall 16/10' Opens a 10'diam passage (lasts 1 turn)
Phantasmal Killer 33 As the 4th level Wizard spell
Polymorph Self 33+6/d As the 4th level Wizard spell
Pyrotechnics 16+6/r Burst on first round, then smoke after
Read Surface Thoughts (ESP) 16+6/r Only emotional thoughts are read
Semi-Controlled Blinking 16+6/r Blinks with some control once each round
Sight II (X-ray/Invis/AL) 33/t Detect Invis., Know Align., X-ray vision
Sorrow 16+6/r Target is overwhelmed with sadness
Sticks to Snakes 16 As the 4th level Priest spell
Suggestion 16 As the 3rd level Wizard spell
Tongues 33+6/m As the 4th level Priest spell

[Q6] Deva / Balance / Demon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6 G/N/E)

Psi6E Third Gloom Powers (Major)

# Name DPPs Effect
Assassin Lore 99/d Assassin's abilities of level
Avenger Lore 99/d Anti-Paladin's abilities of level
Black Sheet of Absorption 99+9/r Deva innates cannot pass through wall
Charm or Hold Monster 66 Similar to respective wizard spells
Death Master Lore 99/d Death Master's abilities of level
Enslave Lesser Demon 66/d Enslaves a 1st-2nd gloom demon (no save)
Fear III (Torture) 99 Target saves or death in 6 rounds
Feeblemind 66 Similar to wizard spell "Feeblemind"
Gaseous Discharge 49+9/r Stinking Cloud/Vampiric Mist/others?
Gaze of Ice 99 Save (for damage) or petrified to ice
Imbue Superstition Psi 66 Target is given rating=1 in superstition
Imbue with Special Damage 99/d Electric Aura, Acid Sting, others?
Infernal Communion 49/r Gains the attention of a 3rd gloom demon
Mutant Power: Minor 99/d Get 1 minor mutant power (can't change)
Possession 99+9/r Similar to wizard spell "Magic Jar"
Project Image 66+9/r Similar to wizard spell "Project Image"
Quasit/Imp Servant 99/d Transform a larva into an imp or quasit
Sinuous Horrors 49+9/r Transforms arms to poisonous/acid snakes
Spinning Missiles 66+9/r Small horns break off body and attack
Telekinesis 1/6lb. Maintenance cost=Initial/10 per round
Teleport 49+6/% Has error, spend to correct afterward
Wall of Fire 49+9/r As the 4th level Wizard spell
Wall of Ice 66+9/r As the 4th level Wizard spell
Wall of Stone 99 As the 5th level Wizard spell
Waters of Styx 9/r 1 gallon/round: Unholy water with Forget

[Q6] Deva / Balance / Demon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6 G/N/E)

Psi6E Fourth Gloom Powers (Major)

# Name DPPs Effect
Attune Weapon/Armor 166 Change a weapon/armor's home plane
Betrayal 83+13/r Causes target to fail Loyalty, turn coat
Blackfire 166 Polymorph Any Object to Ashes (6d10 Hp)
Bodily Restoration III 13/r Troll-like Regeneration 6 hp/r
Body Double 166 Transform a larva into a clone
Cause Insanity 83 3 saves: each fail is 1 insanity
Cloak of Darkness 166+13/r Imp.Invis., Immune to Detection/Location
Fear IV (Id Insinuation) 166 6 simultaneous Psi.freq.2 mode D attacks
Hex Bolt 1/dmg 1 dmg/DPP (Save:), Curse/Blight
Howling Thunder 166 Randomly summons 6d20 abyssal spirits
Mass Suggestion 166 As the 6th level Wizard spell
Mass Telekinesis 1/13lb. Maintenance cost=Initial/10 per round
Mutant Power: Major 166/d Get 1 major mutant power (can't change)
Necromancer Lore 166/d Necromancer's abilities of level
Power Word Blind 166 200 hp of creatures blinded (no save)
Psi-Trap 166+13/d Holds one power in area for triggering
Rotting Limb 83+13/m One limb useless, degenerate 1 hp/r
Shadow Bonds 83+13/r Black Bonds that hold up to Str 38
Sight III (True/Clairvoy) 166/t True Seeing, Clairvoyance, Plane/Origin
Steal Soul I 83 Imbues target to be a wild talent Demon
Summon Shapeless Horror 83 As per Demons supplement description
Symbol or Glyph/Warding 83 Similar to respective priest spells
Teleport Without Error 166 As the 7th level Wizard spell (1 plane)
Vapors of Weakness 83+13/r 2 saves:fail 1=Str 1, fail 2=unc.6d4r
Voices 83+13/r 2 saves:fail 1=insan., fail 2=ultrablast

[Q6] Deva / Balance / Demon Psionics (Psi. Freq. 6 G/N/E)

Psi6E Fifth Gloom Powers (Grand)

# Name DPPs Effect
Dark Thunderbolt 1/dmg 1 dmg/DPP (darkness & sound) (no save)
Defile Consecrated Ground 266 Destroys one good-aligned area's Aura
Enslave Greater Demon 166/d Enslaves a 3rd-4th gloom demon (no save)
False God Worship 266+16/m Temptation to worship money&possessions
Fear V (Vision of Weakness) 266 Lose 1d6 levels, -6 Str/Dex/Con (save)
Forbiddance 166/d As the 6th level Priest spell
Gate 266+16/r As the 9th level Wizard spell
Immunity III 266/d Immune:lightning/acid, +2 weapon to hit
Improved Phantasmal Killer 166 As the 4th level Wizard spell (no save)
Mass Charm 166+16/d As the 8th level Wizard spell
Planeport 266 As TWE but up to 6 planes removed
Power Transfer special Can make Demon Psionic Items
Shape Change 166+16/r As the 9th level Wizard spell
Steal Item 166 Target saves or demon gets 1 random item
Steal Soul II 166 Transforms willing target to a larva
Storm of Vengeance 266+16/r As the Quest level Priest spell
Teleport Grabbing Field 166/d Relocates Teleport destinations in area
Unholy Word 266 As the 7th level Priest spell (doubled)

Psi6E Sixth Gloom Powers (Super)

# Name DPPs Effect
Astral Form Blockade Field 183/d Stops Astral Psi./Proj., Dim.Doors
Bodily Restoration IV 26/r Troll-like Regeneration of max hp/r
Dark Storm 1/dmg 6 Dark Thunderbolts (pay DPP cost once)
Destroy Imagination 183 Removes a psi.freq.5 effect/wild talent
Fear VI (Fear Contagion) 183 As the Quest level Priest spell
Hell Pit 183 2 saves:fail 1=goto hell, fail 2=impris
Immunity IV 366/d Globe/Invuln., Immune:1st-2nd Dominions
Know Truename 366 As the 9th level Diviner spell
Lich Lore 366/d Lich powers of level
Mutant Power: Grand 366/d Get 1 grand mutant power (can't change)
Permanency 366 Makes a Demon psi power permanent
Physical Manifestation 183/d Can appear physically on non-home plane
Steal Soul III 366 Transforms unwilling target to a larva