[Q60] Ethereal Psionics (Psi. Freq. 60)

Basic Psi60 Information

P60Ps = Str + Int + Wis - 36 +level*6.
Treat Wild Talents as level 0 for this calculation, elsewhere (for CL and ML) use level/2 (round up).
1 P60P = 10 PSPs (Psi1 or Psi2) for conversion purposes.

Psi60 Minor Powers

Name Field Targ Type Drain P60Ps Notes
Armor Manip 3 Phys L3 3 Melee:+LVL AC, -LVL/2 dmg per hit
Combat Sense (personal) Detect 2 Phys L2 2 +LVL move rate, +LVL TH
Cure Light Wounds Health Con Phys L1 1 Cure 1d8+LVL hp
Detect Psionics Detect R-1 Ment L2 2 Gives freq. & field of psi
Enhanced Touching Detect 4 Ment L1 1 +LVL foot reach
Ethereal Perception Detect 0 Ment L0 0 Ethereal Perception
Inaudibility Illus Int Ment L2 2 Move Silently 25*LVL%
N-ray Gem Detect 3 Phys L2 2 Gem of N-ray vision (LVL')
Person Mask Illus Cml Ment L2 2 Alters appearance, Chr resists
Slide Item Manip W Phys L2 2 Caster controls left+right
Stun Touch Combat Wis Ment L1 1 LVL*5 dmg + stun (save)
Treat Mental Drain Health 7 Ment L34 34 regain 10*succ% Psi (all freq)

[Q60] Ethereal Psionics (Psi. Freq. 60)

Psi60 Major Powers

Name Field Targ Type Drain P60Ps Notes
Anti-Missile Barrier Manip 4 Phys M2 4 Ranged: +LVL/2 AC, -LVL dmg per hit/succ
Avoid Trap Manip 4 Phys M1 2 You avoid a trap (doesn't include others)
Blink Manip R-2 Phys M4 8 Blink (controlled)
Clairnasience Detect R+1 Ment M1 2 Clairnasience,can move
Combat Sense Detect 3 Phys M2 4 +LVL move rate, +LVL TH to group
Control Undead Manip Str Ment M4 8 Caster controls P action/succ
Cure Moderate Wounds Health Con Phys M1 2 Cure 3d8+3*LVL hp
Detect Life Detect R+2 Ment M1 2 Chr resists,mult.targets
Ethereal Projection Health 0 Ment M0 0 Ethereal Projection
Ethereal Psi Fingers Manip 4 Phys M2 4 1 Str,1 Dex/succ
Ethereal Touch Combat Int Phys M2 4 LVL random stat damage
Gaseous/Reverse Gaseous Manip Str Phys M6 12 Gaseous Form (or Hold Vapor)
Grayout Illus Int Ment M2 4 Blast:Cause Deafness(as spell)
Light/Darkness Manip 3 Phys M1 2 Modifies light in area
Passwall Manip 3 Ment M1 2 Passwall
Toxin Health Con Phys M3 6 Poison (as spell)

Psi60 Grand Powers

Name Field Targ Type Drain P60Ps Notes
AEther Bolt Manip 4 Phys S4 12 LVL*10 dmg AEther, ignores PsiR
Cure Insanity Health Con Phys S3 9 Cure Insanity
Cure Serious Wounds Health Con Phys S1 3 Cure 6d8+6*LVL hp
Deathly Glow Health Cml Phys S2 6 LVL Cml damage, other people think target is Undead
Detect [cr. type] (ext.) Detect R-2 Ment S3 9 Int resists,mult.targets
Detect Life (ext.) Detect R Ment S2 6 Chr resists,mult.targets
Detect Positive Energy Detect Chr Ment S1 3 Detect Positive Energy
Dimension Walk Manip 6 Phys S3 9 Ps1N "Dimension Walk"
Insanity Illus Int Phys S1 3 Cause Insanity (save)
Luck Detect 4 Ment S2 6 Gains +1(+5%)*LVL on 1 action
Movement Manip Dex Phys S3 9 Gives +1V action
Nether Bolt Manip 3 Phys S3 9 LVL*10 dmg Nether, vile damage
Nightvision Detect 4 Ment S1 3 Can see in magical/psi darkness
Poltergeist Manip 4 Phys S2 6 Objects fly around, LVL dmg /s
Turn to Smoke Manip Con Phys S6 18 Polymorphs target to smoke (save)
Wraithform Manip Chr Phys S1 3 Wraithform

[Q60] Ethereal Psionics (Psi. Freq. 60)

Psi60 Super Powers

Name Field Targ Type Drain P60Ps Notes
Ethereal Seeing Detect 9 Ment D1 4 Clairvoyance to Ethereal Plane
Ethereal Static/Fog Manip 6 Ment D3 12 -LVL to all actions in area
Barrier Manip 5 Phys D2 8 Wall that blocks psionics (1 way)
Decrease Comeliness Health Cml Ment D1 4 -LVL Cml to target
Decrease Luck Health Luck Phys D3 12 -LVL Luck to target, each beyond Luck=0 is -1 all actions
Decrease HNCL Health HNCL Phys D5 20 -LVL HNCL to target, each beyond HNCL=0 is -0.1 to Multiplier
Detect Friends (ext.) Detect R-1 Ment D2 8 Locates closest friendly person (not in party)
Cureall Health Con Phys D2 8 Cureall
Increase Comeliness Health Cml Ment D1 4 +LVL Cml to target
Increase Luck Health Luck Phys D3 12 +LVL Luck to target
Increase HNCL Health HNCL Phys D5 20 +LVL HNCL and +LVL/2 CL to target
Phantasmagoria Illus 5 Ment D5 20 as spell
Probability Travel Manip 6+# Phys D4 16 Ps1N "Probability Travel"
Telekinesis Manip 4+# Phys D3 12 TK LVL*10' falling damage area
Treat Deadly Wounds Health Con Phys D1 4 Cure 10d6+10*LVL hp (can go up to 60+10*LVL above max)

Psi60 Ultra Powers

Name Field Targ Type Drain P60Ps Notes
Creation Bolt Combat 20 Phys X10 50 (Str+Int) resists, Creation
SpellGate Manip N*3 Phys X2 10 SpellGate (can cast spells through it, but it's 2-way)
Super Unluck Detect 5 Ment X3 15 Choose result on next die roll on enemy