[Q72] Mutants and Masterminds Psionics (Psi. Freq. 72)

This is not meant to be a faithful representation of the Mutants and Masterminds d20 system. I've made numerous changes for my individual D&D rules. If you're looking for an accurate Mutants and Masterminds reference, look elsewhere!
Power Points:
Wild Talents: 10 PP per level.
Psi72 classed: 15 PP per level.
Choosing powers:
When you choose a power, it's PL (Power Level) is 1.
Each additional time you pick a power, you can either increase it's PL by 1, or it's Frequency (how often you can use it) by 1.
Your real level or CL (Caster Level) usually does not factor into power's effects, use PL instead.
There are no "PSPs", each power may be used as often as you like (up to the Freq. limit).
Power PP Cost Action Freq. Description
Absorption - Energy 3 (none) (cont.) -PL dmg per energy attack
Absorption - Physical 3 (none) (cont.) -PL dmg per physical attack
Alternate Form - Energy 5 1F 1/t Nonsolid (still take damage normally); Cannot attack; Fly PL"; Immune to one form of energy
Alternate Form - Explosive 5 1F 1/t Everyone in your group takes PL dmg per round
Alternate Form - Gaseous 5 1F 1/t Nonsolid (still take damage normally); Attack at half damage; Fly PL"; 1P: Suffocate someone (BW save)
Alternate Form - Liquid 5 1F 1/t Underwater breathing; Swim PL"; Attack at half damage
Alternate Form - Semisolid 5 1F 1/t Elasticity; Resist piercing weapons; Attack at half damage
Alternate Form - Shadow 5 1F 1/t Two-dimensional; Climb walls/ceilings; Attack at half damage
Alternate Form - Solid 5 1F 1/t +PL Str; +PL AC
Amazing Save 1 (none) (cont.) +PL saves in one category
Animation 2 1M 1/t Animate Object (hp=PL*4, #Att=1, TH +PL, dmg PLd2)
Armor 1 (none) (cont.) AT +PL
Astral Projection 5 1M 1/h Astral Projection for 1 turn
Blending 1 1V 1/r Hide in Shadows PL*10%
Boost 2 1M 1/h +PL to one ability score for 1 turn
Clinging 1 1V 1/r Climb Walls PL*10%
Combat Sense 1 (none) (cont.) +PL Initiative; +PL Unaware AC (cannot exceed real AC)
Comprehend 2 (none) (cont.) +PL languages
Corrosion 1 (none) (cont.) Your touch does +PL dmg to objects
Cosmic Power 8 (omitted) (omitted) (omitted)
Create Object 2 1F 1/h Minor creation, max weight = PL^2 lbs., max E factor = PL/4
Datalink 2 1M 1/s Can mentally interface with computers, golems, etc.
Dazzle 2 1M 1/r Blind one sense to everyone in one group (RSW save)
Deflection 2 0 1/r Take -PL^2 dmg on one physical attack
Density Control 5 1M 1/h +PL Str; +PL AC; -PL" move rate; x2^PL weight
Dimensional Travel 2 1F 1/h Plane Shift; make a check: DC 10 = Familiar, DC 15 = Known, DC 20 = Not known
Disintegration 2 1M 1/t Disintegrate one nonliving object
Drain 2 1M 1/r Target takes PL ability score dmg (save)
Duplication 2 1M 1/s Create 1 Mirror Image (max = PL)
Elasticity 4 1V 1/r Elasticity 5*PL'
Element Control 2 1M 1/t Telekinesis on one element
Energy Blast - Personal 2 1M 1/r One target takes PL energy dmg (no save)
Energy Blast - Explosive 4 1M 1/r One group takes PL energy dmg (no save)
Energy Control 2 1M 1/r -10% dmg to Cold, Darkness, Electricity, Fire, Gravity, Kinetic, Light, Magnetic, Radiation, Sonic, or Vibration
Energy Field 2 1M 1/t Damaging shield, PL energy dmg for 1 turn
ESP 2 1M 1/t ESP 5^PL'
Fatigue 2 1M 1/r Target exhausted (PPD save)
Flight 2 (none) (cont.) Fly PL"
Force Field 1 1M 1/t +PL current hp
Gadgets 1 1F 1/h Create a temporary Psi8 item with TechL=sqr(PL)
Growth 6 1P 1/h +PL half size classes for 1 turn
Healing 3 1M 1/r Cure PL hp; Can use 5 to cure Nausea, 10 to cure Stun
Illusion 2 1M 1/t Create illusions
Immovability 1 (none) (cont.) You weigh normally, but considered x2^PL weight for TK, etc.
Incorporeal 1 1M 1/h Cannot harm or be harmed by physical objects for 1 turn
Invisibility 2 1M 1/t Invisibility
Leaping 2 1V 1/r Jump PL*5'
Luck 2 0 1/h +/- PL to one die roll
Mental Blast 5 1M 1/r Stun one target (Will save)
Mental Protection 3 (none) (cont.) +PL Will saves, Mental saves, Int checks, Wis checks
Microscopic Vision 2 1M 1/t Can see really small stuff
Mimic 1 1M 1/h Copy (can use) a target's ability score (max=PL*2 pts) or power (max SL=sqr(PL))
Mind Control 2 1M 1/t Control V actions (Will save), P actions (Will save at +5), or M actions (Will save at +10)
Natural Weapon 2 (none) (cont.) +PL dmg w/ natural attacks
Neutralize 2 1M 1/r An effect loses PL-1 SL's, if it is reduced below 0 SL, it is dispelled
Obscure 2 1M 1/t Obscuring wall (non-solid)
Paralysis 2 1M 1/t Paralyze one target (PPD save)
Plant Control 2 1M 1/t Entangle
Postcognition 3 1F 1/h Can see back in time at place or object
Precognition 3 1F 1/h Can see ahead in time at place or object
Protection 3 (none) (cont.) AC +PL
Regeneration 2 (none) (cont.) Regenerate PL hp/r
Reincarnate 2 1D 1/d You Reincarnate upon death, inactive and Feign Death for the rest of this combat
Running 4 (none) (cont.) +PL*3" move rate; Can use 5 PL for +1V instead
Sensory Protection 2 (none) (cont.) One sense is immune to be blinded/flashed/dazzled/dazed/fascinated
Shape Matter 1 1M 1/t Polymorph any Object, max weight = PL lbs.
Shapeshift 2 1M 1/h Polymorph Self, max difference in weight = PL^2 lbs.
Shrinking 2 1P 1/h -PL half size classes for 1 turn
Slick 2 1M 1/t Grease
Slow 2 1M 1/r Target slowed (PPD save)
Snare 2 1M 1/t Target can't move (Reflex save)
Sorcery 7 1M 1/h Pick a spell of SL=PL/2 when you pick this power. You can cast it as if a mage with CL=PL.
Space-Flight 2 (none) (cont.) Move at 2^(PL-1) c in space
Spinning 2 (omitted) (omitted) (omitted)
Strike 2 (none) (cont.) +PL TH w/ natural attacks
Stun 2 1M 1/t Stun one target (Fort save)
Suffocate 3 1M 1/t Suffocate one target (no save, takes 1 cumulative dmg per segment)
Super-Charisma 4 (none) (cont.) +PL Chr
Super-Constitution 4 (none) (cont.) +PL Con
Super-Dexterity 4 (none) (cont.) +PL Dex
Super-Intelligence 4 (none) (cont.) +PL Int
Super-Senses 2 (none) (cont.) Heightened sense
Super-Skill 1 (none) (cont.) +PL checks with a skill or proficiency
Super-Speed 6 1M 1/h +PL*3" move rate; Can use 5 PL for +1V instead; AC +PL; +PL Reflex saves
Super-Strength 4 (none) (cont.) +PL Str
Super-Wisdom 4 (none) (cont.) +PL Wis
Swimming 2 (none) (cont.) You can swim at PL*3" move rate
Swinging 1 (omitted) (omitted) (omitted)
Telekinesis 2 1M 1/t TK 100*PL lbs.
Telepathy 2 1M 1/t Telepathy
Teleportation 2 1F (or 0) 1/h Teleport 2^(PL-1) miles, or PL*5' as a Blink (no summ. sick.)
Telescopic Sense 1 (none) (cont.) Eagle-eye vision
Time Control 9 1M 1/h +PL B actions for 1t
Time Travel 2 1F 1/d Time travel 2^(PL-1) years
Transfer 3 1M 1/h Transfer PL levels of Psi72 powers to someone else for 1t
Transformation 3 1M 1/t Polymorph Other (PP save)
Transmutation 3 (omitted) (omitted) (omitted)
Tunneling 2 1M 1/t Passwall / Dig
Weapon - Damage 1 1M 1/h +PL dmg with one individual weapon for 1t
Weapon - To Hit 2 1M 1/h +PL TH with one individual weapon for 1t
Weather Control 2 1M 1/d Controls the weather