[S0] Spells and Innates, General Rules

[S0.1] Material Componenting

No spell requires the use of a material (M) component. Material components act as a catalyst, making the spell more effective. They require the use of 1 movement action. Material components will:
1. Double the range; if the spell was touch, it becomes 10 yards. Spells with range 0 become range touch.
2. Double the area of effect (each dimension).
3. Double the duration.
4. Double the actual effect of the spell (i.e. hp of damage, etc.). This doubles the die type rolled for random effects, not the number of dice.
5. Double the caster's level for purposes of magic/spell resistance.
6. Replace a V or S component.
7. Double the caster's level for purposes of saving throw DC.
8. Increase the spell level by 2 for purposes of anti-magic.
It is possible to use more than 1 material component for a single spell, if you have "Ability to Double Material Component" (using 1 movement action for each component), but if the same bonus is selected twice, the bonus is triple (not quadruple).
Cost of Material Componenting (Optional):
This is an optional rule if the DM requires the PCs to have expensive materials to use this section.
There are 2 basic types of material components: consumed and re-usable.
Consumed components are less expensive (and usually less bulky) than re-usable components.
gp cost
gp cost
0 0.5 15
1 1 50
2 3 150
3 10 500
4 30 1500
5 100 5000
6 300 15000
7 1000 50000
8 3000 150000
9 10000 500000
10 30000 1500000