[S1] Warrior Spells

[S1.1] Level 1 Warrior Spells

SL # Name Class Effect Source
1 1 Accelerated Movement Ranger Can move at normal rate while balancing, climbing, or moving silently CAdv3-142
1 2 Alarm Ranger Alarm PH3-197
1 3 Animal Messenger Ranger Message PH3-198
1 4 Arrow Mind Ranger +1 parting shot / attack of opportunity with Bows CAdv3-143
1 5 Berserk Barbarian As [C] section effect DM
1 6 Bless Paladin All allies in your group get +1 TH and +1 fear saves PH3-205
1 7 Bless Water Paladin Transforms 1 flask of water into Holy Water PH3-205
1 8 Bless Weapon Paladin Weapon is considered a +CL weapon PH3-205
1 9 Bloodhound Ranger Can roll two Tracking checks, choose better CAdv3-144
1 10 Branch to Branch Ranger +50% Climb Walls in trees CAdv3-144
1 11 Calm Animals Ranger Calms 2d4 + 1/lvl HD of Animals PH3-207
1 12 Camouflage Ranger +50% Hide in Shadows Und3-56
1 13 Charm Animal Ranger Charms one Animal (Will save) PH3-208
1 14 Create Water Paladin Creates 2 gallons/level of pure water PH3-215
1 15 Cure Light Wounds Paladin Cure 1d8+CL (6+CL) hp PH3-215
1 16 Deafening Clang Paladin Deafness (1 group, Fort save) MoF3-87
1 17 Delay Poison Ranger Slow Poison PH3-217
1 18 Detect Animals or Plants Ranger Detect Animals or Plants PH3-218
1 19 Detect Poison Paladin Detects poison PH3-219
1 20 Detect Poison Ranger Detect Poison PH3-219
1 21 Detect Snares and Pits Ranger Detect Snares and Pits PH3-220
1 22 Detect Undead Paladin Detects undead PH3-220
1 23 Divine Favor Paladin +CL/3 (minimum +1) TH and dmg PH3-224
1 24 Divine Sacrifice Paladin 0, take 2*N dmg: Deal +Nd6 dmg with one attack (max N=5) CDiv3-163
1 25 Easy Trail Ranger Can pass easily through underbrush CAdv3-147
1 26 Endure Elements Paladin Resist Heat and Cold PH3-226
1 27 Endure Elements Ranger Resist Heat/Cold PH3-226
1 28 Entangle Ranger Entangle PH3-227
1 29 Entangling Staff Ranger Entwine (1 target Entangle) Brand a weapon for 1t CAdv3-147
1 30 Exacting Shot Ranger Weapon's critical range is increased by 1 for 1t CAdv3-148
1 31 Extend Shifting Ranger A polymorph / shapechange effect is extended for 1t RoE3-185
1 32 Eyes of the Avoral Ranger +8 Spot checks BoED3-99
1 33 Faith Healing Paladin Cure 8+CL hp to someone who worships your god MoF3-93
1 34 Golden Barding Paladin Mount gets AT +CL source with +CL/+CL AC/saves CDiv3-166
1 35 Grave Strike Paladin Can backstab undead CAdv3-150
1 36 Ground Smoke Ranger Removes smoke/fog in area DR263-73
1 37 Guided Shot Ranger No penalties due to distance; ignore partial cover CAdv3-150
1 38 Hawkeye Ranger Eagle Eye (Distance) Vision CDiv3-166
1 39 Healing Lorecall Ranger Can replace CL with ranks in Heal with healing spells CAdv3-151
1 40 Hide from Animals Ranger Invisibility to Animals PH3-241
1 41 Hunter's Mercy Ranger Next shot with a bow hits automatically MoF3-101
1 42 Instant Search Ranger 0, 1/r: Search the room CAdv3-153
1 43 Jump Ranger Jump PH3-246
1 44 Lantern Light Paladin Fires CL/2 (minimum 1) rays: 1d6 dmg holy light BoED3-101
1 45 Locate City Ranger Locates the closest city with at least the given population RoD3-167
1 46 Longstrider Ranger +3" move rate PH3-249
1 47 Low-Light Vision Ranger Low-Light Vision CArc3-113
1 48 Magic Fang Ranger One weapon gets +1/+1 for 1t PH3-250
1 49 Magic Weapon Paladin Weapon gets +1 TH and dmg PH3-251
1 50 Marked Man Ranger +10 Search/Tracking if have an item from thing you're tracking DR253-71
1 51 Naturewatch Ranger Determine the health of animals/plants in area CDiv3-170
1 52 Pass without Trace Ranger Pass without Trace PH3-259
1 53 Protection from Evil Paladin Pro. Evil PH3-266
1 54 Ram's Might Ranger Your unarmed attacks inflict normal damage (instead of nonlethal) MoF3-112
1 55 Raptor's Sight Ranger +5 Spot checks and only -1 penalty per range increment RotW3-175
1 56 Read Magic Paladin Can read scrolls / spell books PH3-269
1 57 Read Magic Ranger Read Magic PH3-269
1 58 Resist Energy Ranger Resist one element PH3-272
1 59 Resistance Paladin +1 all saves PH3-272
1 60 Restoration, Lesser Paladin Cures 1d4 ability score damage PH3-272
1 61 Resurgence Paladin Target gets another save vs. an effect affecting him CDiv3-177
1 62 Ride of the Valenar Ranger +5 Ride checks RoE3-189
1 63 Second Wind Paladin +4 Con checks BoED3-106
1 64 Shifter Prowess Ranger +8 Balance, Climb, Jump checks RoE3-190
1 65 Silverbeard Paladin +2 AC MoF3-117
1 66 Silvered Claws Ranger Your unarmed attacks are considered to be silver BoED3-107
1 67 Silvered Weapon Paladin Weapon is considered Silver material BoED3-107
1 68 Smell of Fear Ranger Triples the chance of wandering encounters MoF3-119
1 69 Sniper's Shot Ranger Can use Sneak Attack / Backstab at range CAdv3-157
1 70 Snowshoes Ranger Ice Walking; Snow Walking; Trail in snow is as per normal ground DR123-65
1 71 Speak with Animals Ranger Speak with Animals PH3-281
1 72 Speed Swim Ranger Swimming 9" MoF3-121
1 73 Stalking Brand Ranger Ignore disguise, polymorph, invis. on one target MoF3-123
1 74 Strategic Charge Paladin +4 AC vs. parting shots / attacks of opportunity MoF3-125
1 75 Summon Nature's Ally I Ranger Summons a DL I Animal PH3-288
1 76 Surefoot Ranger +10 Dex checks MoF3-127
1 77 Towering Oak Ranger +10 bonus on Intimidate checks MoF3-128
1 78 Traveler's Mount Paladin Mount gets +3" move rate CDiv3-184
1 79 Traveler's Mount Ranger Mount gains +3" move rate CDiv3-184
1 80 Vengeful Mount Ranger Target mount becomes unruly (Will save) DR263-74
1 81 Vine Strike Ranger Can Sneak Attack / Backstab to Plants (even if immune) CAdv3-158
1 82 Virtue Paladin Target gains +1 current hp (can go above max by 1 hp) PH3-298
1 83 Vision of Glory Paladin Target gets +1 on one save MoF3-131
1 84 Warning Shout Paladin All within half a mile hear up to 5 words that the caster speaks MoF3-132

[S1] Warrior Spells

[S1.2] Level 2 Warrior Spells

SL # Name Class Effect Source
2 1 Aura of Glory Paladin CL targets get cured 1 hp and +2 fear saves (may multi-target) MoF3-78
2 2 Balancing Lorecall Ranger +4 Dex checks; Climb Walls 40% CAdv3-143
2 3 Barkskin Ranger Target gets +1+CL/3 AC PH3-202
2 4 Bear's Endurance Ranger +4 Con for 1t PH3-203
2 5 Bladebane Paladin Pick a broad summon type. One weapon +2 TH, +2d6 dmg vs. that type UE3-48
2 6 Blades of Fire Ranger Up to two weapons get +1d6 Fire damage for one round CArc3-99
2 7 Blessed Aim Paladin All allies in group get +2 TH w/ ranged attacks CDiv3-154
2 8 Briar Web Ranger Entangle, anyone who enters group within 1t also becomes Entangled CDiv3-156
2 9 Bull's Strength Paladin +4 Str for CL m PH3-207
2 10 Burrow Ranger Claws do 1d6 dmg; Burrow at 3" move rate Und3-56
2 11 Call Mount Paladin Calls a special Mount (as per Beast Rider of half level) BoED3-93
2 12 Cat's Grace Ranger +4 Dex for 1t PH3-208
2 13 Clarity of Mind Paladin Target gains +4 charm saves, doesn't miss with attacks vs. Displacement/Blur Und3-57
2 14 Claws of the Beast Ranger Hands become 1d8 dmg for 1t PGF3-101
2 15 Cloak of Bravery Paladin +CL fear saves CWar3-117
2 16 Cure Light Wounds Ranger Cure 1d8+CL hp PH3-215
2 17 Delay Poison Paladin Slow Poison PH3-217
2 18 Divine Insight Paladin +5+CL on a skill / nonweapon check CAdv3-147
2 19 Eagle's Splendor Paladin +4 Chr for CL m PH3-225
2 20 Easy Climb Ranger Climb Walls 100% CAdv3-147
2 21 Estanna's Stew Paladin Goodberry spell, acts as Badberry vs. Undead BoED3-99
2 22 Hand of Divinity Paladin Target gets +2 saves MoF3-98
2 23 Haste, Swift Ranger +1 to # attacks; +1 AC; +9" move rate for 1t CAdv3-151
2 24 Hold Animal Ranger Holds one Animal (PPD save) PH3-241
2 25 Insignia of Alarm Paladin Each creature wearing an Insignia from caster hears a chime in his head RoD3-166
2 26 Listening Lorecall Ranger Hear Noise 40% CAdv3-154
2 27 Moment of Clarity Paladin Target gets a save vs. an effect affecting him BoED3-103
2 28 Nature's Favor Ranger Animal gains +CL/3 TH/dmg for 1t CAdv3-155
2 29 One with the Land Ranger +2 with nature-based skill checks MoF3-111
2 30 Owl's Wisdom Paladin +4 Wis for CL m PH3-259
2 31 Owl's Wisdom Ranger +4 Wis for 1t PH3-259
2 32 Protection from Energy Ranger Choose an element; Absorb 12*CL dmg of that element PH3-266
2 33 Reachwalker's Wariness Ranger Detect Invisibility RoE3-189
2 34 Remove Paralysis Paladin Remove Paralysis, Slow PH3-271
2 35 Resist Energy Paladin Pick one element. Resist that element. PH3-272
2 36 Righteous Fury Paladin +CLd4 current hp, +2 AC, +2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Fort saves for CL m MoF3-114
2 37 Scent Ranger Clairnasience CDiv3-178
2 38 Shield Other Paladin +1 AC, +1 saves, Resist damage (all types), immobile PH3-278
2 39 Silvered Weapon Ranger One weapon is considered to be silver for 1t BoED3-107
2 40 Snare Ranger Creates a normal (mechanical) trap PH3-280
2 41 Speak with Plants Ranger Speak with Plants PH3-282
2 42 Spike Growth Ranger Special in one area: 1d4 dmg/s to anyone who moves PH3-283
2 43 Stone Fist Paladin Unarmed dmg is +1d+4 and considered Cold Iron RoS3-163
2 44 Strength of Stone Paladin +1d4+1 Str for CL h, effect lost if loses contact with ground MoF3-125
2 45 Summon Nature's Ally II Ranger Summons a DL II Animal PH3-288
2 46 Train Animal Ranger Animal gains CL/2 tricks CAdv3-157
2 47 Undetectable Alignment Paladin AL is undetectable PH3-297
2 48 Wind Wall Ranger Wall of Air (stops gas, gaseous forms, missile weapons) PH3-302
2 49 Woodland Veil Ranger Party gets 50% Hide in Shadows and Move Silently in forest RotW3-176
2 50 Zeal Paladin Pick an enemy. +4 TH vs. all enemies except the chosen enemy. CDiv3-191
2 51 Zone of Truth Paladin Detect Lie PH3-303

[S1] Warrior Spells

[S1.3] Level 3 Warrior Spells

SL # Name Class Effect Source
3 1 Blade Storm Ranger Do 1 weapon attack with each weapon on everyone in your group CAdv3-144
3 2 Blade Thirst Ranger One weapon gets +3/+3 and glows (light source) MoF3-82
3 3 Blessed Sight Paladin Detect Alignment (with duration) BoED3-92
3 4 Blessing of Bahamut Paladin DR 10/+0 CDiv3-154
3 5 Bottle of Smoke Ranger Phantom Mount CDiv3-155
3 6 Command Plants Ranger Charm 1 group of plants (Will save) PH3-211
3 7 Cure Moderate Wounds Paladin Cure 2d8+CL (12+CL) hp PH3-216
3 8 Cure Moderate Wounds Ranger Cures 2d8+CL hp PH3-216
3 9 Darkvision Ranger Darkvision PH3-216
3 10 Daylight Paladin Sunlight (1 group) PH3-216
3 11 Decoy Image Ranger 1 Mirror Image MoF3-88
3 12 Detect Favored Enemy Ranger Detect closest Chosen Enemy CDiv3-162
3 13 Diminish Plants Ranger Plant Growth (reversed) PH3-221
3 14 Discern Lies Paladin Detect Lie (with duration) PH3-221
3 15 Dispel Magic Paladin Dispel Magic PH3-223
3 16 Earth Hammer Paladin Weapon gets +1 size, bludgeoning dmg only, considered +2 weapon RoS3-162
3 17 Fang Blade Ranger Target snake is polymorphed into a sword, caster can wield as a weapon DR303-71
3 18 Forceward Paladin Anyone must Will save to enter your group; Your group gets +2 saves PGF3-102
3 19 Forestfold Ranger +100% Hide in Shadows and Move Silently in 1 type of terrain CAdv3-149
3 20 Heal Mount Paladin Your mount cured 10*CL hp, ability dmg, blind, confusion, disease, insanity, stun, poison PH3-239
3 21 Insignia of Blessing (AC) Paladin Your party gets +1 AC and Fort saves RoD3-166
3 22 Insignia of Blessing (TH) Paladin Your party gets +1 TH and fear saves RoD3-166
3 23 Inspired Aim Ranger Allies in your group get +2 TH with ranged attacks BoED3-101
3 24 Know Greatest Enemy Paladin Determines the biggest threat in area MoF3-103
3 25 Living Prints Ranger Can track as if tracks were up to 30 days younger MoF3-106
3 26 Loyal Vassal Paladin CL/3 targets get +3 mental saves, +1 TH, +1 fear saves MoF3-106
3 27 Magic Circle against Chaos Paladin Pro. from Chaos scroll effect PH3-249
3 28 Magic Circle against Evil Paladin Pro. from Evil scroll effect PH3-249
3 29 Magic Fang, Greater Ranger One target creature gets +1+CL/4 TH and dmg PH3-250
3 30 Magic Weapon, Greater Paladin Weapon gets +CL/4 TH and dmg PH3-251
3 31 Mark of the Hunter Paladin Choose one target, get +4 TH and ignore cover vs. that target CDiv3-168
3 32 Mind Bond Paladin +2 extra TH when flanking; Your mount gets +CL/3 TH BoED3-102
3 33 Neutralize Poison Ranger Neutralize Poison PH3-257
3 34 Phantasmal Decoy Ranger Create an illusion of target's most hated enemy CDiv3-172
3 35 Pissed Barbarian +level TH, +level dmg, -level AC, -level saves DM
3 36 Plant Growth Ranger Plant Growth PH3-262
3 37 Prayer Paladin All allies in your group get +1 TH, dmg, saves, skill checks; enemies get opposite PH3-264
3 38 Reduce Animal Ranger Animal Growth (reversed) PH3-269
3 39 Remove Blindness/Deafness Paladin Remove Blindness or Deafness PH3-270
3 40 Remove Curse Paladin Remove Curse PH3-270
3 41 Remove Disease Ranger Cure Disease PH3-271
3 42 Repel Vermin Ranger Insects must Will save to move into your group (then they take 2d6 dmg) PH3-271
3 43 Safe Clearing Ranger Special in room: No one can attack unless they Will save each segment MoF3-114
3 44 Smite Heretic Paladin +2 TH and +2*CL dmg vs. target Evil creature BoED3-107
3 45 Snowshoes, Mass Ranger Snowshoes (see SL 1) but on whole party DR123-65
3 46 Summon Nature's Ally III Ranger Summons a DL III Animal PH3-288
3 47 Tree Shape Ranger Tree PH3-296
3 48 Tremorsense Ranger Locate Person or Object that is touching the ground Und3-62
3 49 Undead Bane Weapon Paladin Weapons gets +2+CL/9 TH and +2d6+CL/9 dmg vs. undead PGF3-117
3 50 Water Walk Ranger Water Walking PH3-300
3 51 Wild Instincts Ranger Retain your Dexterity bonus to AC at all times RoE3-191

[S1] Warrior Spells

[S1.4] Level 4 Warrior Spells

SL # Name Class Effect Source
4 1 Animal Growth Ranger Animal Growth PH3-198
4 2 Arrow Storm Ranger Make CL attacks with Bow (max 1 attack per target) CAdv3-143
4 3 Aspect of the Werebeast Ranger Gain Lycanthropy for 1t RoE3-183
4 4 Bane Bow Ranger Weapon gets Slayer vs. one creature type; and +5/+5 TH/dmg for 1t CDiv3-151
4 5 Blinding Beauty Ranger Gain the beauty of a Nymph; Gaze to Blind (Fort save) BoED3-92
4 6 Blood of the Martyr Paladin Transfer any number of current hp to a target BoED3-92
4 7 Break Enchantment Paladin Remove curse, enchantment, polymorph, shapechange, and petrification PH3-207
4 8 Burrow, Mass Ranger Burrow (see SL 2) on CL targets Und3-56
4 9 Camouflage, Mass Ranger Camouflage (see SL 1) on party CDiv3-157
4 10 Commune with Nature Ranger Commune with Nature PH3-211
4 11 Cure Serious Wounds Paladin Cure 3d8+CL (18+CL) hp PH3-216
4 12 Cure Serious Wounds Ranger Cures 3d8+CL hp PH3-216
4 13 Darkvision, Mass Ranger Darkvision (see SL 3) on party T&B3-93
4 14 Darkvision, Superior Ranger Darkvision to all senses (can hear in silence, etc.) UE3-53
4 15 Death Ward Paladin Immune to slain, Negative levels, ability dmg PH3-217
4 16 Deeper Darkvision Ranger Darkvision even in Magical (Special) Darkness Und3-58
4 17 Dispel Chaos Paladin Like Dispel Evil but vs. chaos PH3-222
4 18 Dispel Evil Paladin Dispel Evil PH3-222
4 19 Favor of Ilmater Paladin Remove subdual dmg, charm, dazed, or stunned; can act at up to -9 current hp PGF3-102
4 20 Foebane Ranger You resist the innate effects of one creature type CAdv3-149
4 21 Freedom of Movement Ranger Free Action PH3-233
4 22 Glory of the Marty Paladin CL targets get +1 AC and saves (may multi-target); You can take 1/2 their dmg BoED3-99
4 23 Hand of Torm Paladin Immobile 10' radius: Those of your god may enter, others are stunned (Fort save /s) MoF3-99
4 24 Holy Sword Paladin Weapon gets +5/+5, +2d6 dmg vs. Evil, Pro. Evil PH3-242
4 25 Implacable Pursuer Ranger Locate Person, but with duration (CL h) CDiv3-166
4 26 Land Womb Ranger Passwall 10', can go up/down as well as left/right MoF3-104
4 27 Lawful Sword Paladin Weapon gets +5/+5, x2 dmg vs. Chaos, Pro. Chaos PGF3-105
4 28 Mark of Justice Paladin Target gets -6 to one ability score, -4 TH/saves/skills, or lose 50% of actions (no save) PH3-252
4 29 Neutralize Poison Paladin Neutralize Poison; target cannot be poisoned again for CL t PH3-257
4 30 Nondetection Ranger Nondetection PH3-257
4 31 Restoration Paladin Remove all negative levels, ability score dmg, fatigue, exhaustion PH3-272
4 32 Revenance Paladin Raise Dead (if killed within CL r), current hp is at 1/2 max hp CDiv3-178
4 33 Sacred Haven Paladin Target +2 AC, doesn't lose Dex bonus ever; caster knows where target is, can touch him at range CDiv3-178
4 34 Seek Eternal Rest Paladin +2 CL for purposes of Turn Undead MoF3-115
4 35 Snakebite Ranger Arm turns into poisonous snake (1d6 Con dmg + Paralysis, PPD save) MoF3-120
4 36 Spear of Valarian Ranger Non-magical weapon gains +1/+1 Arrow of Slaying effect (vs. Magical Beasts) BoED3-107
4 37 Spiritual Chariot Paladin Mini Chariot of Sustarre (caster + 2 people only) CDiv3-181
4 38 Stars of Arvandor Ranger CL stars; 0, launch a star: 1d8 dmg (one target, no save) BoED3-108
4 39 Summon Nature's Ally IV Ranger Summons a DL IV Animal PH3-288
4 40 Sword of Conscience Paladin Target Evil creature takes 2d8 Wis and Chr dmg (Will save for each) BoED3-109
4 41 Tree Stride Ranger Plant Door PH3-296
4 42 Visage of the Deity, Lesser Paladin +4 Chr; Acid/Cold/Lightning Resistance 10 CDiv3-187
4 43 Weapon of the Deity Paladin +(CL-3)/3 TH and dmg with your god's favored weapon, gets one random flag (Defender, etc.) CDiv3-188
4 44 Winged Mount Paladin Mount gains wings, can fly at 18" (B) CDiv3-190

[S1.5] Level 5 Warrior Spells

SL # Name Class Effect Source
5 1 Physical Fury Barbarian Can use all your P actions this segment, afterwards are Exhausted and cannot use P actions for 1 turn DM
5 2 Summon Nature's Ally V Ranger Summons a DL V Animal DM