[S22] Recommended Wizard Spells

This is Don's opinion as to the most effective spells of each level. Be warned that this list is not complete, and also that there are many specialized spells out there that are very powerful if used in the proper way.
PH2: Alarm, Armor, *Color Spray, **Enlarge, Light, *Magic Missile, Pro.from Evil, Shield, Sleep
GRA: *Nystul's Flash, Otiluke's Smoky Sphere
PH1: Push, *Spider Climb, Detect Illusion (Ill), *Detect Invisibility (Ill)
UA: **Chromatic Orb (Ill), Phantom Armor (Ill)
OA: Elemental Burst (WJ), **Hail of Stone (WJ), Warp Wood (WJ)
FRA: Catapult
TM: Fire Burst, *Fist of Stone, *Nahal's Reckless Dweomer
PH2: Alter Self, Blur, *Detect Invisibility, Invisibility, Knock, Levitate, Locate Object, *Melf's Acid Arrow, Misdirection, Ray of Enfeeblement, Rope Trick, *Spectral Hand, Stinking Cloud, *Web
GRA: Bigby's Dextrous Digits, Bigby's Silencing Hand, **Drawmij's Adventurer's Luck, Nystul's Blazing Beam, *Otto's Tones of Forgetfulness, Rary's Aptitude Appropriater
UA: *Vocalize
OA: *Enchanted Blade (WJ), Fire Shuriken (WJ), *Ice Knife (WJ), *Smoky Form (WJ), *Wind Breath (WJ)
FRA: **Agannazar's Scorcher, *Bladethirst, Flying Fist, **Snilloc's Snowball Swarm
TM: *Hornung's Baneful Deflector, Maximillian's Earthen Grasp
PHBR4: *Choke, Detect Life, **Ghoul Touch
PH2: Blink, **Dispel Magic, *Fireball, *Fly, Gust of Wind, **Haste, Hold Person, *Lightning Bolt, Monster Summoning I, *Non-Detection, Pro.from Normal Missiles, Suggestion, *Vampiric Touch, *Wraithform
GRA: Drawmij's Marvelous Shield, *Nystul's Golden Revelation, *Nystul's Radiant Baton, Otiluke's Acid Cloud, Otto's Crystal Rhythms, Tenser's Deadly Strike, Tenser's Eye of the Eagle
PH1: Dispel Illusion (Ill), *Paralyzation (Ill)
OA: *Steam Breath (WJ)
FRA: Dire Charm, Dispel Silence, Ghost Armor, *Icelance, Mummy Touch, *Paralyze, Proof from Teleportation, Revenance
TM: *Alternate Reality, *Augmentation I, Maximillian's Stony Grasp, Watery Double
PHBR4: **Delay Death, *Invisible Mail
FOR1: **Venomdust
PH2: Charm Monster, Confusion, Contagion, Dimension Door, *Emotion, *Enervation, *Evard's Black Tentacles, *Fire Shield, *Fumble, **Improved Invisibility, **Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Monster Summoning II, Phantasmal Killer, *Polymorph Other, Polymorph Self, **Stoneskin, Wall of Fire, Wall of Ice, Wizard Eye
GRA: Drawmij's Instant Exit, Mordenkainen's Electric Arc, *Nystul's Blacklight Burst, **Nystul's Lightburst, *Otiluke's Steaming Sphere, Otto's Drums of Despair, Otto's Tonal Attack
PH1: **Dispel Exhaustion (Ill)
OA: Melt Metal (WJ), *Quell (WJ), **Transfix (WJ), *Wall of Bones (WJ)
FRA: Beltyn's Burning Blood, Fire Gate, Missile Mastery, Phase Trap, *Thunderlance, Wall of Sand
TM: Locate Creature, **Minor Spell Turning, *Thunder Staff, *Unluck
DK: Spider Strands
PHBR4: *Fire Aura, **Otiluke's Dispelling Screen
PH2: Advanced Illusion, Animate Dead, *Bigby's Interposing Hand, Chaos, *Cloudkill, *Cone of Cold, *Dismissal, Feeblemind, Hold Monster, **Magic Jar, Monster Summoning III, Passwall, Shadow Door, Telekinesis, *Teleport, Wall of Force, Wall of Iron, Wall of Stone
GRA: Bigby's Fantastic Fencers, *Bigby's Strangling Grip, **Nystul's Enveloping Darkness, Nystul's Radiant Arch, Otiluke's Polar Screen, Otiluke's Radiant Screen, **Otto's Gong of Isolation, *Rary's Superior Spell Enhancer, **Tenser's Primal Fury
PH1: **Maze (Ill)
UA: Dolor, **Tempus Fugit (Ill)
OA: *Mass (WJ), Metal Skin (WJ), Spirit Self (WJ)
FRA: **Ironguard, *Presper's Moonbow
TM: **Lower Resistance, *Magic Staff, *Von Gasik's Refusal, *Vortex
PHBR4: Invulnerability to Normal Weapons, *Throbbing Bones
PH2: **Anti-Magic Shell, *Bigby's Forceful Hand, *Chain Lightning, **Contingency, Death Fog, *Death Spell, *Disintegrate, Eyebite, *Geas, *Globe of Invulnerability, Mass Suggestion, **Mirage Arcana, *Mislead, Monster Summoning IV, *Otiluke's Freezing Sphere, Project Image, **Repulsion, Stone to Flesh, *Tenser's Transformation, **True Seeing
GRA: Otiluke's Diamond Screen, Otiluke's Excruciating Screen, **Tenser's Fortunes of War
OA: Metal to Rust (WJ), *Pain (WJ), **Sword of Darkness (WJ)
FRA: Grimwald's Greymantle, *Imbue Undead with Spell Ability, Lich Touch, Power Word Silence
TM: *Augmentation II, Lorlovelm's Shadowy Transformation, *Wildshield
DK: Improved Haste, **Improved Slow
PHBR4: *Blackmantle, Dragon Scales, **Invulnerability to Magical Weapons
PH2: *Bigby's Grasping Hand, Control Undead, *Delayed Blast Fireball, Finger of Death, *Forcecage, **Limited Wish, Monster Summoning V, Phase Door, **Power Word Stun, *Prismatic Spray, *Reverse Gravity, *Sequester, *Spell Turning, *Teleport without Error, Vanish
GRA: Otiluke's Death Screen, Otiluke's Siege Sphere
PH1: **Alter Reality (Ill), **Prismatic Wall (Ill), First Level M-U Spells
UA: Volley
OA: **Body Outside Body (WJ), Withering Palm (WJ)
FRA: **Spectral Guard, **Spelltrap
TM: Acid Storm, *Bloodstone's Frightful Joining, *Hornung's Surge Selector, Intensify Summoning, Malec-Keth's Flame Fist, *Spell Shape, Steal Enchantment, *Suffocate
DK: **Semipermanency
RC: Create Normal Monsters, Teleport Any Object
PH2: *Antipathy-Sympathy, Incendiary Cloud, Mass Charm, **Maze, Monster Summoning VI, Otiluke's Telekinetic Sphere, *Otto's Irrestible Dance, **Permanency, *Polymorph Any Object, *Power Word Blind, **Prismatic Wall, Sink, *Symbol, Trap the Soul
OA: Giant Size (WJ), Whirlwind (WJ)
FRA: Death Link, *Gateway, **Great Shout, Spell Engine
TM: *Abi-Daizim's Horrid Wilting, Gunther's Kaleidoscopic Strike, Wildzone
DK: Pro.from Time
RC: Create Magical Monsters, *Force Field
PHBR4: *Fear Ward, Shadow Form
PH2: *Bigby's Crushing Hand, *Gate, *Imprisonment, *Meteor Swarm, Monster Summoning VII, *Mordenkainen's Disjunction, *Power Word Kill, *Prismatic Sphere, *Shape Change, **Temporal Stasis, **Time Stop, Weird, **Wish
FRA: Master Undead, Elminster's Evasion, **Spellstrike, Virus Charm, Worldwalk
TM: *Chain Contingency, *Elemental Aura, **Estate Transference, Wail of the Banshee, Wildfire, Wildwind
OA: **Internal Fire (WJ)
RC: *Create Any Monster, **Heal