[T99] Unknown/Incomplete Rules

Rule Item
(many) MAKE TABLES SORTABLE (for Collective 3.3) (see http://www.pop.psu.edu/~miller/plone/sorttable.html for an example)
[P3] A lot of races have no abilities
[P3] The ATs for a lot of races is wrong or flipped (should be 10-N, where N is the AT shown).
[P3] Add Astral Construct race.
[PC] Add Angband classes
[PC] Add Phoenix classes
[PC] Remove all references to "11 edition" and "22 edition" in the MTG classes.
[PC] Simple list of all classes (with perhaps stat requirements, XP for level 2)
[PC] All 5th edition classes should cost 1.5 times what they say in terms of XP
[PC] Add TH/save table to every class. Add a "Group" entry to every class. Some classes have a "Background Point cost" entry, remove it.
[PC3] Specialty Gods - Add: Monster Mythology2, FR2 hardbound, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Invisible Pink Unicorn, Invisible Polar Bear, Nanna-Sin (free item merging/polymorphing), God III (x29), God II (x32), God I (x38), Spirit of the Preascended Ones (x18), Master of Evil (x8), Lady of Pain (Sigil, x9)
[PC4] Reduce "All Rogue Abilities" list down to "Common Rogue Abilities" (with no repeats). On each Rogue class, indicate which Rogue abilities are not on the Common list (by an asterisk or something).
[PC5] Add more abilities to Astral Construct class. Add Astral Destruct class?
[PC5] Make sure every psionic frequency has a class (no more "Wild Talent Only" frequencies). Psi72 has been added, need to add Psi23, X24 class, perhaps more.
[PC16] Technological Group Classes
[PC18] Futureshifted Group Classes (slated for Collective 4.1)
[PC99] Unknown/Incomplete Classes (this was getting large so I split it off into it's own worksheet, see [PC99])
[P7] Martial Arts from Arduin Rules pg 52
[P9] Rules on how Skills (3rd edition) work (1/2 a slot each?) (DC=21-(Nonweapon penalty), so a NW penalty of -10 is same as DC of 31, Power Score = 31)
[P9] Make Secondary Skills (from 1st/2nd edition - renamed to "Occupations"?) separate from Skills (from 3rd edition) - new P12 section?
[P11.7] Epic Feats - Dragon Cleave
[C2] Basic saves information (some is in collective13_c2.doc)
[C6] There used to be an abbreviated version of Turn Undead (simple calculation and look on small table)
[C8] Generic effects: Lockdown, PC/NPC Cod Piece, Capital B Blasted, Capital M Mauled, Banhammer
[C9] Mass Combat (partial version in Collective 1.9)
[C?] Describe all the blahR's; similar to the way [C3] Action Types was done. Types are A (All), B (Blah), C (Charm), D (Damage), E (Effects), G (Godly), I (Innate), M (Magic), N (Natural, aN=Necromantic), PR (Psionic), PowR (Power Psionic), SR (Spell), TechR (Technology), W (Weapon), X (Concordant), there may be more. Include i, a, u, n prefixes. Include Deflection, Reflection, Armoring.
[S-2] Anti-Magical Effects
[S] Add MTG spells
[S] Rework the spells. The lists for SL 5+ are terrible.
[S?] Familiars from MTG (Foul Familiar, etc.)
[S?] Rune Magic (Wild Talent Magic)
[Q] Add conversion system between different frequencies (PSPs and SL/Minor/Major/etc.)
[Q-5] (Has too few powers to be useful)
[Q-3] Psi-3. Has Ethereal Constructs/Destructs.
[Q-0] Professional Wrestling Psionics (weird powers like Undertaker) - Move the old Psi-0 idea (Mortal Kombat) somewhere else
[Q3] Describe Astral Constructs better (see also [P3] and [PC5]). Add Astral Destructs powers and describe them.
[Q6] Split Psi6G/E back into SLs instead of Min/Maj/Gra/Sup
[Q6E] (Nothing there!)
[Q6J] Jerry Psionics
[Q6S] Stupid Psionics
[Q8] Old "WinNuke" type powers (see /not_collectivized_old_ideas/Collective13_q8.doc)
[Q12A] Absolute Psionics
[Q12Nil] [Q12.9] Nil Psionics (frequency 12-Nil)
[Q13] Emotional State Psionics
[Q16] Golem Psionics
[Q20] Champions Psionics (not sure why this is 20, it should be divisible by 9)
[Q22] Move old Psi22 to [S] section. New Psi22 is unknown; to be determined.
[Q25] Some powers are in "New Psi Powers" workbook.
[Q26] Psi26 (Soul / Magic Jar Psionics?)
[Q45] DC (Comics) Psionics
[Q54] Marvel Psionics
[Q90] Thrash Psionics
[A1] Add J (Jerry), S (Stupid), A (Absolute), Nil, W (White)
[A?] Move the old [Q0] Natural Effects (Weather) to [A] section
[A2] Time, Distance, Movement (in Collective 1.9)
[A9] Describe MF/PF/TF (using MOP1) and PsiF (made up by DM).
[E2.3] Weapon Ranges (or add a column to [E2.2]) (partial version in Collective 1.9)
[E2.5] Averaging Weapons / Extreme Weapons (partial version in Collective 1.9)
[E4] Add Phoenix items. Atlantean Banhammer Bomb.
[E7] Need to add: Old [E7] sections (there are 2 of them), BoA2, Master's rulebook (0 edition), DMG1 artifacts, etc.
[E8.1] Some sample Psi8 items.
[E10] Armor and Weapons Allowed (by class) (obsolete) (in Collective 1.9)
[E11] Need to add some RC0 items (only some of them are here), confirm gp costs, fix Sources listed as "1stEd".
[E20] Creating magic items: Have to level 9 in Wiz/Pri/Psi. You make (LVL-8)*(LVL-8)*100 item XP per FULL DAY you spend making items. A FULL DAY being an entire reset and the entire adventuring day up to the beginning of the next reset. I (as DM) rarely give multiple resets in a row, and people generally do things during their reset (like spending XP, changing classes, etc.) so making items is usually moot. Making magic items doesn't cost any money, XP, stat points, or anything else. Likewise, you get nothing in return, except for the item itself, which you can use or sell for money. (I don't allow people to "Barbarian Crunch" their own created items for XP).
[E21] Alcohol
[E22] Drugs (some of these are already done in the "Pharmacist5" class)
[E23] Poison
[M?] Add that "Random DL 11+" monster generator I wrote for the Atlantean game.
[M1] Consider expanding "Beholder" monster category to include all Alien races.
[M1] Consider adding "Psionic" monster category for summoning.
[M1] Consider adding "Technological" monster category for summoning.
[M1] Add Familiars List (converted to monsters)
[M1] Add Phoenix monsters
[M1] Some monster categories (Beholder, Giant, Lycanthrope, Ooze) have very few entries at some DLs - need to add more monsters of those types.
[M2] Monster Templates need descriptions
[M8.1] Add Rules Cyclopedia treasure types, check to see if DMG2 types are different from DMG1
[M8.2] Add Gem types and reported effects (DMG1)
[M8.3] Add Jewelry types (DMG1)
[M8.4] Add "Special Objects" (from Rules Cyclopedia treasure types section)
[M13] Monster List - 3rd ed. Monster Manuals I-IV (V comes out soon!), Fiend Folio only
[M22] Add Legend Hook Beast
[D11] City Dressing (Building Types, etc.)
[X] Add "Cheat Codes" (Originators use these). Are "Player Picks" (e.g. John pick, Rick pick) the same as "Cheat Codes"? Add concept of "PC Cod Piece", "NPC Cod Piece".
[X14] Psi14; has X24-like powers for Concordant classes; Minors: 1M: TrueBall (CL dmg area, no resistance/response, vile dmg); 0: Avoid Fate or Object but you take 10-LVL random [C] effects as a penalty; Also some sort of XP adder in "New Psi Powers" workbook.
[Z13] Dead/Pixelated/Banhammered Collective Concepts
[Z22] Sources to be added to the Collective