[X2] Immortal Powers

There is a Mortals version of this frequency for x0 or x1 beings, which will be [Q7] (without the "X").
Wild-talenting in that frequency can generate (for a x0 or x1 being) a G Action for use with these rules.
These spells assume a SL=1 through SL=9 "Godly spell" system. If using translated SL's (SL's are 10+), subtract 10 from all SL's (i.e. replace SL with SL-10).

[X2.1] Immortal Powers

Name Type Effect
aG Resistance Str +SL% xaGR [cont.]
Deflection/Parry Str +SL iAC [cont.]
G Resistance Str +SL% xGR [cont.]
Great Attack Str Do a melee attack at +SL*2 iTH
ImmuneSteal Str Immune to Action/Memory/Other Stealing
Lady's Smile Str Choose next die roll
PSave Bonus Str +SL to PSaves [cont.]
Regeneration Str You regenerate at SL ihp/r and don't die until at -10-SL ihp [cont.]
Speed Str Can make two melee attacks per action [cont.]
Strength Str +(SL+1)/2 to iStr [cont.]
TH/dmg Bonus Str +SL iTH [cont.]
Whirling Attack Str All opponents in area take SL^2 idmg (P Save for 0).
X Resistance Str +SL% xXR [cont.]
Acrobat Dex Roll SL extra d20 dice when making a PSave and choose best result [cont.]
Assassin Dex 1 target set to 0 ihp, must make SL PSaves to avoid.
aX Resistance Dex +SL% xaXR [cont.]
Bard Dex Completely Identify (including stats) up to SL Monsters/Artifacts
Dexterity Dex +(SL+1)/2 to iDex [cont.]
Escape Dex You MYSTERIOUSLY ESCAPE (even past all barriers) from enemies
Melee Evasion Dex -SL idmg per melee attack [cont.]
Monk Dex Saves for are instead for 0 for 1 turn.
Sniper Dex Get +SL to next iTH roll
Stealth Master Dex +SL*5% xGR only versus SL=1 effects
Thief Dex Pick (take) Artifact from 1 target's possession, must make SL PSaves to avoid.
Tinker Dex Merge up to SL artifacts together or add SL^3/100 MXP to an item permanently
XR Evasion Dex -SL% xXR to one target (no save)
Jester Dex 1 target can do nothing, you can only melee attack (opponent makes SL PSaves)
Bio Slaughter Con +SL among iTH, idmg, or ihp for 1 turn.
Constitution Con +(SL+1)/2 to iCon [cont.]
Detonate Con Destroy an artifact or do (SL-2)^2 idmg to (SL-2) targets (no save).
Energy Control Con The next damaging spell of SL or less that hits you is countered within 1 turn.
Inertial Barrier Con Ignore the first melee attack from each creature for 1 turn.
Infinikinetic Drain Con 1 target takes (SL+1)^2 idmg (PSave for 1/2, if made then PSave again for 0).
Legend Delay Con Target loses next SL segments of actions (MSave)
Legend Disable Con Disable all non-Conc classes 800'r
Legend Drain Con Target loses Worship Points as if he cast a SL spell (no save)
Legend Locate Con Locate Person/Obj at any point in time
Legend Speed Con Pick a spell. That spell costs only G action to use.
Lowered Power Con All spell levels of SL>(10-SL) are lowered to 10-SL for 1 turn
Pawning Life Con 0, eat Pawn: Heal all ihp & restore SL spells. Limit of 1 per turn.
Planar Change Con Target's home plane becomes this one, SL PSaves to avoid.
Technobauble Con Imbue SL spells into an item (acts as Spell Storing), only 1 item per person.
Thought: Lack of Con +SL among Str/Dex/Con, -SL among Int/Wis/Chr (must lower if can, min 0), for 1 turn.
Abjuration Int SL^2 ihp Armor spell
Alteration Int 1 target rerolls Str, Dex, Con using 1dSL-1, lasts for 1 turn, make MSave if unwilling
Annoying Hench Int You have an ANNOYING HENCHMAN of half your level who always ESCAPES, causes trouble
Ask DM Int You suddenly see the FALLACY in your MASTER PLAN and can ask the DM a question
Chronomancy Int Starting next round, you get +1G action per round for SL rounds
Contact Alternate Int Contacts an Alternate Multiverse
Dispel I Int Dispel a currently running effect
Endless Horde Int ENDLESS HORDE OF CANNON FODDER (mortal creatures)
Energy Drain Int Target loses SL levels (make SL MSaves, each missed save is 1 level)
Evocation Int Any number of targets take (SL-1)^2 idmg (MSave for )
Giant Robot Int Create a GIANT ROBOT (a DL 10 Golem)
Illusion Int SLx10% chance that a melee attack automatically misses (roll per attack) [cont.]
Incantatrix Int 1 target loses SL of his remaining spells, you gain those spells, MSave to avoid
Intelligence Int +(SL+1)/2 to iInt [cont.]
Invocation Int 1 target takes SL^2 idmg (MSave for )
Lend Godly Int Lose a G action: Target gains 1G action
Lich Touch Int +SL idmg per melee attack
Lich XP Int +SL KXP
Life Trapping Int Target makes (10-SL) MSaves, if makes any of them he is not life trapped
Mesmerising Int 1 target loses his next G action, make SL MSaves to avoid
Metamagic I Int Transfer SL spells of any level from 1 base (MSave/PSave, GR/XR/aGR/aXR) to other
Necromancy Int 1 target loses SL ihp which cannot be healed by any means for 1 turn (no save)
Numbers Int Modify 1 Immortal die roll (doesn't have to be yours) by +/-SL per round [cont.]
Summoning I Int Summon SL (DL 10) beings to fight for you
Tempromancy Int Everyone now get +1G actions per round for SL rounds, can't be dropped.
Thaumaturgy Int +SLx5% xGR for 1 turn.
Thought I Int Your next spell (if cast within this turn) gets +SL to it's SL.
Transmutation Int 1 target randomly changes race for 1 turn (will be bizarre), make SL MSaves
Wild Magic I Int Cast a randomly rolled (SL+2) level spell on this table
All Wis Create 1 Avatar of you for SL turns, if destroyed, you are not banned from plane
Animal/Plant Wis Grant a non-immortal being +SL ihp for 1 turn
Anti-Magic Wis All spells of (SL-1) or lower in area cannot be (choose one): Cast or Maintained
Charm Wis Target must make SL MSaves or adds a 1st level Pawn class
Combat Wis 1 target has +SL on Saves; +SL on iTH roll for 1 turn
Creation Wis Create a random 1st level concordant being
Healing Wis Cures SL^2 ihp divided among any # of targets, can be reversed but MSave for 0.
Innates Wis Cast a (SL-2) level "Dex" based spell
Luck/Fate Wis Can declare an "incredible" coincidence, higher SL is higher chance of success
Metamagic II Wis Lose SL spells; gain SL/2 (round down) spells of 1 higher spell level
Psionics Wis Cast a (SL-2) level "Chr" based spell
Radiation Wis Cast a (SL-2) level "Con" based spell
Summoning II Wis Summon SL (randomly rolled concordant beings) to fight for you for 1 turn
Sun Wis Any number of targets take SL^2 idmg (MSave for 0)
Technology Wis Add SL^2/100 item MXP to an item permanently
Thought II Wis +SL stat points distributed among Int, Wis, Chr for 1 turn
Time Wis Cast as 0 action: Use 1 G action, lose (11-SL) r of actions of all types (even Mortal & 0)
Undead Wis Effects that strike you from a Lich character lose SL to their spell level for 1 turn
War Wis Cast a (SL-2) level "Str" based spell
Wards Wis Choose a spell when cast. You are completely immune to that spell for 1 turn.
Weather Wis 1 target takes (SL-1)^2 dmg, no saving throw.
Wild Magic II Wis Cast SL randomly rolled (SL=3) level spells on this table
Wisdom Wis +(SL+1)/2 to iWis [cont.]
Acceleration Chr +1G actions /r for SL turns, lose SL MXP at end of spell.
Annihilation Blast Chr 1 target makes (10-SL) MSaves, if makes any he is not killed.
Cell Adjustment Chr Cures or Causes SL*5-4 ihp divided among any # of targets (MSave 1/2).
Charisma Chr +(SL+1)/2 to iChr [cont.]
Disbelieve Other Chr Immune to and cannot affect 1 target (who can make SL MSaves to ignore).
Dispel II Chr Dispel all effects on one target (MSave for each)
Ego Shield Chr +SL*2 save points vs. MSaves, can spend after roll, use within 1 turn.
Fast Cast Chr Cast SL "Chr" based (SL=1) spells
GR Evasion Chr -SL% xGR to one target (no save)
Null Void Chr +SL*2% xGR for 1 turn
Pawning Chr Target becomes a Pawn (must be willing)
Raw Logrus Chr Casts SL random spells in area, affects all in area.
Scty: Blockade Chr Pick a stat. All spells <SL of that stat in area are countered. Lasts for 1 turn.
Ultraplanar Blast Chr Area effect: All make SL MSaves, each missed save is -1 random ability score