[X3] Cheat Codes

There exists a special "pick" for each player, which (generally) stays the same from campaign to campaign.
Theses "Cheat Codes" / "Player Picks" (as of June 2007) are as follows:
Player Pick
Don (NPCs) Free instance of "Beast of Xvim" racial adjective: bite to Put Out of Misery (slain), Put Really Out of Misery (Slain), Capital R Remove
Jason Gets to act twice per segment once per round.
John Can use a rule or concept that is currently Banhammered or Pixelated (some of these items are in [Z13])
Manny Free Astral Construct3 class (doesn't cost a class slot)
Rian Free Wild Talent in [X21]; Can eject self from Multiverse Project (going into the Capital W Warehouse near the Capital S Shelf)
Rick Nanna-Sin's Black Axe (x2 weapon, no ego, 0d0/0d0, +3/+3, Sharpness, +27 dmg, can "eat" other magic items to merge into itself)
Older picks:
Player Pick
Angel When choosing classes, whenever Angel chooses "Psionicist" group, he gets +50% to the number of class choices.
Bill ? Free Specialty Priest pick in St. Cuthbert
Frank ? Can throw any weapon as if darts with no penalty
Jason (mirror) Can use Opposing actions even in Banhammered; B actions are B'; C actions are C' (Q is +2 B'/C' instead of +3 B/C)
Jerry Can pick "J" as second component of Alignment for free.
John (mirror) Can force the DM to finish writing an incomplete rule or class (some of these are in [PC99] and [T99])
John M. ? Jedi0 Light Saber; Time Travel
Keith ?
Manny (mirror) Free Astral Destruct3 class (doesn't cost a class slot)
Mark ?
Mike ? First Strike
Neal ?
Randy ?
Rian (previous) Can choose a book before each session, the DM will add some things from that book to the Collective.
Rian (mirror) Free Atheist(-7) class (doesn't cost a class slot)
Rick (mirror) Nanna-Sin's Gray Axe (x2 weapon, no ego, 0d0/0d0, +0/+0 but counts as a +6/+6 weapon, Vile, +27 stat damage, Legend Lore cont.)
Roger ? Free Wild Talent in Psi10; can have psionic powers appear magical (and resisted using MR instead of PR)
Sven ? Free instance of "Wereduck" racial adjective
Zach Has a character which is immune to NPC status (he can play his Dungeoneer character from campaign to campaign)
Zach (previous) Nanna-Sin's White Axe (x2 weapon, no ego, 0d0/0d0, +3/+3, Vorpal, +27 to hit, magic items randomly appear from the Axe once in a while)