[X4] Superstition Psionics (Concordant Freq. 4)

Basic X4 Information

A superstition is a belief that some event/object will have a certain effect. Usually this is harmless and has no game effect. However, some superstitions are so strong for the believer that they actually have a "real"-world effect. In this case superstitions becomes a passive psionic frequency. Most believers of superstitions are simply that, and never develop powers.
The superstition psionic frequency (also called Psi frequency 4) is called passive because the believer (or "psionic") does not know that he is really the source of the effect, not the trigger. A superstition "psionicist" would be someone who spreads rumor and fear among people, and therefore increase Belief Ratings in the area.
Superstitions are not directly related to Imagination Psionics, Omens, Miracles, or Awe Power, but any of these could give someone a Belief Rating.
There is an older (original) system for X4 presented in [Z13].

[X4.1] X4 Powers

None of the original X4 rules are used here. The idea is the fantasy society has advanced to the point where people now understand how X4 works, and people consciously have (and manipulate) X4 powers. Because of this, the applications for X4 are much more practical than the older system presented in [Z13].
Use the progression for the X4A class seen in [PC5].
Wild Talents are considered their highest level divided by 2 (round down; a level 0 X4A still gets 1 Minor).
Basically, for each "power" in your progression, choose an effect to have multiplied.
The multiplier (referenced as "X4M" below) is 1.25 for Minors, 1.5 for Majors, 2 for Grands, and 2.5 for Supers.
There are certainly more things you can believe in than the list below; check with the DM if you have an idea. Inherently or obviously broken ideas (believing in your level, your XP, or how many of you there are) will not be approved.
# Belief Effect
1 Ability Score Choose one ability score. New score = (old score - 10) * X4M + 10
2 AC Your new AC = (old AC - 10) * X4M + 10
3 Actions Pick one action type (M, P, V). Your number of actions of that type is multiplied by X4M
4 Damage Damage with one physical weapon is multiplied by X4M
5 hp Multiply hp by X4M
6 Item How many of an item exists is multiplied by X4M (you need a Grand to duplicate a x2 item)
7 Money How much money you get in dungeon is multiplied by X4M (only affects you, not whole party)
8 Move Rate Multiply Move Rate by X4M
9 Multiplier Add X4M-1 to your multiplier (see [X]). Using a Minor does nothing. Using a Major: +1 mult. in offense or defense (not both).
10 Saves Multiply your save rolls by X4M, you automake saves on natural 21-X4M or better (Minor is 19).
11 Spell One spell that you know has it's effect multiplied by X4M, or costs only 1/(X4M*2-1) of a spell slot
12 To Hit Multiply your to hit rolls by X4M, you autohit on natural 21-X4M or better (Minor is 19).
P4Ps (unenforced rule):
This limits how often you can use your X4 powers.
P4Ps = Level - Wis + 20
Where "Level" is half your level if a Wild Talent. Note that Wisdom reduces the number of P4Ps. If this number is negative, you cannot use X4 at all.
Each time a X4 multiplier is used (or every hour for continuous effects), a P4P is lost from the pool. When your P4P pool is empty, you cannot use X4 powers. The P4P pool refills at 1 P4P per hour. 1 P4P = 100 PSPs in Psi1 for conversion purposes.