[A1] Alignment

Alignment Table

Lawful True Chaotic
LG(N) L(N)G(N) N(L)G(N) NG(N) N(C)G(N) C(N)G(N) CG(N)
Neutral LN(G) L(N)N(G) N(L)N(G) NN(G) N(C)N(G) C(N)N(G) CN(G)
LN(E) L(N)N(E) N(L)N(E) NN(E) N(C)N(E) C(N)N(E) CN(E)
Evil LE(N) L(N)E(N) N(L)E(N) NE(N) N(C)E(N) C(N)E(N) CE(N)
Others: AN (Absolute Neutral), Nil (Nil Alignment;TN or N(C)N(G) with Int<2).
Lawful: Laws, Order, Discipline, Predictability, Regulation
True: Compromise, Balance (L/C), Self-Centeredness?
Chaotic: Freedom, Randomness, Disorder, Individualism
Good: Truth, Kindness, Life, Beauty
Neutral: Harmony, Balance (G/E), Nature
Evil: Woe, Imposing Will, Power/Prestige to Self/Anyone?/Group (N/C/L)
(An emotional state is not the goal here: a LG creature can have hatred, a CE creature can be satisfied, a LE creature can have happiness, for examples).
[A1.3] Alignment Drift (unenforced rule)
At the end of a gaming session, the DM may declare that a PC has (due to role-playing) shifted his alignment one step in a particular direction.
This is acceptable as long as the PC has not crossed into one of the other eight major alignments (in this case this is considered to be a voluntary alignment change [A1.4]).
A Paladin experiencing a voluntary drift from LG (CE for Anti-Paladin, LE for Avenger, or CG for Knight?) gets the penalty for alignment change [A1.4].
Any drift or change for an Absolute Neutral (AN) character is considered a voluntary change to TN, even if the change was involuntary.
The alignment of Nil cannot drift (and Nil cannot have a tendency).
[A1.4] Alignment Change (unenforced rule)
There are two types of alignment changes: voluntary and involuntary.
The only involuntary alignment changes are the following (all other cases are considered voluntary):
1. A magical spell or psionic effect which simply changes the creature's alignment aura (a paladin with psionic Aura Alteration or the infamous Helm of Alignment Change, for example).
2. Control experienced from a non-artifact magic or psionic item's Ego, or effects upon PCs with low Wisdom when they encounter high Charisma. {charms,necromancy?}
3. An undead creature controlled by a neutral or evil priest turning, or any type of charm or magical suggestion or control.
4. Certain forms of insanity and disease (such as lycanthropy).
5. A drop in Intelligence which causes a TN creature to become Nil alignment (a feebleminded druid would become Nil, but involuntarily).
These five cases only apply if the subject was actually involuntary. If the paladin voluntarily accepted the Aura Alteration, that is not a LG act and is considered a voluntary change to that alignment (the paladin actually changes to that alignment, and not just his aura changes!).
As a rule of thumb, if the subject did not choose to automatically fail his save versus the effect, (and failed when he rolled) the change is involuntary.
An involuntary change to an alignment that has does not contradict with any of the character's classes, kits, or his diety has no adverse effect on the character. The player of the character may still roleplay him the same way he did before (he has no obligation to start roleplaying the new alignment) and the PC will eventually (one step per session) drift back to his original (or close to his original) alignment.
An involuntary change to an alignment that does contradict with a class, kit, or his diety results in a 10% XP penalty per step the PC is away from an alignment that doesn't contradict (counting up or down but not diagonal as a "step"). The player can still play the character as before the change.
A voluntary change to an alignment that does not contradict with a class, kit, or his diety results in a one-time XP penalty of 1,000 XP per effective level of the character (this cannot drop total XP below 0, but is can cause a level loss).
This XP cannot be regained with Restoration or any other effect.
The PC's permanent alignment is the one just changed to (and the player is expected to roleplay it or drift/change more), but he can change back to his old alignment during the next gaming session at no further penalty.
A voluntary change to an alignment that does contradict with a class, kit, or his diety has all the effects of the previous paragraph, plus the character has a 10% XP penalty per step the PC is away from an alignment that doesn't contradict (counting up or down but not diagonal as a "step").

[A3] Aging

Each creature has a "physical" and a "mental" age.
Mental age is the actual time the creature has been conscious; i.e. nothing affects mental age except the flow of time.
Physical age is the age of the body of the creature, this can be affected by the flow of time or magical effects.
For each race, a maximum age is listed (in [P2?] for PC races, monsters use [M?]). The age categories for each creature is determined from the max.age, as follows:
Age Category: Child Young
Adult Old Venerable
Age Code: C Y A O V
Minimum Age: 0 .2 x Max .4 x Max .6 x Max .8 x Max
Physical Age Adj.: Str: -1 0 0 -1 -2
Dex: +2 0 -1 -1 -2
Con: +1 0 0 -2 -4
Cml: 0 0 0 -1 -2
Move Rate: -3 0 0 -3 -6
Mental Age Adj.: Int: +1 0 0 0 -1
Wis: -2 0 +1 +2 +3
Chr: -1 0 0 +1 0
NonWeapon Prof.: -4 0 +4 +8 +10
Thus, for a human (Max.age=100): Child is 0-19 years, Young Adult is 20-39, Adult is 40-59, Old is 60-79, and Venerable is 80+.
There are circumstances (hierophant druids, time elementals, undead status) that modify the maximum age for a creature. In this case, the age categories are modified accordingly (but the creature would not "instantly" change age categories due to this, it would take a great deal of time).
If a creature's physical age exceeds his maximum age, he dies of natural causes, but can be raised by magical or psionic means. But he he soon die afterwards (within a few days) unless means to reduce the physical age of the creature (such as a Potion of Longevity) is found.
If a creature's mental age exceeds his maximum age, he dies of mysterious causes, and is PERMANENTLY dead. Wishes, Artifacts, even Divine Intervention will not bring the creature back under any circumstances. The spirit has gone through the vortex in Concordant Opposition (and can never be reached, even with the Speak with Dead spell) or (by choice of his diety) has been Reincarnated as another life form. In the latter case, all memory and experiences of the former life are lost (actually, they become a small part of the creature's diety).

[A10] Power Factors (MF/PF/TF/PsiF/TechF)

Each of these factors measure the power level (or strength) of each type of energy in the area.
Magical Factor (MF):
Physical Factor (PF):
Temporal Factor (TF):
Psionic Factor (PsiF):
Technology Factor (TechF):
Technology Factor (TechF) is represented as a number and sometimes a letter. The number represents roughly how advanced the civilization is. Secret and/or military organizations might be 1 TechF higher than the rest of the populace.
The letters are used to indicate the science type, as follows:
B=Biology/Medical, C=Chemistry, E=Engineering, M=Math/Pure Sci, S=Space Science, X=Computer, Y=Cybertech
Earth at 2000 AD is roughly TechF 14. It is possible for a civilization to get certain technology several factors early or late.
You could go through and indicate TechF for each science type, for example Earth might be TechF 14-S but only 13-E.
A typical fantasy setting is TechF somewhere between 5 and 10.
See also the Chemist class in Collective 0.7 for Chemistry TechF ratings (which is compatible with this system).
0 -10X No basic tools
1 -9X Basic tools; Basic shelter; Basic herbal medicine; Cultivation of plants; Recognition of seasons
2 -8Xe Wheel; Use of fire; Star recognition; Constellations; Basic metallurgy; Pulleys; Levers; Basic anatomy; Alchemy
3 -8Xs Basic astronomy and navigation; Windmills; Water wheels; Microscope/Magnifying Lens; Animal husbandry
4 -8Xl Recognition of other planets; Basic mechanics; Flood control; Cell theory; Classification of compounds
5 -7X Solar system mechanics; Steam power; Crude weather prediction; Geologic history; Fossils
6 -6Xe Detailed anatomy; Crude surgery (leeches!)
7 -6Xs Simple chemistry
8 -6Xl Simple atomic theory; Organic chemistry
9 -5X Hydroelectric power; Light-bulbs; Radio; X-rays
10 -4Xe Celestial mechanics; Heating and cooling systems; Heavy machinery; Tanks; Basic genetics/microbiology
11 -4Xs Stellar evolution; Transistors and Basic electronics; Theory of diseases (bacteriology); Earthquake prediction
12 -4Xl Radio astronomy; Solid state electronics; Telephones; Basic artificial limbs; Microwave theory
13 -3X Relativity; Internal combustion; Simple Computers; DNA/gene research; Basic artificial organs; Organ transplants
14 -2Xe Basic astronautics (planet to moon); Unmanned space probes; Simple internet; Fission; Lasers
15 -2Xs Manned spaceflight (planet to planet); Environmental suits; Simple cyberware/bioware; Fusion
16 -2Xl Unmanned interstellar probes; Advanced cyberware/bioware; Clones; Cold fusion
17 -1X Impulse; Manner interstellar travel; Gene surgery; Weather modification; Antimatter reactors
18 0Xe SemiWarp; Basic subspace mechanics; Micromolecular circuitry; Gravity control; Replicators; Phasers
19 0Xs Warp; Dilithium; Deflector shields; Transporters; Tractor beams; Tricorders; Positional Stabilizer
20 0Xl MicroWarp; Automation control systems; SFG; Cloaking Device; Temporal / alternate timeline theory
21 1X Terraforming
22 2Xe TransWarp; Trilithium; Atomic level circuitry
23 2Xs Galaxy ships
24 2Xl Protomatter (Genesis); Infinite-space option mounts
25 3X UltraWarp; Robots (Star Wars-like); Holodeck; Quick-changing option mounts
26 4Xe VWarp; Phasing Device; Zero-space option mounts; Metaphasic shielding and weaponry
27 4Xs Physical transfer of consciousness and memories from one body to another
28 4Xl Psionic engineering; PsiTech; Poly weapons; AntiTime theory
29 5X HyperWarp; Androids (Data from ST:TNG); Teleporting weapons (PH-10)
30 6Xe PhaseWarp; Solid Neutronium manipulation
31 6Xs Slip-Stream drive
32 6Xl Multi-system option mounts
33 7X Instantaneous intergalactic travel; Infinite life-spans
34 8Xe TimeWarp
35 8Xs LoopWarp; AntiTimeWarp
36 8Xl Ascension theory; Temporal communication without paradox; "All-Hallow's Eve" affects (Soul theory)