5 Color Artifacts

5 Color Artifacts (Visual)

This was an experimental theme deck; I was trying to make a 5 color artifact deck.
I played it a few times, then randomly took it apart. It wasn't because it was a bad deck or anything; it played perfectly fine from what I remember.

General (1):
Reaper King

Creatures (27):
Bosh, Iron Golem Etched Monstrosity Scarecrone Solarion Steel Hellkite Stuffy Doll Suncrusher Enigma Sphinx Filigree Angel Glissa, the Traitor Hanna, Ship's Navigator Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer Sharuum the Hegemon Sphinx of the Steel Wind Sphinx Sovereign Sphinx Summoner Guardian Beast Ethersworn Adjudicator Master of Etherium Sharding Sphinx Vedalken Archmage Seedborn Muse Hellkite Igniter Moltensteel Dragon Argivian Archaeologist Bringer of the White Dawn Sanctum Gargoyle

Spells (28):
Aladdin's Ring Altar of Shadows Clock of Omens Cranial Plating Darksteel Forge Grimoire of the Dead Legacy Weapon Leonin Sun Standard Lux Cannon Mirrorworks Obelisk of Alara Orochi Hatchery Predator, Flagship Prototype Portal Rings of Brighthearth Riptide Replicator Serum Tank Temporal Aperture Tower of Calamities Tower of Fortunes Urza's Blueprints Voltaic Key Mage Slayer Mask of Riddles Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Scepter of Insight Tezzeret the Seeker Tempered Steel

Mana Acceleration (9):
Cloud Key Coalition Relic Gilded Lotus Lotus Guardian Mycosynth Golem Semblance Anvil Unbender Tine Etherium Sculptor Vedalken Engineer

Lands (35):
Underground Sea Bayou Badlands Scrubland Tropical Island Volcanic Island Tundra Taiga Savannah Plateau Watery Grave Overgrown Tomb Blood Crypt Godless Shrine Breeding Pool Steam Vents Hallowed Fountain Stomping Ground Temple Garden Sacred Foundry Crumbling Necropolis Arcane Sanctum Savage Lands Seaside Citadel Jungle Shrine Academy Ruins Buried Ruin Command Tower Gaea's Cradle Glimmervoid Mishra's Workshop Phyrexia's Core Reflecting Pool Mox Opal Sol Ring