Garza Zol

Garza Zol (Visual)

Straightforward Garza Zol deck. I later expanded this deck to add green (Glint-Eye Nephilim).
When creature deals damage to a player...
Evasion/Invisibility effects
Extra combat steps
Double strike (Rage Reflection)

General (1):
Garza Zol, Plague Queen

Creatures (29):
Crosis, the Purger Dimir Cutpurse Lightning Reaver Mindleech Mass Nicol Bolas Shadowmage Infiltrator Szadek, Lord of Secrets Ashling, the Extinguisher Bone Dancer Guiltfeeder Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni Phage the Untouchable Scion of Darkness Throat Slitter Woebearer Cephalid Constable Deepchannel Mentor Kukemssa Pirates Lu Xun, Scholar General Ninja of the Deep Hours Raven Guild Master Sharding Sphinx Sphinx Ambassador Sun Quan, Lord of Wu Synapse Sliver Thieving Magpie Goblin Vandal Rustmouth Ogre Stigma Lasher

Spells (25):
Akroma's Memorial Mask of Memory Quietus Spike Sword of Fire and Ice Sword of Light and Shadow Whispersilk Cloak Helm of the Ghastlord Mask of Riddles Sleeper's Robe Dauthi Embrace Intimidation Necromantic Thirst Sleeper's Guile Cloak of Mists Coastal Piracy Curiosity Infiltrator's Magemark Invisibility Ophidian Eye Protective Bubble Aggravated Assault Fervor In the Web of War Rage Reflection Savage Beating

Mana Acceleration (8):
Obelisk of Grixis Dimir Signet Rakdos Signet Izzet Signet Coalition Relic Darksteel Ingot Gilded Lotus Thran Dynamo

Lands (37):
Creeping Tar Pit Darkslick Shores Darkwater Catacombs Dimir Aqueduct Drowned Catacomb Sunken Ruins Underground Sea Watery Grave Badlands Blackcleave Cliffs Blood Crypt Dragonskull Summit Graven Cairns Lavaclaw Reaches Rakdos Carnarium Shadowblood Ridge Cascade Bluffs Izzet Boilerworks Scalding Tarn Steam Vents Sulfur Falls Volcanic Island Crumbling Necropolis Command Tower Reflecting Pool Spinerock Knoll Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Island Island Island Mountain Mountain Mountain Sol Ring

Sideboard (Omitted/Cut card ideas):
Cabal Executioner Crypt Cobra Pit Scorpion Suq'Ata Assassin Swamp Mosquito Mistblade Shinobi Akki Underminer Orcish Squatters Stalking Vengeance Helm of Kaldra Joven's Tools Lightning Greaves Trailblazer's Boots Dragon Shadow Fear Gaze of Pain Snake Cult Initiation Sigil of Sleep Electropotence