Gold Border (Championship)

Gold Border (Championship) (Visual)

Silly deck idea.
I have all the gold bordered Championship decks, so one day out of boredom I tried to make an EDH deck out of them.
There's no 5 color gold bordered legend, so I made a fake gold-bordered Sliver Queen to use.

General (1):
Sliver Queen

Creatures (26):
Frenetic Efreet Blazing Specter Anurid Brushhopper Spiritmonger Phantom Nishoba Crypt Angel Sengir Vampire Visara the Dreadful Spirit of the Night Guiltfeeder Tradewind Rider Arcanis the Omnipotent Rainbow Efreet Genesis Weatherseed Treefolk Symbiotic Wurm Verdant Force Roar of the Wurm Nantuko Vigilante Goblin Sharpshooter Covetous Dragon Soul Warden Serra Angel Exalted Angel Eternal Dragon Serra Avatar

Spells (29):
Icy Manipulator Ivory Tower Jayemdae Tome Scroll Rack Temporal Aperture Zuran Orb Crosis's Charm FireIce Fires of Yavimaya Mirari's Wake Undermine Phyrexian Arena Vampiric Tutor Yawgmoth's Will Capsize Dismiss Fact or Fiction Opposition Whispers of the Muse Compost Constant Mists Overrun Fireball Shattering Pulse Starstorm Akroma's Vengeance Decree of Justice Worship Wrath of God

Mana Acceleration (6):
Chrome Mox Fellwar Stone Talisman of Dominance Talisman of Progress Thran Dynamo Birds of Paradise

Lands (38):
Adarkar Wastes Bloodstained Mire Brushland City of Brass Darkwater Catacombs Elfhame Palace Flooded Strand Gaea's Cradle Gemstone Mine Glimmervoid Karplusan Forest Krosan Verge Lava Tubes Llanowar Wastes Reflecting Pool Salt Marsh Shadowblood Ridge Shivan Reef Skycloud Expanse Sulfurous Springs Thawing Glaciers Thran Quarry Underground River Undiscovered Paradise Urborg Volcano Volrath's Stronghold Windswept Heath Yavimaya Coast Swamp Swamp Island Island Forest Forest Mountain Mountain Plains Plains

Sideboard (Omitted/Cut card ideas):
Fire Diamond Heart of Ramos Sky Diamond Eron the Relentless Enlightened Tutor Furnace Dragon Eternal Witness