Hydra [Tribal]

Hydra [Tribal] (Visual)

This is a 32 card sub-deck. It is added to the 68 card Main Tribal Deck.

Creatures (15):
Clockwork Hydra Apocalypse Hydra Phytohydra Progenitus Ulasht, the Hate Seed Feral Hydra Khalni Hydra Phyrexian Hydra Protean Hydra Sprouting Phytohydra Ancient Hydra Balduvian Hydra Molten Hydra Rock Hydra Spitting Hydra

Spells (11):
Contagion Engine Gilder Bairn Novijen Sages Cytospawn Shambler Doubling Season Forgotten Ancient Soul's Majesty Soul's Might Vigor Ion Storm Stalking Vengeance

Mana / Mana Accel. (6):
Stomping Ground Fire-Lit Thicket Mossfire Valley Rootbound Crag Kazandu Refuge Gruul Signet