Kresh the Bloodbraided

Kresh the Bloodbraided (Visual)

Lots of Hurricane/Earthquake type effects, and creatures that get big from it.
I'm not really satisfied with this deck:
It spends too much time getting big creatures, then a simple WoG/Damnation makes me start all over.

General (1):
Kresh the Bloodbraided

Creatures (25):
Stuffy Doll Deathbringer Thoctar Vulturous Zombie Khabal Ghoul Mephidross Vampire Scavenger Drake Thrashing Wumpus Algae Gharial Arashi, the Sky Asunder Fungus Sliver Fungusaur Protean Hulk Silklash Spider Tornado Elemental Vigor Woodfall Primus Bloodfire Colossus Jaya Ballard, Task Mage Jiwari, the Earth Aflame Magma Phoenix Mogg Maniac Rockslide Elemental Scourge of Kher Ridges Stalking Vengeance War Elemental

Spells (30):
Mind's Eye Pariah's Shield Shield of Kaldra Urza's Armor Firespout Grim Feast Lavalanche Savage Twister Demonic Tutor Pestilence Sadistic Glee Shriveling Rot Hurricane Rite of Passage Squall Line Tropical Storm Windstorm Worldly Tutor Chandra Nalaar Earthquake Fault Line Fire Tempest Flame Wave Inferno Molten Disaster Pyrohemia Rolling Earthquake RoughTumble Starstorm Vicious Shadows

Lands (35):
Bayou Overgrown Tomb Tainted Wood Badlands Blood Crypt Dragonskull Summit Bloodstained Mire Rocky Tar Pit Taiga Stomping Ground Rootbound Crag Mountain Valley Tainted Peak Wooded Foothills Darigaaz's Caldera Exotic Orchard Forbidden Orchard Jund Panorama Meteor Crater Reflecting Pool Savage Lands Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Forest Forest Forest Mountain Mountain Mountain Volrath's Stronghold Yavimaya Hollow Mosswort Bridge Spinerock Knoll

Mana Acceleration (9):
Sol Ring Gilded Lotus Thran Dynamo Mana Reflection Skyshroud Claim Obelisk of Jund Golgari Signet Fellwar Stone Coalition Relic