Tempest Block

Tempest Block (Visual)

Everything is from Tempest block.

General (1):
Sliver Queen

Creatures (25):
Mindless Automaton_TE Thopter Squadron Selenia, Dark Angel Soltari Guerrillas Vhati il-Dal_TE Coffin Queen Plaguebearer Revenant Skyshroud Vampire Benthic Behemoth Ephemeron Ertai, Wizard Adept Mawcor Silver Wyvern Tradewind Rider Dirtcowl Wurm Rootbreaker Wurm Skyshroud War Beast Verdant Force Flowstone Wyvern Shaman en-Kor Soltari Champion Soltari Visionary Soul Warden Warrior Angel

Spells (30):
Echo Chamber Emmessi Tome Erratic Portal Corpse Dance Dauthi Embrace Disturbed Burial Dregs of Sorrow Endless Scream Grave Pact_TE Living Death_TE Capsize Dismiss Equilibrium Insight Propaganda_TE Time Warp_TE Treasure Trove Whispers of the Muse_TE Constant Mists Overrun_TE Storm Front Reap Fanning the Flames Goblin Bombardment Shattering Pulse Allay Field of Souls Gerrard's Battle Cry Pursuit of Knowledge Safeguard

Mana Acceleration (7):
Lotus Petal Skyshroud Elf Rampant Growth_TE Mox Diamond Overgrowth Earthcraft Skyshroud Troopers

Lands (37):
Reflecting Pool_TE Ancient Tomb Cinder Marsh Mogg Hollows Rootwater Depths Thalakos Lowlands Vec Townships Caldera Lake Pine Barrens Salt Flats Scabland Skyshroud Forest Volrath's Stronghold Wasteland Swamp_TE1 Swamp_TE2 Swamp_TE3 Swamp_TE4 Swamp_TE1 Island_TE1 Island_TE2 Island_TE3 Island_TE4 Island_TE1 Island_TE2 Forest_TE1 Forest_TE2 Forest_TE3 Forest_TE4 Forest_TE1 Mountain_TE1 Mountain_TE2 Mountain_TE3 Plains_TE1 Plains_TE2 Plains_TE3 Plains_TE4