Tribal (Visual)

This is a 68 card partial deck. I have many 32 card sub-decks (one for each tribe, for example, Drakes). I add (swap in) one of these sub-decks to this 68 card partial deck, to make a complete 100 card EDH deck.
The sub-decks are usually 21 creatures, 5 spells, 5 lands, and 1 mana acceleration. So the complete 100 card deck is usually 28 creatures (counting the general), 28 spells, 36 lands, and 8 mana acceleration.
For ease of swapping, I put a little sticker of a star on the lower left corner of each card of the sub-decks, so I can quickly find them and pull them all out.
Some of the sub-decks (the larger tribes) have 38 cards instead of 32 (an extra 6 creatures). In this case, I remove the 6 creatures from this deck.
I made these decks "modular" because my tribal decks had so many cards in common. I experimented with 50+50 cards, 70+30 cards, then finally settled on this 68+32 card setup. It also allows me to potentially carry a very large number of decks in one long box. I'm always surprised at how differently the decks play, considering 68 of the cards are the same.
I (somehow) got into the habit of swapping out the Sol Ring for an Oblivion Stone sometimes, depending on my impression of the play group / environment. I realize this is the not the most logical two cards to swap (one mana card for one non-mana card), but I've been doing it for a while, so I thought I'd mention it.

General (1):
Karona, False God

Creatures (6):
Cairn Wanderer Shapesharer Chameleon Colossus Taurean Mauler Avian Changeling Mirror Entity

Spells (23):
Adaptive Automaton Door of Destinies Mind's Eye Riptide Replicator Temporal Aperture Aura Shards Collective Blessing Decimate Maelstrom Nexus Violent Ultimatum Aphetto Dredging Patriarch's Bidding Call to the Kindred Distant Melody Rite of Replication Defense of the Heart Genesis Wave Lurking Predators Beastmaster Ascension Tribal Unity Mana Echoes Shared Animosity True Conviction

Mana Acceleration (7):
Coalition Relic Fellwar Stone Gilded Lotus Thran Dynamo Urza's Incubator Mirari's Wake Mana Reflection

Lands (31):
Underground Sea Bayou Badlands Scrubland Tropical Island Volcanic Island Tundra Taiga Savannah Plateau Arcane Sanctum Crumbling Necropolis Jungle Shrine Savage Lands Seaside Citadel Creeping Tar Pit Lavaclaw Reaches Celestial Colonnade Raging Ravine Stirring Wildwood Mutavault Exotic Orchard Reflecting Pool Mosswort Bridge Spinerock Knoll Windbrisk Heights Command Tower Golgari Rot Farm Gruul Turf Selesnya Sanctuary Sol Ring / Oblivion Stone

Sideboard (Omitted/Cut card ideas):
Ghostly Changeling Clone Sakashima the Impostor Vesuvan Doppelganger Vesuvan Shapeshifter Game-Trail Changeling War-Spike Changeling Izzet Boilerworks Flooded Grove Timetwister Mistform Ultimus Orzhov Basilica Boros Garrison Krosan Verge Staff of Domination Akroma's Memorial Simic Growth Chamber Belbe's Portal