[Q-5] The Nothing / Anti-Imagination Psionics (Psi. Freq. -5)

Basic Psi-5 Information

This is psionic frequency -5 (negative 5). To see frequency 5, go to section [Q5].
PSPs (classed) = Str + Con - 24 + 2*Level
PSPs (wild talent) = (Str+Con)/2 - 12 + Level
Wild talents use HNCL/2 (half of highest level) for CL.
Psi-5 PSPs are regained at (Str+Con)/10 per hour.
Psi-5 is resisted using antiPsiR.

Psi-5 Minor Powers

Name PSPs Effect
Aging 1 Target is aged CL*CL years (no save)
Bolt of Nothing 1 CL dmg to one target (no save); that targets loses next M action (save)
Forget 1 Target forgets last minute (or) Target loses CL spells in memorization
Immobilize 1 -3xCL" move rate (no save); loses Dex bonus to saves & AC (save)
Immune to Charm 1+1/h Target is immune to charm & hypnosis
Immune to Fear 1+1/h Target is immune to fear & beguiling
Immune to Hold 1+1/h Target is immune to hold & stop
Immune to Sleep 1+1/h Target is immune to sleep & exhaustion
Nullcancel 1 Dispel one x1 effect (no save, gets ER)
Unspirit 1 Target gets -CL each to Cml, Luck, and CL (save for each point)

Psi-5 Major Powers

Name PSPs Effect
Beam of Nothing 2 CL*CL dmg in a 30' line (no save); they lose next F action (save)
Energy Drain 2 Target is energy drained CL levels in every class (1 save for each level)
Fade Away 2 30' radius area is teleported (unwilling get save), selective, 1r delay
Immune to Poison 2+2/h Target is immune to poison & disease
Zombify 2 Target gets -CL each to Int, Wis, and Chr (save for each point)

Psi-5 Grand Powers

Name PSPs Effect
Cone of Nothing 3 CL*CL*CL dmg in a 30' cone (no save); they lose next Opp action (save)
Spectrify 3 Target gets -CL each to Str, Dex, and Con (save for each point)