Arcades Sabboth

Arcades Sabboth (Visual)

I tried to build an EDH deck specifically around each of the original Elder Dragons.
Toughness matters deck:
- Increase toughness
- Switch power/toughness
- Deal damage to each creature
- Gain life equal to toughness

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General (1):
Arcades Sabboth

Creatures (24):
Myr Quadropod Volatile Rig Trostani, Selesnya's Voice Windreaver Aquamoeba Calcite Snapper Crookclaw Transmuter Deepfathom Skulker Merfolk Thaumaturgist Profaner of the Dead Scourge of Fleets Turtleshell Changeling Abzan Beastmaster Scourge of Skola Vale Silklash Spider Sultai Flayer Tree of Redemption Ulvenwald Observer Angelic Field Marshal Angelic Skirmisher Blessed Orator Heliod, God of the Sun Oathsworn Giant Veteran Armorer

Spells (27):
Akroma's Memorial Colfenor's Urn Sword of the Paruns Time Bomb Angelic Shield Aura Shards Bident of Thassa Coastal Piracy Engulf the Shore Mind Unbound Twisted Image Assault Formation Cyclone Feed the Pack Leyline of Vitality Sight of the Scalelords Spidersilk Armor Angelic Chorus Builder's Blessing Castle Echoes of the Kin Tree Entrapment Maneuver Hold the Gates Lumithread Field Parapet Proper Burial Wave of Reckoning

Mana Acceleration (12):
Coalition Relic Commander's Sphere Fellwar Stone Gilded Lotus Unstable Obelisk Mirari's Wake Explosive Vegetation Frontier Siege Mana Reflection Map the Wastes Skyshroud Claim Zendikar Resurgent

Lands (36):
Tundra Savannah Tropical Island Hallowed Fountain Temple Garden Breeding Pool Mystic Gate Wooded Bastion Flooded Grove Glacial Fortress Sunpetal Grove Hinterland Harbor Seaside Citadel Selesnya Guildgate Simic Guildgate Command Tower Gaea's Cradle Krosan Verge Miren, the Moaning Well Mosswort Bridge Path of Ancestry Reflecting Pool Windbrisk Heights Island Island Island Island Forest Forest Forest Forest Plains Plains Plains Plains Sol Ring

Sideboard (Omitted/Cut card ideas):
Consecrated Sphinx Dromoka, the Eternal Animal Boneyard Fruit of the First Tree Diamond Valley Always Watching Serra's Blessing Brave the Sands Living Armor Life Chisel Archangel of Strife Kitsune Loreweaver Dragonscale General Scale Blessing Worthy Cause Sandsteppe Mastodon Arashi, the Sky Asunder Whirling Catapult Vanguard's Shield Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit