Armageddons (Visual)

Not my usual style; I don't have a lot of "nasty" / "mean" decks.
Tons of artifact mana ramp and Armageddons. The idea is you will still have a bunch of mana rocks out after the Armageddons.
When playing this deck, I don't Armageddon unless I would have some sort of board advantage. Players hate people who Armageddon and have no way to win.

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General (1):
Numot, the Devastator

Creatures (20):
Karn, Silver Golem Arcanis the Omnipotent Consecrated Sphinx Magus of the Future Vedalken Archmage Avalanche Riders Detritivore Dwarven Blastminer Dwarven Miner Ember Swallower Faultgrinder Fire Snake Goblin Gardener Goblin Settler Myojin of Infinite Rage Ogre Arsonist Ravaging Horde Seismic Mage Shaleskin Plower Viashino Heretic

Spells (19):
Ajani Vengeant Future Sight Honden of Seeing Winds Mind Unbound BoomBust Decree of Annihilation Devastation Epicenter Impending Disaster Outpost Siege Ruination Shattering Spree Tectonic Break Vandalblast Armageddon Catastrophe Global Ruin Ravages of War Soulscour

Mana Acceleration (25):
Azorius Cluestone Azorius Keyrune Azorius Signet Boros Cluestone Boros Keyrune Boros Signet Coalition Relic Coldsteel Heart Commander's Sphere Darksteel Ingot Dreamstone Hedron Everflowing Chalice Gilded Lotus Izzet Cluestone Izzet Keyrune Izzet Signet Jeskai Banner Manalith Ojutai Monument Spectral Searchlight Thran Dynamo Unstable Obelisk Vessel of Endless Rest Worn Powerstone Unbender Tine

Lands (35):
Tundra Volcanic Island Plateau Hallowed Fountain Steam Vents Sacred Foundry Mystic Monastery Command Tower Mishra's Workshop Reflecting Pool Remote Farm Sandstone Needle Saprazzan Skerry Island Island Island Island Island Island Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Plains Plains Plains Plains Plains Plains Sol Ring

Sideboard (Omitted/Cut card ideas):
Builder's Bane Wake of Destruction Barbarian Riftcutter Devout Witness