Bartel Runeaxe Giants

Bartel Runeaxe Giants (Visual)

(Bartel Runeaxe is a Giant in current wording.)
I had a little contest with someone in my group: I made Bartel Runeaxe Giants, and he made Ruhan Giants.
I've played this only a couple of times and am not sure how good it is; it may need some tinkering.

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General (1):
Bartel Runeaxe

Creatures (26):
Loamdragger Giant Skarrgan Skybreaker Erebos's Titan Grave Titan Helldozer Arbor Colossus Durkwood Tracker Outland Colossus Roughshod Mentor Bloodfire Colossus Bloodshot Cyclops Boldwyr Intimidator Borderland Behemoth Furystoke Giant Giant Harbinger Hamletback Goliath Hammerfist Giant Hearthcage Giant Impelled Giant Inferno Titan Kuldotha Ringleader Magma Giant Stoneshock Giant Sunrise Sovereign Thundercloud Shaman Warchief Giant

Spells (27):
Belbe's Portal Door of Destinies Mind's Eye Temporal Aperture Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Fires of Yavimaya Deadbridge Chant Decimate Gaze of Granite Pernicious Deed Violent Ultimatum Cover of Darkness Patriarch's Bidding Phyrexian Arena Quest for the Gravelord Underworld Connections Whip of Erebos Beastmaster Ascension Elemental Bond Lurking Predators Tribal Unity Berserkers' Onslaught Fervor Hammer of Purphoros Mana Echoes Outpost Siege Rage Reflection

Mana Acceleration (10):
Coalition Relic Foriysian Totem Gilded Lotus Unstable Obelisk Urza's Incubator Worn Powerstone Explosive Vegetation Mana Reflection Ondu Giant Stinkdrinker Daredevil

Lands (36):
Badlands Taiga Bayou Blood Crypt Stomping Ground Overgrown Tomb Graven Cairns Fire-Lit Thicket Twilight Mire Dragonskull Summit Rootbound Crag Woodland Cemetery Cavern of Souls Command Tower Exotic Orchard Flamekin Village Gaea's Cradle Mosswort Bridge Reflecting Pool Savage Lands Spinerock Knoll Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Forest Forest Forest Forest Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Sol Ring