Blink (Visual)

Fast Blink effects (comes back right away)
Slow Blink effects (comes back after a delay)
Cards that Blink themselves
Phase Out a permanent
Cards that exile a permanent until it dies (can be used as a slow blink of sorts)

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Fast Blink effects:
Deadeye Navigator Eldrazi Displacer Brago, King Eternal Conjurer's Closet Ghostly Flicker Nephalia Smuggler Cloudshift Momentary Blink Displace Restoration Angel Illusionist's Stratagem Siren's Ruse Felidar Guardian Flicker Ruin Ghost Triad of Fates Necromantic Selection Master Transmuter Acrobatic Maneuver Wispweaver Angel Essence Flux

Slow Blink effects:
Angel of Condemnation Sudden Disappearance Legion's Initiative Tawnos's Coffin Roon of the Hidden Realm Venser, the Sojourner Ghostway Mistmeadow Witch Flickerform Eerie Interlude Identity Thief Planar Guide Voyager Staff Turn to Mist Vanish into Memory Voidwalk Skybind Fiend Hunter Flickerwisp Glimmerpoint Stag Liberate Otherworldly Journey Rescue from the Underworld Safe Haven Cold Storage Synod Sanctum Dimensional Breach Galepowder Mage Astral Slide Mystifying Maze Long Road Home Kaya, Ghost Assassin Endless Sands Vizier of Deferment

Cards that Blink themselves:
Deadeye Navigator AEtherling Shorecrasher Elemental Tatsumasa, the Dragon's Fang Obzedat, Ghost Council Sengir Nosferatu Anurid Brushhopper Frenetic Sliver Ghost Council of Orzhova Argent Sphinx Shifty Doppelganger Meandering Towershell Norin the Wary Flickering Spirit Saltskitter Frenetic Efreet Ojutai Exemplars Mist Dragon Rainbow Efreet AEtherplasm Mirror-Mad Phantasm Aethergeode Miner

Phase Out a permanent:
Teferi's Protection Vodalian Illusionist Vanishing Cloak of Invisibility Teferi's Curse Teferi's Realm Equipoise Dream Fighter Reality Ripple Shimmer Shimmering Efreet Vision Charm Taniwha Sapphire Charm

Cards that exile a permanent until it dies:
Admonition Angel Angel of Condemnation Angel of Serenity Helvault Day of the Dragons Worldgorger Dragon Portcullis Realm Razer Faceless Butcher Parallax Wave Parallax Tide Wormfang Drake Wormfang Newt Wormfang Turtle Detention Sphere Oblivion Ring Grasp of Fate Isolation Zone Aligned Hedron Network Stasis Snare Palace Jailer Leonin Relic-Warder Journey to Nowhere Wormfang Crab Oubliette Icy Prison Suspension Field Silkwrap Petradon Petravark Banishing Light Banisher Priest Chained to the Rocks Slithery Stalker Changeling Titan Changeling Berserker Changeling Hero