This deck copies stuff in play. It does something different every time you play it, based on what other people are playing.

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General (1):
Riku of Two Reflections

Creatures (26):
Dack's Duplicate Djinn Illuminatus Progenitor Mimic Body Double Clever Impersonator Clone Cryptoplasm Dance of Many Echo Mage Meletis Charlatan Mercurial Pretender Mischievous Quanar Phantasmal Image Phyrexian Metamorph Quicksilver Elemental Quicksilver Gargantuan Sakashima the Impostor Sakashima's Student Shapesharer Sigil Tracer Uyo, Silent Prophet Vesuvan Doppelganger Vesuvan Shapeshifter Dualcaster Mage Felhide Spiritbinder Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker

Spells (29):
Masterwork of Ingenuity Mimic Vat Minion Reflector Mirror Gallery Mizzium Transreliquat Prototype Portal Sculpting Steel Soul Foundry Strionic Resonator Spitting Image Cackling Counterpart Clone Legion Copy Artifact Copy Enchantment Followed Footsteps Rite of Replication Stolen Identity Supplant Form Tempt with Reflections Twincast Doubling Season Parallel Evolution Parallel Lives Fork Radiate Reiterate Reverberate Twinflame Wild Ricochet

Mana Acceleration (8):
Coalition Relic Commander's Sphere Gilded Lotus Temur Banner Thran Dynamo Unstable Obelisk Mana Reflection Skyshroud Claim

Lands (36):
Tropical Island Volcanic Island Taiga Breeding Pool Steam Vents Stomping Ground Flooded Grove Cascade Bluffs Fire-Lit Thicket Simic Growth Chamber Izzet Boilerworks Gruul Turf Yavimaya Coast Shivan Reef Karplusan Forest Rugged Highlands Swiftwater Cliffs Thornwood Falls Hinterland Harbor Sulfur Falls Rootbound Crag Temple of Mystery Temple of Abandon Temple of Epiphany Command Tower Frontier Bivouac Reflecting Pool Thespian's Stage Vesuva Island Island Forest Forest Mountain Mountain Sol Ring