Deathtouch (Visual)

Theme deck involving all "Deathtouch" cards.
Lure effects.
Ping effects (turn your creature into a pinger).
Cards that add First/Double Strike or Trample (both of which are very good with Deathtouch)
There's actually three kinds of Deathtouch-like creatures, that you have to search for differently:
- Actual "Deathtouch" ability creatures - This is mostly what I'm using in the deck here.
- Creatures with "When blocked or blocked by, destroy..."
- Creatures with "When deals combat damage to a creature, destroy..."

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General (1):
Damia, Sage of Stone

Creatures (29):
Wurmcoil Engine Baleful Strix Dragonlord Silumgar Fleetfeather Cockatrice Glissa, the Traitor Reaper of the Wilds Tidehollow Strix Winged Coatl Grave Titan Graveblade Marauder Harvester of Souls Hythonia the Cruel Ogre Slumlord Pit Spawn Raving Dead Sidisi, Undead Vizier Soul of Innistrad Vampire Nighthawk Vengeful Pharaoh Xathrid Gorgon Acidic Slime Brawn Engulfing Slagwurm Hornet Queen Noble Quarry Ohran Viper Shinen of Life's Roar Tempting Licid Vigor

Spells (26):
Chariot of Victory Dragon Throne of Tarkir Fireshrieker Helm of Kaldra Kusari-Gama Nemesis Mask Sword of Kaldra Sword of Vengeance Thornbite Staff Viridian Longbow Wolfhunter's Quiver Garruk Relentless Garruk, Apex Predator Grave Betrayal Hermetic Study March of the Machines Psionic Gift Alluring Scent Asceticism Beastmaster Ascension Bloodscent Lure Primal Rage Revenge of the Hunted Roar of Challenge Taunting Challenge

Mana Acceleration (9):
Chromatic Lantern Gilded Lotus Golgari Keyrune Unstable Obelisk Worn Powerstone Explosive Vegetation Frontier Siege Mana Reflection Skyshroud Claim

Lands (36):
Underground Sea Bayou Tropical Island Watery Grave Overgrown Tomb Breeding Pool Opulent Palace Command Tower Reflecting Pool Mosswort Bridge Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Island Island Island Island Island Sol Ring