Discard (Visual)

This page includes two types of cards:
Discard effects: These make people discard cards.
Discard as a cost: This is when you discard a card as part of a cost, or when an effect makes you discard (e.g. Gamble).

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Discard effects:
Karn Liberated Tsabo's Decree Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur Mindmelter Wheel of Fortune Sword of Feast and Famine Dire Undercurrents Rakdos's Return Thought Hemorrhage Hypnotic Specter Mind Twist Silent Specter Jace's Archivist Blightning Crosis, the Purger Dimir Guildmage Identity Crisis Nath of the Gilt-Leaf Nicol Bolas Recoil Sedraxis Specter Bottomless Pit Cabal Conditioning Chains of Mephistopheles Corpse Traders Cunning Lethemancer Ebon Dragon Entomber Exarch Fiend of the Shadows Honden of Night's Reach Hymn to Tourach Sire of Insanity Dark Deal Ill-Gotten Gains Inquisition of Kozilek Liliana of the Veil Mind Shatter Myojin of Night's Reach Runehorn Hellkite Necrogen Mists Oppression Painful Quandary Pox Sadistic Hypnotist Shimian Specter Shrieking Specter Syphon Mind Voices from the Void Warped Devotion Words of Waste Windfall Burning Inquiry Wheel of Fate Lobotomy Pain Magnification Coercion Distress Duress Mind Knives Mind Rot Mind Slash Mind Warp Nezumi Bone-Reader Stupor Restore Balance Whispering Madness Mental Vapors DownDirty Liliana's Reaver Ordeal of Erebos Disciple of Phenax Ashiok's Adept Liliana, Heretical Healer Tormented Thoughts Creeping Dread

Discard as a cost:
Kozilek, the Great Distortion Behold the Beyond Grimoire of the Dead Mercurial Chemister Spitting Image Survival of the Fittest Mindless Automaton Slate of Ancestry Drastic Revelation Malfegor Dream Halls Mind Over Matter Call the Bloodline Forgotten Creation Nahiri's Wrath Dawnstrider Nostalgic Dreams Chandra Ablaze Jaya Ballard, Task Mage Key to the City Mageta the Lion Bazaar of Baghdad Tolaria West Knowledge Vault Mask of Memory Masticore Null Brooch Trading Post Cadaverous Bloom Spellbound Dragon Unfulfilled Desires Waves of Aggression Demonic Collusion Notorious Assassin Pack Rat Skirge Familiar Tortured Existence Undertaker Urborg Syphon-Mage Volrath the Fallen Zombie Infestation Compulsion Customs Depot Frantic Search Heightened Awareness Mental Discipline Psychic Vortex Recall Stronghold Biologist Stronghold Machinist Trade Routes Borborygmos Enraged Necromancer's Stockpile Cryptbreaker Fauna Shaman Greenseeker Gurzigost Llanowar Mentor Silverglade Pathfinder Sophic Centaur Gamble Hammer Mage Kindle the Carnage Knollspine Dragon Knollspine Invocation Pyromancy Rites of Initiation Seismic Assault Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded Wild Research Avenger en-Dal Cho-Arrim Alchemist Devout Witness Goldmeadow Lookout Solitary Confinement Isochron Scepter Prototype Portal Semblance Anvil Soul Foundry Chrome Mox Jhoira of the Ghitu Spellbinder Commandeer Disrupting Shoal Force of Will Misdirection Holistic Wisdom Apocalypse Blazing Shoal Fury of the Horde Sunscour Epiphany Storm Disciple of Deceit Dack Fayden Daretti, Scrap Savant Jeskai Ascendancy Dark Deal Avaricious Dragon Molten Vortex Nahiri, the Harbinger Olivia, Mobilized for War Skirsdag Supplicant Thraben Standard Bearer