Doran Walls

Doran Walls (Visual)

Tribal Walls. Silly deck that actually seems to work OK.
Why the manifest cards and Illusionary Mask? If you can't animate your walls, cast them face down, attack, then flip up during combat.

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General (1):
Doran, the Siege Tower

Creatures (27):
Living Wall Mobile Fort Necropolis Shifting Wall Snow Fortress Walking Wall Wall of Tanglecord Wall of Blood Wall of Souls Archers' Parapet Wall of Blossoms Wall of Ice Wall of Mulch Angelic Wall Crude Rampart Dazzling Ramparts Mirror Entity Prison Barricade Sunweb Wall of Essence Wall of Faith Wall of Glare Wall of Hope Wall of Nets Wall of Omens Wall of Reverence Wall of Swords

Spells (28):
Door of Destinies Illusionary Mask Mind's Eye Obelisk of Urd Slagwurm Armor Vanquisher's Banner Warmonger's Chariot Aura Shards Collective Blessing Deadbridge Chant Ghastly Conscription Kindred Dominance Assault Formation Kindred Summons Lurking Predators Soul of the Harvest Tower Defense Tribal Unity Whisperwood Elemental Angelic Chorus Animate Wall Cathars' Crusade Fortified Area Kindred Boon Mastery of the Unseen Rolling Stones Solidarity Wakestone Gargoyle

Mana Acceleration (9):
Commander's Sphere Mirari's Wake Axebane Guardian Mana Reflection Overgrown Battlement Skyshroud Claim Vine Trellis Wall of Roots Zendikar Resurgent

Lands (35):
Bayou Scrubland Savannah Overgrown Tomb Godless Shrine Temple Garden Twilight Mire Fetid Heath Wooded Bastion Woodland Cemetery Isolated Chapel Sunpetal Grove Cavern of Souls Command Tower Krosan Verge Miren, the Moaning Well Murmuring Bosk Path of Ancestry Reflecting Pool Sandsteppe Citadel Vault of the Archangel Swamp Swamp Swamp Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Plains Plains Plains Plains Plains Sol Ring