Dromar (Visual)

Color changing
Color hosers (especially against Black, Blue, White, which I can more easily change colors to)

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General (1):
Dromar, the Banisher

Creatures (24):
Ersatz Gnomes Karn, Silver Golem Sandstone Oracle Sire of Stagnation Repentant Vampire Western Paladin Blind Seer Fylamarid Indigo Faerie Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur Metathran Transport Neurok Transmuter Possessed Aven Prismwake Merrow Tidal Visionary Aurora Griffin Cloudchaser Kestrel Disciple of Kangee Eight-and-a-Half-Tails Exorcist Mother of Runes Northern Paladin Pentarch Paladin Possessed Nomad

Spells (28):
Distorting Lens Memory Jar Mind's Eye Teferi's Moat Darkest Hour Nightcreep Touch of Darkness Virtue's Ruin Warped Devotion Dream Coat Govern the Guildless March of the Machines Moonlace Polymorphist's Jest Prismatic Lace Quickchange Recurring Insight Sea Kings' Blessing Shifting Sky Sisay's Ingenuity Sway of Illusion Timetwister Wash Out Celestial Dawn Cleanse Heaven's Gate Martyr's Cry Opalescence

Mana Acceleration (12):
Chromatic Lantern Coalition Relic Commander's Sphere Darksteel Ingot Dreamstone Hedron Fellwar Stone Gilded Lotus Scuttlemutt Thought Vessel Thran Dynamo Unstable Obelisk Worn Powerstone

Lands (35):
Underground Sea Tundra Scrubland Watery Grave Hallowed Fountain Godless Shrine Sunken Ruins Mystic Gate Fetid Heath Drowned Catacomb Glacial Fortress Isolated Chapel Arcane Sanctum Command Tower Exotic Orchard Reflecting Pool Reliquary Tower Rogue's Passage Sejiri Steppe Windbrisk Heights Swamp Swamp Swamp Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Plains Plains Plains Sol Ring